Angelina Jolie faces adoption troubles

March 27th, 2007 // 58 Comments

The biological grandfather of Angelina Jolie’s new 3-year-old Vietnamese son, Pax, says that his daughter is a heroin addict who gave Pax up for adoption two days after birth, but could cause trouble after finding out he’s been adopted by a rich movie star. He says:

“When she finds out that a rich movie star has adopted her baby, she will go after Angelina Jolie for money and make trouble for her. She may even try to take the child back.”

U.S. sources say the adoption is completely legal and couldn’t be contested because the papers were signed by Pax’s grandparents and not his mother. Plus his mother is a heroin addict who gave him up for adoption. So basically she has about as good a chance of getting custody of this kid as I do. Which probably isn’t very high, since my adoption application was just a handwritten note in blood that said, “Give me Pax or else.”



  1. megathy

    My first first?

  2. louwww


  3. louwww

    damnit i got beat

  4. mostrandomcommentever


  5. bungoone

    not really sure of where the trouble lies. heroin addict mom gave kid up for adoption. adoption happened 3 years later. what’s the issue?

  6. This is boring news, I kiked Thora’s more

  7. dumbphuck

    does “meh” sum up this story well enough?

  8. jrzmommy♠

    Hey, American Stah! You pay me two hundred dollah…I geev you boy. Huh! You got girlfren in Vietnam?

  9. schack


  10. biatcho

    So the grandparents of this kid signed his adoption papers and THEN wait until after all is said & done to go public with the info about a heroin-addicted gold-digging mommy? Funny. Crazy wangs.

  11. lovescontroversy1

    ha, i read(or heard) someone say this…

    you know when angelina jolie decided little pax was the one?

    when she saw jennifer aniston playing with him.

    man i wish i would have came up with that on my own.

  12. MissDior17

    # 11, LOL.

  13. jrzmommy♠


  14. fergernauster

    Wow. She is brave for adopting kids whose intellectual prospects may be grim due to intra-uterine drug exposure.

    She looks awfully wan of late, does she not? I hope that in her efforts to conquer her neuroses, she is not courting a full-out breakdown.

  15. MethodX

    Wait. I thought money was thicker than blood? How can there be a problem?

  16. schack

    poor jennifer. she’s such a frigid, washed-up biatch, like biatcho.

  17. lovescontroversy1

    i know, right. good shit.

    as much as i respect angelina jolies menial efforts to collect colored children and donate money to, shit… i can’t ever overlook that fact that she stole another woman’s husband. not that he isn’t equally at fault. but we have a word for women like that…

  18. jrzmommy♠

    and that word is whore! Libra, however, would beg to differ and the word she gives to Angelina’s type is HERO!

  19. biatcho

    Oh shack… wassa matter ugly puppy? I don’t give you any attention anymore so you have to follow me around all of the posts making inane comments? Hilariously pathetic, thanks for the laughs, but Daddy will be bringing you to the pound later today to put you out of your misery. And there was great superficial rejoicing.

  20. veggi

    no, don’t worry shack, angelina surly will adopt you.

  21. schack

    yessssssssssssssssssssssss! um, can i watch daddy shower, mommy?

  22. schack

    you think once maddox hits puberty, he’ll realize these aren’t really his parents, and there’s therefore nothing wrong with peeping?

  23. fergernauster

    … And speaking of Jennifer Aniston, she is a bulb-nosed, box-chinned loser who can’t even keep the slimy likes of Vince Vaughn entertained.

  24. whitegold

    Yeah, I’m sure Angelina is really worried about the possibility of facing the legal wrath of a vietnamese heroin addict. Oh no, how will Angelina’s legal council every be able to compete against this. She’s clearly in trouble now, that baby is as good as gone!

  25. hahahahahahahaha you guys are all so funny, you speak like you

  26. veggi

    25- you type foreign. terrorist!

