Angelina Jolie Criticizes Quran Burning

September 8th, 2010 // 151 Comments
Angelina Jolie in Pakistan

Oh, good. Just what this situation needed: Hollywood!

While visiting Pakistan yesterday (above), Angelina Jolie voiced her opinion on a small Florida church’s planned burning of the Quran this coming Saturday, September 11. The issue has received international attention including a statement from General Petraeus which can basically be summed up as, “Hey, gee thanks, this won’t get anybody killed.” E! News reports:

“I have hardly the words that somebody would do that to somebody’s religious book,” she told reporters in Islamabad after returning from overflowing refugee camps in the northwest part of the country.
Jolie agreed with top U.S. officials that the would-be protest being organized by Pastor Terry Jones could endanger troops in the field and be used by the Taliban and other militants as a propaganda tool to stir up anti-American sentiment and spark a wider clash between the West and Islam.

Of course, at this point the church’s pastor Terry Jones has received all the attention he can squeeze under his handlebar mustache and is reportedly taking Petraeus’ words to heart by “praying on it,” so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen. That being said, I honestly don’t know how I feel about this whole situation because, at the end of the day, these people do have the Constitutional right to do this, and I’m pretty sure both religions want to blow each other up anyway. So let’s weigh the pros and cons like rational adults:

- The First Amendment is exercised without government intervention. (Save that shit for non-Christian religions because they don’t count. Amirite?)
- There’s a few less copies of at least one of the 2,000-year-old books choking society with superstition.
- Evangelicals look like even bigger idiots to the civilized world without paying Sarah Palin a speaking fee.

- A Holy War is ignited unnecessarily killing American soldiers because the South prefers burning shit over reading.

Yeesh. I guess the only thing you can really do at this point is ask these people, “What would Jesus do?” but I’m pretty sure I’d get a bunch of answers ranging from “Burn gay people instead?” to stockpiling ammo and shooting “the darkie president in his Socialist processor.” So let’s just agree to shove our heads in the sand on this one and wait it out like the apathetic society we are. (Bikini pictures, anyone?)


Photo: Splash News


  1. Gadeval

    Well said superficial. I could not agree more.

  2. jay

    Fuck it. everyone shud just get along or just fucking kill each other. think about it america, no one is right, everyone is wrong in their own ways, so fuck it. lets just kill each other. i dont give a flying fuck anymore. nobody listens, everyone just ends up fucking each other up the ass. so fuck it. i hope everyone dies, the U.S. and the so called, terrrorists. cuz if u think about it, everyone is a terrorist. FUCK EVERYONE! I HOPE EVERYONE ON THIS PLANET DIES A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH.

  3. Weird Al

    Hmm you know where is all of the uproar about the U.S. Army burning a stack of Bibles in 2008 to be “sensitive” to Muslim outcries over allegations of Christian preaching. We burned our own freaking books – because Muslims still execute people who leave the faith in Afghanistan.

    I think Jolie needs to find a better Islamic garment. Maybe one that helps her with purdah, an obligation for Muslim women to conceal themselves from public society.

    Let’s send her a niqab instead. Hell, a burqa would be nice – she can stare out of little chain holes the size of pinheads and see how it feels to be a woman in certain societies.

  4. Famous Mortimer

    She’s a Sith Lord

  5. kayla

    You liberals preach tolerance but then insult Southerners in the same breath? I think there are other blogs I will look at from now on that doesn’t insult me because of the region I live in and grew up in. Apparently tolerance is just a one way street for you liberal bigots.

  6. Spankee

    She looks like a Dark Lord of international child stealing – second only to Mia Farrow.

  7. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    Terry Jones has the right idea. I get pissed when people get on their high horses defending “religious freedom”. When is somebody gonna defend our right to be safe from the fucktards that call themselves agents of Allah? Why is it that all terrorists are muslim? I can’t help but feel that it’s more than a mere coincidence. Religious freedom, my ass…

    • wonker

      Actually, if you sit down and think about it, most terrorists are American.

