Angelina Jolie acting? What are the odds?

February 23rd, 2010 // 52 Comments

You can tell it’s a slow news day when the entire celebrity circuit loses its shit over pictures of Angelina Jolie acting. Granted, this is the movie she’s filming with Johnny Depp, it’s not like she’s going to cheat on Brad Pitt by banging Johnny in front of the entire cast and crew. No matter how hard I press these voodoo dolls together. “But, Ragdoll Johnny Depp, the paparazzi are watching.” “And so is Optimus Prime. Because I told him to.

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  1. azzman

    I would still crush it!

  2. sim

    she’s gorgeous

  3. Damn Straight

    Picture #1
    I would splooge on that face

    Picture #8
    I would spear that ass with my throbbing schlong until she said uncle then I would bury it balls-deep and release my seed


    Gia and Girl Interupted were her last bouts of good acting. She hasn’t done a thing worth noting since.

  5. I want to wipe my own poo all over my testicles and my tiny shaft. i also love to smell my own farts. sometime it try to give myself a rim job, but i just cant reach. so instead i just poop on my own face. my dog licks my anus

  6. Jimmy

    Best aspect of the pictures, no visible tats!

  7. Darth

    Well,well,she’s quite in shape isn’t she? Seems like ready for Johnny Depp.

  8. Pernacchia

    Overrated phony.

  9. Boogeyman King Dong

    Looksalike Johnny Depp soon having her thighs around his waist.Not something to look forward for though.

  10. bbbbbbb

    She looks like her own wax figure.

  11. Sport

    doesn’t do anything for me, cant get past her bullshit persona and humanitarian media-grabs.

  12. Galtacticus

    Did Johnny Depp pull already a number!? She’s a very organized woman.

  13. #5

    Best comment I have read on this site in a while. God bless you good man!

  14. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I’m in Paris with the slightest thing you do
    I’m in Paris with your eyes, with your mouth
    I’m in Paris with… all points south.
    Am I embarassing you?
    I’m in Paris with you…

  15. I kinda like Angie but there is something so off about her twins. Developmental disabilities galore. What are they gonna do a year from now when it is really obvious? More hats?

  16. Adrian

    I see they are making her wear padded panties to give her a butt, no one likes flat butts, you know.

  17. dadgummit

    Gorgeous face and decent bewbs.

    But she’s got scrawny chicken arms and legs, and a flat, low-slung ass.

  18. VandaL

    She needs a good pan of ash

  19. me

    Still fascinating! She’s gorgeous!

  20. me

    She is still fascinating. The woman is gorgeous!

  21. KIKI

    She is a baby grabbing, man cheating freak show with a giant throbbing vein like a dick head. I don’t like her acting either.
    But I digress.

  22. Tanya

    SHE IS GORGEOUS!!! I would totally cheat on my husband with Angie. I can’t stop looking at her!


    She’s a revolting bobble-head with the figure of a graffiti-covered two-by-four. Can’t understand why anyone thinks this tattooed freak is attractive in the slightest (especially when she needs FULL FUCKING CGI to do a “nude” scene).


  24. Jessica


  25. AVX

    Is it just me, or has she become exceedingly skinny?

  26. JB

    She bares a frightening resemblance to Cruella Deville doesn’t she?!

  27. Ann

    Actually, Depp and Angelina would be hot together. If you were going to cheat on Brad, it would be with him. I want this scandal to happen.

  28. Rhialto

    Yeah,this is quite a f*ckable woman isn;t she!? Taking her private elementary school for granted ofcourse.

  29. Boogeyman King Dong

    Da pussy is keeping already Brad Pitt in an iron grip.Who’s following?!

  30. Jake

    Angelina is very beautiful lady! Brad is so lucky.

  31. Stu Gavin

    She looks elegant and spoiled in these pics, it makes me want to please her boyfriend so that she won’t have to fool with it.

  32. HITLER

    she looks awful.
    she needs to eat.
    i wouldn’t let her visit Auschwitz

    i ate scrambled eggs today and they didn’t sit too well with me.

    also…….wait for it…..

    I LOVE KIDS!!!

  33. HITLER

    she looks awful.
    she needs to eat.
    i wouldn’t let her visit Auschwitz

    i ate scrambled eggs today and they didn’t sit too well with me.

    also…….wait for it…..

    I LOVE KIDS!!!

  34. Chris

    “Sexually it was crazy. That’s all I’ll say. It was like napalm, sexual napalm. Did you ever say, ‘I want to quit my life and just f***ing snort you? If you charged me $10,000 to f**k you, I would start selling all my s**t just to keep f***ing you.’ ”

    “He enjoyed it so much.”

    By John Mayer..

    – - – - – - – — – - – - — – - – - – - – - -
    ^I find it hilarious that John Mayer didn’t mention anything about Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston has to be frigid and lousy as shit in bed.
    I see why Aniston’s fans are so bitter and upset that they are putting Angelina down. Sad lot of Jen fans. Just face it Brad and Angelina are not breaking up.
    It’s been over five years move on with your own lives. The more you pick on Angelina-the more Brad will stay with her and protect her.
    Brad love Angelina/his kids. Angelina loves Brad, beard and all.

  35. coco

    I think bar has an awesome body to look at and really cute face but I don’t like women that are too tall & too big. That’s why models look better in pictures and from far away and not in real life. She’s bigger than him! And he’s probably over 6 feet! ugh. I hate that. Very Tom Cruise, and we all know he has a short troll complex. I think petite women are way hotter! He’s gonna get crushed under there! Hmmm…on second thought…there might be worst things than being crushed by a beautiful hippo with 10 pounds of breast jiggling away ;) I mean, if at 22 or 23 you’re that big and tall. mmm yikes, it’s hard to imagine what you’re gonna be like later. Juicaaay baybay!

  36. She looks just other word, Love the hair, love the outfit! I am more and more excited about the film!

  37. A

    Actually, Angelina is shorter than Brad, even while wearing heels. I worked the Super Bowl in Miami this year and when I saw them together, I was surprised at her height. Looks are deceiving. She really looks like she’ll tower over anyone. Well, she’s taller than me, I’m 5’4″.

    On the other hand, she needs to eat more. She’s so skinny. Looks sickly.

  38. G

    Is that you GW?

  39. timmy the dying boy

    Johnny had better watch his ass, or she may adopt him when he’s not looking.

  40. tsismosa

    she looks old for her age. :( i wish it weren’t so.

  41. tsismosa

    @#37: she’s 5’6″

  42. #34, are you ‘Love Angelina’ or TeriAnn, by any chance?

  43. NG

    She looks ok I guess.

  44. fifi

    When You stop eating carbs , first thing to go is your largest muscle , gluteus …
    She is a walking “flat ass” example …And She looks like tired 55 years old . So unattractive , is sad. While You watch her act , you cannot help but only see her bonniness.

  45. captain america

    can we please study her extra ear-lob on the other side of her face?

  46. Denver Dixie

    The superficial is one of the only sites that lets you say what you want about Jolie. I love it! Most people think her acting is for shit. It is just cringeworthy.

  47. HITLER

    you’ve become my new personal hero.

    might you love kids because I LOVE KIDS!!!

  48. Cartoon of Angie reuniting with Jon Voight and a Jewish baby

  49. Harry Knuts

    It’s interesting that the two roles that garnered Jolie attention for her acting were where she portrayed a drug addict with mental problems. What a stretch!

  50. Its about time that Angelina got back with her Father and Kudos to Brad for helping. Family should always give a little space to family for foregiveness. I hope that this will open up a bright future for all of them

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