Angelina Jolie buys Zahara a matching purse

September 7th, 2007 // 239 Comments

Thought Angelina Jolie was different from every other celebrity because she goes around saving the world? Well she’s not. She bought her 2-year-old daughter Zahara a white Valentino purse identical to hers. Because, you know, 2-year-olds need purses. And not just any purses. Valentino purses. What, your 2-year-old daughter doesn’t have a designer handbag? Oh my God you’re a loser. Go get a job or something. Next you’ll tell me you don’t even have your own helicopter. I’m embarrassed just talking to you.


  1. alex

    What happened to the Britney VMA post???

  2. woodhorse

    mrs t – zahara’s hair is pretty just because it is soft, black and a miracle of millions of curls. I don’t think her hair needs to be tightly braided or straightened to be pretty.

  3. jrzmommy

    I’ll say what everybody’s thinking: please God, let this be an all-white week at the Fish…

  4. kat

    No Britney post??!?

  5. dingdang

    There was a Britney post, but it’s disappeared.

    Meh, no great loss though, there’s a ton of coverage/saturation of Britney’s VMA performance on every other celebrity gossip blog on the internets.

  6. deedee

    Where’s the latest Britpost? I want to see what a fool she made of herself at the VMA. When CNN, Fox, & MSNBC have it all over their morning news shows you know it must have been pretty bad.

  7. D. Richards

    Look, forget about the purse, it’s the least of that kid’s problems. Just think about how fucked-up it must be to be from wherever this child’s from; some war torn region of Africa, then adopted by fucking Angolina Jolie. The poor little girl’s gone from the purge of ethnic cleansings, to Mrs. Jolie purging her guts up in to the toilet daily. Imagine how hot Angelina’s breath must be on Zahara’s little face. It’s a shame.

  8. iren33

    It’s obvious she adopts children for shill.

  9. Ttime

    To all of the racists:

    You obviously have NOTHING better to do. I DARE anyone of you to make those comments to a black person’s face. It is so easy to hide behind the internet.

    The Superficial loves to BAN people for typing certain words. But I guess they never see the all of the RACISTS comments that surface everytime there is a post of a minority.

  10. ssdd

    Sooo ..what do you suppose is in that ugly childs purse?..A mini bottle of Afro-Sheen, A Pick…… Fuzzy Fro NoMo…2 dozen multi-colored barretts?….. I dunno……. I’m just guessing.

  11. I think it’s cute, and all you haters and just keep on hating.

  12. jrzmommy

    To Ttime:

    I don’t make comments to a black person’s face because I try to avoid seeing, hearing, or – especially – smelling them, exactly in the same way as I avoid stepping in dogshit.

    Now shine my shoes, boy.

  13. Jaxon

    jrzmommy – September 10, 2007 12:31 PM

    You should be ashamed.

  14. Winslow

    I think it’s cute. I always wanted purses and shoes that looked like my mommie’s when I was a little girl. I’m sure she would have bought me an expensive one if she could afford it. Little girls are supposed to be spoiled.

  15. PrettyBaby

    Where the hell is Shiloh???? Why does she push this child into the media and ignore her other daughter???? She must obviously view Shiloh as “better” in some ways and so she constantly shoves this poor little girl into the media. It is positively sickening the way she favors her adopted over her biological. I wish Brad woul grab Shiloh and flee these freaks.

  16. yeslek

    I think Angelina’s humanitarian efforts are great, but she’s kind of a hypocrite. Her brother gave an interview explaining why Angie is so thin. He said that she has seen so many starving people that she feels guilty eating. Well she certainly doesn’t feel guilty buying very expensive designer everything for herself and her kids. I’m just saying that if she really felt that terrible about all the starving people she would spend way less on material things and donate even more money to humanitarian causes. Spending $100 on a child’s tee shirt which will be outgrown in months is the stupiest thing ever. I don’t care how rich you are. If she really cared so much about poor people she would feel guilty living her extravagant lifestyle and would tone it down.

  17. Kelly Mcgee

    Why is this being made into a race issue over hair? Just be grateful that little girl has people that love her…She is absolutely adorable…I see children of all different backgrounds that look a mess…Who Cares…Totally Lame!!

  18. jrzmommy

    The pictures remind me of dog owners walking out of the park with their little bags of scooped-up poo.

