Angelina Jolie Really Wants You To See Her Leg

February 27th, 2012 // 167 Comments

The Oscars were last night, and like every year, they were a regal and boring event second only to golf. So we’ll try to strafe through it as quickly as possible without making Charlie Sheen think we’re his long-lost F18 soulmate that needs coke banged into next week. Anyway, here’s Angelina Jolie who showed up looking surprisingly giddy for a woman whose leg got stuck in “Steal Husbands” mode.

ANGELINA: Maddox, scurry up mother’s gown with a can of oil. I’m stuck again.
MADDOX: Right. Sorry if I squirt you.
ANGELINA: That’s what she said. AHAHAHAHAHA!
MADDOX: Mother, I’m 10.
ANGELINA: Oh, don’t be such an Aniston. You know the rules.
MADDOX: Sigh. “Anyone who’s an Aniston has to move out and live with John Mayer.”
ANGELINA: There’s a good boy.

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  1. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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  2. Jimbo

    When did Aniston’s pr agent buy this site. Guess every body has a price tag. The old gal bitter fangs are out today. Guess that’s why not many people are posting here any more.

    • Clarence Beeks

      I repeat:

      Jesus FUCKING Christ. Why do people ALWAYS have to drag Aniston into this? It IS possible to criticize Angie without being a Jen loonie.

      You fucking asshole.

    • Gold

      Your a riot!! Skeleton pasty Jolie vs sexy healthy Jen…ummm, don’t think that was EVER the case. Brad will be out shopping around for a newer model when Jolie hits 40 which is just around the corner. She aint looking so hot these days but poor nutrition will do it to you every time!!

    • sam

      unless you’re one of the 50 people who like Aniston there is no reason to ever criticize this pretentious, veiny, starving ass mother savior of all children of the world fame whore…. or unless you’re jealous.

  3. judging you

    What do you get when you mix: an emaciated body, child snatching, husband snatching, smug face, bitchy personality, drug abuse, fake Mother Teresa complex, publicity whoring, too much botox, a jacked up plastic surgery face, over inflated career, an alcoholic baby daddy, narcissism, incest, scat play and a lack of real work ? Angelina Jolie not getting the joke she is and her publicist crying uncontrollably in the corner

  4. Jimbo

    What’s priceless is the Jim Rash said about Jolie “She’s supremely hot,” Jim also said “It was a loving tribute to Jolie.”
    Jim Rush also said “she’s standing, great, I’m going to stand like that, too.” I guess none of you bitter women know any thing about that. Some how I miss the old site before the bitter women took over here.

    • Can’t get a date, huh? I wonder why.

      • Whateva

        Unless you’re angelina jolie herself, you should not be taking this seriously. If you aren’t angelina jolie than you need get fucking life

    • Gold

      Um Jimbo, one opinion don’t make up the thousands of others who disagree..supremely NOT hot, but PAINFULLY thin and pasty white. She is not young anymore and thin don’t work on old, makes you look like a sickly old gauntly witch!

    • sam

      since he’s gay, ‘ she’s supremely hot” doesn’t mean what you think it means, and “she’s standing , great” …. what he meant was, how the fuk does her bony ass body support her besides that dress and how can she still be standing with her leg perpetually extended 5 feet from her body at all times.

    • Jimbo: why did you not include this: Jim Rash quoted as saying: “We have the same leg!”. If you got a brain, please read between his lines.

  5. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
    Paige Turner
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    Angorexic. We know one thing for certain – she doesn’t swallow

  6. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
    George P Burdel
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    Lara Croft – Womb Raider

  7. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    “find Brad find Brad find Brad find Brad”

  8. She’s repugnantly skinny. The kind you can only get with heavy drug addiction or major eating disorders.

  9. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    I love her.

  10. Wink

    God, she used to be so hot. Now her arms look like the scissor arms from Terminator 2. Fucking gross. Why would I be impressed by a bony, ivory twig leg? The fact that she has a 65lb torso makes her head look enormous.

  11. Jay

    I’ll say it, she looked fucking hot, superficial of course but she definitely looked smoking hot……..

  12. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    I like this picture very much!
    Great shot.
    They look happy and like they are having fun!

  13. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
    carol rules
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    it’s funny. brad had to stand out of the way of that leg. they must have discussed it before they got there. probably even practiced. hahahahaha it’s too much!

  14. carol rules

    very courtney stoddensih.

  15. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
    carol rules
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    alright already. enough w/ the leg pose. reminds me of this chick at every party, every picture, every party always had her tongue touching her top teeth like she was so unbelievably sexy. one picture fine, you might be. every single picture made her look like such an idiot. who would do that? oh yea, angelina.

