Andy Griffith Died (1926 – 2012)

July 3rd, 2012 // 38 Comments
Andy Griffith

Television icon Andy Griffith died this morning at his North Carolina home, according to WITN News. He was 86. Famously known for his starring roles in The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock, the beloved actor had only one final wish according to the most recent draft of his will:

“If anyone even thinks of casting Lindsay Lohan to play me in a made-for-TV movie, I will haunt each and every one of you motherfuckers to your dying breath. You don’t even know.”

Beautiful words from a beautiful man. Rest in Peace, Andy.


  1. RIP Sheriff Taylor!

  2. USDA Prime McBeef

    Will not speak ill of Andy Griffith.

    But I’ll laugh when you do.

    RIP Matlock

  3. Frank Burns

    So much for that ‘Sheriff Taylor versus The Crips’ movie I was hoping for. RIP Andy G.

  4. EricLr

    Everyone remembers him from the Andy Griffith Show of course. But “A Face in the Crowd” was a great political movie. And I personally have a soft-spot too for the short-lived “Salvage One” (where he built a spacecraft out of junkyard parts).

    • Dr.J.Fever

      Another Salvage 1 fan here.

    • I was trying to find Salvage 1 on dvd just a couple weeks ago, I loved that show…and I know I didn’t see all the episodes. No luck though. and now I’m sad…

    • Emma Watson's Vagina

      also another Salvage fan her as well.

    • “A Face in the Crowd” has always been one of my favorites, simply because Griffiths did the most amazing job playing a lecher, drunkard, con man and all-around vile demagogue – Matthau, Neal and Franciosa had to work overtime to keep on the screen. Before there was “Mad Men”, there was the indictment.

      Anybody ever catch “Murder in Coweta County” with Johnny Cash? Made for TV movie about an actual 1948 murder in GA. One of Griffith’s few villain roles post-Sheriff Andy, and as I remember it, he was the personification of evil. As in, WTF, brrr. It was kind of hard to watch him on reruns sauntering down to the fishin’ hole in Mayberry, knowing he had that sort of range and could tap into it so seamlessly.

      • He was a riot in “No Time For Sergeants” with Nick Adams and Myron McCormick as that poor bastard Sgt. King. That was 1958. I was just a little feller…RIP, Andy.

  5. El Jefe

    R.I.P. Andy.

  6. DeucePickle

    Not sure if Andy Griffith’s ghost will read this but, rest in peace, I’m sure God has a bottomless hot dog cart waiting for you in heaven, where you’re probably also the sheriff and Aunt Bea makes you pies whenever you want. Sound pretty sweet.

  7. Tillman

    They’re going to have to call the man in Mt. Pilot.
    And yet, Gomer Pyle lives. Bastards!

  8. One of the good guys of Hollywood. He will be missed but his memory will live on in syndication.

    RIP Andy!

  9. adam

    Objection your honor!

  10. jumpin_j

    If you have never heard his, “What It Was, Was Football”, here’s the link. It’s about five minutes long and a comedy classic:

  11. I’m whistling the theme now. Coworkers be damned!

  12. JC

    Silly, Fish. Lindsay will play Aunt Bea. A coke-addled, whorey Aunt Bea.

  13. shankyouverymuch

    Andy Griffith was one of the best actors ever to walk the planet period. This is truly a sad day at my house.

    Andy is now reunited with Barnie, Otis, Aunt Bee, & the rest of those that have left this ball of clay. I bet they are having a big grand old party today in the Mayberry beyond……

  14. tlmck

    Say hey to Barney, Goober and the rest of the gang for us. RIP

  15. Emma Watson's Vagina


  16. Andy Griffin is dead, yet Lindsay Lohan still lives. What a cruel fucking world.
    A couple of clips from his movie “A Face In The Crowd”. This folks is a master of his craft. Andy and Patricia Neal:

    The intentions of Lonesome Rhodes come out:

    This movie will be on one of the “Classic” movie channels – probably as early as tonight. Put it on – it will be in black and white, there will be no special effects – no surround sound, no IMAX, no CGI. Just a great story, a legendary director, and some truly incredible acting performances. You will not be disappointed.

  17. festus

    He was awesome as Colonel Ticonderoga, the evil cattle baron, in Rustler’s Rhapsody. R.I.P.

  18. Dan Quayle

    Was hung like a horse and played the field like a sailor on shore leave in Thailand. RIP, Sir.

  19. hbw

    Will Matlock’s viewing be an open or shut case?

  20. Rest in peace Andy.

  21. BrandiLye

    Goodbye, Matlock. Me and my grandma shared many a coffee over your show. :(

  22. Carla

    Another of the rare greats gone *sigh*

  23. graywollff

    I used to like him… then the bastard backed obama and now I hate him. good riddance. one less vote for obama and one less hollywood cocksucker that will be giving obama money. may he have a great dirt nap, too bad he could not take obama,obama’s skanky wife and obama’s future crack whore kids with him!!!!!!!!

  24. oldfool

    Don’t allow no Darkies in Mayberry, BTW , when it was Andy’s turn to bottom, Barney called him “Angie.”

  25. R.I.P. Andy Griffith. I loved the Andy Griffith show, Matlock and anything else I’ve seen you in. Truly a versatile and respectable actor.

  26. Porkpie

    I wish I could have been there to rape his dead body. Rest in peace, Sheriff!

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