Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will never stop having kids

September 4th, 2007 // 94 Comments

  1. mywellrehearsedmistake

    oh my god.

    just what we need – more of them.

  2. BLAH


  3. Even a swift kick in the hoo haw and they can still adopt

  4. jrzmommy

    5…15…Fuck it…it’s all the same when you got nannies and you’re rich!

    Place your bets on the race of the next Jolie-Pitt kid……Muslim or South American.

  5. lol

    “Admiral Adam” in the background of the first pic..

  6. lol

    *Admiral Adama

  7. Bigo

    No, I think it’s gonna be another black child to balance the family and so Zahara doesn’t feel alone. She must be angry that Maddox has an Asian brother like himself.

  8. mywellrehearsedmistake

    of course they are ready for more children – anything to avoid actually having a relationship with each other – you look at these too and you can tell just by looking at them that they hate each other.

    As soon as a moment of silence descends and they might have to speak to each other – they’re like “quick – someone get us another one!”

  9. looks like Angie is bout to slap the shit outta that chick in the 8th pic

  10. big

    how about a nice big nip slip
    nice work #2

  11. ssdd

    She’s making me hate him….its getting to where I can’t stand to look at him because he is with that piece of shit whore.

    and yes go ahead and adopt another one … another black one …so that ugly little girl can have a brother or sister to boss around.

  12. zuzuspetals

    Nothing to see here. Just a normal, loving relationship between a woman who likes to bring knives to the bedroom and a man who brings his girlfriends to the hairdresser to have his hair dyed to match hers.
    They look okay together, but I think I liked him best when he made himself look like Jennifer Aniston- he was so shiny then. The Juliette Lewis phase was a fun one, too.

  13. Si

    OMG that woman needs a good feed, and whats with the ugly veins in her arms. She looks like a bloke now.

  14. the babysitter

    Glad to see they are really dedicated to being parents and aren’t traipsing around at stupid film festivals whilst leaving the little ones at home with the help.

  15. I always thought Brad and Angelina wanted to start their own 3rd world country

  16. Kat

    The real news: Brad Pitt does WORK?

  17. Anon

    So they want lots of kids. What is the problem here? They clearly love kids and have the means to support them. I think it is sweet.

  18. That is a pretty dress she’s wearing. I love black lace.

  19. notimpressed

    hope she feeds those kids better than she feeds herself.

  20. Chauncey Gardner

    The upside of adopting more Third World kids: keep a steady supply of Hershey Bars flowing and they’ll carry all your shit around for you.

  21. @18 TT – I alway thought you were into red lace!!!

  22. my comment

    Mommy Dearest alert!
    Photo 11~!

  23. @ Jimbo LOL
    Red, pink, black, just as long as it’s lace, it’s doesn’t matter.

  24. rockdust

    #17…the problem is, they aren’t even committed to eachother! What happens when they decide to split up like typical Hollywood couples? Then what the hell are they gonna do with all those kids?! Shit…these two collect kids like people collect stamps. They are like cat hoarders, but since they have money, it’s kids instead. It’s ridiculous!

  25. It ain’t never gonna end. I hear they are planing for nine so that they can have their own version of the Wu-Tang Clan.
    Where celebrity goes hip-hop.

  26. lambman

    Brad still seems pretty cool and chill to me, kinda stupid, but chill

  27. Britney's Nappy Weave

    I love how she tries to look like she’s this prim and proper person when we all know what she really is — a crazy-ass, blood vile wearing, brother kissing, tattoo bitch. I used to think he was hot but ever since he’s been with her he’s totally not. That means he’s crazy too. Dumbass.

  28. Geoff

    I heard that once you have been molested by your dad and fucked by your brother that you automatically become infertile. Case closed.

  29. wedgeone

    I bet Brad’s butt tastes delish.

  30. jakebarnes

    Will he stop turning into Robert Redford already!

  31. liz

    she sucks, hes hot.

  32. my comment

    The writing on her body is like the inside of the men’s room on the interstate.

  33. I know Angie has been known to shop at thrift stores like when she wore the black crush velvet dress a few weeks ago BUT this one has a bunch of little holes in the lace (besides the ones that are supposed to be there) and one or two in the seam. Pic # 8 & 16

  34. melissa

    She has aged so much! She looks like an 80 year old grandama.
    She’s starting to look like his mother

  35. Shallow Val

    They HAVE to stay together. He’ll be eating the egg off his face along with the crow if they break up because he’ll have to deal with all the stupid questions about Jenn Aniston.

