Angelina Jolie buys Zahara a matching purse

September 7th, 2007 // 239 Comments

Thought Angelina Jolie was different from every other celebrity because she goes around saving the world? Well she’s not. She bought her 2-year-old daughter Zahara a white Valentino purse identical to hers. Because, you know, 2-year-olds need purses. And not just any purses. Valentino purses. What, your 2-year-old daughter doesn’t have a designer handbag? Oh my God you’re a loser. Go get a job or something. Next you’ll tell me you don’t even have your own helicopter. I’m embarrassed just talking to you.


  1. 99

    you can go play in front of trains, subways, trollys, hummers, etc

    personally I don’t care if no one is talking right now, because I am talking right now! I can talk about what I feel like talking about..if you feel like you don’t like my comments scroll over with your stubby fingertips fat ass! I didn’t say shit to you, I was talking to someone else, now if that happens to be you, under a different name, then I think that I would be talking to you. i can swear, i can say what the FUCK i feel like! And BITCH i do like BRITNEY SPEARS. what the does that suppose to mean, you HIGH SCHOOL REJECT! Playing those kiddie games..”yeah your self promoting,” yeah, and you SUCK ASS HARD!

    stop trying to start up a conversation with me…CYBER Stalking freak!


  2. Me

    “We all know Angelina Jolie loves her Valentino Braided Leather Shoulder Bag. Not only does Angie love it, but now Zahara does also. While carrying Princess Z around NYC, the mother-daughter-duo sported chic style and matching designer handbags. Now I am not always a fan of matchy-matchy, but in this scenario it is so perfect I am completely drawn in and dead set on getting matching bags for my kids, my friends kids, my grandchildren, etc. Angelina and Zahara both rocked out the Valentino Braided Shoulder Bag while in New York City, only difference is Zahara carried a mini-version. This handbag, also dubbed the Valentino Histoire Bag, has been a huge hit for the house. If you ask me, you will not find this mini-version of the Histoire in stores, it may very well be one of a kind made solely for little Zahara. All I can say is lucky girl! Buy the ‘large’ version at Neiman Marcus for $1695.

    Edit: I just spoke with my SA at Valentino in Bal Harbour and she informed me it was specially made for Zahara!”

  3. Nikki

    I think this whole town needs to switch to decaf………..

  4. heavenScent

    pic 8…..even in the truck reflection, ypu can see her uber huge veins!!!!

  5. peen

    I don’t understand why people get so upset about the fact that shes a black girl with a white mother who doesn’t “do her hair”… shes two years old, she doesnt need to worry about that shit. when shes a little older and can actually, you know, form full sentences and stuff, maybe then they can start to worry about hair care. but for now i think she looks cute with her hair in a couple little buns, just doin its thing. she shouldnt have to deal with people pulling on her hair at 2 years old.
    also, for people to argue that its part of her heritage… if you think about it, its really not. she was born in africa. (ethiopia was it?) as far as i know, there arent a lot of people in ethiopia with cornrows. i could be wrong, but i think thats more of an african-american thing than an african thing.

    in general, duh, its fucking stupid that a two year old *needs* a purse. but i’m sure angelina didnt decide that that was something that her 2 year old daughter needed, more that it would be kind of cute. get the fuck over it. thats like getting bent out of shape for a little girl pushing a doll around in a toy carriage. no, its not fucking neccessary, but why the fuck not? little girls imitate their moms, end of story.

  6. ninjarobot

    jesus christ brandish. calm the fuck down with your all caps and what not.
    if you like perez better then go to his website and quit wasting our time with your bitching.

  7. zahara

    i use to live in africa, now i carry a purse for no reason

  8. Laura

    Aw! Very cute! according too a Valentino sales rep, the purse was custom made for Zahara! Way cute!

  9. Oh, fuck off! I’m sick of these self-indulgent celebrities — and not because they’re self-indulgent (I’d be doing the same thing, if I had the means), but because they pretend that they’re not! At least Paris Hilton et al. are upfront about this kind of behaviour!

  10. Let me get this straight. This nasty bitch feels too guilty to eat after visiting Ethiopia……but not too guilty to buy a two year old a $1500 purse? Just another example of what a fake she is
    For Brangelina haters

  11. JT

    Everyone is getting so crazy, but I know they do not make that purse that small & figured that Valentino had it made especially for her & probably gave it to her for free! (see #108) Designers give freebies to famous people all the time…What better way to advertise!

  12. So what, the kid prolly wanted the same purse,all the lil girls look up to their moms,thats nothing new! And what if u had money u wouldnt do the same for ur kid? What cuz she feels gulty that other people starve she should be starvin 2?Nobody’s bein realistic here.U people are more fake than celebrities.

  13. Devin

    This photo is staged and typical of the biggest fame whore in the world, Angelina. Who the hell carries purses to play in the park? Angelina will do anything to keep the Brangeloonies happy.

  14. betenoir

    OMG! I’m such a loser. I’ve got to run out and get a designer bag for my daughter ASAP!

    Wait…. I’ve got to get a daughter first! Fuck that!!!