      • Mike Hawk

        really? How so? Typical fashion of an alex jones cock knocker to post a comment as such and have no knowledge to back it up. I suppose youll say we used the atom bomb and be done with it huh? stupid dune monkey.

      • Righty Whitey

        what an idiot, product of the socialist anti-American liberal pc hippy aggenda crowd being churned out of the socialist goverment school system. “Hate your country first” should be all you Obommites’ motto.

      • IActuallyRead

        Do you even know what terrorist means? It doesn’t mean weak people who attack Americans.

        Anyone who disagrees with you is unpatriotic, and you want to exterminate a entire faith of people.

        Your today’s version of a Nazi.

  8. Brooke

    I’m not a Jolie fan, but she’s right– I was totally appalled to hear about that church. Not exactly a very Christian thing to do… way to breed hate, church (again).

    Religion is great when properly studied and followed, but idiots do this kind of shit in the name of God or whatever and it’s no wonder the world is going to hell.

  9. captain america

    she hasn’t made the choice yet which “CURTAIN” is her choice, folks!!

  10. djs

    who gives a fuck what she thinks, dumb bitch needs to stay in her lane

    • Peanutty

      Why? Does she drive like a Korean woman?

      • Righty Whitey

        No, she drives like a Muslim woman…..oh wait, they’re not allowed to drive…or speak, or show their face in public, or make eye contact with anyone, and they’re husbands can legally beat and kill them…’s so good of that freak Jolie to show her unwavering support of the Muslim ways.

      • IActuallyRead

        We can drive, show our face, our husbands aren’t allowed to hurt us… Not according to Quran. But ooo Fox news said so, so automatically that’s how Muslims think!!

        Your ignorant. Do you know what that words means?

        You have a lack of proper information in your head. You make assertions without enough accurate information.

        Your a fool.

  11. Righty Whitey

    I’m not a violent person but I’d love to just smash her face in with a sledge hammer.

    And is it just me or are those ‘Monty Python’ actors sitting with her pretending to be muslim women? Is this photo taken from the set of “Life of Brian: Part 2″?

  12. Oh

    Exiting one war to enter another which is really just the same war, but reignited. I really hope this pastor changes his mind. I hope he realizes that it would cause a massacre. If he burns the Quran, they will declare war against America. Our soldiers, families, children, everyone will be in danger. We’ll constantly be looking over our shoulders waiting for an attack. Let’s hope this pastor remembers that America was built on religious freedom. At this point, I think the government should ignore this first amendment in this situation and stop the pastor from burning the Quran. NOTHING good will come of it. If he is really a man motivated by his religion, then you would think he would have enough faith in his God [and enough brains in that small minded head of his] to stop this before it continues.

  13. blah

    ack, who are you people??? go away!! this is a gossip blog!!! as far as i can tell, the past 50 comments have been one person having a “conversation” with themselves and throwing out a bunch of mish-mash idiotic insults. i’m sick of people trying to jam their political sentiments down my throat.

  14. FUckoff

    I know that Anjelina jolie sees herself as Mother Teresa, but really, I would just like her to fuck off and die. Shut the hell up and fuck off and die and take Brad with you.

  15. DFCtomm

    Please. If the preacher was an artist and he call the koran burning art then she would be fine with it. I assume this because she has never made a statement condemning art that ridiculed the Christian or Jewish religion. If piss Christ is acceptable then so is this. There is no special treatment here.

  16. Righty Whitey

    This is what the US has come to be….we have a peace ambassador to muslim terrorists who used to fuck her brother and used to ass-fuck herself with a vial of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood, who supports muslim oppression of women and hates America & Christianity…..I’m suprized Obumma hasn’t nominated her for the Supreme Court….way to go left… wonder Terrorist want us all dead…this is who you have representing us.

    • IActuallyRead

      Yes the terrorists… want you ALL DEAD (lols…) because Angelina Jolie is representing you.

      Genius. You’ve solved the problem! Get rid of Jolie and America is safe…

  17. Sangria

    THIS is why no one likes you Jolie. It’s because you went from sexy to douchebag overnight! Ugh.

  18. Massage Girl

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