Angelina Jolie Will See You Now

July 20th, 2010 // 138 Comments

Here’s Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Hollywood premiere of Salt last night and after spending an entire morning focusing on an “actress” who hasn’t starred in anything relevant in the past six years, it’s nice to see some talented stars who actually got famous the old-fashioned way: Adulterous child-snatching. They’re a dying breed, these two.

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  1. Twinkle

    The posters on this thread are rough. All I can say is that she’s better looking than any of us, so unless you’re Gisele, STFU!

    She’s at striking woman and she makes Brad interesting.

  2. M

    oh please people her face is very beautiful and shes striking. she looks like a barbie doll from some angles its just unfortunate that she has some ugly limbs but she is still better than jennifer aniston. if those two were standing side by side anywhere most people would be drawn to AJ and Jen would just shrink and disappear. Both are attractive but on a different level. alot of people are better looking than aniston especially in hollywood which is why she seems so sad and bitter all the time.

  3. Dr. Freud

    Suffers from unresolved abandonment issues dealing with her father.
    Control related vomiting is occuring.
    Gaze appears unfocused and distant.
    Flattened affect.
    I sense Valium and booze. Could be opiate pills however.

    Hope her emotional anchor doesn’t pull her overboard.
    She needs to forgive her father. They need to grieve over the loss of her mother together. Her future health depends on it.

    Time will tell for ze fraulein.

  4. keijo

    look at her hands. Alien?

  5. fag

    it’s punkin’ head again ..
    the bulging eyeballs ..
    veiny bumpy head ..enormous & lumberjack jaws atop a skeletal frame with no waist & no ass ..
    implants & rug on top of bulbous head ..
    isn’t it lovely ….
    she’s sooooooooooooo gorgeous
    ahahahahahahahahhahaaaaa ,,,,
    right …

  6. fag

    to M ..
    hon’ you’ve neah seen this bitch in real life or you wouldn’t be salivatin’ all over your slavish idolizing self ..
    ANYONE who has seen her in person will tell you she’s UGLY ..
    sorry to bust ya’ bubble moron

    • it's true

      I once saw a headshot of her without the huge false eyelashes and thick liquid eyeliner. It was for some article about her humanitarian work. She looked totally fug and old, and she had the beginnings of crow’s feet… and this was years ago.

  7. fag

    absinthe knows what i’m talkin about ..
    i’ve seen her in ny AND italy ..
    on top of being ugly ( but incredibly photogenic ) she has an arrogant self important expression which will make you bust a gut laughin when you see her ….
    hollywierd’s best kept secret is that they are midgets ..
    & him too he’s an ugly bastard ..
    face like a pig ..
    features too close together ..ahahhaaa

  8. Ok, I’m a chick and I fucking LOVE AJ. I always have. Fuck the haters who talk about her weight, how many kids she has or whose man she supposedly stole. There’s not one of you who wouldn’t wanna live her life in a heartbeat. I think she’s one of the most STUNNING women on the planet. Those who disagree, I truly don’t give a rat’s ass, but you’re free to disagree nonetheless. I’m sick & tired of Jennifer Aniston already. She stars in movies that suck major ass, and I could care less who she’s dating today, tomorrow or next week. I used to like her, but ENOUGH ALREADY! As for AJ stealing Brad, that’s a load of shit. If he was all that happy with JA, he’d still be with her. Oh, and as for the kids, the biological ones are gorgeous, and the adopted ones are the luckiest kids on the planet. However, I guess some of you would prefer that they had stayed in their respective orphanages and lived a life of squalor. Yea, I can see how that would be a better choice.

    • Mean Joe Green

      ok porky, we get it. you wish you were her. cool. now that youve got that off your chest, move on to the next cupcake.

      • Hey MJG, go pork yourself, dumpling. I wouldn’t mind being her one bit. I’d take the looks, career & money in a hot second. I’m simply not ashamed to admit it like most. Now, please come up with something better than this, or don’t bother replying to posts ever again.

      • Mean Joe Green

        @ ugottabekidding

        finished your box of cupcakes already porky?..and back for more I see. I told you, its ok that you want to be her, so dont feel the need to keep explaining it. Your cymbalta is giving you delusions of grandeur and making you think anyone cares about your crumbly, fat saturated, carb infested opinion…its cool. Were very forgiving around here…occasionally.

