Angelina Jolie looks super important

September 27th, 2007 // 125 Comments

Angelina Jolie attended a conference on global education at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. I don’t even know what any of those words mean. I do know that Bill Clinton probably asked Angelina to provide some humanitarian relief – in his pants. That guy is smooth. But I’m smoother. I would’ve talked Angelina into removing the trade embargo between my man parts and her refugee camp. Get it? *nudge nudge* It’s political, see? Get it? Now that’s how you romance, Clinton. I hope you took notes.


  1. carlos

    Who is John Gault?

  2. Malffy Hernandes

    She needs to eat

  3. seppo

    omfg 3rd

  4. adeliza

    Girlfriend looking scrawny.
    Eat some meat- Clinton’s meat.
    He’d let her.

  5. zzzz

    FOURTH !! ??

  6. Buttercup

    Oh to be AJ…sigh…pretty bitch. You shouldn’t be allowed to be so pretty AND be so rich; it just isn’t fair! (and I suppose some of you would mention the whole Brad thing too, but he doesn’t impress me much).

  7. jacknasty

    Clinton doesn’t want a bag of bones! He like more cushin for the pushin

  8. Catherine


  9. AtriumXP

    Looks like Bob Barker is still out there, groping the models!


  10. hendero

    In pic 3, Clinton’s thinking, “Damn, if I hadn’t jizzed all over that fat chick’s dress, I might be in with a shot here”

  11. judy greer

    I work at home…

    Do ANY of you woman and sickos have a job?

  12. adeliza

    #7 Mr. McNasty-

    He might like more cushin’ for the pushin’, but when it comes to suckin’, he’d take a bag o bones.

  13. a woman AND a sicko

    If you look closely at the later pictures, there’s a white stain on Angie’s jacket. Bill, you will always be the man.

  14. Malfio

    Hey! They left out the third picture of the Bill Clinton sequence:

    1) Meet.
    2) Hypnotize, using only your eyes.
    3) Blowjob.

  15. jrzmommy

    Gee, I wonder if Bill is thinking “I’d much rather be with Hilary right now”…

  16. veggi

    I wish we had bill back.

  17. my comment

    Weird legs on the Adultery Spokes Skeleton.

    And wtf is up with that extra ring on her finger tip?

  18. my comment

    Sorry, but she looks like Pure Evil in photo 11.

  19. Uquimbie

    Race relations in this country would be much better if Bill were president now, and got caught licking Condi Rice on the desk in the Oval Office. Although I think Jocelyn Elders was more his type.

  20. Grumpy

    Pic 8 is exactly what Brad sees on the rare occasions when, in a quivering voice, he begins to attempt to voice a difference of opinion.

  21. hegadeth

    What’s up with the Navy Seal watch?

  22. IFuckingHateYou

    The last picture, AJ is showing off the scrapes on her knees from being under Bill’s “podium”.
    She’s a nasty whore, anybody who buys this humanitarian crap is a fucking retarded douche.
    And Bill was a worthless fuck as President, the only worse option would be if his transexual spouse were to buy her way into the office. If that happens, I’m moving to some 3rd world country like Mexico, or maybe Canada.

  23. #11 Judy…running a webcam porn site from your bedroom doesn’t count as a real job…

  24. my comment

    Note to natural brunettes:
    Stop bleaching your hair. It’s awful looking.

    and #22 is absolutely correct.

  25. fellow retard

    #22 – yeah, I hated 8 years of peace and prosperity. I’m glad it was so emphatically over as soon as Bush took office.

  26. veggi

    Good one FRIST!!!!! I’m gonna buy you a drink for that!!!!!

    And 22, go now. please.

  27. Fox News Watcher


  28. IFuckingHateYou

    #23 – she’s a work-at-home envelope stuffer
    And by envelope stuffer, I mean stuffing cocks in her enlarged snatch.
    She’s a $4 whore working the morning shift, that’s why she’s home now.

  29. yes, bitch i said it

    bill would totally cave in her face with his box right now

  30. Cholo Sinclair

    No. Comment.

  31. if we don't fight them over there...duh...der...what's next, again?

    I hate Hilary and her attempt to buy her way into office. Doesn’t she have a brother and a few of her dad’s friends who can just throw the election? Where are her family values?

  32. adeliza


    What makes you think we don’t?

