Andy Dick is Still a Hilarious Fall-Down Drunk

May 3rd, 2011 // 20 Comments
Andy Dick Drunk Arrested

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Now there’s the face of a guy on the verge of another public humiliation. “What’s this now, there’s a law against putting your dick in the breadbasket? Aww, ha ha, now I know you guys are just messing with me!” Despite appearing actually happy to have been arrested again, something tells me that Andy Dick might not have it entirely together. Popeater reports:

On an episode of Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast that aired just last week, Dick said he was about to embark on a long stretch without boozing: “There’s been times when I haven’t drank for three years in a row … Right now, I know I’m in a very long stretch of complete abstinence and sobriety.

He added:

I cannot tell you that I’m not gonna drink again,” Dick said on the WTF Podcast (taped at an earlier, unclear time, although it was likely early 2011). “But I’ll tell you what, I don’t prefer it right now.

Apparently “right now” literally means that exact second, because for all I know his “long stretch of sobriety” could have included this and this. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go around drunkenly peeing everywhere or grabbing strangers’ dongs, but I’m also not shortsighted enough to publicly declare it out of the realm of possibility.

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  1. Rogue_hunter

    I saw Andy Dick Thursday night at the Viper Room as he stumbled in the door on Sunset. 5 seconds later the bouncer kicked him out.

    Back in July a friend was having a birthday party at a burlesque show at the Music Box on Hollywood. He sat down at their table looking like he was going to puke, got a few drinks, tried to grope the birthday girl, then stumbled off.

  2. God is Black

    At least he’s got that Kirk Douglas/Peter Griffin chin going for him?LOSER

  3. Dude’s just psyched about all the cock he’s going to get in prison. It’ll be like being surrounded by a lollipop tree. He’s livin’ the dream.

  4. Deacon Jones

    There’s people that have a drinking problem, THEN there’s people that have a drinking problem.

    If I saw youtube video of myself getting kicked out of a party and then everyone poured beer on my head from the second floor, laughing at me as I smashed into a fence (google it), I would become a fucking monk.

    • lols well I just googled ‘Andy Dick kicked out of party’ and I found
      -Andy Dick kicked out of AVN awards
      -Andy Dick kicked out of theater for not paying for a ticket
      -Andy Dick kicked out of family’s home he broke into in middle of night
      -Andy Dick kicked off of Jimmy Kimmel for accosting Ivanka Trump
      -Andy Dick kicked out of winery of public intoxication
      -Andy Dick kicked out of bar for grabbing security guards’ crotch
      Andy Dick kicked off of a bands’ Tour Bus
      I think I’ll have to refine my search

  5. The Critical Crassness

    Andy Dick, well at least his name is appropriate, A. Dick!

  6. Stay rough my friend

    Do I have to beg the Networks to pair up Garry Busey and Andy in a reality tv show?

  7. spookyfish

    Maybe he is still plagued by the loss of Phil Hartment that he can’t get get his shit together.

  8. Cock Dr

    Andy Dick
    Jesse James
    Kid Rock

    What a day for the ladies. Such stellar specimens of manhood you display for us.
    Pinning hopes now on “crap missed” post.

  9. Jacob

    I hope Andy Dick gets cancer.

  10. youcandieNOW

    The only way he’ll ever defeat his demons is to live life as Daphne Aguliera full time.

  11. rican

    Kathy Griffin sporting a 5 o’clock shadow

  12. slappy magoo

    Why, in this picture he looks like the whimsical yet daffy lovable science teacher from your high school.
    Just before he was arrested for raping a kid.

  13. slappy magoo

    Or, it’s the look of a man who got arrested but he knows he’ll get off. Oh, he’ll go to prison. And he’ll be the bottom. But he’ll get off.

  14. He looks like an adorable Keebler Elf, except instead of making cookies, he sucks dicks.

  15. the captain

    that’s why the united states has “DickHeads”, folks!!

  16. Congrats Obama, first you bring to justice the most hated man in America, then you get Bin Laden. What a week!

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