Angelina Jolie almost slapped by crazy woman

February 3rd, 2006 // 70 Comments

jolie-slapped.jpgBritain’s Daily Star reports that an insane Jennifer Aniston fan dressed in a Friends T-shirt stormed into Berlin’s Nola restaurant and tried to slap Angelina Jolie before being stopped by bodyguards, screaming, “Where is that home-wrecking Angelina?”

Angelina had taken her adopted kids Maddox and Zahara to Berlin. It’s lucky she left them with a carer. The mentally unbalanced American had obviously been tipped off that they would be dining at Nola, because she was wearing an Aniston top and was on the look-out for Angelina. Angelina would normally have confronted the woman, but she was petrified because she’s carrying her first child and won’t risk any harm coming to it.

I love it when crazy people are allowed to roam free and make complete asses of themselves. She probably got the tip during her daily routine of writing letters to Jennifer Aniston and talking to the TV. And after she hung up the phone you know she pulled out her trustee “Team Aniston” hat, said a silent prayer to herself, and vowed to avenge the honor of her beloved Jennifer, before dashing out the door on a mission ordained by God himself.



  1. PKClover

    I love that Hee Haw copies mirror’s what has been stated already by Superficial WEEKS ago, and now every other tabloid as well. Spot on Hee Haw! I NEVER noticed that before! *sarcasm* GET YOUR OWN STATINGS OF THE OBVIOUS HEE HAW!!!

  2. ---nigz---

    Omg! im lMAO #1 brings a tear to my eye! hahaha

  3. DURound

    I was always hoping there would be a meeting between Angelina and Jennifer. You know — a meeting at one of those salons where the patrons wear bikinis and get slathered with oil. Ok, maybe there aren’t any of those, but could open one. With cameras.

    Problem is, you could probably tie Angelina to the wall with chains (which she might like) and give Jennifer a poulan chain saw, and Angelina would still come out happy and Jennifer would never be heard from again.

  4. Pearly

    Stalkers are scary and all but given the chance I’d love to slap that fembot too…

  5. HollyJ

    I wonder why it is that there is such a chasm of divide between people about Angelina.

    They either love her and think she’s hot and brave and interesting … or they HATE her and call her a whore and brother-lover and freak….

    She inspires the most vehement reaction on either side.

  6. eurogurl

    I’m almost wondering if the whole thing was set up by the Brangelina camp just to cast another negative light on Aniston. The whole thing just seems so ridiculously contrite. It seems it just went away as quickly as it happened, which I find suspicously convenient for the Brangelina camp. I’ve been wondering all along about those cameras that seem able to take such frequent candid shots of Pitt and Jolie…as tho they’re not aware of it. I don’t buy it. I think the whole thing starting from the photo ops to the supposed crazed Aniston fan is just a lame bunch of bull in a pathetic attempt to try and improve Pitt and Jolie’s obviously declining reputations.

  7. chryssy11

    Oh Angie, poor poor Angie. Do you need a hug? How about a little more? Come here hun, I’ll make it aaaalllll better. :)

  8. LaydeeBug

    I’m neither here nor there on liking or disliking Angelina Jolie but all I’m gonna say is she is a Gemini female and what I know about Gemini females is that they don’t give a shit what reaction they get, they will take what they can from you and then some, they have a wicked evil streak covered in charm, and they don’t reall show they care if they hurt you. They have to prove they can win or at least get one over on you. Brad is going to have his testicles in a vise pretty soon. Oh, I’ve never been a Brad Pitt fan either.

  9. bca2935

    I personally find it unfair that Angelina gains so much recognition for playing roles so similar to her own personality(i.e. Gia; Girl, Interrupted). she doesn’t even have to do any character training! being a psycho, whorish, lesbian just comes so naturally to her. I’m just waiting for her to drop the bomb that her brother is really her baby’s father!

  10. lcheney2001

    Post # 34 you right this world is a twisted place….lol

  11. taisverga

    enough already about brangelina. is it just me or is brad looking like crap? he seriously looks like he has bad hygiene or something. when i see these two together, their body language doesn’t look too convincing to me that they’re that much in love. they look like their just friends with “benefits,” and thats it. even though they’re over and all, ATLEAST jen and brad’s body language showed they were the best of friends and lovers during certain times of their marriage. even in a few pics where aj & bp tried to show pda(now that shes pregnant), it just wasnt convincing to me. it looked like aj was the only one clenching on to brad’s hand. he didn’t seem too urgent to return back the favor. sorry aj! even though your the prettier, and more talented one, you’ve BEEN missing that *touch* when it comes to men (not the physical part of it but, the kind that LASTS longer than one month of courtship and 2 years worth of marriage). martyr me all you want people. i really think UNTIL she comes to admit she has problems with pursuing relationships the right way, she’ll always be finding herself going after somebody else’s guy and be very unhappy with the consequences AGAIN.

  12. ir0ny!

    #61- I agree. Somehow their PDA doesn’t quite look genuine & real. You don’t really see Brad kissing her or hugging her really close very often. I think he just got fascinated & infatuated with her, like how so many other men wish they could. She’s probably too tough for him, & deep inside, he knows it. But he doesn’t see all this because he’s so excited about his baby.

    #59- How right you are. Every character she plays all represent her in her behavior & mentality (& of course, the looks). So as long as she gets to have those kinds of roles & look hot, people will think she’s beautiful & wonderful.

    #50- She needs more than an economics class. She needs to go to “real” college.

  13. A Nobody

    To comment #34:
    Nobody said Aniston and Brad should be together. They could’ve dicorced before actually cheating. Hot or not hot, Angelina’s still a home-wrecker.

    But I do think that FRIENDS fan is a retarded lunatic, though. If you want to attack someone, never let them know why or you’ll just be giving a bad name to all the rest of the people who believe in the same thing you do!!!

  14. sosweetsafiya

    If I am adding and subtracting right, Angelina was knocked up before Brad was divorced. She couldn’t what until after the divorce? What kind of person is that?

    What I wonder is, don’t she realized that if he cheated on one wife, that he would probably cheat on her also. Once a cheater always a cheater!

    As for Brad, I never seen him as all that like most. I think Paul Walker is way better looking!!!!

  15. sosweetsafiya
  16. kitty_kat

    HAHAHAHA! That was funny!
    And as for Brad and Angelina, I agree with #61. I think that the only reason they are still together is because she’s pregnant.

  17. Baby Girl

    14: Yeah I know it’s really sad. He’s a 42 y.o. man w/o an identity of his own. Being single for about a year would have done him some good.

    Yet, through it all I still think he’s so sexy.

  18. Baby Girl

    That whore is sucking the life out of Brad. Just look at pictures taken within months of each other. I know that he’s getting older, and that children bring stress along with joy, but it seems like within months of dumping Jen he’s started rapidly aging.

  19. i Love her anyway.

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