Angelina Jolie dances for other men

May 2nd, 2007 // 93 Comments

After making her directorial debut at the Tribeca Film Festival last week, Angelina Jolie went to a party at Hotel Gansevoort and gave actor Olivier Martinez a lap dance after having some wine.

“She turned to him on the banquette and was shaking it in front of him. She was giving him a lap dance,” another reveler tells Us. “She was looking over her shoulder, tossing a glance his way.” As another partygoer describes it, “It was very, very flirty.”

Brad Pitt better get his woman under control. A wooden bat and a potato sack work great. Although personally, I like to use them on first dates. Nothing says romance like throwing a potato sack over a woman and clubbing them in the head. That’s right, ladies, I’m a charmer. Rowr!



  1. honeycombs_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    Beauty AND class!

  2. honeycombs_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    Woah…where’s all the mofes that usually live here??

  3. Mel

    She’s Beautiful, Smart, and now…. Can dance lol

  4. whoneedsenemies

    Oh no! She’s being flirty! What a whore.

  5. rrd

    so what?

  6. Donkey

    Those Tinsel Town marriages

  7. Lapdance, eh? I wonder where Brad was at the time? Probably watching, and drooling, and bonering…they like the kinky stuff.
    Wait, so do I, who doesn’t?

  8. FRIST!!!

    At least we got a new post. Ok, I’m ready for a new one.
    How bout some shots of Lindsay at that party the other day where she takes her shirt off and dances around in her bra? Now, SHE’S the slut!!!

  9. whoneedsenemies

    You’d rather see Hohan in her bra than Angie waving? What??

  10. IFuckingHateYou

    This whore wasn’t dancing. Her gigantic fucking lips got stuck on the mirror in the bathroom and she backed all the way out into the banquette hall trying to get them loose.

    On a side note, this Martinez guy is filing a lawsuit against her for puncturing his penis with her bony ass.

    Ugly fucking cunt.

  11. julema

    cmon she cant have fun!!? Martinez is her ex, he is with kylie Minogue… I know a lot of people dream to see Brad and angie separate, but i feel it wont happen!

  12. Jesus,

    Are her kids eating all the food in the house and not leaving her any? Angie, eat a fucking sandwhich, just looking at you is making me hungry.

    As for her lapdance, I’m picturing Jack Skelington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” gyrating around.

  13. wedgeone

    “shaking it” …”She was looking over her shoulder, tossing a glance his way”

    So “it” was her butt? Her no-butt? Her pointy buttbone? Wow, hubba hubba, what a turn on – maybe later they could do it doggy style so he could get bone bruises on his pelvis, that’d be fun. At least he got a good look at her forehead, since her hairline is no longer in the way…maybe a glimpse of those monkeyhair stickarms? mmmmmmmm…hot….

  14. ALEX


  15. Wow Just Wow

    She’s just a trashbag.

    This will also be Shiloh’s future.

  16. CP

    Angelina is Gorgeous…she can do whats she wants!

  17. LeeLee

    #17 Gorgeous? Really? Has anyone really looked at her? She’s got a cute nose and really nice eyes– but i donno– I always felt like her head was kinda— Mr. Potato-like. Complete with the giant lips.

    Whatever, this sounds like it wasn’t REALLY a lapdance, but people having fun

  18. Victor

    If she danced for me, I would drink her douche water, while jacking off with her feces. No lie, she is that hot. Then of course get my dick sucked with them dick sucking lips.

  19. Plastic Sturgeon

    She is an A list celebrity with 4 kids and a boyfriend….yet she is performing a lap dance in a semi-public place. Right….

    Olivier Martinez is a thing of beauty. He turns straight men gay, and can cause Rosie to lose her penis.

  20. #19 ugh. even i dont have that much of a sexual appetite for that content…but i guess for YOUR kind, it’s normal. me, i’d just piss on her

  21. costamar


  22. Plastic Sturgeon

    @19 Victor, that is it. I am calling your principal. This is the last time you cut remedial English.

  23. FRIST!!!

    #10, well yeah, making fun of Lohan is my favorite. It was on one of those Extra type shows last night. It’s so entertaining to watch her make a fool out of herself.
    But SHE does it for free!!!

  24. TaterFace

    Mmmmm’a.. Olivier Martinez. Yes, please.

  25. FRIST!!!

    #19, what is it with you and “douche water”?
    You mention it way too much. Jesus, you wanna come drink mine?

  26. Victor

    Yes I will drink your 26, you a hot bitch?

  27. whoneedsenemies

    # 24 Hee hee!! I agree that it is fun to watch her make a fool of herself!
    Extra Extra

  28. i don’t know about you guys, but i wouldn’t let Angie lap dance me. You could be rubbing her ass and come across a 44 caliber and BOOM! an explosive would go off under you…or would she shoot you? i don’t know…GOD I STILL DON’T KNOW!!

    ***hits self in head with frying pan repeatedly

  29. Victor

    Yeah Superfish, golden showers are always good too.

  30. #30 what about chocolate waterfall? If it’s Kim Kardashain, I’m up for it

  31. Victor Ward

    I heard that after she danced for him, she blew him. Then she adopted him.

  32. Who’s Olivier
    #27, totally!!! At least Jimbo thinks so

  33. Victor

    Hmmmmmm…….making me think now? Have always wanted to shit on a bitches chest after good long hard sex. Of course a bitch I couldn’t stand. Some day some day.

  34. iamsosmrt

    I think that when you have a serious relationship with a man and you

  35. #32 no that was me. only she didn’t adopt me, she just blew me then she flew out the window and…that was pretty much it.

  36. iamsosmrt


  37. p0nk

    giving another man lapdances? shocking!!! next she’ll be banging some other woman’s husband… oh wait, nevermind.

  38. Victor

    I’d let her bang my wife…….no questions asked.

  39. Plastic Sturgeon

    #39 Yeah, only your wife is imaginary. You are such a tool. You are still trying to make us believe you are over 16. Give it a rest.

  40. p0nk

    glad to hear it, victor. your wife says “thankyou”, by the way.

  41. NotTheMomma

    I wonder how much botox this fish face cunt uses every week for those fake ass fat lips.
    People who think this dog is attractive are either gay or they have no life.

  42. The pop up advertisements on your website are among the most obnoxious I’ve ever encountered. You should be embarrassed.

  43. p0nk

    actually victor, now that i’ve read your other posts, i have to agree with #40. playing with yourself while watching some 12yo prostitute getting broken in an Indonesian alley doesn’t constitute a marriage.

  44. iamsosmrt

    On the plus side Olivier Martinez, who is surely very vain, could check his reflection in in Angie’s giant shiny forehead while she danced for him.

    That’s a 4 inch forehead people.

  45. iamsosmrt

    #12. Olivier and Kylie broke up a long time ago.
    People magazine reported it in February.,,20010855,00.html

  46. NCDave

    Every man’s a dream. A broomstick with teeth shakin that groove thang.

  47. iamsosmrt

    Are all the men that women worship short cause Olivier is only like 5’8″ which is in the Ryan Seabitch domain, which is truely lame.

  48. FRIST!!!

    #45 Her forehead just looks big because she has her father’s hairline. Either that or male pattern baldness.

    Anyway, I’d give Brad a lapdance any day of the week, even Tuesday, which is usually my normal lapdance day off!

  49. Plastic Sturgeon

    @#48 Yes Olivier is short. Ryan Seacrest is, as well. The difference is, Olivier, is gorgoeus, straight, and talented.

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