Angelina Jolie Criticizes Quran Burning

September 8th, 2010 // 151 Comments
Angelina Jolie in Pakistan

Oh, good. Just what this situation needed: Hollywood!

While visiting Pakistan yesterday (above), Angelina Jolie voiced her opinion on a small Florida church’s planned burning of the Quran this coming Saturday, September 11. The issue has received international attention including a statement from General Petraeus which can basically be summed up as, “Hey, gee thanks, this won’t get anybody killed.” E! News reports:

“I have hardly the words that somebody would do that to somebody’s religious book,” she told reporters in Islamabad after returning from overflowing refugee camps in the northwest part of the country.
Jolie agreed with top U.S. officials that the would-be protest being organized by Pastor Terry Jones could endanger troops in the field and be used by the Taliban and other militants as a propaganda tool to stir up anti-American sentiment and spark a wider clash between the West and Islam.

Of course, at this point the church’s pastor Terry Jones has received all the attention he can squeeze under his handlebar mustache and is reportedly taking Petraeus’ words to heart by “praying on it,” so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen. That being said, I honestly don’t know how I feel about this whole situation because, at the end of the day, these people do have the Constitutional right to do this, and I’m pretty sure both religions want to blow each other up anyway. So let’s weigh the pros and cons like rational adults:

- The First Amendment is exercised without government intervention. (Save that shit for non-Christian religions because they don’t count. Amirite?)
- There’s a few less copies of at least one of the 2,000-year-old books choking society with superstition.
- Evangelicals look like even bigger idiots to the civilized world without paying Sarah Palin a speaking fee.

- A Holy War is ignited unnecessarily killing American soldiers because the South prefers burning shit over reading.

Yeesh. I guess the only thing you can really do at this point is ask these people, “What would Jesus do?” but I’m pretty sure I’d get a bunch of answers ranging from “Burn gay people instead?” to stockpiling ammo and shooting “the darkie president in his Socialist processor.” So let’s just agree to shove our heads in the sand on this one and wait it out like the apathetic society we are. (Bikini pictures, anyone?)


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  1. Kiss My Ass Elmo

    I can’t believe all the attention these crazy bigots are getting lately. There’s nothing wrong with leaning to the right, but there’s definitely something wrong with being an angry asshole that like to instigate confrontations.

  2. As you can see, my young apprentice, your
    friends have failed. Now witness the
    firepower of this fully armed and operational
    battle station.

  3. I know it’s not the popular sentiment but I have to admit I’m enjoying the “political fish”. What’s bringing this out of you Fish?

  4. well played

    “So let’s just agree to shove our heads in the sand on this one and wait it out like the apathetic society we are. (Bikini pictures anyone?)”


  5. speedo


  6. SWalt

    Ah SW you’re too funny and too right.

  7. First

    Quran? I’m just thinking about getting 2 handfuls of that half a burka and face fucking her.

  8. LowSlash

    “There’s a few less copies of a 2,000-year-old book that chokes society with superstition.”

    Soooo we should burn some Bibles too, then?

  9. Heading to rough management classes

    Is the old pastor willing to receive a nice shank to the chest for his belief? Then, he got my full support…

  10. Fishstix

    As a southerner I can only say that burning things is awesome.

    Good day.

  11. its me fuckers

    I think a certain Florida preacher is looking to be kidnapped and beheaded. I f they do I hope they film it so we can all have a good laugh.

    • yeah burning that particular book on 9/11 as a taunt is pretty much an open invitation to be murdered. perhaps it’s martyrdom he wants. too bad all rednecks arent doing it

    • Crusty

      On the other hand, perhaps identifying those who would choose to threaten murder against another human being simply because a book was burned is a terrifyingly good way of truly realizing who the fucking savages really are.

      The guy in Florida is an idiot but if “anything” does happen because of his book burnings, those who perpetrate the atrocities (murders, not book burnings) are the ones who need to be forcibly eliminated from the planet, courtesy of whatever caliber weapon is readily available.

      • 100% agreed, though rather than measuring weapons by caliber i’d be talking how enriched the plutonium was–there’s one way to wake up a psychotic hypnotized kamikaze group, as ghastly as it is..

      • mar

        crusty, your so fucking right. the fucking savages need obliterated from the face of the earth. ty very much sir. and please, accept this oral pleasure as a sign of that thanks.

