Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker get married

April 18th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Andy Roddick got married to model Brooklyn Decker in a ceremony at his Austin, Texas home last night. People reports:

The tennis pro, 26, and the swimsuit model, 21, exchanged vows in an intimate candlelit ceremony before a group of close friends and family.

“They are absolutely perfect for each other,” a family friend tells PEOPLE. “I think they knew that from the moment they met that they were perfect for each other.”

At the ceremony, bridesmaids wore strapless, chocolate-colored gowns, and the setting was decorated with bright, tropical flowers. The bride’s gown was by Vera Wang. Guests – including tennis greats Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi – were also treated to a musical performance by Roddick’s longtime friend, Sir Elton John.

I know absolutely nothing about Andy Roddick as a person, but based solely on these pictures of Brooklyn Decker, I’m going to go ahead and assume she could’ve done better. Like way better. Andy Roddick could win Wimbledon, discover the cure to cancer, and have a monument built in his honor and I’m still pretty sure she could’ve stepped it up a bit.

Photos: Getty, WENN

  1. Adam

    And the funny thing is that he saw her picture in the SI swimsuit issue and asked his agent to get her number. Of all of the models he could have chosen strictly for looks, he chose her. Different strokes.

  2. Funeral Guy

    I guess she’s alright. I’ll need more nudity before a final evaluation. BTW…Longtime friend of Elton John? Whatup wit dat?

  3. me

    First! She’s hot

  4. SuperMe

    Wow, she must actually have a personality.
    She’s pretty, but not gorgeous.

  5. Gando


  6. edamame

    Why in the hell is she wearing a hubcap on her necklace?! I’ll betcha that Elton is at Oil Can Harry’s tonight.

  7. I actually saw 10 college girls this morning at Target who were hotter than her. And what the hell is she wearing? Looks like it could be the female version of the Ironman costume.

  8. ~

    hmmm, I’d bet if she was brunette you would hardly look twice at her. Her face is kind of plain.

  9. Humptea Dumptea

    Eat sum food bitch.

  10. Miss Brown Eyes

    She looks like every twit college girl…. only reason she’s famous is … hmmmm yeah… i got nothing

    Did she do Girls Gone Boring?

  11. arroyo

    @10 – hahahahaha
    I’m guessing that Andy trades down in about 3 years.

  12. Andrew

    Who the hell are these people? and why did I think Andy was the girl for some reason? Anyways….

  13. ronr

    Pretty girl; stupid name.

  14. Shep

    And a big who gives a fuck goes out to this story do to the annoying Andy cry baby Roddick and Generic Swimsuit model. I actually had to wake up before I wrote this because I fell asleep halfway through reading this.

  15. momo

    wow she looks really…smart

  16. Minty

    @8 now that you mention it….think you’re right

  17. I’d wrap my dick in bacon and pork her……………

  18. Of course I was also in the produce section of the local Piggly Wiggly today thinking about molesting a papaya (the most sexual of all tropical fruit).


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  20. Standart hot blonde. Id’ hit it with all my soul, of course.

  21. Bianca

    they’re going to have odd looking children

  22. Melissa

    Who the FUCK gets married at twenty-one?!?!?! Seriously…


  24. Jen

    Who are these people? I thought this was a celebrity site. Can I post my wedding announcements here?

  25. Jan

    Wait… i thought this was a post about Andy Roddick.. then why are there only pictures of some bland blonde chick? That ain’t right sir!

  26. Gando


  27. eggs

    @24 Sure you can. Whether people will care is a wholly separate issue, though. Congrats, by the way.

  28. Outfits look terrible, not much presence. Looks like she’s slouching.

  29. bitchy

    honestly this woman is absolutely beautiful ..sooooo pretty. hope she’s a nice gal.

  30. Outfits look terrible, she isn’t stunning. Looks like she’s slouching.

  31. Hugh Hefner

    Why is she carrying a vibrator shaped handbag. Is that the only thing you need for a red carpet event. Just in case your boyrfiend doesnt show, you can nip to the bathroom…

  32. jumpin_j

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Pink? Not a good sign. Ick.

  33. Mike

    And now for her next magic trick… triple her size in two years

  34. Rhialto

    Where’s my lill bride?

  35. titsonsnack

    Yeah she does look like Pink.
    Who the fuck are these people? Are they famous?

  36. Sauron

    Congrats to the couple!

  37. salawhite

    Recently I found a hot club — S e e k i n g t a l l . c o m — just for sexy tall gals and guys to find their cupid. Come on, tall singles. Don’t miss your love.

  38. jc

    girl needs a nose job

  39. His Huge Greatness Himself

    I bet they are going to have an awesome time together! Congrats!

  40. j

    She’s in for a long ride w/Andy’s gay rumors.

  41. alfalfa

    I don’t know who she is but I’d fuck her if the price was $25

  42. j

    She’s in for a long ride w/Andy’s gay rumors.

  43. Rhialto

    If this marriage is succesful then he’s going to perform better.That simple it is.

  44. smarg

    I’d eat the peanuts and corn kernels out of her shit just to see where it came from.

  45. Fuck U

    Who the fuck cares???
    #44, you are a fucking douche…eat that.

  46. Joyce

    She looks like a man honestly. I think she gained alot by marrying Andy Roddick though he’s not that great looking himself.

  47. Fuck

    He could do better. Shit, I could do better. If I were Andy Roddick.

  48. sarah

    I actually went to high school (david w butler, its in matthews north carolina) with her and she looked NOTHING like this, she def. got breast implants. way to marry up Brooke

  49. turd sammich

    That’s a MAN, baby!!

  50. Andy's facial hair

    No mention of Andy’s beard status here….facial hair or no beard at the wedding….nah he wore a beard

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