Angelina Jolie Will See You Now

July 20th, 2010 // 138 Comments

Here’s Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Hollywood premiere of Salt last night and after spending an entire morning focusing on an “actress” who hasn’t starred in anything relevant in the past six years, it’s nice to see some talented stars who actually got famous the old-fashioned way: Adulterous child-snatching. They’re a dying breed, these two.

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  1. FU mudshark

    yuch…shes gross. and as overrated as bruce springsteen, bob dylan and neil young combined.

    • That is the best comment I have ever seen… Although, I did like her as a lesbian in Gia, sort of…

    • Ness

      Even though she looks painfully skinny, she still is squared. Jennifer Aniston looks better than Angelina, healthier, sexier….. and of course, Jennifer has a smaller waist.

    • DadIamHomoSEX

      You Win 1 internet.

    • I live, I ride, I am Rough

      Let put this long standing debate to rest. Aniston and all her fans can kick and scream for as long as they want, but it was predetermine in AJ’s D.N.A. to win always. I’m just the messenger don’t blame me…

    • CARLO

      Parenthood has aged them both but they are both still Beautiful people. Angelina could use some weight on her but who knows what shoot she is doing that requires her to be so tiny. Funny world we live in. It’s either too fat or too skinny. At least she can gain weight and look amazing again if she so chooses. Still as always, would pay!

  2. jewdozer


  3. Phil

    Those are some nasty ass knees.
    I remember the days when she was UBER hot

  4. rofl

    holy shit, look at how skinny her arms are.

  5. Rick

    Brad’s got to ditch her. She’s way past her expiration date. He’s a guy with a lot of money so he can just go get another, fresher one. He doesn’t have to pretend to be stuck with an aging bitter coot like the rest of us.

  6. Phil Ashio

    @ FU Mudshark

    AGREED 100%!!!

    @ Phi

    when was that? when she was 18?

    She needs a f*cking kick up the a** for being a flakey b*tch, weirdo c*nt, incestuous whore! and for stealing 3rd world families children! Oh wait, they sold them to her right? Like slaves families did in the 1700s? Oh, ok…so…ex slaves and black panty party members should be mad at their relatives, right? not cracka whitey.

    • Nikki

      Wow, Phil. You have issues. Stealing/buying, not the same as adopting. The rest of you – I’m sure the best that you could manage to get your dick into would be a Lilo looking crack whore.

      • Phil Ashio

        uhhh, Hi Nikki…welcome to The Superficial.

        My comments “f*cking kick up the a** for being a flakey b*tch, weirdo c*nt, incestuous whore!” were a play on the mel gibson comments as of late.

        Dont worry, youll catch on as soon as you set the meth, foil, glass dick and B.O.B. down for longer than 3 minutes.

        And Lilo is just young & misguided. Nothing a good f*cking kick up the a** for being a flakey b*tch, partying c*nt, coal burning whore wont solve.

    • Don

      Black panty parties? Can I join? That sounds like fun.

  7. Cyrus

    She has not been hot since 2005. Her face is too bony, has too many tatoos, she’s getting older and saggier, etc. I don’t see the big deal. In fact I never understood why Hollywood obsesses over her looks. She was hot before, but never would have not ranked in my top 100, or probably not even close to it.. I have seen better-looking girls at college, the beach, and the mall.

    Hollywood seems to do this a lot though. They try to sell us some girl that they claim is attractive, but in reality is decent, average, or ugly. Case in point: Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, Eva Longoria, and… wait for it… even Gabouray Sidibe. Yeah, that’s right, I have heard people say she was actually beautiful.

  8. dude

    Damn, I’ve seen better legs on a table. She went to shit so fast.

    • ugh, really? whos this dude that keeps using my handle. ur giving my penmanship a bad name. how bout something like “seen better legs in a bucket of popeyes”.. just sayin, aim higher.. for both of us.

  9. bocon
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    that banner suck it may look the webpage cheap..

  10. Jen

    who gives a shit about them anymore.