  12. Blondie

    She looks amazing as usual.

  13. dude

    who cares what a bunch of hillbillies in Florida do? what difference will it make? Bibles are burned all the time by anti-Christian groups, it doesn’t denigrate God. All burning books of any description do is cause smoke. And hillbilly emphysema. So burn on.

  14. say wut

    her hands and arms look like she’s auditioning for the Crypt Keeper.

  15. Mohammed's Taint

    If this redneck proceeds, my people will burn his church down, after flying a plane into it!
    Thank you, American media for bringing so much attention to this one freak in Florida.

  16. Richard McBeef

    i will gladly not participate in the holy war, but i will post up in the bell tower and just start picking random people off during the melee.

  17. Bug

    Angelina Jolie looks like Satan’s minion.

  18. Superevil

    Smut is smut

  19. Heading to rough management classes

    Whoops I made a typo.

  20. I was on the fence on this issue. Now that Angelina has come out against the book burning I have made up my mind. Burn the Quran!!!!!

    • Yeah, that. Well not really of course, but I second your sentiment re Jolie. I just realized she cared enough about her appearance to securely stash her bangs away under the veil, maximizing the opportunity for her to shine. (Guess she forgot she’s got a fivehead)

      Who does that? This is meant to not be about her. Audrey Hepburn comes to mind, who did this so much better.

    • Bog

      I think it was forgotten in the open liner (witty I might add… :S) that Angelina Jolie is not only a Hollywood star – that has made many movies that exposes world and political issues but is also a World Ambassador that fights…speaks to and exercises human rights for ALL people of ALL religion and races.
      Hence with that being said…her opinion does hold weight.
      But…this isn’t about Angelina this is about the very fine line being drawn into the sand.
      Religion is like having sex… should be kept behind closed doors. And they say atheism is a bad idea?

      • Righty Whitey

        She doesn’t fight for ALL people of ALL religions, She fights for ALL people and ALL religions that hate America. She’s a pc liberal windbag and media whore desperately clawing for whatever attention she can get, since she’s now just an aging freak who hasn’t made a decent movie in, well, ever, and now that she’s a washed up old hag with a snatch the size of the grand canyon, this is her only outlet.

        I say burn the Quran/Kuran/FuKuran and shove it in her face like James Caan did to Kathy Bates at the end of Misery……You want it?????EAT IT!!!!

  21. friendlystoner

    i`m so glad angela jolie went all the way to pakistan to help the refugees and found time to comment on this issue as well.

    i`m sure all the poor there were so pleased this person they prob never heard of walked round their camps and helped them my doing everything but give them loads of her money, who then retired from a hard day of being self-righteous to go back to her 5 star luxury hotel while they thought about how they might struggle to get water the next day.

    plus we get the bonus of her calming all the religious muslim hardliners, i mean why wouldnt they all settle down after hearing what a hollywood “A-lister” and “sex symbol” (who basically encapsulates their perception of a western world persona of infidels for whom greed and moraly coruptness are a central part) has to say about a bunch of rednecks burning their holy book.

    • Balzac


      Well put.

    • Jim Jones

      Throwing money at something doesn’t necessarily fix it; actually putting in work and effort does, so don’t be an idiot and criticize her for actually doing something hands-on instead of trying to throw a bunch of cash at the problem. I’m not a Jolie fan, but you’re a douche.

      • Spidey

        Actually money would help much more than her personal efforts, she can donate to the proper organizations (which have been established as trustworthy) who can properly allocate the funds to where they’re needed most (ie: infrastructure, medicine).

        well put friendlystoner.

      • friendlystoner

        geez, now you put it like that i totally understand. you`ve changed my perspective in life totally. or maybe not.

        of course money isnt the only solution but if she`s gonna stand on a pedestal, why not show an example and donate a significant amount of money to foundations and charities that are equiped to do something about it.

        the hard work and effort you talk about is not what she is doing. walking around the camp dressed as a local and telling people she understands their pain and hardship when ten min later she`ll be back in a luxury sedan with aircon is not an example of it

        oh so maybe she is trying to raise awareness? ah well if thats the case thanks angela i had no idea some people in the world are far worse of than me. now she`s given the ok i`ll spend my life to help these people.

