Angelina Jolie almost slapped by crazy woman

February 3rd, 2006 // 70 Comments

jolie-slapped.jpgBritain’s Daily Star reports that an insane Jennifer Aniston fan dressed in a Friends T-shirt stormed into Berlin’s Nola restaurant and tried to slap Angelina Jolie before being stopped by bodyguards, screaming, “Where is that home-wrecking Angelina?”

Angelina had taken her adopted kids Maddox and Zahara to Berlin. It’s lucky she left them with a carer. The mentally unbalanced American had obviously been tipped off that they would be dining at Nola, because she was wearing an Aniston top and was on the look-out for Angelina. Angelina would normally have confronted the woman, but she was petrified because she’s carrying her first child and won’t risk any harm coming to it.

I love it when crazy people are allowed to roam free and make complete asses of themselves. She probably got the tip during her daily routine of writing letters to Jennifer Aniston and talking to the TV. And after she hung up the phone you know she pulled out her trustee “Team Aniston” hat, said a silent prayer to herself, and vowed to avenge the honor of her beloved Jennifer, before dashing out the door on a mission ordained by God himself.



  1. Geno

    I have to keep a closer eye on my Mother. I apologize.

  2. Binky

    Sounds like the woman who’s been following me around. I’m beginning to think she’s ‘nuts.’
    (Shorten the side burns a touch and a bit more lip gloss and ‘You’ve got ‘The Look’ Brad)

  3. gossipmonger

    Poor Angelina. Seriously, I hope that woman is charged for the attack. No-one should have to worry about being attacked as they sit in a restaurant, let alone a pregnant woman, regardless of whether they are famous or not…

  4. megana

    “…angelina would have confronted the woman” but was far too afraid that her unborn fetus would hear that its mother is little more than a whorish brother lover with a penchant for other people’s husbands.
    It’s a sad day when children learn of their parent’s fobiles.

  5. Sebastian De La Ghetto

    man what a loser.

  6. thenewjesus

    Well the unknown fan couldn’t have been THAT insane, considering she chose a Friends shirt versus something else, like say a “Rumor Has It” shirt…

  7. ESQ

    LMAO at the first comment and I agree with comment #3.

    That crazy bitch needs to be committed and lose all priviledges of watching Friends ever again. I wonder what Jennifer Anniston thinks of this?

  8. PapaHotNuts

    I didn’t even know Courtney Cox was in Berlin.

  9. Captain Awesome

    I bet you she’s a regular Superficial poster.

  10. hafaball

    “The mentally unbalanced American…”

    Aren’t we all? lol But what she should of done is act like a real psycho and be able to get close to Angelina…what are they teaching these psychos these days? sheesh…

  11. EZSlut

    Is that Benicio Del Toro in the car with her?

  12. LaydeeBug

    Now THAT is scary. But, c’est la vie des celebrities. Oh, and I’m getting tired of people referring to the fetus as “her first child.” Get the lingo straight, it’s her first natural-born child. Maddox and little Zahara are going to develop a complex. An Oedipus and Elextra complex…ha, ha!

  13. I think Angelina would sh*t kick that woman under normal circumstances. Meaning no baby on the way. However Brad would talk her out of it because of lawsuits.

    That picture of them reminds me of 1992′s Reservoir Dogs.

  14. HeeHaw

    Doncha just love Brad’s mirror look of Angelina? The shades, the dark hair…right down to the unsmiling stone face.


  15. Crazy People are fun.


    Ang, if you’re out there and need a hug,,I’m here. “cheesy smile”


    #8,, Haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  18. ohyeah

    Anyone else find it odd that she won’t defend herself b/c she doesn’t want to harm the baby, but she’s been globetrotting since before she was even knocked up? Wouldn’t that be harmful, considering she’s been in 3rd world countries where diseases are everywhere? Hmmm… I hate Angelina Jolie!

  19. LoneWolf

    I think Miss Goodwill Ambassador knows that she has way too much to lose to be confronting anybody about anything, fetus or not, to say nothing of the posse of bodyguards that keep her insulated from the peons. This story has more than a whiff of shite clinging too it.

  20. The Devil

    I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until Angelina gets hers, you know, how Karma comes back around.

  21. CheekyChops

    I wonder if Jennifer had to pay her mother to do that or not. Hmmm.

  22. rachie

    Brad looks like he’s restarting the Blues Brothers.

  23. Hahah … wow. Crazed fans of ANYTHING need a reality check. D:

  24. Precisely

    Didn’t that woman just get kicked out of the State of The Union Address? When will she stop?

  25. Kelly

    Lol #24

    People need to get their own lives. You gpint to go after a pregnant person because you don’t aprove of their lifestyle. How weak is that. Bet that chick isn’t getting any. Maybe Jennifer disguised herself to attack Angelina.

  26. ir0ny!

    Is it strange that it takes “insanity” to get some things straight? That crazy woman probably acted that way because her own husband similarly cheated on her with too.

  27. gailmariecat

    Angelina’s loving is sapping Brad’s beauty. Someone save him.

  28. Well this is the second relationship that she has ruined…(she took Billy Bob from Laura Dern) that we know about. At least she is trading up…or is she???

  29. playahater101

    I’d like to know how she got “tipped off”. Must be common knowledge this woman is obsessed with Jennifer Aniston. Unless she was walking down the street with her Friends shirt on, probably with one of the many Rachel haircuts, “talking” to Ross on her cell phone.

  30. fearsarewishes

    OK…I would hate to have held my breath since the moment all the players in this little drama turned Crazy Corner.

