Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt didn’t make their babies the all-natural way (Lame!)

July 24th, 2008 // 68 Comments

Angelina Jolie wasn’t knocked up with twins by way of Brad Pitt’s penis. Instead, she went with in vitro fertilization because nobody puts Angelina in a corner, not even nature! Unless nature looks like Billy Bob Thornton then maybe. Us Weekly reports:

“They conceived through in vitro fertilization,” a well-placed source within their camp tells Us. “They both desperately wanted more babies soon.”
The chance of having fraternal twins at Angelina’s age (33) naturally is under 1 percent; with in vitro, the chances are 25 percent.
The actress chose the procedure (which can cost around $12,000 a pop) so “she wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of trying to get pregnant,” the source tells Us. “She could just knock it out.”

Wow. Is Brad Pitt even having sex with Angelina Jolie? Or is he locked in a room every night with a copy of Gia and some test tubes? Some guys have all the luck.


  1. Matt


  2. Deacon Jones

    I thought that WAS sex. That and what I do to the cabana boy at night. I literally have my thumb up my ass right now.

  3. dan

    LOL! jajajaja LOL!!! hell no!

  4. havoc

    Damn, that’s a shame…..


  5. awerawera


  6. nipolian

    You just know that right now Billy Bob is sitting in a bar somewhere laughing his ass off, telling everyone around him “I knew that dickless girly-boy couldn’t get the job done.”

  7. If this is true, is there any question now about Brad being gay? Come on – It’s too much trouble to fuck and knock up Angelina???

  8. ph7

    Looks like it was Brad shooting the blanks in the Jennifer Aniston relationship after all.

    Angela Jolie has to be the biggest pain in the ass in the world. She will only get worse over time, Bradley. You jaw already is showing labia burns from the pussywhipping you’ve been taking so far.

  9. Dorien

    She wanted more babies but didn’t want to have sex with Brad Pitt?
    Is that what I’m getting?

    So basically she has kids and Brad takes care of them for her while she goes off to feed third world countries.

    Lovely. Just lovely.

  10. rough daddy

    this is ridiculous i dont believe this story, theres no way hes going to agree to this,,,other wise hes definitly halfa fag…

  11. Angela

    Um, yea, because in-vitro isn’t stressful. Puh-leeze. They probably DID have invitro, but it wasn’t so that trying to conceive would not be stressful. Invitro is enough to make anyone crazy.

  12. Angela

    Um, yea, because in-vitro isn’t stressful. Puh-leeze. They probably DID have invitro, but it wasn’t so that trying to conceive would not be stressful. Invitro is enough to make anyone crazy.

  13. intermission

    how exactly does invitro work>

  14. eastcoastgirl

    Who cares? These two assholes are ridiculous.

  15. nan

    This is old news from last year. Last August when Angelina was freaking out thinking Brad was going to leave her, she went to a fertility doctor to get pregnant so she could hang on to Brad. She said at that time it was so she and Brad’s sister could be pregnant at the same time – but all the reports were about how clingy she was, how they were fighting all the time, and how she was so scared she was going to lose him.
    Now, instead of being a mom, she’s going to make another movie – what a lying sack of crap she is.

  16. Kimberly

    You guys aren’t reading the article correctly. They did have one child together already. If this story holds any truth then they’re saying because of her age the chance of them having twins is lowered. So they went in vitro. What is wrong with that anyway? You’re all so judgmental, and quick to call names. It’s their life. I’m sure your life is oh so perfect to be judging other people and the way that they live.

  17. So what, who care how they conceived. A new child is precious no matter how s/he (or in this case they) came into the world.

  18. JJ

    What Godless vain a-holes they are. They HAD to have twins, so they resorted to weird science.

  19. havoc

    And those blowjob lips probably never get used either….



  20. Lemon

    I doubt this story is true anyway, but the odds of having multiples increase as you get older.

  21. liz4sale

    why are they so obsessed with kids? they just had a baby like last year and they have like 3 other adopted ones and they are all under 8 i think. its borderline wierd. its like they are so bored they’re like lets get some more babies. lets go pluck one from some orphanage in korea. no lets force ourselves to have twins. its a total time saver.

  22. rough daddy

    first of all i thought it was strange for a dude to want all these damn kids around, now come word he didnt inpregnate the hottest chick in show business, you tell me whats going on…

  23. coshesgotaneedledickgeddit?

    Brad was still very much involved; after all his dick was still needed to fertilise the eggs once they were in the dish.

  24. gumball

    Shiloh is Brad’s kid in the eyes. They want a bunch of kids, then they will retire and raise them.

  25. It’s no one’s business. SHAME on whoever “leaked” this.

  26. woodhorse

    @ 16 that Lying Sack of Crap has a $278 million dollar yacht with a submarine , heliport and swimming pool.

  27. Having kids is so ridiculous, its a personal choice to have them or not to have them. More people could choose the not-having.

  28. me

    I think its bc he doesn’t want to stick his penis in that syphilishiosis, bacterial infested, herpes type 1,2,3 vagina….that’s right type 3. Hasn’t been discovered yet bc it only occurs in her vagina.

  29. dew

    How long do doctors recommend women that recently had c-sections wait before getting pregnant again? Quite a while ago, I think it was two years, but it could have changed by now. But if it hasn’t, what dr would purposely impregnate her so soon after a c-section?

