Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp Look Thrilled to Be Together. Just Thrilled.

“Remember the rules: No eye contact. No smiling when together. And only address me as ‘Kerchief Slim, Mississippi frontiersman.'”

Here’s Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp attending the photocall for their new movie Cowboys vs. Homewreckers The Tourist in Madrid today which had to be all kinds of awkward considering it bombed at the box office over the weekend, only to be nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Comedy despite being an action thriller. On top of that, Johnny has already detailed his painstaking effort to never be photographed with Angelina so rumors won’t get started. In fact, if she brushed up against him, he’d probably topple over to reveal he’s been a cardboard cut the entire time, then laugh from a rabbit hole while chewing a carrot. He’s mysterious that way.

Photos: Getty, Splash News