Andrew Garfield Is Completely Naked Under His ‘Spider-Man’ Costume

“By the way, I’m naked under here.”
“Wait, what-“
“Go, go, Spidey-groin!”

Sorry to inundate you with two posts about Marvel movies today, but it’s Zombie Jesus Week so zombie suck it up. In a new interview with Ellen, Andrew Garfield apparently reveals he’s completely naked under his costume in The Amazing Spider-Man which makes sense considering old lesbians love tales of naked young men’s bodies. In fact, if I had to pick one thing that turns them on the most, it’s probably that. Via Us Weekly:

“It’s just me [under there]. It’s terrifying,” the British star tells Ellen DeGeneres during his Tuesday interview, after the Ellen host asked about his nicker situation — or lack thereof.
And despite him being male, the Social Network star admits that he’s shy about his body just like his female friends.
“One of the first nights we were out in location in downtown L.A. in a parking structure and I knew there were paparazzi taking terrible, unflattering shots of my, you know, everything,” he tells DeGeneres. “Knowing that your keester is being shot from many different angles makes you very uncomfortable.”

DIRECTOR: Alright, Andrew, in this scene Spidey spots a bank- Wait, why can I see your dick?
ANDREW: The guy in wardrobe said I couldn’t wear underwear.
DIRECTOR: Guy in wardrobe? There’s no men working in wardrobe on this movie… Hey! Stop that guy!
JERRY SANDUSKY: Now I’ve seen all of you, Spider-man. ALL OF YOU. MUAHAHAHAHA! *spreads vulture wings, flies off*

(And now that I wrote it out, I don’t see how I can’t guarantee it happened exactly that. It happened exactly like that.)

Photos: Splash News, WENN