        clearly you not as smart as you think you are as you focused on one small part of my comment instead of looking the satirical assessment of what she is doing as a whole. this is further proven when you resort to childish words like “douche”

    • Bog

      I think you like to listen to yourself talk…on a topic and person that you know nothing about. I will not pretend to “know” Angelina but if you could at least do your research and then have an educated opinion that would be greatly appreciated. Surprisingly for you…you will witness the countless time and effort that she provides…”hands on” for all people in these regions.
      Right now your ignorance is your own demise… what you’re saying is…Hey Angelina the next time you hold one of those dying babies why don’t you have a million dollars in cash in your hand just in case…?! LOL @ you seriously… go back to your Jennifer Aniston popcorn movies and Dawson Creeks re-runs.
      It scares me to think of how many people construct and live in a bubble like yours…
      Actually…why dont you take the time to research on all the World – U.N Ambassadors…may it make you humble and appreciative

      • tallulah

        Angelina DOES donate a ton of cash to charity – you just don’t always hear about it because she doesn’t tell the press every time.

        And her nags are pulled back because the point of the headscarf is to HIDE YOUR HAIR.

        i’m not exactly a huge fan of hers, but come on. You guys are struggling to find something to criticise. She’s a decent chick.

      • friendlystoner

        i really dont think you undertand what i said, cos you clearly took the same foolish point of view as jim jones.

        dont think i`ve ever watched a jennifer aniston film or dawsons creek. but if you wanna insult me like that, thats fine.

        i wouldnt be surprised if you`d only recently finished your first year of uni and are now suddenly an expert of the evils of capitalism and spend your time preaching about how corporations of the world are making thinks worse for so many people in poor countries, while missing the irony of using your “uber-cool” iMAC/iPAD/iPHONE to write your comments on here.

      • Bog

        Actually friendly “stoner” I’m about the same age as Angelina and own my own business.
        Have you read up / researched your World U.N Ambassadors yet? Perhaps there is a course available at your local Community College? Either way, the knowledge you will gain will be most beneficial and assist you when attempting to speak to topics like this so your feedback will be receptive and respected.
        How would this be any different if the press asked any other U.N Ambassador?
        And for those that have commented on her dress attire – there are countries and regions where you “have” to respect and wear the same dress attire that the civilians where – especially if you’re female.
        All of these interesting facts and knowledge can also be researched….by the click of your mouse or by reading a book.
        And no…. friendly “Stoner” I do not have an IPhone… I much prefer the Palm Pre… but thanks for guessing! :S

  22. Is that brad Pitt next to her?

  23. duke chute

    I’d plug her fartbox and then plug her word hole with my dookie-laden schlong.

  24. Ed

    This can be considered a hate crime, as I’m sure Muslims in the area will feel physically threatened. You know, like burning a cross is not just considered burning a cross. Or spray painting 666 on some hick Florida church is not just freedom of expression.

    • McFeely Smackup

      No, not even close.

      Just like burning your own cross, in your own yard isn’t a hate crime, nor is painting 666 on your own church a hate crime.

      remember, they’re burning their own copies of the koran, not stealing someone’s and then burning them in a pile in their mosque.

    • Righty Whitey

      There’s no such thing as a “hate crime”, it only exists in the minds of liberals who hate the majority of Americans. I like how your brainwashed mind churned out your liberal pre-programmed response immediately, and blurted out a reason to tie up the courts and frivelously sue with trial lawyers, just like a well trained monkey…err liberal….
      As far as Muslims in the areas feeling “physically threatened”, I say who gives a shit, it’s their fault this war on Terror is happening, if they were so much for “peace” and truly religious and supportive of America, then they should be weeding out their own radical muslims and turning them over to the CIA and Homeland Security. They all want us dead, Islam is not a religion, it’s a Cult of War, Pure and simple..realize it, accept it, get on with it, get over it….pussy.

  25. Graybear

    Why has Angelina Jolie becoming a Dark Lord of the Sith been so underreported?

  26. Mike Walker

    What’s the big deal? It’s not like he’s encasing a figurine of Mohammad in a vat of piss.

  27. I wonder if Angelina feels the same outrage and shock when Muslims hold bible burning events (that happen so often they don’t even rate as news).

    It’s almost like Angelina believes Muslims will react with murderous VIOLENCE to any slight insult to their faith. Gosh, isn’t that stereotyping in the extreme? Isn’t that the sort of thing a horrible republican would think??