  16. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
    carol rules
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    brad pitt is looking like jeff bridges these days.

  17. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
    kut met peren
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    Every time with the leg, why?

  18. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    ALL the shit tards obsessed with these fame whores needs real fuck and a real life. Or just get hit by bus, fuck off and die dumb whores.

  19. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    LOL! She’s looking at him like she’s thinking “GOD I”m sick of this hillbilly ass getting MY PRESS! MINEMINEMINE!!!”

  20. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
    Lizzie Grizzard
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    “So, Emeril, I’ll let you bang her if you can get her to eat.”

  21. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    S.J. Parker?

  22. Mikael Lohan

    I no longer sport wood for Angelina. She scares me, and it’s not the best leg I’ve ever seen.

  23. Mikael Lohan

    She must be one hell of a whore!

  24. Theres nothing worse than a cocky person who has no reason to be cocky. She looked like a complete tool. I was expecting her to put her fingers under her armpits and then smell them like this aka Mary Catherine Gallagher. At least then she would have been funny instead of just plain obnoxious.

  25. hamiltonsP

    Sorry skeletor, but you were out of you mind when, two weeks ago, you saw these pictures (Belen Rodriguez @ San Remo) and went: “I’m waaaaay hotter than that bitch, I can so pull this off”.
    For obvious reasons, you couldn’t

  26. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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  27. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
    Simply Jack
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    Someone needs to start a foodbank campaign to Feed Angie!

    • Amy C

      Glad I wasn’t the only one having that thought! I think she’s amazing – always have, and she’s always looked in recent years pretty healthy and fit. When she did her award speech though, she just looked alarmingly gaunt – beautiful but too thin and definitely unhealthy looking. Know she’s got to have a lot of pressure in her life and just hope she’s doing okay.

  28. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    Is she a vampire? She is freaky looking. So tired of them.

  29. Miss Pepper

    She used to be so extremely gorgeous, strong and crazy-cool… What the hell happened to her? She looks so desperate, superior and sick. I don’t seeing her humiliating herself like that.

  30. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    brad looks like a wax figure

  31. sam

    is that what the call the “oldest profession in the world”, these days… working on my laptop.

  32. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    She’s pulling on him,
    the look says “you NEVER walk ahead of ME!”

  33. anonym

    her face is looking more and more like her dad’s.

    and she’s bony as fuck !

    give this hag a burger

  34. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    HOT! lover her. Brad and Angie make the best couple out!

  35. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    Has anyone told Angelina that curves are back in Hollywood. She will never live up to her Tomb Raider days. Washed up anorexic baby machine. Yuck!!

  36. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    Really?? You can’t stand on stage without doing the leg pose? Come on we get it you have a leg!! OMG:(

  37. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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  38. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    Im sorry but her skeleton frame is gross!! and her leg that she keeps jutting out of her dress is so far from sexy, its actually pathetic!!

  39. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    she NEVER was attractive. ive always said that. shes a bush pig. jen is just beautiful though. naturally beautiful…quite the opisit to cruella de pitt here.
    damn, shes ugly.

  40. No really

    Give her a break!!! Maybe she was proud that she had shaved it?

  41. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    What leg she is a bag of bones rich bones but none the less BONES.

  42. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    Brad Pitt: “I don’t know who this crazy person is…someone please help me???

  43. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    Ok, dear, you might be taking this posing thing just a little too far.

  44. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    Wow, one picture without the leg sticking out. Holy hell.

  45. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    Smug bitch.

  46. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    He’s leaving without you, honey.

  47. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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  48. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    Why are some people are so mean,just because Brad so frank that he is not happy with his previous ex? Now find happiness and contentment with Ms. Jolie. He love this woman and have a real family away from unrealistic world of Hollywood. They are both in different category,one in TV’s and the other revolve in Movies. All three are successful in life. Beside if you call people names,you look better than Ms. Jolie, famous,rich,intelligent,and you have Brad eyes on you. If you knew them by tabs and gossip lies. Better get facts,before you criticize the life and personality of this two couple. They never get rich and famous high paid movie stars. If they are just passing A’ list Stars. Even she don’t work in film,she still the most publish photos,stories,works,life. More than the episode your watching in television. Your just over reacting! She just showing her leg! Can’t blame those photographer so obsess with Ms. Jolie leg, and whole body. Look like all have tag price, that make them rich. Who won’t dare with a tag price lower than thousand per shot to half million!!

  49. akif

    angelina r so beautiful

  50. Angelina Jolie Leg Oscars
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    Ahh yes! The legs of a cancer patient! Sooo sexy. If you’re blind.

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