First Look: Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Costume

January 13th, 2011 // 63 Comments

Sony Pictures has released the first image of Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) in costume for the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, so hopefully this makes up for all those pics of hipster Peter Parker I subjected you to earlier. That said, it’s nice to see a thinner Spider-Man instead of the chunky, Power Ranger-esque version played by Tobey Maguire. It looks more like the comics, and, yes, that sound you just heard is me getting negative laid. Like a thousand tiny doors clinching shut at once…

Thanks to Todd at IDLYITW and his Google alert for “young boys in spandex.”

Photos: John Schwartzman/Sony Pictures, Splash News


  1. Sweater Kittens

    Let’s hope they write some decent words for him to say. Seems like a good choice for Peter Parker.

  2. bla


  3. That Guy

    Something seems off about the Spider Symbol on his chest.

  4. Gary

    The suit looks exactly the same as the old one… o_O

    And at least Tobey Maguire beefed up for the role, this guy’s just plain scrawny!

    • just

      you haven’t read much spider-man, have you?

      • Gary

        No, because I was never into his series in the Marvel collection. My absolute favorites had always been the X-Men, Thor and Iron Man. It took Sam Raimi’s films to finally make me at least appreciate Spider-Man. And understanding Spider-Man’s long history, I don’t take the events in Raimi’s three films so close to heart in the comic canon. They just happen to be REALLY good movies, except for the third.

        Everyone involved in the other three had a great sense of dedication and quality and it showed so well. This one’s going to open in theaters and vanish two weeks later like a fart in the wind.

    • NACHO

      amen dude amen

  5. Is he supposed to be playing the Ethopian Spider-Man?…because he looks a bit starved. He doesn’t even have a decent penis bump.

  6. crazypants

    That still better be from right after Gwen’s death, because besides Uncle Ben’s and Gwen’s death, Spidey is a fun figure.

    We don’t a Dark Knight Spiderman – it really doesn’t fit the character.

  7. Too bad there are no American actors left to play American roles.

  8. Spidey, why so sad?

  9. GUY

    Being a hardcore Spiderman fan since i was 3yrs old….his costume looks like shit, he is way too fucking scrawny, and as time goes on i lose hope. Will they ever make a decent Spiderman film?? EVER???? im starting to think it will never happen.

    • Deacon Jones

      I second that, Guy.

      He looks like some gay emo that gets beat by his pimp if he doesn’t make $200 a night.

    • Yeezy's Son

      Isn’t this suppose to be a teenage Spider-man, hence that’s why he’s so skinny? I dunno, i thought that’s what i heard.

    • SMB

      …thank god it’s not just me sitting here scowling in utter disapproval …i’m a geek, i read/collect comics, and spiderman has been one of my staples for decades …i hated the first 3 movies – yup – and i don’t care how many nerds try to shout me down (IMO: you all fall prey to hype…you’re just SO giddy to see one of your comic book heroes gain mainstream acceptance on the big screen [and therefore, you too, by association] you develop “acute quality-blindness”) …they simply were’nt great action/fantasy movies, and as spiderman movies, they absolutely sucked …and my biggest problem with them? that fucking costume …will someone please explain to me where a strapped-for-cash inner-city teenager gets such a slick, stylized, well-crafted costume made of fancy, space age material??? (the shitty plots and acting are a whole ‘nother rant) …this costume says to me; they’re following the hollywood playbook: they’re not straying from the formula that made them a gajillion dollars …i’ll bet the same guy who thought giving him a “scaly” look would be cool, is the same guy who thought daredevil should swing from rooftops in a matching leather suit, or, catwoman should wear toe-out pumps to acrobatically fight crime …hollywood studios treat comic based movies like they’re a joke (for the most part) …PS: spidey is’nt “scrawny”, he’s muscular, but not too buffed up, somewhere between will smith in “i robot” and brad pitt in “fight club”…at least, that’s what my research proves.

  10. Kimberly

    “Negative laid”? I just got a fangirl boner…

    Wow, you can really see Spidey’s junk.

  11. Brad Hallston


  12. texas41

    Seriously, why? Christ the last Spiderman film was in 2007! Are they hoping our attentions spans are that short?! I can understand (partly) a money-making excuse for a film if it spans a generation or even a decade, but 3+ years?
    Coming soon in 2 years, the reboot of the Spiderman reboot.

  13. GravyLeg

    LMAO @ “Like a thousand tiny doors clinching shut at once”
    Good work Fish!!

  14. Andrew Garfield Spider-Man costume
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    eh… i like Toby’s better

  15. Andrew Garfield Spider-Man costume
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  16. Randal

    Umm… hello? Is Spidy home or out spinning his web?

    What’s up with the lack of strength and muscle definition, eh, Mr. Peter Parker? Could you stuff a few power bars down your throat for once and do some chin-ups before you hit the sack or are you too busy looking in the mirror wondering if you’ll ever get noticed by Mary Jane?


  17. Cher X

    Emo -man, emo-man, does whatever a emo-man does.

  18. lightdragon

    doesn’t this make you wish you want to draw for Marvel comics,not.

  19. Pete

    I guess everyone forgot about the ball-shattering awesomeness of Spider-Man 2.

  20. sva1994

    Spider-Man has never “think” in the comics, except maybe in the Ultimate line. He’s usually been depicted as have lean musculature, much like Tobey was.

  21. Ed


    Spiderman wasn’t the Macho type of the Heros. He was always some what muscular but scrawny. So get the Macho-ness outta your asses and accept that he’s a scrawny hero.