    The fact that we are efficient and can complete tasks in a timely manner so we can provide ourselves with some levity during our peonish existences?

    Multi-tasking is an art,some do it well.

  33. lady-croft

    jenkem = turd wine! Satan have lady-croft soul, burn hell forever! Me lady-croft is Angelina Jolie. Me sex with camel pig goat sheep dog gnu zebra horse caterpillar car exhaust. Set fire underwear. Satan jenkem worship. Brain in cornhole.

    Hey America, you put dollar in my cornhole? Heehee. Set fire my crotch? Heehee.

    lady-croft be hit head with boat oar. Please again please! Orgy now!

    Turd me! Orgy now! Thank you!

  34. skanky mcwhorey

    god people are gullible. she doesn’t care about anything other than stealing men from their women and buying ethnic hip accessories. she’s an actress. that’s what she does!!!!!! she’s only playing a role when she does her “humanitarian gig”. it’s not real.

  35. IFuckingHateYou

    #25 & 26 – 9-11 wouldn’t have happened if Bill would have taken care of business witht he terrorist instead of worrying about getting head from a fat, ugly intern.
    Maybe when you graduate 4th grade, you’ll start to understand the world a little bit better.
    Regardless, this isn’t a political site, so I apologize for voicing my opinions on Bill – not AJ, she’s still a worthless cunt.

  36. Abby

    she is too skinny and looks about 45 now. It’s a good thing she is doing humanitarian work, but charity starts at home…like in AMERICA!!!! There are lots of kids who need stuff here people!!

  37. after 8 years GWB will still say it's all Bill's fault...PUSSY

    I apologize too. I mean, an illegal election, followed by an illegal invasion, followed by endless violence and death – what is there to criticize, really?

  38. Oops, i crapped my pants!

    God #33, all you W supporters sound the same.

  39. veggi

    38- ahahahahahaha!!!!

  40. IHateFuckingWithYou

    If Bush had read the memo on 8/6 and increased security, 9/11 wouldn’t have happened. Wait – I remember, Bush doesn’t like to read. Not his fault.

  41. Texas Tranny

    Hell YES, I got a job.

    I work for the State, surfing websites like this one, looking for bi-sexual males, transgendered, and women who like trannies.
    I also double as the glory-hole sissyboy down at the adult bookstore.

  42. ssdd

    20 & 23 .. LOL ..

    and of course I have nothing good to say about this lowly whore…
    so all I can do is think of how poor Brad is home watching that zoo…
    Zahara not attempting to all through the house he totes the flavor flav lookalike around on his hip while she chews on a piece of straw & chants in tribe like gibberish….. the two boys pretend to be stepping on land mines in the living room while wearing their new Halloween Straw Horn Hats ..while Shiloh is struggling with the two personalities she was given by her parents ..she sits in the bathroom struggling to fill up a vile of blood … all the while in chaotic baby whispers she tells herself that is not a good thing to do anymore.

  43. Hecubus

    Hello, my name is Angelina Jolie. I’m famous for having big tits and showing them off alot. I’m here today to educate you about global education blah blah blah.

  44. BradPitt

    Next Time I see Clinton I’m gonna bust him up. I can tell by the look on Angelina’s face that she is being hit up for a BJ.

  45. HEEEEY

    i thought that Angie and Brad gave a lot of money to help New Orleans. They live there now. I saw her once in person and she was GORGEOUS… but that was two years ago and she does look TOOOO SKINNY.

  46. JohnsWorld

    If Bill was still in office, he would have her believing that by “servicing” him, she could do good on a micro level that would serve mankind on a macro level.

  47. Save us all. A political Angie. I might start praying for her and her escort to disappear of my screen.

  48. Buttercup

    As pretty as she is, there is something evil looking about her. She really does look like she’s a character from a video game come to life. But I don’t think she’s evil, I think she’s a compassionate and passionate person who is trying to be the best she can; I just think she’s also pretty screwed up and has serious issues (namely daddy issues). At least she does more than just shop and tan, unlike Britney and other celebtards.

  49. Can she lift refrigerators. Holy God this girl is everywhere. I need her resume.

  50. Editor and Chief cowgirl

    Bill Clinton has a new book out about “Giving”! He is such a generous person, that guy, he’ll give you a cigar, or a random stain, how about a front desk position?

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