Andy Dick tries to molest Ivanka Trump

February 5th, 2007 // 54 Comments

Andy Dick was dragged off Jimmy Kimmel Live last week after he kept touching Ivanka Trump. It’s especially pathetic because you know this is him trying to prove he’s straight. Only he has no idea how to be straight, so this is what he learned from a book. Probably the same one Tom Cruise read.


  1. BastardotheGreat

    I thought this bit was hillarious. That grandpa as a security guard was even funnier. Next time hire a security guard that won’t topple over from lifting 12lbs! Replace Andy Dick with Kathy Griffin and I bet she wouldn’t have been dragged off. Ivanka does look better here. usually I cannot stand to look at her because I see her dad’s face.

  2. Grimby

    Horse, the actor that you are thinking about that worked along side Andy Dick and died.. are you thinking of Phil Hartman from News Radio/SNL?
    He didn’t commit suicide.
    His wife shot him and then she shot herself.
    It was a sad world then :(

    Andy Dick is usually only funny when he’s a target by another comedian.
    Although that Bush preparation speech video was a minor chuckle.

    This looks staged though.. the clumsier than usual security guard.

  3. FRT

    Andy is a Dick!

    Fucking loser better be careful…I wouldn’t fuck around with Ivanka…(but I would like to dick her…! She is a gorgeous classy lady)…all “The Donald” has to do is make one phone call…and we will never see wierdo Andy again!

    On second thought….pick up that phone and make the call Trump!

    Pretty please!

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