  11. bocon

    what a bunch of jeaulous ppl in here , that woman is perfect , beautiful and a good actress , brad is a veryyyyyy hansome man… you haters!!

  12. Pat

    The problem with young hot psycho chicks is that underneath all the wildness they take themselves very seriously. When the wild partying is over you get this…thing…you see here: severe, pretentious, joyless, angry. It’s best when they die of an overdose or sexual asphyxiation (or both) while they’re still young and hot.

    • ZigZagZoey

      I agree! Severely joyless, and just plain mean is exactly what I imagine her to be.
      And it seems pretty obvious that Brad has been dealing with something that’s wrong, growing that beard and plain old looking haggard for months. He does not look happy, and hasn’t for quite a while.
      She never has looked happy imo.
      She looks like a junkie.

    • absinthe

      Couldn’t agree more

  13. jumpin_j

    “Wanted” wasn’t bad.

  14. Glenn

    Used to be hot, lost waaay too much weight. Now she looks like a skeleton with a wig.

  15. Commented on this photo:

    Such a beautiful couple.

  16. Jesus you’re a snarky fuck. But you have moments of hilarity. This is one of those moments.

  17. Ty Pennington

    When will she realize that she has become irrelevant? Her looks are fading and her movies suck. They are always the same cheesey action flicks. Sometimes she’ll throw in a boring “artsy” here and there (i.e. The Good Shepard and Changeling). But it doesn’t matter because they are awful.

    • Kerri

      i hate her movies too. they are ALWAYS the same. ugh. i hate her. home wrecking husband stealing kid collecting skinny ass bitchy looking fake lesbian brother kissing blood vial carrying double coffin lover loser fake whore! whoo i feel better.

  18. Grammar Police
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    English much?

  19. Billy Corgan

    Despite all her rage, shes still just a rat in a cage.

  20. Commented on this photo:

    I just came.

  21. Queen Homo Samir Shabazz

    Yea…fuck that cracka bitch!

  22. Cock Dr
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    God bless America! He shaved & no longer looks like a panhandler.

  23. The cryptkeeper has a better arms than her

  24. Muh
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    What the crap is up with her skeletal hands and arms?!

    The rest of her is hawt, but UGH!

    • She’s always been that way. There are folks out there that are plain boney in areas. I know I am the kind of person to where no matter how fat or thin I am, my ribs always show (my weight fluctuates a lot).

    • absinthe

      A lot of it also has to do with her age. She’s no youngster

  25. I hate her tattoos.
    She is painfully skinny.
    She fits the classic description of “home wrecker”, having broken up the Pitt Anniston marriage, and also swooping in on Billy Bob when he was engaged (& living with I believe!) to another woman.
    Her tits are likely store bought.
    Yet I just can’t stop watching.

    • F*ck you back dude

      I think she wears shapely corsets to give her hips and boobs. It looks like she has body armor under that dress, it looks solid.

  26. hateyoufornoreason
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    Homewrecking bitch. Hope her shitty movie flops hard.

    • missylafay

      Your retarded.Throughout that whole thing and even up till today,when people talk about brad/ange/jen everyone says “what a home wrecker,stealing jens man blah blah” however no one EVER says “wait a minute,maybe BRAD is the ass for cheating on his wife,maybe BRAD should have kept it in his pants,maybe BRAD is the one to blame here”So to re-cap,your an idiot.

  27. overlooking the obvious

    Brad looks sooooo GOOD now that he shaved that hideous beard. Who cares about her.

    • Bunny

      I’m with overlooking the obvious…. forget Angelina. I love Brad…. I’d fuck the white off his face any day.

  28. Lain

    Oh, wow, she looks great! She looks healthier than she’s been a while. Good for her!

  29. Bunny
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    Pic #17 is pretty cute, I gotta admit. One thing you can see about Angelina, is that she’d rather have her tattoos ripped off then let Brad go. I literally believe she’d kill him before she’d let him go.