        Now grab the crisco, grease those thighs and put that polyester uniform back on so you can get to work at the drive thru on time. You dont want your…boss to ebonically put you in your place now, do you? It must be tough being a mudshark in a place like that…soooo many choices for the french braided, muffin top white girls with no self esteem. Tough life, huh?

      • LOL You’re too much. You talk about me not feeling the need to say anymore, and well, HERE YOU ARE AGAIN! You make me laugh, Joe, Barney, Snuffalupagus, or whatever your name actually is. Sadly, you’re truly showing your desperate need for laughs with all those jokes now. A for effort though! I guess maybe you’re looking for a reaction to all the fat jokes? Sigh. I could honestly care less. Sorry to disappoint you. However, maybe one day I’ll run into you at the drive-thru after all. However, it’ll be me actually driving through, whereas you’ll be the one handing me the bag through that cute little window, wearing that cute little paper hat. Have a great day! Smooches!

  9. Oh, and when the fuck did 35 become old and/or washed up??? Seriously??? That means that Aniston has one foot in the grave at 41! LOL

  10. Jen Aniston
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    Brad is looking GOOD!

  11. mandamickey
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    WTF?! Her legs are creepin the shit outta me! How can her legs be that skinny and her breasts be that big? Someone get this woman a feeding tube, fuck!

  12. Davinci

    sexy lips+M.I.L.F=8.9

  13. Mp424

    her body might not be great but that face can launch a thousand ships

  14. bob
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    damn they look old
    makes me feel just as old

  15. Becca

    Her face is perfect, like carved perfection… He is the most youthful and handsome 46 year old I have ever seen. She is too skinny though – only flaw. Jennifer Aniston looks like Dustin Hoffman…

  16. buttfuck

    perfect weight, perfect body, perfect woman

    • r u kidding?

      there is a reason you never see her in bikinis and skimpy clothing… her body is terrible… saggy tits and no waist, square torso. let me guess, you think her body in the Tomb Raider suit was ‘real’ lmao

  17. Melissa
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  18. Hard 4 Angelina
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    Hmmm I’d like to get a handjob from her skeletal hands….

  19. ff

    God, you people are pathetic. I love all the guys who say they see hotter girls everywhere, SEE not fuck, because if your ugly weirdo mug came within 10 feet of them, police would be called.

  20. Jeki
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  21. Commented on this photo:

    what happened…botox wear off??

  22. Commented on this photo:

    its all an act, that’s why she’s an actress

  23. O_o!

    you want to know a woman-age?
    don’t look at her face,, nah, not the boobs…

    give a look at her hand! O_o!

  24. Shiloh

    Hey, fish!
    are you writing that under aniston’s gunpoint?

  25. sen

    i like the angles of her face. she’s just pretty.

  26. sen
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    her legs are skinny.. not a fan of her body.. but i love the face!

  27. maniston

    gtfo Jenn, go Angie :)

  28. Alyssa
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    OMG. She looks gorgeous! What the hell are people going on about on the main page? I wish her hair looked better but I love AJ+BP.

  29. Alyssa
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  30. fid
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    jeki – unless you want to post your photo so we can judge your appearance, then maybe you should stop judging so hard. Considering you probably look like a dirty rag on a good day.

  31. fid
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    It’s hilarious how people on here say idiotic statements about the appearance of a celebrity that isn’t warranted. Especially since most of you are 700 lbs and should be on the biggest loser, crying because you can’t stop eating 10 large pizzas a day!

    Unless you all want to start posting your photo, so we can see that you are a 120% spectacular babe, maybe you should just STFU, or just go and cry your pimply tears into your bucket of ice cream.

  32. Mel
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    OMG she looks way too skinny! She looked great in Lara Croft, but now she looks like a pretty skeleton!!

  33. lola

    she is unusual in that she is a butterbody hehe. but yes i dont like her one bit- girls like scarlett johansen and jessica alba have the whole package and seem like nice enough people- she just comes across as a moody self important bitch.

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