Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt almost complete their collection

March 7th, 2007 // 75 Comments

Officials have confirmed that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are adopting a 4-year-old son from Vietnam. The typical adoption procedure takes no more than four months, but Angelina is allegedly hoping to speed things up by promising to give $2 million to the Tam Binh orphanage on the day she receives the child.

For $2 million they can just adopt me. I don’t cry or wet beds or anything. Plus I’ve got a college degree and can drive a car. I can also dunk a basketball. Let’s see some stupid 4-year-old do that.


  1. ChicagoEric

    Let’s start a bet when these two will implode. With all those multi-national kids they got when does she have time to take care of Brad’s needs. She is a freak, no matter how attractive.

  2. sk8trgurl69

    i can’t wait till brad ditches her…it’ll happen…somehow, scarlett john…i’m not evening going to try to spell her name…fuck it…

  3. RichPort

    They’re starting a sneaker factory and they’re grooming their labor force. Yea, that’s it.

  4. stelahh

    it’s next to impossible to be negative about them on any level…unlike 90% of the rest in hollywierd

  5. elizabeththewellread

    I’m all for adopting international children, but couldn’t they even take a reasonable breather? When someone is this driven to collect actual people, you know there is some gaping hole inside of her that will never be filled. (Don’t be dirty)

  6. sixerson

    wow they look so happy together!!


  7. TashaVin`

    They are so beautiful together!

    She’s SUCH a freak, but in a great way. She is wonderful, and is definately rubbing off on him (pun intended)


  9. Spock's Left Nut

    At least they don’t fuck up the adoptions the way Madonna does. They should round out their set and get themselves a kid from Calcutta, one from Rio de Janeiro, and maybe a war orphan from Iraq.

  10. Tracy

    Someone for Maddox to play with… yay! It was probably his ides.

  11. Canimal zephyr

    I’d adopt you!!! I like you.

    Also, it’s nice that “brangelina” wanna make kids happy but don’t they think that the kids may suffer when they’ll loose track of all their names & have to attach number plates to their forheads?

  12. RichPort

    #8 – With all of the shit Capt America has survived in the past 6+ decades, how ironic that he is killed as a result of the Patriot Act.

    I will happily volunteer to give Angelina more kids as long as she agrees to pay me in hush money and blowjobs.

  13. jrzmommy

    Seems like a risky move. You just know Maddox has a couple of land mines tucked away in case the new kid tries to steal his toys.

  14. serial snarkalec

    Mr. Fish, how long could you stand to watch them gaze into each other’s eyes in order to see their own reflection? You’d soon be paying someone $2 mil to stop the mental agony of it!

  15. Giomon_Rocks

    So they are just adopting all these kids because they just looooovvvveee kids, right? It’s not at all for publicity?

  16. Now all they need is a [racial slur]!

  17. Where’s the cutie with the mohawk?

  18. Canimal zephyr

    PS – I can’t wait to when their kids grow up to be a bunch of paris hiltons & think “vietnam” is some sort of designer perfume.

  19. Giomon_Rocks

    What Captain America is dead? Dammit, I haven’t even gotten my comics yet…thanks for ruining it, jerk!

  20. Canimal zephyr

    #15- brangelina dont need to adopt kids to get publicity all they gotta do is flash a nipple.

  21. veggi

    They’re working on my adoption papers right now- can’t wait for my days skipping in the park with daddy. yummy.

  22. Nsomniac

    When these kids fight growing up, it won’t be just playing around. I expect full fledged sectarian violence with sleeper cells, car bombs, and Oliver North.

  23. LoneWolf

    @ #2 – she’ll ditch him before he ditches her. He left Aniston for her and he remains completely whipped – push that stroller, Sweetie, and keep your mouth shut while Mama decides which United Color Of Benetton she’s going to buy next.

  24. biatcho

    I don’t think I have ever seen a photo of the two of them with all of the kids they already have, it’s like they can only handle taking 2 out at a time. Why the fuck would you want to add a fourth when you can barely handle 3?

  25. LL

    Angelina’s sorta odd, but try as I might (not very hard), I can’t have much of a problem with them adopting more kids. They’re both fabulously wealthy, they could be spending their tons of money on cars and homes and clothes and drugs, but they’re spending a lot of it on kids. Hard to have a problem with that. Until we find out they’re abusing the kids or something like that, I guess I’ll give them a pass. I’d be OK with them improving the world’s gene pool with more of their own kids, but instead, they’re adopting, and that’s cool too.

  26. Why is Brangelina still in the news? Neither is shaving their heads and tying bedsheets around their neck in a rehab. BORRRRING!

