Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s house invaded by ninja paparazzi (No joke.)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s French chateau was invaded by camo-wearing paparazzi. The two men Rambo’d their way onto the grounds – only to get their shit wrecked by Pitt-Jolie security guards. BOFF! POW! CAMERA IN THE ASS! The AP reports:

Police spokeswoman Capt. Olivia Poupot said Friday the two photographers were wearing camouflage clothes. She said police officers took them and the two guards in for questioning after Thursday’s bust-up at the Jolie-Pitt family’s Miraval estate.
Poupot said she didn’t know how long the paparazzi had been on the chateau grounds or further details about the “altercation with the guards.”
“One can imagine that if you discover someone in your garden who is taking your photo then you’re not necessarily going to politely show them the way out,” she said.

Seriously, no offense to Brad and Angelina, but what is so goddamn special about getting photos of their babies? Just take a picture of some newborns at the hospital AND NOBODY WOULD KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. Is there something someone’s not telling me? Do these kids have tails? No, wait, unicorn horns! I bet that’s it; holy shit, yes! Where’s my camo paint?

UPDATE: Mission aborted. Lost a leg in the piranha pit after Maddox punched me in. Though it was pretty funny when he said “You cheat, Dr. Jones!” Best $5 I ever spent – until all the leg eating.

Photos: Splash News