  19. yeahright

    to #27:

    heritage? are you kidding me? how someone keeps their hair is not part of one’s heritage. dumbass/

    i hate when people try to sound all smart. you get more respect letting everyone know what a dumbass you are.

  20. yeahright

    pretty baby is a confused loser who has nothing better to do than figure out ways of making himself feel superior…..race seemed to be the only option, huh? uneducated trash. kids are kids. fucking moron.

  21. yeahright

    hey 212..Jrwhatever!

    what happened? lost your gf to a huge black dick? teeny weeny penis couldn’t do it for her? so obvious. loser

  22. Ttime

    @ jrzmommy:

    I won’t stoop to your level except to say, your parents must be SO proud. Does your mother know that you are holded up in her basement– lonely with no friends, all while planning the next race war with your imaginary followers.

    I feel sssssoooooo sorry for you, your life is obviously LONELY and PATHETIC.

    Make all the racists comments you want, I will no longer respond—and for the record, I am not black so spare everyone your SO CALLED black insults. You only EMBARRASS yourself, you poor, miserable soul.

  23. jrzmommy

    Wow – even T(bagging)time want to make it perfectly clear that he’s not a nigga. First sensible thing you’ve said in your entire time on this site. Maybe there’s hope for you yet…nah.

  24. anon

    I don’t know about the little girl’s purse, but Angelina’s purse is a cheap fake. Look at that hideous bulge at the bottom – is she carry a brick in there? Valentino’s purses have a solid base.

    Pretty funny to see celebs wearing shoddy Chinese copycat merchandise when the designer houses don’ t give them the products for free.

  25. LMEA

    DAMN, don’t you people ever have anything POSITIVE to say?!!!

    Oh no, you don’t….you’re too busy burning crosses

  26. dandaman

    i think Z’s cute. So’s angelina.

  27. Dirk

    Fucking A!, can she actually adopt a kid from the u.s.(yes it’s this actuall country located between Canada and Mexico) By the way people in other countries don’t know how bad there lives suck until we go there and tell them. Proof? try 95% of the original population of the Americas dying from imported goods brought to them from Europe in the 1400′s, yes, they also tried to tell people they suck, like all of you! Also her accents suck, her movies suck, shit the only thing that seems lucky is Brad Pittts COCK!

  28. Miles Gloriosus

    @ #121 & #129: Angelina has poo in her vagina, pass it on . . .

  29. Tina

    I’m just wondering why that kid is so ugly!

  30. lopelus

    Every time I see that child, I swear to god she’s always making an “Oooo” shape with her lips. Makes her look like a tribal flute, the kind of accessory any celebrity just can’t do without. It’s pretty entertaining

  31. Check out Ange and Brad at the Toronto film festival !

  32. ricky

    angelina is such a mess! according to the latest Life&Style mag, she’s so insecure that brad will soon be leaving her for jen. about time too!

  33. Amamelina

    Well, that’s kinda cute. I see kids on a daily basis and the little girls always love carrying around purses to look like mommy. Though, there is something about Angie that makes my skin crawl. Z’s a little cutie.

  34. Jean Kelley

    Jolie is disgusting–adopt a baby away from it’s Mom who is poor. Why not help the poor woman be able to keep her child. Of course the woman wants the best for her child. She must be going through hell missing her child. Jolie is a bitch.

  35. Jean Kelley

    Jolie is disgusting–adopt a baby away from it’s Mom who is poor. Why not help the poor woman be able to keep her child. Of course the woman wants the best for her child. She must be going through hell missing her child. Jolie is a bitch.

  36. terry

    if she wants to buy her daughter a fuking purse, let her ! geez! Shes such a genuine, caring, talented, generous hard working woman let her do what she fukin wants, shes beautiful i fucking love her!

  37. I think it’s cute! Stop being judgemental gerk-wads cuz you’re just pissed cuz she’s the most gorgous woman in the world. She got her little girl a purse like her’s so she could match mommy’s purse. For shit sake people!!! Thank you and good night.

  38. your an idiot !!!!!!!!!!

  39. I love love love this bag. I had the honor to acturally work with it when it came out. The leather is supple the bag is to die for what an eye turner….you should see it in patient red(finger prints show up all over the bag tho)! This is a it statment piece bag…I think that a little girl of that age won’t appreciate at a bag like that but when you angela j.l. child I guess spare the rod spoil the child but it is cute even in a mini size which was made excusively for her.

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