Angelina Jolie dances for other men

May 2nd, 2007 // 93 Comments

After making her directorial debut at the Tribeca Film Festival last week, Angelina Jolie went to a party at Hotel Gansevoort and gave actor Olivier Martinez a lap dance after having some wine.

“She turned to him on the banquette and was shaking it in front of him. She was giving him a lap dance,” another reveler tells Us. “She was looking over her shoulder, tossing a glance his way.” As another partygoer describes it, “It was very, very flirty.”

Brad Pitt better get his woman under control. A wooden bat and a potato sack work great. Although personally, I like to use them on first dates. Nothing says romance like throwing a potato sack over a woman and clubbing them in the head. That’s right, ladies, I’m a charmer. Rowr!



  1. biatcho

    Olivier Martinez: “My god, that praying mantis is agitated and it’s staring right at me!”

  2. Who HASN’T had a lapdance from Angelina?

  3. Lowlands

    I hope Olivier Martinez’s health-insurance covers this up.Because he’ll need to pay his therapist a couple of visits to get him straight again after this traumatical experience.

  4. JungleRed

    Oh, you fuckers! You know you’d knock your own mother out of the way to watch a threesome with Martinez, Jolie and Pitt. I’d pay for that sex tape. And I’ve never paid for porn in my life.

  5. arden

    Oh NOO!!!!!! Not looking over her SHOULDER!! Whatever will Brad DO??

  6. arden

    And to #15 . . . a ‘hoe’ is a garden instrument. If you can’t spell even a two letter word, shut the fuck up.

  7. 15PiecesOfFlare

    #45, lol

    Anyway, I think Angie’s internal dialogue and justification is something like this: “My sexuality is too INTENSE to be limited by ONE man. I’m too much of a WOMAN to have limited LOVERRRRS.”

  8. ALEX

    #56 is a hoe, ho, whore too!!!

  9. TurdFerguson

    Every man who works anywhere near her can hit it. Even Billy Bob.

  10. PunjabPete

    The only surprise is how long she has been with Pitt…. She is a man eater….

  11. chaunceygardner

    I’ve got a better solution than a bat and a sack:


  12. woodhorse

    another news item refers to Angelina as the “new Jesus”- that may be really accurate. If she decided she wanted to, I’m pretty sure she could crush Scientology. Especially now that she has a submarine helicopter yacht.

  13. Dory

    Actually #56, #15 has a point. This tart is thin enough to be a hoe, rake whatever you wanna call it. Turn her upsidedown and get her to spread those claw fingers, plently of neat lines in the ground in no time. Only thing is then you wouldn’t be able to plant anything in it cause the dirty hoe has contaminated it!

    She is So Gross. Old, haggard, garden hoe thin, child USING tart!!

  14. woodhorse

    42 – How dare you say I have no life! I don’t socialize much because I am saving up for a yacht.

  15. smart girl–doesn’t get married, she can do anything she wants..I totally love her no matter what she does..she’s so hot…

  16. woodhorse

    65: Second that Emotion.

  17. here

    Senator Jolie, when did you first become interested in politics?

    * I’m angry.

    Angry at what, Senator Jolie?

    * At men. The better they look, the more I resent their receiving attention rightfully meant for me. I want to crush them with Senatorial power. I’m in charge now, not just an obscenely wealthy and spoiled movie star.

  18. imran karim

    she looks hot in that picture

    imran karim

  19. she looks hot in anything…and she would do good in politics..woman like to get shit done,,men , just sit there and grab the money…

  20. shittylips

    for real, you think she looks good here?? No shit she looks VERY average here, she must be letting her tribe do her hair and make up these days, perhaps even her lips too.

  21. felishous

    fuck brad pitt.
    olivier 1 hot bitch. id do more to him than give him a lap dance. bead pitt is just angelina’s Manny.

  22. felishous

    i got so excited i forgot how to spell.


    and “is” between olivier and 1

  23. this chick could have shit smeared on her f’n face and still be beautiful…don’t hate…she don’t need that hair done or those lips,,just fine plain…

  24. kathleen170

    Lucky bitch.
    Oliver Martinez is a fine piece of work.

  25. crazyotto

    whats so surprizing?…she made out with her brother,she wore a vile of billybobs blood around her neck and she collects children from foreign countries….nothing strange here

  26. Bu

    Angelina only cares about what Angelina cares about at that moment. Welcome to her world. she is the Boarderline Queen of it all!

  27. kfm

    I don’t care what you all think – I LOVE her! I’d do her in a heartbeat (even though I’m a happily married heterosexual woman!)

  28. #76=====Women have to step up and take fucking charge,,coz if they don’t, then they end up married to some stupid Republican man that crushes their hopes and dreams of a free,non communism,productive world..that we as women deserve..BITCHEZ, STAND UP & TAKE CHARGE….
    (Bu)====U must be the stupid bitch I described, married to a Republican asshole! Let him rule your world…dumbass.

  29. jrzmommy♠

    Senor Kelli, with an I……you are quite possible the biggest asshole I’ve ever encountered here… are above SJTLQ, DanYELL, Edna, Hotplatewhoever, Lamebananas, star maker machinery, Rock and Roll Takeover…….you are the standout. The cream of the crop….you are Senor Kelli, with an I, Lord, God and KING of the Assholes.


  31. jrzmommy♠

    That’s EMPRESS Bitch, to you, Senor.

  32. U==EMPRESS==Maybe in that Disney movie I saw u in…I’ll bet u live in an apartment and eat blackkkkkkbeans for dinner…

  33. jrzmommy♠

    what’s wrong with black beans? Am I unaware that black beans are subject to scorn and ridicule? Or is this just more incoherent rants from a 17 year old misfit with gender identity issues?

  34. Michael1

    I would agree that it’s just more predictable behavior from an attention whore, but that wasn’t a lapdance… it was Malawian sign language for “please help the many unfortunate African orphans, big guy”.

    Flirting? Angie flirt? Nah… she was only being friendly so that she could educate him about the plight of underaged boys in SubSaharan Africa.

  35. bungoone

    the reality is probably that she was dancing (and maybe not even dancing, probably having a seizure) 5 feet from this guy & people start making stuff up to make her seem like a whore. It was probably Jennifer Aniston.

  36. YEA,, that’s what I thought…whatever!!Not 17,dickweed,18 is the magic #!!!! Shut the fuck up and fed your kids….
    Back to Angelina…one hott mama….not like jrzmammy….
    Love that Angelina ,,Brad is sooooo lucky…

  37. jrzmommy♠

    OOOOH—18! Stop–seriously…everytime you open your mouth, you just give us more ammo. You’re old enough to join the service…so why don’t ya and then go get blown up over in Iraq.

  38. If I want blown to pieces..I can do that here,,just go to school…
    Iraq===why would I fight for no reason..I’m not a stupidass Republican who believes everything their dictor says,bunch of dumbassz….
    If that why your over there..u probably got 10 or 15 kids u can’ll just have more to replace go,,not my war..yourz…

  39. Forbidden

    fucking fuck!! she’s sooo FUCKING HOT and beautiful!! hottest woman in Hollywood by FAR. Just looking at her gives me a raging erection. I’d bang her brains out until my dick exploded. HOLY HOTNESS!!!

  40. Forbidden

    #70- you may want to kill yourself then, because if you think that of Angelina, you must think you look like a rotten turd no one will ever touch or look at.

  41. I could look at her all day….I love her..

  42. I doubt you feel threatened if your name is brad pitt.

  43. she might want to cover that split because it does not like brad is interested.the fantasy sex is over.karma is not knocking on the door. open up angie,time for the ice queen to melt!!

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