    ….. I can’t blame her though. :)

  30. Cock Dr
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    All that Hollywood glamour makes my eyes hurt.

  31. anon

    Hmmm… the article ends with the exact same phrase I used in a comment this morning on E Online. I know from friends in the media this happens…often. Good to see the lack of creativity goes on in the industry. Love to see a show that found the people who wrote some of these lame comments and be taken off gaurd by having to back them up, face to face with the actual celeb in person…now THAT would be good.

    • Phil Ashio

      uh, yea. sure ya did.

      Now go on, get back to your padded cell corky. Nothing for you to see or do here. Its grown up time and your autism is acting up more than usual today.

      ahhh the delusions. Yea, itd be soooo coooolll to see the commenters go face to face with the stars wouldnt it? Then you could see how short, greasy & pimply all your masturbation fodder really is.

  32. Commented on this photo:

    Success is making 20 million per movie, having one of the industry’s hottest leading men be her babydaddy boy toy, & being able to completely rehabilitate her image from home wrecking tattooed succubus to beloved academy award winning UN ambassador & mother of international orphans.

  33. jlylec

    she’s getting old but i’d blast it on principle…

  34. skinnyfat
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    WTF is wrong with her legs?? She looks as emanciated as Tori.

  35. Lisa

    What a gorgeous couple.

  36. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Thank you so much for posting that. I adore her.

    • Phil Ashio

      HAH…I would too if I was a prior russian K9 whore. Сейчас идут Fuck другой собака

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        What does it mean ” now they are going fuck other dog”? I mean did you put your hate blabber through the online translation program again, moron? God when will you low classes, learn anything about foreign languages and difference of the language structure???
        By the way I have been proposed a few times by American men and I declined the generous offers.
        Now does your shit make me eligible for asking all the American men who occupied my city LEAVE?

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Your reply had nothing to do with the post whatsoever, you chose it to personally attack me, fucking Russophobe . When Angelina comes to Moscow on Sunday for her SALT premiere. I would gladly see her though.

  37. e-rock
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    She is gorgeous until you see the legs…. I really think my 78 year old grandmoms legs looked better than that!!

  38. ugh

    O.K, she is too skinny and looks older, but if any of you saw her in the supermarket –
    you’d all still be masterbating over her!

    … its easy to be picky when the only women you know are airbrushed internet pics…

    • Ted Bundy


      no, not at all. I give credit where credit is due, but its not due to her. Shes very unattractive and I feel like she always has been. Id take LiLo, Paris, Jessica Simpson or just about any other of the women posted here, over her.

    • absinthe

      What’s funny about your post is that during the filming of this movie, she stayed near my small town in NY, where she and brad were spotted at the local supermarket. So lots of people actually did see her in the supermarket.

  39. Commented on this photo:

    Okay, I’ll start by admitting I’ve never been a fan of anything Jolie outside her chest area, but here she’s looking downright terrifying. This is Madonna territory without the muscle tone. If I were Fortyish Durden over there*, I’d be back hitting that Aniston ass in no time.

    (*I’m more in the Fortyish Jon Lovitz category, myself…)

  40. Fuck you back dude
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    She looks like a bubble head with her big ass jaw and weird body and he looks like a sleazy 70′s porn star who happens to be drunk and horney. They make a good couple, Fug and Fugler.

  41. F*ck you back dude

    She looks like a bubble head with her big ass jaw and weird body and he looks like a sleazy 70′s porn star who happens to be drunk. They make a good couple, Fug and Fugler.

  42. mfb

    is it me or does she look gangly?

  43. anonym


  44. anonym

    looks like a tranny

  45. Fati87

    When did Brad Pitt get hot again?
    Angelina is getting old.

  46. Mel
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    OMG! she really look so skinny…she should eat a bit more!

  47. Mel
    Commented on this photo: wrong is this girl!!! she did not see her personal stylist before to appear for this moment?? she look’s extremely tired

  48. moo

    woah – her nose shrank! Yet another plastic surgery?

  49. Cristalle
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    They look great together. I can’t wait to see “Salt”.

  50. captain america


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