    Or is it that we all know and accept that Muslims in fact DO react with murderous violence any insult, real or imagined. And if we know that, shouldn’t we do something about them?

    • Righty Whitey

      Well said. I can’t stand these self-righteous liberal Hollywood elitist idealogues and their hatred of America and Christianity. I would find it comical if the Muslim Terrorists she so vehemently defends would realize she’s just an immoral Western infadel using them to somehow make people think she’s a caring person instead of an aging freak who used to fuck herself with a vile of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood and then have sex with her brother…and kidnap her and behead her then release filmed footage of it to the press….that would be funny as shit….she’d probably be praying for God to save her at that point, in which case he’d probably laugh at her as her head bounced across the floor.

  28. Johnny Cage

    I hope all the politically correct liberal douches realize that Islam does far worse across the world. Such as execute people for having New Testaments, behead people who don’t follow traditional law, and then there’s the ever lovable Jihad against non-muslim cultures.

    But then again the Christians are all rednecks who come from the midwest and they all look like Mel Gibson. So that automatically makes them far worse than Osama Bin Laden and all the other fundie-nuts who want to blow up buildings for Allah. Thank you so much Superficial and liberal media for showing me who the true badguys are.

    Hey you know what, we should apologize to our Radical Islamic friends by exporting more trash culture like half-naked women on MTV and the Jerry Springer show. Because as we all know, extreme Islamics are more enraged by the Jesus people who go to church on Sunday.

  29. j

    The whole problem with the Muslim side of this is that they feel they are justified in killing people who do not agree with them. They cannot stand that we in America have the RIGHT to do something like this. So the Christians are going to burn the books then Muslims are going to try to kill people exposing how anti freedom the Muslims are. Seems like a win win to me no cons. As far as the military goes they are always saying they are doing their job to protect our freedoms … so why would they not want us to exercise it. It should make no difference that we are occupying other countries.
    1) Christians get killed by Muslims exposing how crazy Muslims are and hate freedom.

    Thumbs up for taking one for humanity because crazies will kill you.

    • Balzac

      Hellz yeah! I say we have a new hands across America deal, but instead of holding hands, we each torch a Quran. Then extinguish the ashes with urine.

    • k

      Actually, whether or not Muslims “hate freedom” is not the reason they “feel they are justified in killing people.” The reason they attacked the US (in 1993, the first attack on the WTC, on 9/11, etc.) is because the US has meddled in their affairs. If China deposed a US president and replaced him with a puppet, if China supported Mexico while Mexico gradually encroached on California and built settlements after bulldozing the homes of Californian US citizens, if China had troops all over the US and had Chinese corporations in place to suck oil from America so it could be used in China, don’t you think you’d be pissed? Your head is far up your ass if you think they hate us because “they hate our freedom.”

      • Ok, I’ll take the bait.

        Go ahead and tell us what you mean by “meddling” that provides a rational justification for murdering US citizens.

        Please be specific, don’t use waffle terms like “meddling” in your definition of “meddling”.

      • k

        Hey McFeely, Nowhere did I suggest that US “meddling” (I’ll explain my use of the term in a second) in Middle Eastern affairs “provides a rational justification for murdering US citizens.” When I said that j would be pissed if China was involved in the US in ways that the US is involved in the Middle East, I did not imply that this would make the murder of Chinese citizens by Americans who wanted to force China to leave the US alone ‘rationally justified.’ My point was only than that the reason (rational or not) that US civilians are considered fair game by Muslim extremists, is not because “they hate our freedom,” but because they hate our foreign policy, and specifically the way US foreign policy impacts on their lives. One example of what I would call “meddling,” though one can use another word if one prefer, is when the CIA (and British intelligence) overthrew the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran, and replaced him with the shah. (Anyone can look this stuff up online.) Ron Paul wrote an article in 2004 article, “Quit Meddling in the Middle East.” The US use of vetoes in the UN to prevent sanctions of Israel when Israel has done things that the US would condemn were any other country to do it is also an example of “meddling.” Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is quoted as saying, “The Taliban was a construct of the CIA and was armed by the CIA… The Clinton administration, along with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, created the Taliban.” The Defense Science Board of the US Defense Dept. has stated unequivocally that terrorist acts directed against the US are reactions to US foreign policy. They weren’t trying to suggest that such terrorism is justified, they were just speaking plainly and clearly about why Muslim extremists target the US, including US civilians, instead of spouting bullshit like “They hate us because they hate our freedom.” After the first attack on the WTC in 1993, one of the head conspirators justified the attack by saying that “the terrorism that Israel practices (which America supports) must be faced with a similar one.” Again, I’m not saying that the attack was justified, nor am I saying that the stated reason provides a “rational justification.” I’m just saying, there are reasons why Muslim extremists target the US and not, say, Sweden, and it’s not because “they hate our freedom.”