  27. schack

    what’s funny poroleishon, is that you don’t understand the spirit of this website. but it’s charming that you think you’re the new messiah, here to reveal the previously unknown truth to us. now THAT’s hilarious.

  28. TheseTrixAintForKids

    Wow #25, what a fresh original idea you’ve posted to the comments section here, you’d think after reading dozens of gossip columns for a couple of years now, that I would have heard that theory before….

  29. DrPhowstus

    So now the Vietnamese are going to invade the US? History sure has come full circle. I wonder if she’s gonna breatfeed? If I was the kid, I would demand it.

  30. IFuckingHateYou

    Angie the whore only collects these cast-away kids because she drains the life out of them to keep her wicked soul alive.

    At least that’s what I read online somewhere.

  31. Damn… You guys already drug this bitch through the mud before I got here! I couldn’t possibly follow this opening act… :(

    Next time, save a few scraps of the corpse so the bottom feeders like me can get a chew…

  32. iamsosmrt

    This poor kids Mom has absolutely no concept of “pacing yourself” these are children not throw pillows. There’s a reason that Mother Nature doesn’t allow you to give birth to a newborn and then less than a year later give birth to a fringing 3 year old. Just because she’s not fat and bald doesn’t mean she not complete a crazy face on her way to a meltdown.

    I pity the people who mistaken hotness for sanity because your gonna end up locked in some bitch’s basement with her giant hair and toenail clippings collection, chained to the wall watching The Little Mermaid (over and over) and living off a steady stream of cotton candy and imaginary tea with her teddy bears and Brad.

  33. whitegold

    #25 – what are you talking about? Celebrities do the same thing to us that we do to them? They have a site called (but you can only access it from celebrity computers, so don’t bother trying), which posts stories about our lives and those rude celebrities always make nasty and jealous comments. Like just the other day I was told (and I had to be “told” cuz, obviously, I don’t have the right computer to access it) that apparently some paparazzi got some photos of me taking out the garbage (you know, one of the many glamourous things I do), and it got posted online and you wouldn’t believe the nasty things those celebs had to say! Especially Angelina, she was all like “oh, this fucker things he’s so friggin hot, in that fruit of the loom t-shirt and Guess track pants, what a man-whore!”, and then Lohan was like “and did you notice he had some of those Lean Stuff microwaveable meals in his garbage, who’s he trying to impress!”, and of course Brittney added her comments also, it was something like “jka sj kdbe cnl kjashqwe njsajhxd”, which I think was really hurtful (nobody is ever really sure what she is trying to say, some think she might just be smashing her head on the keyboard, but all the celebs enjoy her commentary none the less). So really, as far as I’m concerned, us commenting on them is just payback for the years of abuse that we’ve had to take from them! Those jealous fuckers! I know they’d just die to have the sort of success I have! But next time a pap comes around trying to snap photos of me, I’m going to through his laptop off a balcony. That’ll show him! Fucking celebrities and their normal people gossip sites!!!

  34. schack

    that’s pretty fucking funny. i picture britney rhythmically smashing her bald head on the keyboard, all the while wide eyed and creepily smiling.

  35. iamsosmrt

    #33. LOL that was awesome.

    On a serious not, it’s therapeutic to take out your anger at this truely fucked up world in a pretty harmless way, by making fun of the greediest most selfish vile people on earth. This is the superficial so could people who heart celebrties sooo much please be banned. As I have said before there is not one fucking celeb I have an ounce of respect for. They win awards for making movies where they always play average joe heroes and the bad guy is always some rich greedy asshole. Hmmmm funny. So they get worshiped for impersonating real life unsung heroes who often barly make enough to get food on the table and meanwhile they are the filthy rich jerks. Do any of these greedy fucks live in a normal sized house and CHOOSE to live normally and really contribute? Nope they have mansions(plural), car collections and private planes yet like Angie they often consider themselves an authority on world proverty. Even worse than these greedy famous assholes are the fucking morons who worship and encourage them.

  36. schack

    dude. 33- way better. forget serious note. real acting is hard and good. have a little respect for art, and in that spirit, help us shit on the art that sucks.