    That said, I am most impressed by the reporter. Adding “American” to the phrase “mentally unbalanced” is a nice touch, but concluding that this seventh Friend was “obviously tipped off because she was wearing an Aniston top and was on the look-out for Angelina” assumes facts not in evidence. Furthermore, one wonders why anyone, let alone a security- staff-employing -celebrity would “normally have confronted” this crazed American. Generally, one hires chauffeur to drive the car, a maid to clean the house and security to handle inappropriately attired, loitering, mentally unbalanced Americans.

    Hey, I’m just saying…

  31. Escribo

    I’d be willing to pay a homeless person $20 to put on a Friends t-shirt and act psycho.

  32. HollyJ

    She’s lucky Angelina was preggos cuz I think Angelina wouldn’t probably kicked her ass.

    I really love Angelina, because she just doesn’t give a shit. But I hate her for fucking a married man. So I’m torn.

    I still would’ve liked it had Angelina ripped that crazy stalker’s head off and stuffed it up her ass. That would’ve been fabulous!

    Sooooo I guess I’m on the side of revenge violence = /

  33. HollyJ

    would’ve* (typo, sorry)

  34. Dee

    What an asshole. This is the problem with people, they see celebrities on tv and think they really know anything about their private lives. I hope they lock that bitch up, especially for wearing a friends t shirt.
    I mean who knows what it was like being married to Maniston? Why should Brad Pitt stay married to someone if it is not working out? To keep some deranged Friends fan happy?

    This world is a twisted place.

  35. beachedwhale

    They must be on their way to an interview because they both look like vampires. I also like the fact that the quote mentions how lucky it was that she left her kids with a carer. With all this globe-trotting and do-gooding, how much time do they actually spend with “their” kids? How many carers/nannies are there? Hopefully Angelina’s karma won’t come back a la Jude Law.

  36. Tania

    To PapaHotNuts (post #8): That was really funny, I actually laughed outloud.

    That’s right, the ONLY thing that kept Angelina from confronting the nutjob was her unborn child…not the media frenzy that would have erupted, not to mention the multi-million dollar lawsuit she would have been slapped with.

    I just picture her with her arms around herself yelling “hold me back, hold me back!”

  37. zena marie

    Actually that crazed Aniston fan is on a tag-team scavenger hunt and there’s an equally crazed AJ fan wearing a “Team Jolie” t-shirt on, trying to beat her. Didn’t you see that pic of Aniston making an ugly face that the crazed AJ fan took?

    I agree with #19 — this story does have more than a whiff of shite clinging to it.
    1) AJ is so rail thin (pre-preggers) I doubt she could fight her way out of a wet papaer bag (the tough macha sh*t is all hollywood) and 2) no better way to diffuse some of the flak from people seeing what a skank Brangelina is/are than to portray AJ as the victim of an *cough cough* Aniston fan.

  38. blackblackheart

    Oh god.. You’re a “Team Aniston” idiot, aren’t you…
    And so is this crazy woman..
    Man… Poor Angelina… That’s terrible.

  39. “Angelina would normally have confronted the woman”

    Angelina would have beat her down. Wait 9 months when that psycho gets out (the aniston fan not Angelina’s baby, lol). I just hope there’s a camera around.

  40. Michael1

    There undoubtedly was a crazed person trying to get near Brangelina but that story has been highly embroidered to put Jolie in a sympathetic light.

    Yah, Jolie would have really shit-kicked that crazed woman… and Toby Mcguire really shoots webs fom teh tops of skycrapers, Kate Beckinsale is really a werewolf killing Vampire, and Britney Spears can really sing.

  41. vanya_k

    “Team Aniston t-shirt”, eh?

    This “news” item is schlock for the gullible, candy for the devout and/or crazed Brangie fans.

    Brangie really ought to get sharper PR people.

  42. vanya_k

    The source rag, The Daily Star, is liek Britain’s version of teh National Enquirer.

    Note the thumbnail ad on that page: “Babe search. “Could you be a babe? Click here to find out”. CoJo, get your clicking finger ready__ time to walk your talk, girl.

  43. Amorena

    If this story is true, they really ought to lock up that woman for a while. Celebrity stalkers just see a “go” sign if one of their bonkers bunch is let off easy.

    Angelina is creepy, but she doesn’t deserve this shit.

  44. gossipmonger

    To everyone commenting on the picture posted… I am pretty sure that is from “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, at least thats exactly how they looked in the movie…

  45. “at least thats exactly how they looked in the movie…”

    Yes, and they’re still getting off on the roles, feeling like super A1 secret service spies long after filming has finished.

  46. goldiegold

    We can’t blame Brad for getting with Angelina … look at her, she’s a walking goddess. The marriage (between Brad and Jenn) was over before he and Angie got together. Remember when she was ending ‘Friends’ and said that she wanted to start a family only to sign up for 6 movies back to back? I think that was the beginning of the end. He found in Angie what he could never get from Jenn – love, compassion, a family and wild monkey sex.

    As for the crazy woman, attempting to harrass a pregnant woman is uncalled for; it doesn’t matter if they’re a celebrity or not.

  47. bananya

    erm, yeah I think that woman should have been let do whatever she wanted to do with Angelina. Angelina is just a total show off bitch, I am actually suprised she is having a baby – isnt she scared of having stretch marks?But there again she’ll just have surgery.again. I mean she got the cash, right?
    Hmmm…I wonder what the child will look like. Mix Angelina and Brad…wow, I dnt even wanna know

  48. Seamus Begonia Smell

    HAHA #11, i was going to say the same thing!

  49. HollyJ

    Why don’t they ever take off those FBI shades??? What’s going on under there!? Puss-filled conjuctivitis? Horrible ingrown brow hair? Gratuitous eye bags? WHAT ARE THEY HIDING!?

  50. outfile

    Angelina is a dirty tramp. Her political views are retarded…the bitch needs to take an economics class.

    I wish that devil baby of hers is ugly.

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