        And finally, from ABC News’ John Miller’s 1998 interview with bin Laden:

        JOHN MILLER Many Americans believe that fighting army to army like what happened in Afghanistan is heroic for either army, but setting off bombs killing civilians and innocents like the World Trade Center is terrorism.

        OSAMA BIN LADEN He is using talk that they are not following. After our victory in Afghanistan and defeating the Russians, the world media, led by the American media, started a campaign against us that is still going on today despite the fact that the Russians left in 1989, almost 10 years ago. They have carried out this campaign accusing us of being terrorists without any action being taken by the mujahideen against the real terrorists, the Americans. That is one side.

        On the other side, American policy does not admit to differentiating between civilians, military, and child, human or animal. Examples I mentioned before are Nagasaki and Hiroshima where they tried to eliminate a whole people.

        When it comes to Muslims, there is testimony from Westerners and Christians who testified to the death of hundreds of thousands of our children in Iraq. And there is Qana, Sabra and Shattila, Dir Yasin and Bosnia.

        The crusaders continued their slaughter of our mothers, sisters and children. America every time makes a decision to support them and prevent weapons from reaching the Muslims, and allow Serbian butchers to slaughter Muslims.

        You do not have a religion that prevents you from carrying out these actions and therefore you do not have the right to object to like treatment. Every action solicits a reaction. It is a punishment that fits the crime.


        I hope bin Laden’s dead and if he isn’t that he will be killed ASAP. I don’t quote him to suggest that he’s a rational dude with a rational justification for the terror he’s been behind. I quote him to reinforce my point that the reason “they hate us” is because of our foreign policy, not because they don’t like the way Taylor Momsen dresses or because she has the freedom to dress that way, etc.

      • Peanutty

        I agree with most of what you said (TL;DR) but Bush senior was the head of the CIA in the arms for hostages bullshit that armed the Taliban in their war against Russia.

      • j

        Their idea of a peaceful planet is enforcing sharia law on every man woman and child and kill every non believer. ..Shit .. they almost just stoned a woman to death for adultery. If Muslims as a whole respected freedom this whole thing would be a non issue, instead they are going to prove to the world (yet again) that they are an enemy of freedom . So be it …eventually there will be a fight because Sharia law and freedom cannot co exist and if it came down to it I would give my life (no BS promise of virgins required).

      • L

        K.. nobody is talking about palistine you dbag.. It is the cultural clash that muslims cannot handle the burning of the koran or make a cartoon of some mythical god(or the fact that we have the FREEDOM to do so) hence this disscussion. You trying to bring up palistine has nothing to do with anything.

        So yes you have your head up your ass.

      • Weird Al

        Yeah k, that’s why Islamic men in the Phillipines and Thailand behead non-Muslims and leave their corpses to be found.

        Because those giant oil-desiring superpower countries messed with Muslim countries….

        Wait WTF?

        Sick of liberal losers excusing radical Islam. The faith is a f’ing sham. Jefferson dealt with the Barbary pirates who are quoted as wanting to wage war on any country not under the prophet. That was way before the U.S. became a superpower or meddled in ANYTHING. And the Islamic conquest of Persia and India? Millions dead, their former religions trampled into the ground.

        A better question – why has the Muslim minority of India remained the same or increased since the country was partitioned, yet the non-Muslim minority of Pakistan has dropped considerably? I’ll yet you figure it out. P.S. Islamic terror at Mumbai….I guess that was the non-Muslims’ fault too right?

      • Johnny Cage


        “I’m just saying, there are reasons why Muslim extremists target the US and not, say, Sweden, and it’s not because “they hate our freedom.”

