Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt buy really expensive yacht

April 11th, 2007 // 105 Comments

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have reportedly commissioned a 280-foot-long Italian luxury yacht for $268 million. The yacht will have a swimming pool, a heliport, and a submarine, and is expected for delivery in 2009.

There’s conflicting reports about how much the yacht actually costs (between $140 to $268 million), but all the numbers sound way too high. Even combined I don’t think Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are worth that much. And if they are, after the yacht they’ll have, oh, about zero dollars left. I don’t know how glamorous their relationshp is gonna be when pictures start surfacing of them stealing from homeless people and eating piles of dirt.



  1. sportsdvl

    A yacht that size is required just to carry around their over-sized egos!

  2. DMM

    Why the hell is this news?

  3. OkieHeather

    now they can fill a yacht with all of their 3rd world babies. yippee.

  4. At-Law

    I can’t think of too many things better than banging Jolie on a boat. Brad should save himself $285,900,000 by visiting the local boat shop.

  5. They have the yacht so they can travel to every country and adopt a kid.

  6. Nikk The Templar

    #5 hit the nail on the head!!!!

  7. saxuko

    Noah’s Ark

  8. D'arcy

    Who the fuck needs a boat with a heliport and submarines? What a waste of money.

  9. Jimbo

    It is not a yacht. It is a sweat factory for all of their 3rd world babies to make the new bradjolina clothing line. They will anchor it off the California coast and make those little bastards sew their fingers off

  10. Michael Jackson is going to captain the boat.

    He’s looking for a job, and he won’t mind babysitting for them.

  11. veggi

    Who cares… what I do care about is how god-awful Brad looks. What is he? 70? *sniffle*

  12. Byrd

    Thats over a million dollars per foot. Imagine what walking on that would feel like?

  13. Ellie

    Wow… all this so they can steal more children?? It’s like their own military coalition. Fuuuccked up!

  14. schack

    i wish i were an iceberg

  15. saxuko

    i wish i could do jolie in a helicopter or submarine.

  16. OkieHeather

    why?? she looks like a vampire.

  17. fritobandito

    Wonder if Who Flung Poo and Maddox will comandeer the sub? Maybe John Travolta could score them some bithcin capn uniforms. Cocktail Lovey????

  18. Joshingya31

    Sounds like they just bought Steve Zissou’s boat.

  19. #15 i hope they hit you.

  20. saxuko

    no standards, man. i just love the submarine idea. goth chick in the submarine is better than no chick in the submarine.

  21. fritobandito

    I hope they go out for a three hour tour and are never heard from again. That would be sad.

  22. Submarine?

    Do they even have that much money to blow? Isn’t Angelina some sort of save the world/end hunger and poverty person? And Brad kinda just goes along with the whole thing?

    I’m thinking 268 million would help quite a few youngsters in Ethiopia.

    But why end starvation when there are fantastic Italian yachts out there?

  23. ch474

    Why does Angie have that satisfied look on her face? I think she thinks she’ll get the whole thing in the divorce settlement, leaving Brad without anything except child support payments and a nasty rash.

  24. N@ughty

    #21 goth chick is better than NO chick period man. lol

    $280 million? that’s alot better than my idea of buying a boat…which was getting one at a local toy store for $2.50 and playing “sailboat” in the bathtub JUST before bedtime. how cool is that?

  25. whitegold

    So what, they’ve moved on from the adopt-a-kid fad and are now going to start the buy-ridiculously-large-and-expensive-yatchs fad? I swear, if news breaks of other celebrities all buying huge yatchs, I think I’m gonna be sick!

    And as for the money and then not being able to afford it, come on fish, didn’t you notice it won’t be ready until 2009. I’m sure they’ve got a realsitic savings plan set aside for that. It’s called “budgetting”. I do it all the time. Like those burger things with cheese on them that they sell at that new upstart restaurant, McDonalds…I’ve been looking forward to trying one of them for years and years. So I’ve been budgetting, setting aside my money, and next week I’m finally gonna meet my financial goal and be able to buy one. I hope it was worth the wait!

  26. #23

    I thought the same thing. Save the children, wait, fuck the children. I need a yacht.

  27. veggi

    @15 niiiiiiiiiiiice.

  28. ch474

    Hmmm, Brad’s starting to look a little used up as well. Obviously her strapping him down to ride the pony every night is starting to take its toll on the poor boy.

  29. rick mcginnis

    I don’t get it – when did Angelina Jolie become a Bond villain?

  30. notice how Angelina Jolie hasn’t made any movies yet since her “family” got started? notice how Brad Pitt’s style is a total “makeunder” instead of a MAKEOVER? Man! If that’s what happens when you get older, start a family, and make a living buying $268 million boats, then I’m out. Unfortunately, us “working-class” people have REAL BILLS TO PAY.


    This sounds Soooo True,,,,,,,,,,,,,NOT

  32. Superfish

    #29 do you think they use knives like she used with that one asian lesbian chick?

  33. Man she used to be sooooo hot. now i’m starting to make up my own personal nickname for her. the DOOM-Raider. Only she doesn’t raid, she rants on…and on…and…pretty much on…

  34. pirhan

    A boat with a pool? Well then, I’m outfitting my BMW with a Ducati motorcycle.

  35. didey23

    Brad needs some botox

  36. Lowlands

    Once i was on a yacht and i had been really looking forward to this.But i became seasick after the boat entered the sea…No more boats for me!That’s for sure.

  37. Superevil

    Is that even them in the picture or are those the wax mock-ups?

  38. chaunceygardner

    Why don’t they just build themselves a space station? Then somebody could break into its computer system, engage the thrusters, and rocket them into the Sun.

  39. Lowlands

    Big chance Madonna is going to buy soon a $350 million yacht…I know a country which are experts in yachtbuilding.

  40. lambman

    Wow, they’re all in on their bet that they’ll still be together in 2009. I mean I know he adopted the kids and all, but its not like a bunch of foreign kids cost 268 million dollars

  41. sweetbee

    I thought she cared about the environment and starving children and all that?
    I’m glad she’s spending $268 million on a boat when there are so many more needy kids to be adopted. Plus, she doesn’t even look human anymore- she looks like some kind of queen alien.

  42. sweetbee

    and what the hell is the submarine for?

  43. whitegold

    At what point does it stop becoming a yatch and start becoming a cruise ship?

    It also occurs to me that at $268M for 280 ft, they’re essentially paying $1M per foot of lenght. Seems a bit excessive.

  44. bedbugsandballyhoo

    I guess they could afford what with all the money they are saving using subsidized daycare. Waiting list??? What waiting list??? Screw the poor people! They should stop having all those babies anyways and just adopt some orphans, then they may be worthy of a spot. I bet those parents are thinking “I hate all the orphans in the whole world!”

  45. Lowlands

    It might look expensive these kinds of yachts but i think it’s a good investment…The owner(s) will spend in general at most maybe 20-30 days a year on the boat.The rest of the year most of these boats are hired out.If you’re willing to pay $50.000 and up,you can be the captain of one of these yachts for a day.

  46. She still looks like a frigid ice queen. And I’d still hit it with Brad. I could care less about their yacht.

  47. merbitches

    #10 you freaked me out.

  48. Lowlands

    #47)Now you mentioned,i think she’s frigid with men.But maybe with women she could be an animal.

  49. Is it just me or is she starting to look like thw wicked Queen from “Sleeping Beauty”?

    Oh, and Tom Cruise Loves the Cock.

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