    But I do have to throw my 2 cents in on…the Costume. I see the bottom Spider legs going all the way down to his abs, and the wrists of the costume spirals in a way, hell the waist area doesn’t connect all the way around like a belt look.

    Sir. I am Disappoint.

  22. The Listener

    I’ve seen Spider-Man in different cartoons over the years depicted in some versions as lean and in other versions as a little more muscular. Both versions are acceptable to me, but I absolutely, positively HATE the costume. This is worse than when they put the “S” on Superman’s belt buckle and removed the “S” from his cape in the last Superman movie. The costume reminded me of one of those 1980s Country Western singers. This is going to be a mistake right up there with the nipples on the Batman suit from one of the Batman movies.

  23. hmna

    Dammit, Fish, did the Geekologie writer steal your password again?

  24. Lux

    Is that a quail egg in your Spandex, or are you just ridiculous?

  25. nisro

    They should just have let the franchise sit for a few years. Reboots a few years after the originals is retarded.

  26. Lonny5

    HI. Where’s his dick?

  27. I’m just not convinced this kid can do EVERYTHING a spider can.

  28. bitchwhorecockface

    ok ok, i know this looks bad. the costume is radically different, which is what i think is really pissing ppl off. and yes, its far too soon for a reboot, but this movie will not suck, i assure you. in fact it should make up for spidey 3 i hope.

    but seriously ppl, the macho thing? since when the fuck is peter ripped out of his mind? he’s a skinny skeleton in highschool and when he gets his powers, he gets a little bit of muscle, but spidey is lean and agile, not buff and brutish. and the one thing you all need to be worried about the most is this: is this guy a better actor than toby maguire? the answer to which is an indefinite HELL YES. dont worry people, its just the shock from seing a visual difference from what you know, he will make a fine spider-man.

  29. SynchG

    Sam Raimi had earned his way through the years with his talent, to tackle Spider-Man and succeeded he did. This new Marc Webb (director), whose work primarily consists of shitty MUSIC VIDEOS and 1 Feature FIlm HAS SOME NERVE ACCEPTING THE DUTY. Dick

  30. jame i am next

    AT Least this one looks YOUNG!!

    The peter parker from the first films looked Fcking 30!!!!

    and about scrauny skinny, that’s how he is supposed to be at first,
    the whole macho thing came after, he is a nerd after all!!!!!!

    I wonder if this spider man is going to have spider webs inside his arms, or is he going to make it like the comics?
    because spider man Cannot create spiderwebs from his arms, he has to make a spider web device

    • The Listener

      Good point about the webbing. Since this is a re-boot they might have Peter use web cartridges, but since they’ve changed the original spidey suit there’s no telling what they’ll do.

  31. wim

    he has indeed a BIG cl*torus, folks.

    • Steve O

      Is that supposed to be funny or witty? Just curious. If so, epic fucking fail, moron. And if you’re going to try and make a weak ass joke, at least get the spelling right….then again, its a)the only word you used w more than 6 letters and b)pertaining to a part of the female anatomy you’ll probably never get within 20 feet of unless you’re stalking, or its your sister, or you’re stalking your sister..

  32. The Listener

    The designers of the costume should have designed the suit to conceal his bulge. It’s kinda weird. Who wants to see that when watching the movie? Eww.

  33. Reggie Rhino

    More Hollywood shit for the uneducated masses! No artistic value, no attention to detail and certainly no keeping with the spirit of Spidey as depicted in the long running comic book series~ Commercially framed for monetary success and little else~ That’s the Hollywood Way!

  34. crazypants

    Original Spidey, Ditko’s Spidey is actually very thin and angular – bodywise garfield matches pretty well – Spidey’s strength is “magic” strength not I work out and lift heavy weights strength – so he can be scrawny looking but superhumanly strong.

    This costume really is overly designed and costly – Raimi’s costume was also far too complicated for Peter to have sewn in his room and this one makes that costume look like a burlap sack.

    Hopefully its explained away in the movie by having some Broadway theater designer gift a bunch of high end costumes to Spiderman as a show of appreciation after being rescued.

  35. dennisdamenace

    he actually looks like a high school Spider-Man to me.

    however, they move past high school like they did with Raimi’s Spider-Man in the first movie–yeah, he needs to beef up.

    Unfortunately, he still looks like he is in his late 20′s.

  36. Andrew Garfield Spider-Man costume
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    Why the fuck is Bill Compton wearing a spidey suit?

  37. Andrew Garfield Spider-Man costume
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    • ken


  38. cm

    I love how you all (men) still find negative things to say when the post is actually about a man for once. Luckily most of it is about his costume (no..not gay at all!) So we have: too skinny, omg where’s his dick? looks too young… STFU. You know that you all still going to see it.

  39. cm

    I have seen maybe 10 minutes of the first movie because it was on television.. Besides that, I have never had any desire to watch these movies. Mainly because Tobey Maguire Is the last man that I would ever picture playing spider man and I can’t stand Kirstin Dunst’s face. But with Andrew Garfield cast..I will be first in fucking line!

  40. spookym

    Didn’t understand Tobey Maguire as SpiderMAN because he was too boyish, but I really liked the movies and grew to like Toby. But Andrew Garfield? Never heard of him, but he’s way too nerdy-scrawny-geeky. Somehow a superhero who makes Kip Dynamite look hunky just wouldn’t make me feel too safe.

  41. crank

    Is it just me or does Andrew Garfield look like Sandra Bernhard. I won’t watch this because I will be having flashbacks of the Hudson Hawk and Rosanne. He is one ugly boy.

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