        Bad example man. Malmo Sweden has many times been the location of muslim immigrant outrage. There have been riots and an increasing number of rapes by Islamic hoods there. The London Guardian newspaper even called that place “The best Islamic state”.

        Quotes like that are just made by self-righteous bleeding hearts who always want to paint Islam as the victim while they capitalize on the old redneck totalitarian Christian stereotype. I’m not attacking you personally either K.

        As for the quote from Bin Laden. Listen, this is Osama Bin Laden, when your idea of reform is to rape all the women of your rival belief, that kind of throws all your righteous credibility out the window.

        “Examples I mentioned before are Nagasaki and Hiroshima where they tried to eliminate a whole people.” – Bin Laden

        The above quote made by Bin Laden is an excuse everyone, who wants to paint the US as the great evil, wants to regurgitate whether they have a brain or not. A few years back I heard some short, brown, round, bald-headed, hispanic guy scream this around in his irritatingly high pitched voice. Apparently this girly-voiced immigrant wanted to call the US the most corrupt country on earth. Yet at the same time, here was this greasy asshole yelling about while he was not only STAYING in this country, but also working here, and making MONEY here! So much for a corrupt nation eh? Just as long as this corrupt nation gave twat-nuggets like this grease-ball on the bus a higher paying job and the freedom to do so, he guessed it ok to sound like an spoiled freckle-faced step child. If guys like this brown m&m on the bus really had some honesty, he would have taken the first bus back across the border where he could have been shot to pieces by the Cartels that rule his country.

        Hiroshima and Nagasaki….why didn’t they ask Bin Laden about Unit 731 (400,000 dead)? The Rape of Nanking (over 200,000 dead)? Even both the bombings Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t kill 1/3 as many as the previous 2 Imperial massacres! Even when the United States unfortunately had to drop atomic bombs on those cities, it wasn’t to exterminate the Japanese race just as the Imperial army was doing to the Chinese, it was to WIN a war that the Imperial Japanese started in the first fragging place! (Pearl Harbor)

        The only reason a douche-bag like Bin laden is bring up the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is to use a scapegoat for his actions. That way he feels less guilty when his Islamic Fascist brethren in Nigeria are hacking Christian women and children to death. But wait…those women and children aren’t even American. Then again neither are the Southern Sudanese people who have been attacked by the Jihadist Northern Sudanese for decades. These people aren’t Americans, so why does Bin Laden support such institutions like the North Sudan Jihadists? We does his institutions support attacks on non-muslims in some South East Asian nations? I mean America is on the other side of the world you guys.

        Simply put, he’s a liar…an opportunist and so are others like him. Please don’t blame me for Bush, Clinton, or Obama for being a klutz

      • Righty Whitey

        Preprogrammed liberal propoganda, typical “It’s the US’s fault that Muslim Terrorists are forced against their will to murder innocent US civilians and their Allies”…..god, is their a factory somewhere in San Francisco that churns out all you anti-American liberal douchebags or what? Where the hell do you come from?

  30. Anubis09

    I knew she was a Sith Lord.


    My Quran fell into a burning ring of fire
    It went down, down, down and the flames went higher
    And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire
    The ring of fire

  32. Liberal Hater

    I can’t believe this assclown who wants to burn the Quran is getting this kind of attention. Seriously, I think they said there were 50 members of that church of his lol. What a joke.
    Oh and I bet anything that this cunt, Angelina, wouldn’t say a fucking thing if some group of dirty fucking Muslims wanted to burn the Bible.
    I have an idea…why don’t they burn Angelina.

  33. shavederic

    Who gives a fuck what this broad thinks? She’s an actress. She’d paid to prattle on with somebody else’s words in her mouth.

    As far as burning a bunch of Quran’s – those assholes who flew the jetliners into the world trade center didn’t seem to mind burning theirs, so why the fuck should I care about a few more?

    • Liberal Hater

      Oooh, excellent point. ON WITH THE BURNING!!

    • Balzac

      Right on!!!

    • me

      this whole thing is a joke to everyone but the Muslim extremists. They will freaking kill, slash throats, behead, stone, throw acid… and we’re just like “hmmmm. next headline please.”