    Plus, she was looking pretty haggard right before she got pregnant, like she was either anorexic, doing drugs, or very depressed about losing her mother and not eating because of it. Any of those wouldn’t make for an ideal time to purposely become pregnant.

    But they’re celebs, and they seem to only live in the now, so who really knows.

  30. Sapphire Eyes

    In-vitro is no picnic; the hormones one must inject are enough to make you crazy. The Lupron puts you into a menopause-like condition and you can not think clearly.

    They must have really wanted those children to go through in-vitro fertilization. It costs around $25,0000.00 per cycle, which is sofa change to this family. For the average person, i.e., not a celebrity, it might be a choice between saving for college or getting a baby that they can’t afford to send to college!

  31. titsonsnack

    Fuck that, #31, who sends their kids to college anyway. My parents never did. And I’m not $65,000 in the hole like every single one of my college educated friends, and I have a sweet paying office job because I decided to just fucking go to work instead of school.
    Oh yeah and fuck these two.
    And fuck in vitro.

  32. Shitney Beers

    I knew these two twits used in-vitro! It’s what all the actresses want who are kid-greedy and yet don’t want to go through multiple pregnancies. Look at how many twins there are in Tinseltown. Pathetic. Obviously actors feel strongly about the superiority of their genes and feel the world needs their spawn desperately enough to justify the risks of in-vitro. Messing with nature to get twins is wrong, but then these two freaks are wrong.

  33. Squishy

    “a well-placed source”?

  34. Lindalou

    We have on the authority of someone who is close to someone close to AJ and Brad that the children were actually grown in pods on an experimental infant god and goddess farm on a planet hidden behind mars. Brad and Angie decided to buy two to save on shipping.

  35. And I thought Brangelina couldn’t get any wierder.

  36. jennifer_hammond

    I cant believe people are actually suprised by this. She probably did the In vitro because she was so thin and sickly looking before, she most likely wasnt ovulating. If you are significantly underweight or overweight then you will not ovulate regularly. And lets face it, she was wasting away and dangerously thin. I think its so hypocritical someone who is all about natural ways and all about help the world is having a needle and dr. impregnate her and then a planned c-section for the convenience of it all. What is the matter with people?

  37. Lisa

    #37 I totally agree. She projects this ‘I’m such a hard ass with my tattoos and motorbikes and knives etc’ persona, and then she can’t even deal with natural child birth.

  38. morons

    32: Explains your eloquence. Bitter much?

  39. indira

    Boy, you people got things backwards.

    1. The facts given: “1% change to conceive twins naturally, 25% through IVF” – that wasn’t a commentary on Jolie’s motivation to get IVF (if that’s what indeed she did). It’s what led to the speculation than the pregnancy was a result of in-vitro. The numbers say, given that she had twins, it’s *more likely* that she used IVF.

    2. Twins are not an intended consequences of IVF!!!! No doctor will intentionally create a twin pregnancy – these are far more dangerous to both the mother’s and the children’s health. The reason you get twins, is that multiple embryos are transferred to the uterus, in hopes that at least one will take. Lately, there’s been a lot of talk in the medical community to change the standard to only transplant one embryo at a time, specifically to eliminate a chance of a multi-fetus pregnancy.

    3. As several others have said, IVF is *far* more stressful and difficult than the natural process, not least of it the prospect of twin pregnancy. Again, NOT an intended consequence.

    Finally, to #10:

    Men do that all the time. What’s wrong with that? If she’s got a loving spouse who wants to take care of the children, why can’t she have a career?

  40. AJ

    IVF would not be done due to anovulation. That is fixed with a simple drug.
    IVF SUCKS. It’s a lot to go through and is always a last resort.

    I think J. Lo did IVF.

  41. nope

    Since she was too skinny to ovulate on her own, she took the drug Clomid. It revved up her ovaries and made her drop 2 eggs.

  42. Mike Gainer

    So I guess there aren’t too many babies in the world? I thought that’s what they were preaching. Why force it?
    Maybe they’re trying to cancel out all the kids they adopted.

  43. Fred

    College graduates send their kids to college. That’s who.

  44. Sash

    Shit, I was wondering how someone with a body weight of a Holocaust victim could possibly get pregnant. That explains that!!!!

  45. aussie

    must be nice to buy everything. fame, Brad, babies, saviing the world…whadda cost??? I guess, one’s dignity.

  46. aussie

    must be nice to buy everything. fame, Brad, babies, saviing the world…whadda cost??? I guess, one’s dignity.

  47. aimee

    I knew they had in vitro. Chances of them having twins naturally is very low. Plus if you have the money, why not just pretty much guarantee that you’re going to get pregnant in a short period of time by sticking some fertilized eggs up there.

  48. Jeniffer

    I’m just a bit curious.The Magazine HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP reported her profiles were found on the famous wealthy dating club ***R I C H L O V I N G.C O M***last week and she was seeking her new guy there now! BTW, The girls there are really hot!

  49. LOL, #49,

    You’re reading out of a GOSSIP magazine and quoting the shit like its scripture.

    You must be an Aniston fan.

    I bet you wash your hair in placenta shampoo and use organic tampons.

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