Angelina Jolie almost slapped by crazy woman

jolie-slapped.jpgBritain’s Daily Star reports that an insane Jennifer Aniston fan dressed in a Friends T-shirt stormed into Berlin’s Nola restaurant and tried to slap Angelina Jolie before being stopped by bodyguards, screaming, “Where is that home-wrecking Angelina?”

Angelina had taken her adopted kids Maddox and Zahara to Berlin. It’s lucky she left them with a carer. The mentally unbalanced American had obviously been tipped off that they would be dining at Nola, because she was wearing an Aniston top and was on the look-out for Angelina. Angelina would normally have confronted the woman, but she was petrified because she’s carrying her first child and won’t risk any harm coming to it.

I love it when crazy people are allowed to roam free and make complete asses of themselves. She probably got the tip during her daily routine of writing letters to Jennifer Aniston and talking to the TV. And after she hung up the phone you know she pulled out her trustee “Team Aniston” hat, said a silent prayer to herself, and vowed to avenge the honor of her beloved Jennifer, before dashing out the door on a mission ordained by God himself.