      Freedom of religion is getting scarier by the day. They can kill us in the name of their religion, but man, if you draw a picture of mohammed burn a Qur’an you are insulting Islam and deserve whatever these crazy guys and gals deem fit. In Christianity, Christ is the judge and he didn’t judge ANYONE. These Muslims believe they are the judge HERE AND NOW. Maybe America is a little more “Islamic” than what we think because I can’t believe the shit that’s going down and we turn the other cheek or DEFEND THEM? I think the Libs are so anti-Christian, they are willing to let a religion that persecutes anyone (even their own) rule over them and everyone else. It’s like it’s the new fad to defend “peace loving Muslims”. Nobody who defends this religion has ever read the Qur’an. I’m convinced of that, because if folks actually read this book and still defended these people, they would be treasonists because it clearly states that all non-believers should die and Muslims are given right to do the killing. First page.

      • I think all of this is good in the long run. Yes, the bible thumpers who burn korans will look like the backwoods jerkholes they are. The ilamists who get their panties up in a bunch will look like a bunch of towelhead extremists.

        When it all comes out in the wash, we’ll know for a fact if muslims are all talk, or if they’re a bunch of murderous psychopaths that need to be exterminated for the good of the planet. All in all, I think that’s a good question to know the answer to.

      • Mike Hawk

        @McFeely Smackup…

        you said:

        “When it all comes out in the wash, we’ll know for a fact if muslims are all talk, or if they’re a bunch of murderous psychopaths that need to be exterminated for the good of the planet. All in all, I think that’s a good question to know the answer to.”

        Are you FUCKING KIDDING? You dont know the answer to this already? Youre still sitting around waiting to know what muslims want to do? HOLY SHIT you are the stupidest person on here with that comment.

        They have stated publicly for 30+ yrs how they feel, their agenda and goals of making the USA , Europe and all of Asia muslim states and their inability to accept any other religion in their muslim states.

        If its war they want, its war theyll get. Just be sure to know that if we have another attack in the US, Ill be helping round them all up for the internment camps. Fuck them and Allah.

    • @Mike Hawk

      I was speaking a bit ironically. Yes, rational people who have done nothing more than pay a bit of attention know EXACTLY what the goal of modern Islam is (hint: it’s the same as Islam from 2000 years ago, exterminate infidels).

      But there are an extremely large number of people who continue to deny the reality of the barbarous nature of islam and frankly, that puts us in a shitload of trouble. 9/11 was a wake up call, but apparently the snooze button has been hit and we need another one. Radical islam has to be dealt with before they start laying hands on nuclear and chemical weapons. Does anyone think they’d hesitate for a second to walk a suitcase nuke into US population centers?

      • Mike Hawk

        Ok, I completely withdraw my comment about you being the stupidest person on here and apologize wholeheartedly. You seem to be tone of the few here that realize the realism & possibilities of what is really going on.

        To answer your question…YES, most of America thinks they would hesitate to do such an act and thinks they are all innocent, peace loving people and we are the bad guys…

  34. XFX

    “because the South prefers burning shit over reading”

    To be fair, the Quran makes for much better fuel than reading material. I mean it’s not only stupid and full of hate, it’s also incredibly boring.

  35. Ryan

    The south prefers burning shit over reading? How about Afghanies burning flags because some moron wants to burn a book.. GIve me a break the guy started his “Church” if you can call it that in a Holiday Inn meeting room.. The guys a fraud


    He owns stock in a Quran publishing company.The more you burn……well you can figure that out !

  37. Lady Blah Blah

    A Hollywoodite (who was dumb enough not only to be with Billy Bob but wore a vial of his blood around her neck) liberal adding her 2 cents to this non-partisan issue doesn’t help, because it makes the issue seem like a partisan one. (It’s not, because any fool should be able to understand how it will inflame things in the very area where US troops are on the ground and thus extremely vulnerable. This has nothing to do with left/right, Democrat/Republican and all that polarizing crap.)

  38. Sillyliberals

    You liberals are pretty funny….first you scream “They have the RIGHT to build that mosque there, so that means they should do it!!11!”. The argument against it was that it was in poor taste, not that they couldn’t LEGALLY do it. Now someone wants to burn a book (doesn’t matter which one it is, according to our constitution they have the right to do that) and you idiots are coming out of the wood works talking about how doing this is in poor taste. Make up your minds, hypocrites. And lets be honest, if the so called “leaders” cared about American troops we wouldn’t still be in that shit hole.

