Angelina Jolie is a hypocrite

June 14th, 2007 // 235 Comments

In the most hypocritical move ever, Angelina Jolie tried to censor all her interviews yesterday while promoting A MIghty Heart, her new film about freedom of the press. Jolie had her publicists ban FOX News from the red carpet of her premiere, and then had her lawyer require all journalists to sign a contract before talking to her, which basically said nobody could talk about her personal life and that “the interview may only be used to promote the Picture. In no event may Interviewer or Media Outlet be entitled to run all or any portion of the interview in connection with any other story. … The interview will not be used in a manner that is disparaging, demeaning, or derogatory to Ms. Jolie.”

USA Today and the Associated Press canceled their interviews, and eventually Jolie cut off all print interviews when she heard the reaction. And if all this wasn’t hypocritical enough, the premiere was a benefit for the organization Reporters Without Borders and she’s got a tattoo on her back that says “Know your rights.” How did she go from the hottest woman on the planet to the most annoying one? Nobody would even care about this except that she’s running around the world pretending to be better than everybody else. It’s like finding out instead of helping all those starving children in Africa she’s actually been giving them wedgies.

angelina_jolie_mighty_heart_01-thumb.jpg angelina_jolie_mighty_heart_02-thumb.jpg angelina_jolie_mighty_heart_03-thumb.jpg angelina_jolie_mighty_heart_04-thumb.jpg angelina_jolie_mighty_heart_05-thumb.jpg angelina_jolie_mighty_heart_06-thumb.jpg angelina_jolie_mighty_heart_07-thumb.jpg angelina_jolie_mighty_heart_08-thumb.jpg


  1. Farley


  2. helistar

    Brad looks fucking old in the pictures. He is one ugly fuck.

  3. sophie

    well, maybe she didn’t want to get sued!

  4. about the only thing good about her is her dsl’s

  5. Eryn

    Is it just me or does Brad Pitt look like a total douche now? What happened, he used to be the hottest guy on earth

  6. those are some hot tattoos.

    i guess she’s sick of having the stories about the knife collections and the blood vials and the adultery go around, now that she is miss humanitarian-representin-unicef now.

  7. what did you just say helistar? Did you just say that Brad Pitt, is ugly! What the hell have you been smoking? Brad is hot! I think that you might……you’re seriously a dried up prune!

  8. I’d still hit dat.

  9. wtf

    psycho ass bitch.

  10. Asthma is Sexy

    I agree 100%: she’s way hot, but so insanely annoying. Yeah, you like orphans, blah blah blah… How about if you help someone from your own country? Adopt an American kid.

  11. Snatchit

    Frist! Take that bitches!!!

    Oh shit, I’m not first… Damn…

  12. Zoey Lund

    What do the other tattoos mean? I assume its some sort of writing, perhaps Hebrew?

  13. You know what? So what. Does it really matter? If she’s tired of the media taking every advantage to talk her personal life when’s got nothing to do with the film she’s working on then she has that right….

    Freedom to use speech to to talk smack about people is pure bull…

    There’s more to life then worrying about some else’s…

  14. veggi

    I know you aren’t suppose to do this here, but………….I like Angelina.

  15. tbone


    Know your rights??

    What a disgusting, used-oil filter-esque, ignorantly-tattoing-platitudes-on-her-body piece of trash.

    Preesh 4 listenin’.

  16. Ten years she’ll be begging people to give a shit about her.

  17. Riz

    I’m glad she’s taking control of her life. Unlike the other celbritards, she’s actually making something of herself. She doesn’t have time for bullshit like FOXNEWS (what the hell?! does anyone actually take them seriously?!!) nor questions pertaining to things completely unrelated to the movie…umm hello she’s doing interviews for THE MOVIE not about herself.

  18. um… is she wearing velvet in these pictures?? I thought that was reserved for window curtains in the mansion’s library room or white trash wedding ceremonies.

  19. Riz

    Oh and regarding the Know Your Rights…RIGHT TO PRIVACY.

  20. That Man

    Why is the average American so confused about free speech?

    Free speech is your right to say what you want without GOVERNMENT interference. It does not apply to private individuals like Jolie.

    For example, it may be free speech to say you hate gays but your boss can fire you for it. Your boss has not violated your right to free speech.

    However, if you stand on the steps of the US capital building with a sign that says “I hate Gays” you can not be arrested by the government, unless you break some other law like disturbing the peace.

  21. JAM

    “Know Your Rights” is a quote from Joe Strummer of the band The Clash. The quote supports and individuals rights to tell someone to “Fuck Off”, which is exactly what Angelina is doing. BTW, your an ass on this one.

  22. Blicks

    All she is doing is trying to shift the focus onto the movie and what it stands for and off of herself. She’s a private person and has a right to be so. Get over it.

    Still. She is a paranoid psycho.

  23. Phat Bastard

    Last I checked, Angelina Jolie was not a government. It’s not hypocritical at all for her to set the terms for interviews – journalists can either agree to those terms or not. Censorship is creating and enforcing a law denying free speech. She’s just trying to protect her image, something we all do in various ways.

  24. Binky

    It’s good to see her and Brad going ‘eco’ and sharing the Clairol hair coloring.
    (And Fox News isn’t journalism)

  25. yolatengo

    they are both fucking hot…maybe they can adopt me!!!

  26. Coco

    bear in mind this is the woman who carried a vial of BBthornton’s blood around her neck… nothing about her screams normal now, does it?