    BTW, fatty, Zahara’s hair looks fine. She’s a baby! You don’t relax a kid’s hair at that age. Hear that black women of America!!!! You’re ruining your kid’s hair with that self-loathing, straight hair worshipping bullshit!!!!

  15. desy

    look! whatever they are doing is their own freaking business, i dont see any problem here..a lot of rich parents does this and its becos they freaking work hard for their money and they do whatever they like..say self indulging in designer clothes or bags or whatever..seriously stop criticising and do something with your life then maybe u too can get a matching purse with ur mom or better, a matching outfit.. and one last thing, at least she’s contributing to the world..and not being ignorant and selfish and hanging out at cafes and bars all day or go bonkers with drugs…be sensible people.

  16. I think it´s a stupid detail. It´s only a baby; I can imagine Zahara in the future as a crazy new Paris Hilton.

  17. mango

    COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!! Are you really buying this crap?! They sell fake designer purses in all different sizes (WHICH THE ONE WITH Z IS, look at the edging its really obvious) on every other street corner in NYC.
    She saw a little purse that looked like hers and bought it for her daughter….
    My mom did the same thing for me when I was little, and it certainly wasn’t a Valentino, but the point is all little girls want to be like their moms.

  18. Taylor

    Remember Mommie Dearest? Joan Crawford liked to dress little Christina just like her.. tee-hee. Whatever it’s makes me wanna puke..

  19. Shatteredshards

    Why do they not realize that giving your child a purse is a really stupid thing to do? Why? Because YOUR CHILD WILL LOSE IT.

    The fact that it’s a matching “designer” purse seems even dumber to me. There is a difference between giving the best to your kids and spoiling them so bad that they grow up with no sense of reality.

  20. mango

    Re: 119
    its stupid to get your kid something because they will lose it????
    Obviously you have NO EXPERIENCE with kids, since they lose EVERYTHING!!!!!
    Hair ties, barrettes, backpacks, books, paper, crayons, juice boxes, candy, 80 percent of what you give them in their hands is gone in under an hour. The rest gets destroyed.
    Maybe we should stop buying them those things too.
    God you people are such hypocritical losers.

  21. oshkoshb'goshdammgosh

    Angelina Jolie has a huge circus-vagina. Pass it on.

  22. estrell

    wow!! i love that daughter and mother have same purse. nothing wrong with that !! people who disagree are just being angry and jealous because they wish they can. I bought my daughter a purse when she start walking and she put her small doll in it and she takes it out once in awhile and comb her hair.

  23. estrell

    wow!! i love that daughter and mother have same purse. nothing wrong with that !! people who disagree are just being angry and jealous because they wish they can. I bought my daughter a purse when she start walking and she put her small doll in it and she takes it out once in awhile and comb her hair.

  24. @47- Finally, the voice of bleeping reason! You get the post of the day!

    I gotta laugh at all these self-hating, hypocritical people going ballistic over a 2 year old girl’s hair. These are the same morons I had to deal with growing up, the ones who would scream “black pride” on the one hand and then make fun of girls who had the audacity to wear their hair natural and not overprocess it to the point of looking like straw.

    BTW, it’s nice to know to see that even at the tender age of 2, this very beautiful black child is facing the pressure of needing to “do something about her hair”, even though there isn’t really much of it to be done with it yet and she’s still pretty much a baby. She’s as cute as a button but nope, nope, let’s focus on her PIGTAILS!

    It’s comments like this that just show you how screwed up black people are about hair. You can be as ugly as sin, but if you have straight hair you’re beautiful. But if you’re actually beautiful facially, you’re “ugly” if you don’t have straight hair or fake horse hair weaves down to your butt.

  25. @45- “That poor baby looks like her hair is breaking off”?

    Hey, genius. Her hair doesn’t look like it’s breaking off. It looks like it’s growing in! Y’know, cuz she’s a freaking CHILD.

  26. LindaLew

    The purses are adorable, Z is adorable. If the manufacturer hadn’t already said it was made for Z, I would have assumed it was an NYC knockoff. The streets are loaded with them and I have a few very nice ones myself.

  27. Sweetbitchness

    Give me a break, even my dogs have designer purses.

  28. what the fuck is up with people hating on Angelina, and Zahara?

    Don’t be mad because your dumb asses isn’t talented enough to be a actress, or a actor! Maybe, if your dumb asses finished school, or sucked that man dick good, or fuck that socailite good enough to buy your own purse!

    and if she wants her daughters to have matching purses so be it! JEALOUS BITCHES, you all remind me of those ugly whores in highschool that always have their lips hanging to the ground, because everyone passed them up! MISFITS!

    Yeah, ANGELINA is dirty, DIRTY RICH!

  29. LadyJane

    121: My vagina could kick Angelina’s vagina’s ass. Pass iton.

  30. Justin

    will you marry me?

  31. nagger please

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww, she accessorizing her Accessory..

  32. Z’s is fake.

    Angies, of course, is real.

  33. ^^^How do you know that? It is only a picture! She had that personally made..

  34. jowney

    what’s wrong with giving a Valentino purse to the kid? Zahara’s her daughter, and even if not, it’s not like she wasn’t living up to how she’s supposed to “save the world” if she provides such stuff to her kid/s.

