Angelina Jolie faces adoption troubles


The biological grandfather of Angelina Jolie’s new 3-year-old Vietnamese son, Pax, says that his daughter is a heroin addict who gave Pax up for adoption two days after birth, but could cause trouble after finding out he’s been adopted by a rich movie star. He says:

“When she finds out that a rich movie star has adopted her baby, she will go after Angelina Jolie for money and make trouble for her. She may even try to take the child back.”

U.S. sources say the adoption is completely legal and couldn’t be contested because the papers were signed by Pax’s grandparents and not his mother. Plus his mother is a heroin addict who gave him up for adoption. So basically she has about as good a chance of getting custody of this kid as I do. Which probably isn’t very high, since my adoption application was just a handwritten note in blood that said, “Give me Pax or else.”