  27. Isaiah

    To the person who posted this. You need to shut the hell up, Jesus. If she wanted to do an interview about her personal life she would have. This was to promote her movie, not any problems she may have at home. For that reason, she didn’t do anything wrong by making them sign that contract, only that they wouldn’t ask questions about her personal life. It’s no big deal honestly, everyone needs to chill out! -.-

  28. jrzmommy

    Can you say ego?

  29. Superfish Is Clueless

    Freedom of Speech means I am allowed to say anything I want without being prosecuted by the government. It doesn’t say that I *must* say something when being asked and therefore must give interviews when asked. But if I do exercise my rights to allow someone to interview me, I can say whatever the hell I want without going to jail. I can see that Superfish doesn’t understand this, but I’m surprised that actually a Fox News columnist doesn’t know that either.

  30. JLynn

    She’s not the government, she’s a private citizen. If she wants to use her contract to issue a big “fuck you” to tabloid journalists, that is her right. Also, anyone who bans Fox “news” from something has to be pretty okay.

  31. bbkf

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with those demands. How insulting would it be to flood the interview which is supposed to be focusing on a film about the tragic death of a real person with shallow questions about Angelina’s personal life? She is completely on target to keep out irrelevant questions.

  32. LB

    Well gee, if reporters show up to a premier, how about asking the person about the movie? Free speech does not give anyone the right to ask people personal qustions and then print mistruths for everyone to read. If this story is even true, I highly doubt Ang would have taken such drastic steps if reporters were not such douche bags in the first place.

  33. jrzmommy

    She’s lookin’ a little boney…is she on the Karen Carpenter diet?

  34. Ruby

    I can’t stand this skeletal, rubber-lipped, incestuous bitch. She should get a tat that says “I suck. In third world countries. Across the world.”

  35. “Freedom of speech” is about government censorship. It doesn’t apply to contractual relationships between non-government entities. So, there’s no real irony here.

    This is why you can’t tell your boss “Fuck you” without getting fired. (If you complain about “freedom of speech” violations, people will just laugh at you.)

  36. Gabi

    I can see right trought this bitch all along.
    Do charity in front of a camera is so easy i wan’t to see her when the cameras are off.
    I always hate this person after what she did with Jennifer i hate her even more.
    I don’t care if she adopt the entire African continent she is still a whore in my book!

  37. fluxus008

    it’s amazing how many of you low self-esteem having losers will leap to defend this worthless pile of self-promotion.

    she’s a hypocrite: that’s just a fact. get over it. she’s not a great person, figure it out.

  38. sevenandaswitchblade

    Sean Hannity: Ms. Jolie, would you care to address the concerns of so many upstanding Americans in regard to your sick need to help children from other nations while turning your back on the homeless children in this country? And as a follow up, are you at all worried about others perception of you as a man-stealing whore with a kid out of wedlock? Alan, anything to add?

    Alan Colmes: …

    Jolie: It was such a good idea to allow you to be here and ask whatever questions you want to ask.

    Yes, I know Hannity & Colmes wouldn’t be conducting an interview. One’s too busy letting Rush Limbaugh pinch a loaf in his mouth and the other is to busy scheming against He-Man.

  39. Youko

    Whatever happened to hating Celebrities on a celebrity-hating website? This isn’t exactly the place to be supporting them or sticking up for them. Celebrities couldn’t give a shit.

  40. bungoone

    foxnews is an oxymoron. period.

  41. lambman

    Well I guess she has the right to make demands like that, and the people she is making the damands to now have the right to cancel the interviews…way to go Angie.

    I’ve been saying all along she’s just trying to trick people into forgetting that she’s crazy as the day is long.

  42. Fluxus008 Is A Moron


    Fluxus008, use your brains before starting your pathetic rants.

    Just like your right to vote doesn’t mind that you must vote. If you support the freedom to vote, it doesn’t mean that you must vote, it just says that you allow everyone to vote if they want to.

    Didn’t you know that it’s OK to be dumb and it’s OK to be rude. But not both.

  43. JumpinJS

    Sounds like she’s a cheap beeotch too. According to MSNBC, “Angie tells “Access” that the crushed velvet dress she was sporting was from the vintage store Wasteland on Melrose Avenue in LA.
    The outfit’s total cost? $26!”

  44. Josh

    Like Fox News supports free speech. More power to her. She’s genuinely hot, so she can do whatever the fuck she wants, for all I care.

  45. bungoone

    how can people say that she’s turned her back on orphans of this country? no one is required to adopt & i don’t think she vowed to do so. so there’s no back turning. she, nor anyone else, is obligated to adopt american orphans.

    if anyone owes them something, it’s the retards who won’t wrap up the dick, proceed to have kids that they don’t want & then abandon them. let’s get real here.

  46. Do you get the feeling they both have media bargain sell-your-soul sticker shock?

    Why is Anj tryng to hard to look Anistonesque?

    Pitt will move onto Lohan soon, just watch.

  47. tbone

    Hottest woman on the planet??

    I’ve gotten $20 handjobs from better looking, less confused pieces of garbage.

  48. edan

    Yes, Fox News is despicable, but censoring them is just sinking to the same level.
    It kills me that this is at a Reporters Without Borders benefit for a premier of a film about DANIEL PEARL, and she still can’t see the irony in censoring the press.
    She needs to ditch this socially minded facade and get back out there and start stealing people’s husbands or she’s gonna forget how.

  49. Josh

    sure you have, #47

  50. themadderhatter

    Is the “Perfect” porcelain beginning to crack…??

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