Why Would Andrew Garfield Be A Dick To Batkid, You Idiots?

If you’ve been bouncing around the Internet this morning, the top completely bullshit story seems to be Andrew Garfield ruining Batkid’s chance at being an Oscars presenter which he of course didn’t. It all started when Page Six decide to run a rampantly spreading report that Andrew Garfield hated his lines and went diva on a kid with cancer before bailing on the Oscars. A report that claims Batkid’s parents saw the whole thing, yet somehow never brought it up when interviewed about why Batkid got cut at the last minute which caught them completely by surprise. On top of that, you have reports that Emma Stone had a family emergency (She was scheduled to appear as well.) which makes sense considering, oh I dunno, her mother has an aggressive form of breast cancer, and the Academy itself saying it was purely a logical decision and that on Monday Andrew Garfield personally drove to Disneyland to hang out with Batkid whose family got free passes on the Academy’s dime.

So if you’re wondering how the hell this story got so out of hand, Lainey Gossip made the astute observation that New Spider-Man doesn’t have a publicist. Which seems amazing because 9.9 times out of 10 publicists are absolutely worthless except apparently they can make sure people know you didn’t tell the Internet’s most beloved cancer child to go fuck himself. They should really put that on their business cards. “Cancer Kids: We’ll Make It Look Like You Love ‘Em! (Even If You Don’t, Kim Kardashian.)’

Photo: Getty