Angelina Jolie wants 1 million kids, confirms plans to adopt again

October 16th, 2008 // 69 Comments

Angelina Jolie gave a rare and lengthy TV interview this morning on The Today Show. She confirmed rumors that she plans to adopt another child with Brad Pitt even after giving birth to twins Knox and Vivienne just three months ago. Check out what else Angelina had to say to Matt Lauer:

On adopting:
“You can’t even start the process until any new children are at least six months old,” Jolie said, explaining that adoption agencies want to see how new children are fitting into a household. So the question, she said, is, “When is the right time to bring another child in?”

On Brad Pitt:
“I met the right person. I’m not going to say anything that’s going to embarrass me. I don’t like being without him. I don’t love being alone like I used to be.”

On the kids adapting to new children:
“We have so many children that they’re not really stunned anymore when kids come home.”

On moving around so much:
“The children will probably dictate. One day they’re probably going to want to stay in one place for a very long time, when they start to get friends. So far, we’ve moved them a lot and they like moving. They like making new friends wherever we go.”

I should note that Angelina was also promoting her new movie directed by Clint Eastwood The Changeling about a mother whose child is abducted. I can’t think of a better example of Angelina’s acting range considering, if she lost one of her kids, it’d take a few days for her to notice. “Wait, what? We lost one? How can you even tell? Honestly, I stopped counting a long time ago. Okay, which one was it? The Vietnamese one? *sigh* Alright, who wants to go with Mommy to Asia to pick out a new brother? Get your shoes. Hold on, you’re not my child. Dammit, Brad, Gary Coleman’s pretending to be one of our kids again! How long have you been here? A month?! Sonofa…”

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  1. meh

    She looks really hot in these pics, like that Aishwarya chick.

  2. Adonis

    She looks so different these days. She was so hot when she was younger. She’s obviously had a nose job and lip reduction, neither of which has helped her looks. She was born with a stunning, unique, exotic face. Now she is pushing haggard. She’s still beautiful, but she’s not Angelina Jolie anymore. Now she’s just kind of boring. I miss crazy, wild, wider-nosed Angie. That was hot.

  3. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I love Angelina. To me she is the most beautiful person. Amazing.

  4. TONI

    just about everywhere you see them they allways have some of there kids. You rarely see them without them.Everyone wants to critize them yet these kids now have a chance and lets just wait and see how there kids turn out they might be fine and be successful adutls because of the opportuntiies that they have given their kids. It is not like they cannot afford it. These kids have a chance now lets just see how the future turns out for them. And see how many make it out of there kids hopefully all of them

  5. Me One


  6. Jerry Lewis

    @ #5 & #6

    Yo dragon43078, American Foster kids are assholes.

  7. fageet

    i saw the THS done on her….ive never seen any one come across a bigger fuckin eejit. She was “cutting” herself when she was younger??? why??? she seemingly had a wonderful upbringing with a lovely family! THS didnt give any reasonable clue as to why shed do it so im not too clear, but they made her look like a stoopid bitch anyway. She wont talk to her dad cos he told people he was proud to be a grandad, and wrote her a letter explainin he was worried about her and her baby with billy bob thornton! Spoilt self obsessed attention seekin fool. Shes a two time home wrecker (billy bob was engaged when they got together, and of course the whole Jen Aniston fiasco etc etc). Fair play to her for adopting kids, and takin care of them but why change a 3 year old childs name! isnt that not really confusing and disruptive to the child???and taking him away from his roots??? not to mention them constantly moving around…children need stability….all i see is a ploy to make herself look like a “good person”. She kisses her brother, and thinks its ok!!!! eeeeww!!! And to top it off her lips look like a fat vagina!! and no, im not a jealous fat bitch either, id love to look like angelina jolie, who wouldnt!!but if people saw me the way i see her…and how other people who commented seen her…they can feck off, no way!
    also, takin a 6/7 year old boy knife shopping??????????????????with numbers of knife attacks involving kids growing all over the world??? im not even gonna go there!!!

  8. emjay

    To the haters,
    She is a good, caring person who wants a lot of kids. She has always said she wanted to adopt many children. Some people just want that. I don’t, but to each her own. She is beautiful inside and out. The woman donates millions and millions to charity. She takes advantage of her celeb status to do good in the world. I think she can have as many kids as she wants and I don’t think she will get more than she can handle and love. She is really smart. I believe she has a good heart and good intentions…but even if in some sick and twisted way she was doing all of this for publicity or whatever you people think… so what? Fact is, she IS doing great things for the world regardless of her intentions. So why question it? Why see the negative? Oh, I know, because no one wants to believe that there is good in the world. You all find it much easier to believe the bad things in the world. You all can suck my ass hole. Thanks

  9. ForReal

    I have always felt Joline was wacky but this confirms it! She loves the publicity and is using her family for that purpose. It will be interesting how these kids turn out as adults. I hope ok but usually the child acts out to get attention and sometimes the acting out is dealing with drugs and alcohol.

  10. Tia

    All theese kids and wanting more is a great thing but what about Brad how is he staying sane in all this.And yes, I do think it is unfair for her to go overseas to adopt, there has to be more to it because lots of rich people do it
    is it a tax break or something L.O.L.

  11. cathy

    What does Brad think? Are they on the same page about having all of these kids?

  12. cathy

    What does Brad think? Are they on the same page about having all of these kids?

  13. cathy

    What does Brad think? Are they on the same page about having all of these kids?

  14. duh

    What the fuck is up with these people who say they “love” AJ?: a person they’ve never met and know little or nothing about. You people are fucked up.

  15. Me One


  16. Sarah Palin

    Fuck this bitch, and Brad the weakling too. MFers pretend and play-act as if they’re Lara Croft, Mr & Mrs Smith, Achilles.

    All they are is a couple of self absorbed, self important whiney bitches.

    Fuck them!

    Praise God, not these slimeball play acting, pretending punks.

  17. FutureAxeMurderer

    @ #58 emjay
    You sound like a fucking Tool.
    Do you even have a single clue why Jolie doesn’t reside within the US anymore? Because no-one in their right fucking mind would let that walking train wreck adopt in the US.

    She donates to charity? Are you for real? Are seriously sitting there, saying she’s a ” good person” and so on and so forth, because she happens to donate to charity.
    What a fucking Tool.
    It’s a fucking tax right off. Are you that stupid?
    These people ( and when I say, “these people”. I mean celebrities) spend millions like their eating M&M’s. What’s a million to them?

    Oh, and remember, Micheal Jackson donates to charity too. But he’s innocent.
    Several suspected incidents with improper conduct with a minor. But remember, he’s innocent. Every charge was dropped, but every one of them was “settled out of court for an undisclosed amount”. In other words hush money to keep someone from telling the world he’s a pedophile.
    Remember though, he’s innocent, it’s all a frame up.

  18. blady02

    Like all sad stories of abused neglected children, it will be too late when someone steps in and puts a stop to this baby buying. She is mentally ill and unfit! But since she and the pittiful have money it makes it okay? By the way some of the kids she acquired did have parents but were determined to be too poor to raise them, why didn’t she give them money and leave the kid in her own culture with her mother! It is all a power trip and it is sick!

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