  35. juju

    why does a baby need a purse?

  36. hello

    babies likes to have purses because they want to be like their mom. duhhhh

  37. bob

    What is the big deal? Little girls love purses. This is her daughter, she can give her whatever she wants. One of my friends gave her 3 (now 4) year old daughter one of her Louis Vuitton purses because she wanted to be like mommy. Big deal. I can’t believe people are criticizing her for what she gives to her child. She can do whatever she wants with her money whether the purse is real or not.

  38. Jen

    @113 You’re not a girl are you? I carry a purse to the park. I carry my purse everywhere. Why? Because it’s got stuff in it that I need! Duh. And chances are if she’s with her baby her purse contains a bunch of crap she may need for the baby, band-aids, wipes, etc. I know lots of moms who carry designer bags filled with diapers, baby wipes, etc. Who says you can’t be stylish and be a mom?!

    Also, I had a ton of my mom’s old purses that I played with when I was 2 on up. Little girls love stuff like that. And if you’ve got the money to buy them nice stuff, why on earth would you go cheap out and buy your kid crap instead? I’m sure if Zahara was carrying some Wal Mart piece of junk people would be bitching that Angelina won’t spend any money on her own kids. There’s no pleasing some people.

  39. I think Shiloh will be issued the standard burlap bag.

  40. becks

    oh please… you know valentino gave angie and little z the bags
    so shush
    and how much did you give to charity to last yr… not even dollar amt… percentage of income
    that’s right… stop juding people

  41. Angelinafan

    I can’t believe you people. Just because Angelina can afford to give her children the finer things in life does not take away from the good she does. Angelina is one of few celebrities who realizes the potential her star power has for garnering awareness to the important issues in the world. She is a wonderful example for others in Hollywood for whom shopping and gossip and boozing really is their idea of activisim. I admire Angelina Jolie greatly. She is a woman of class and integrity– yes, even with tattoos and yes even as a so called “home-wrecker”, the favorite anti-Angelina mantra of jealous, petty people. Brad left Chinifer because let’s face it, he’s interested in something more than whining about paparazzi on the late night circuit. Good job on your hair Jen?

    Angelina has grown as a woman and as an actress and into a whole, aware person we can all look up to as an example of what hollywood should be doing. She does great things as a UN Goodwill Ambassador. Her adoption of those children coming under such dire criticism is soley based on the fact that people can’t rationalize things– SURE she could have adopted kids from the U.S, but Zahara, Pax and Maddox would have NEVER Had a chance to break free from the dire poverty of their homelands. At least in the U.S, even children in the system have at least a 50% better chance of making it. Those children would surely become statistics in the ever-growing population of third-world diseased and poor.

    Think about it people, it’s simple–if you have children you will be able to agree you only want what is best for them. Angelina is no exception. God forbid she tries to have a little fun with her little girl because shallow, vapid people who do nothing themselves to help out in their own communities, nevermind the third world, like to sit around gossiping about people they don’t know.

    Good Job Angie! Many people support what you do! Keep up the great work!

  42. nagger please

    If blacks would stop having kids the world wouldn’t have starving idiots to adopt..

  43. Marketing Wiz

    Just a question…….can’t those fucking kids walk?

  44. fuphdog

    fuck all you reiffer addicts commenting on this post…the whole point is that Angelina is the hottest MILF on the planet and I’m still cock-hard from watching ‘Gia’ last night…

  45. nikkifickletavi

    hey cupcakemagee – sorry I didn’t respond earlier, I was dismantling my cross for firewood to give to the homeless. I wonder – what’s with the guilt complex? feeling a bit hypocritical yourself?

    must get back to feeding my spaz monkey.

  46. TheTenia

    How cute. Angie got her a designer sack for the Cotton field.

  47. de Cosmos

    Hey, is that the purse she keeps Brad’s balls in?

  48. Pluto

    If people would stop having ignorant monkeys such as “nagger please” the world would be a much better place.

  49. Once, when we were trying to “Do The Right Thing” with some meaningless nig, the branch broke, then we heard a siren and had to take off. This dirtgirl here – LaZahara Washington, her married name, guaranteed – she’s the next-luckiest of the monkey people that I’ve ever known. She’s probably stealing from Angie & Brad already. That’s the problem with adopting a Darwin-says-die loser tarbaby – it doesn’t matter what the adoptive parents do, the genetics take over and the atavisms emerge. But yeah, some braids with shiny baubles in them would totally offset all that…

  50. And – In other news :
    Ryan Seacrest (Casey Kasem will never forgive him) seems to have missed a tune on the latest top 1000.
    Coming in at # 911 with a bullet.
    Oh… sorry. My sources are now saying it’s #911 with thermate,
    is a tune that’s kept lower Manhattan talking for a number of years now.
    Coming from an Austin band – don’t mess with Texas -a nostalgic ‘look back’ as we fumble on together -
    From ‘Much Love’ at #911 : CIA

    ( Actually I’d tune in PNAC and the Mossad rather than the CIA – but hell – what do I know about song cadence ?)

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