  39. Wow

    Wow. Lots of hostility toward the South, huh? Good thing none of you are closeminded or prattle on when you don’t know what you’re talking about. Cause then you might be prejudiced, like those losers down South.

  40. Mrktut337

    I’m serving my country in Iraq right now and I would love to not be killed or my friends over here be killed cause they think burning a Bible would do something good….

  41. m

    dear superficial writer,
    nailed it.

    that is all.

  42. Peanutty

    umm…I don’t like Angie Jo.

  43. Carter

    I am ashamed to live in a state with people like this.

  44. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    This guy has a right to burn dem books down, childish thought it may be. Sorry Liberals, morons, Muslims and anyone else who thinks they then have the right to murder him, behead him or even threaten him, you do not have that right. Not in America. Let us remember the cartoon flap. The Muslims have made death threats because someone drew cartoons !! Are you guys nuts? I mean those that support them. Van Gough was murdered because of exposing how awful Muslims treat women. Seriously, one side here is right and the other side is wrong every time. Which side are you on?

    • Spidey

      what right do you think you have? The Supreme Court in several instances has pointed out people don’t have the right to conduct or speech which can either incite unrest or perpetuate further violence. Only time it’s allowed is for political discourse or if there’s some social value to it…which in this case neither applies. Educate yourself before repeating ignorant rhetoric.

      • L

        Spidey .. your words incite me to violence/unrest.. you no longer have the right to type.

      • Jon and Kate plus Hate

        The only reason this will incite violence is that you have totally intolerant insane Muslims who react with violence to anything they wish. Just curious, where were you when they put the Madonna in Piss, burned bibles, burned the flag, Burned George Bush effigies, etc etc. I bet you said not a peep, yet those things could have incited violence. Your argument does not stand. This preacher has the right to burn the Qurans but no one has the right to threaten him with violence or inflict violence.

      • Righty Whitey

        The Supreme court is slowly being filled up with anti-American pc liberal carpet munchers and butt-pirates. It won’t be long until the new Revolution takes them out as well as all the treasonous scumbags on capital hill. And the military will be on the side of the Revolution, not the pc liberal anti-American gov’t.

    • Weird Al

      Well Spidey, that’s B.S.

      50 people died from Muslim agitating over those Mohammad cartoons. Why can’t they peacefully disagree – EVER?

      Freedom is freedom is freedom….yes I can talk in a way that offends you. Yes you can disagree with force. Never in violence.

      Hate crime laws are just a way to shut people up for politically incorrect or hateful speech. It’s nonsense.

      • Spidey

        the key word you used there though is “law”

        L, sorry, let me clarify, you have to knowingly or at least reasonably expect your words to incite violence. Your wit fails.

  45. Mark

    Can I burn a Saudi Arabian flag instead?

  46. Greenie

    Political Fish blows. You are worse than Todd at IDLYITW. That my friends, is pretty bad.

    Go back to making fun of Lohan and leave the Politics to the big people. Kaythanks.

  47. badchess

    Now if she will only Criticize those who think it is OK to cut someone’s head off because, oh, they don’t believe the EXACT same thing as you…

  48. Angel786

    I’m a Muslim and I say who gives a shit what they burn. Just live your life the best you can and follow whichever religion you believe in.

    I think the Bible says “judge not lest ye be judged”, so lets let God punish the Bible/Quran burners as he sees fit.


    • Righty Whitey

      God doesn’t punish Quran burners. He punishes people who have been brainwashed by the Cult of War called Islam.

  49. weem

    If there were people picking a specific day to burn copies of the Bible you bigots would be all for it, and you know you would…

  50. Andrew

    They’ve been doing this to Christians for as long as I can remember, it’s about time we return the favor. The quicker we realize that the west and the middle east will never get along, the quicker we can end this thing by pounding them into submission. No one wants to admit it, but there will be another war in the near future.

    • Righty Whitey

      Yes, true. Actually, the “Peaceful” Muslim Cult of War (Islam is not a Religion, it’s a Cult of War, murder, & oppression) is responsible for starting 95% of every war that has ever been fought in the history of mankind. There have literally been 1000′s of wars started by Muslims in the last two centuries alone. And they’ve been doing the same thing for 1000′s of years. It’s time we rid the planet of these scurge, they’re not even human, they’re like the diseased rats that carried the plague back in the middle ages. They should be rounded up and burned as such.

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