Angelina Jolie wants 1 million kids, confirms plans to adopt again

Angelina Jolie gave a rare and lengthy TV interview this morning on The Today Show. She confirmed rumors that she plans to adopt another child with Brad Pitt even after giving birth to twins Knox and Vivienne just three months ago. Check out what else Angelina had to say to Matt Lauer:

On adopting:
“You can’t even start the process until any new children are at least six months old,” Jolie said, explaining that adoption agencies want to see how new children are fitting into a household. So the question, she said, is, “When is the right time to bring another child in?”

On Brad Pitt:
“I met the right person. I’m not going to say anything that’s going to embarrass me. I don’t like being without him. I don’t love being alone like I used to be.”

On the kids adapting to new children:
“We have so many children that they’re not really stunned anymore when kids come home.”

On moving around so much:
“The children will probably dictate. One day they’re probably going to want to stay in one place for a very long time, when they start to get friends. So far, we’ve moved them a lot and they like moving. They like making new friends wherever we go.”

I should note that Angelina was also promoting her new movie directed by Clint Eastwood The Changeling about a mother whose child is abducted. I can’t think of a better example of Angelina’s acting range considering, if she lost one of her kids, it’d take a few days for her to notice. “Wait, what? We lost one? How can you even tell? Honestly, I stopped counting a long time ago. Okay, which one was it? The Vietnamese one? *sigh* Alright, who wants to go with Mommy to Asia to pick out a new brother? Get your shoes. Hold on, you’re not my child. Dammit, Brad, Gary Coleman’s pretending to be one of our kids again! How long have you been here? A month?! Sonofa…”

Photos: Splash News