    I am waiting for the implosion of their overexposure before I am willing to post a witty quip about them…

    And besides, he is a mutt, and her lips are deflating, so neither is worthy of film usage…

  27. okay....

    He’s 4 years old? So the kid more than likely doesn’t even speak english. They are going to uproot this kid, throw him on a jet and send him to live with strangers that he can’t even communicate with? Brilliant!!

  28. What the hell is up with Shiloh’s cheeks? She looks like a doll. Angie must have put the rouge on her before they all went out.

  29. VeronicaRedux

    It’s the fourth step in the Jolie-Pitt Brigade. I was hoping they’d adopt Indian this time. What’s up with another Asian kid? Maddox must be pissed.

  30. Mmmmmmmmmm…tastes like chicken.

  31. jrzmommy

    Of course they got a Vietnamese one now….who else will do Shiloh’s nails?

  32. Gotta Catch ‘em All!

  33. Niecy

    When their collection is finished they are going to sell their kids to Disneyland to be put in the “Its a Small World” ride.

  34. lambman

    I’m bored with the “collecting” children jokes, or the “small world ride” jokes….

    lets all move on to Mia Farrow jokes and guess which kid Brad will end up sleeping with.

  35. Angelina is one of those ridiculously PC adoptive parents. She is completely freakishly concerned that her children are in touch with every aspect of their culture to the point that she bought a house in Cambodia so Maddox can live there part time…….I’m curious, considering that culturally, Vietnamese and Cambodians hate each other, to the point that vietnamese mothers will insult their daughters by telling them they look “Kampuchia” if they think their daughters are dressing cheaply or look common, will Angelina encourage this trait among Maddox and his new brother? I mean Come on Angie, you want them to know their culture don’t you?

    P.S. How soon til Brad pulls a Woody Allen with Zahara?

  36. Sheva

    Can’t say a bad thing about the Angie other than she will go bonkers at some point and get rid of the dude to bring up the litter of kids as she wants.

    Can’t say a bad thing about her adoption habits. Nothing wrong with trying to rebuild the sad state of the UN in your home.

    That and she’s looking a bit thin. Needs more protein and strength training. I can help.

  37. carrie bradshaw

    To balance things out, Angie will let some poor, poverty-ridden family in a third world country adopt Shiloh.

  38. kitty_kat

    I give them maybe 3 more years tops (and if they last THAT long I’ll be surprised). I think they are trying way too hard to look happy together.
    And seriously, can they at least wait until Shiloh is a year old?

  39. Lowlands

    Why do these freaks take again an Asian?Why not a Pygmee,Aboriginal or Papoea?Are they not cute enough?

  40. MrSemprini

    As collections go, the one on the left is NOT in mint condition. Jolie is showing undue wear patterns, too. Pitt is definitely counterfeit. Lookie there! I spelled it right! Yay me.

  41. DecorativePoncho

    I dunno man. I think it’s weird. Young kids need a lot of attention and they have a less-than-year-old baby already. I think some of them will grow up to feel like exhibits in a spooky menagerie or like accessories to Angie’s current goodwill phase. Then again, that’s probably better than dying of amoebic dysentery in an orphanage. I’ll have to consult my pie graphs.

  42. Fancy

    Has anyone else ever noticed how Zahara NEVER smiles and usually has this “I’ll freakin eat your eyes out” look? Scary…

  43. dr phil

    Brad’s still pissed that he never got the complimentary sports watch when they adopted Zahara.

  44. 86

    Piloh Shitt.

  45. Craig & "em"

    4 Months???
    Why wait? For 2 million dollars, I’ll go steal someone’s baby right now, and give it to ya.

    Hell…I’m not greedy. *I’ll do it for a 1 million and throw in a used condom for free.

    *Limited Time Offer Only

  46. Stink

    Look up “p-whipped” in the dictionary and you’ll see Brad Pitt’s face. TWO MILLION? BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

  47. HoraceMcTittiesworth

    Hey, maybe she’ll trade an African one for a Canadian one. I wonder how she has them displayed in her home *puzzled*

  48. Eikooc

    Now they only have to adopt a Black one for Zahara and a white one for their youngest and they’ll have 3 pairs.

  49. fame is funny

    I really really can’t hate on them for this. I don’t know how long they will last as a couple, which may make all this a bad idea, but in general…kind of strange, but at least she isn’t popping out new babies when there are millions worldwide that could use the help. Shit, I wish Brad Pitt was my dad now, and I’m 27.

  50. Libraesque

    #24, you’ve heard of this thing called SCHOOL right???

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