  37. PrettyBaby

    She’s gonna say “hey Blad, for you sucky fucky fi’ dolla, not two dolla.” That’ll teach ‘em.

  38. kamihi

    this kid is most certainly better off with Brangelina (however long Brangelina last). The mother sounds like a f*ck up dumb ass whore and lil Pax is better off without her, she should not however have changed the little buggers name, that was SICK! It was like she had the name chosen and had to find a kid to go with it, stupid Assgelina.

  39. iamsosmrt

    I cannot respect greed and ego (ie FAME). Talent and art, seperately yes. They should not be worshiped as they are; there is no reason on earth for them to make the money they do and for them to be idolized the way they are. Regardless no more seriousness, it makes me cranky anyway.
    Now back to shitting on things that suck …where’s Paris?
    (file that under things Paris’ bed buddies say)

  40. Whats wrong with being rich like how is shallow and spoiled an insult.It has nothing to do with your inteligence. Their is rich, famous then rich and famous some doctors lawyers politicians live more decadent lifestyles some worked for it some inherited how doe this lessen their value.Im not defendingn them but really at least show me the logic. Or is it visa black envy.

    i dont get why she adopts so much host an orphanage or something go to darfur.

    Jennifer stole brad from gwyneth they were not married but they were together.

  41. jrzmommy♠

    40-I think Gwenyth dumped Brad…

  42. woodhorse

    that child has a chance at a decent life now. if he had been adopted by a middle income, no-name family, there wouldn’t be any question of trying to extort anything. but the bio mom would (further) hurt her son for some drug money. I say sell the bio mom to Pete Doherty and he can have half her profits from her working the pissed up queens/whatevers for his drugs.

  43. iamsosmrt

    Greed is the highest form of stupidity, to be so shallow that you don’t understand what life is about, so self absorbed that you see all the suffering in the world and that you feel entitled to live like a king/queen when the majority has nothing makes you immoral and idiotic which are in many ways the same thing.
    Also being a hypocritic means you are beyond unintelligent. To live in mansions with your own private plane and then to go around talking about world poverty is like being a giant fat pig and going around and talking about obesity.
    In conclusion rich lavish living douchebags (famous or not) are immoral, selfish and stupid.

  44. iamsosmrt

    My response was to #40. Anyway my mistake for bringing up my thoughts on greed I have no desire to continue trying to explain why being greedy means you are an idiot. Back to bashing Paris.

  45. #26, 27 & 28… I

  46. arrogances

    I hope smack-mama goes after Angie. I wanna see a one sided custody battle, and the court is like “no f*ucking way you junkie.”
    Pretty please?

  47. TurdFerguson

    It’s been a long day, so my bad for missing the action.
    When I think of Angelina collecting these children, I imagine that scene from Boston Legal when Katey Sagal makes out with her own son. Someday, yes, someday this will happen.
    Poro: Why are you here if you don’t want to bash celebrities? They’re assholes. They don’t deserve any of the money they earn, they should be giving it to a good cause instead of a crackwhore or heroin fiend who doesn’t understand English. Screw those two. And when all those kids grow up – they won’t be related. Just like when Angelina made out with her brother, it will be a full on orgy. And you bet your sweet ass and titties Angie is invited.

  48. Michael1

    Please wake me when the nanny and adoption official decide to tell all… or when Brad is kidnapped by de-programmers, has his penis dislodged from his skull, and is saved from the talons of Vagelina… or when Shiloh, grown into a saucy teeny bopper, runs away from home and goes to live with a now-mummified Roman Polanski in France, but gives exclusive interview rights to People magazine for her tell all “The Blob Speaks”.

  49. Lowlands

    I’ve seen in documentaries female-baboons which lost their babies,stealing babies from other females because they’re lower in rank.The boy looks quite like a baboonbaby to me.

  50. Lowlands

    Maybe she promised Brad Pitt many sons…

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