    But, well, men are like that. They leave the safe port to go swimming with the baracudas, and then they get their balls chewed off they go “Ouch, that hurt, lemme swim back” but by that time, they’ve got all kinds of barnacles and lampreys feeding off the bloody scar where the balls were and well, how do you get rid of that? You may as well attach more lampreys to the host, since you’re dead inside anyway.

    What the eff am I trying to say? Hmm, maybe it’s this; the grass is just as green on one side as it is on the other. Enjoy the life you have; no one or nothing can make it better, just different for a time. Stop trying to be Woody and Mia, because one day Woody is going to fuck Zahara and Mia is gonna be stuck with a dozen kids, only one being her own.

  36. JJ

    She is putting on a bit of weight and looking much better than a few months ago, but she still needs more. I’m guessing she’s hesitant to marry him because he cheated on his wife — with her. She’s probably expecting him to do it to her eventually.

  37. bone daddio

    “It’s the most fun I have ever had and also the biggest pain in the ass I have ever experienced,”

    Evidentally, Brad is taking in the heineken as he and Angelina work on conceiving another child. Course, we all know she is going t wear a king dong in the bedroom….just bend over and take it brad…just bend over and take it.

  38. PrettyBaby

    Ha! LOL Superfissssshhh… funny!

    Anyway, what to say here… Brad Pitt is still hot, but much like the disappointment that occured when the world found out Kim Basinger had dated Prince, I am starting to look at my former BF and just sorta say ewwww.
    Don’t get me wrong, this dude is fucking hot even if he develops a full face of Redford-esque pock marks, but Angie appears to be getting uglier and skinnier by the day. But ewwww… he fucks her and that ain’t a pretty picture.

  39. veggo

    So PB did you go to the Fair over the weekend? btw, where do you stand on the great corndog vs. pronto pup debate? I’ve got you pegged as a pronto pup chick, but that’s probably just based on your puppies.

  40. Hecubus

    When did Angelina Jolie turn into a claymation figure from a Tim Burton movie ?

  41. Chére

    Kisses, best wishes and congratulations to Brangelina. The most attractive couple in the Hollywood and the whole world.
    I like their job… they are doing it well.

  42. nagger please

    She has a duck face..

  43. zsa

    LMAO. rotflmao. LoL. Ok, ok, I’m calming down now. You guys are hilarious. Another kid? I’m voting on a black one too. On the other hand, they haven’t hit south america or muslim yet. I dunno what to think of these too. She seems to be aging him. And she’s aging pretty rapidly too. I still think they’re attractive, but sheesh. Him and Jen were usually more attractive when they were out and about, imo. But that’s neither here nor there. I too wonder what will happen to the kids when/if they split. That would be a mess. LoL, Brad wouldn’t be able to save face if he and Angie split… but I’ll always be a fan.

  44. zsa

    With 9 they could have their own baseball team…or they’re raising an army. Angelina sure seems to have a probem with the US. Or maybe it’s just with her kids being born here in our nice clean sterile hospitals.

  45. lemon tree

    It may not be a popular opinion, but I happen to like these two together. I think that they’re doing what they honestly think is the right thing to do and seem to have genuine love for each other and for their children.

    Why does everyone want to dismiss their relationship and pick on them so harshly? Could it be jealousy? I mean, who among us is perfect – either ourselves, in our romantic relationships or as parents??

  46. bigdeste

    She’s not aging well … in a few years she’ll resemble Leona Helmsley.

  47. my comment

    To those who defend Brangelina and their traveling zoo:

    See pics 14, 15, and 16. See those lunatics frothing in the audience? Take a nice long look. That’s you.

  48. How does she stand up straight with those huge fucking implants?
    Her back must be killing her by noon every day.

  49. Mugato

    All you jealous bitches, all they are doing is adopting children and improving their lives. It’s more that you will ever accomplish so maybe you should just chill out on these two, they’re actually doing some good.

  50. PrettyBaby

    #39 No, alas I didn’t make it this year….
    Thank you though for your inquisitive and borderline stalkerish interest though. ;-)

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