Angelina Jolie as Marilyn Monroe. Of Course, They Look So Alike…

August 16th, 2010 // 81 Comments

Seen here at the London premiere of Salt today, Angelina Jolie will reportedly play Marilyn Monroe in a new biopic told through.. the eyes of her dog? Okay, sure. The Daily Telegraph reports:

Speculation over the project has been growing over the last few months. Scarlett Johansson had been linked to the Monroe role, and Mr O’Hagen had previously suggested that Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks could also play the lead role.
The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe follows Monroe’s last two years through the eyes of her pet, Maf, a Maltese terrier which was a gift from Sinatra in 1960.

Oh, phew, the movie’s fucking nuts. For a minute there, I was concerned about seeing Marilyn Monroe look like a former heroin addict collapsing under the weight of raising six international children, but now I realize it’s being filmed in CrazyVision and everything’s all better. *puts down The Catcher in the Rye, washes off clown make-up* Haha! That was close.

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  1. Funny?

    Britney look exactly like her. I don’t know if she can pull the acting but she surly look like her.

    As for Angelina she can really act. I don’t Understand why so much hate toward someone who haven’t do anything to any one here but anyways as for acting she’s a serois actress, she can pull it but she is not curvy and she is too skinny.

    Now Marilyn was a babe and hot and all but between 2003-2006 to me Angelina was wayy HOTTER than Monroe on her best and look everybody is like saying soo many ppl that actually look like Marilyn but Jolie is not a common beauty and give it up already ppl, skinny and all the women is BEAUTIFUL and she is legend already

    • me

      You must be kidding right because Angelina is a scarecrow with a serious skinny body, no curves.Marilyn Monroe is number one most of those celebs want to be like her soo Marilyn is soo much hotter than Angelina.No one is saying Angelina is better than Marilyn even dead Marilyn Monroe is one of the most copied stars of today look at Christina Aguilera and Brit, Lindsay L,Gwen S,Anna Nicole,Paris H,Megan F, Madonna and there are too many too list .I really don’t see any stars trying to be like Agelina Jolie.

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