Andrew Breitbart Dead At 43 (1969 – 2012)

March 1st, 2012 // 445 Comments
Andrew Breitbart


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  1. GhostofBreitbartssharts

    Good indeed. He was a horrible person, who made up news, outright lied and when he dies neo cons all cry. You still have that Oxycontin eating moron to feed you your daily pap of evil. Until he dies, or OD’s frankly God is taking you all one by one, and not soon enough for the rest of us. You know the MAJORITY. Suck shit and I agree I hope he fucked up his estate and most of it goes to the government, now that would be hilarious! A walking douchebag that walks no more.

  2. InternetRocketScientist

    WTF Fish? You flaming asshole.

  3. Greg

    Wow. How can you write “Good” as the caption? That is simply despicable.

  4. Cock Dr

    So I’m thinking that with so many people posting that they won’t come to the site anymore over this tomorrow will be kind of quiet. Maybe a good day for a Friday full frontal nudity blog celebration.

    • Fishtroll

      Maybe, but this is a total self-troll.

      I noticed the comments were sliding lately. Everyone was getting tired.
      Just LOOK at all these comments. Even Kate Upton and Kelly Brook don’t get this kind of action on this site.

  5. Bonky

    Best news I’ve heard all day. We are throwing a drinking party tonight, everytime someone says “Breitbart” on the news we take a drink and do a line of coke. It’s what Andrew would have wanted !

  6. Bonky

    Andrew 地獄に行く

    • Sliver

      Oh you’re so fucking clever with your Japanese. I’m sure there’s a hot rock waiting there for you too.

  7. CVG

    When you say “good” about someone dying you are only stooping to their same level….the irony

  8. nachomama

    SO you disagree politically and this death is good because of that? What, you had no other retort than “good”? Lame. I won’t lament your pathetic life either.

  9. Sean Chicoine

    Very classy Fish… that’s the last time I view your page. Apparently being a liberal asshole doesn’t have it’s limits… even after someone DIES. “Good?”… wow… that’s pretty low.

  10. Matt

    “Good” really? Because you don’t agree with the guy’s political opinions? So when Giffords was ruthlessly shot in the head, and a righty blogger posted “Good” was that cool too?

    You can’t make special exceptions for behaviors based on your ideology. Just flip this gossip blog’s ideals around and pretend they leaned heavily conservative, and then give your true opinion.

    It’s just about either time to start at least pretending to have a modicum of respect, or to start fighting to the death. Really, if it’s that important to you.. let’s just get back to a good old fashioned civil war. Right vs left, go take each other out in the streets. The moderates can live in the midwest.

    • Sliver

      The liberals won’t survive…they a. don’t normally like guns. And b. lean heavily on the side of (sorry to say it, but somebody had to) dangerous minorities, who they normally never encounter. Most of them know little about survival beyond driving to the store when the food runs out. My bet’s on non-liberal for the civil war winner.

      • Sliver

        *I should say, they “claim” to like minorities. No word yet on if they actually do.

      • Malcom eX-lax

        If the shit ever does hit the fan Sliver I hope I see the look on your face when you see just how many guns we have. I’ll take your bet and raise.

      • Sliver

        Amazing, X-lax. Most liberals rail against guns. And don’t worry, I know perfectly well that minorities have plenty of guns and generally shoot either at close range or shoot 20 bullets in order to hit something once. Everyone I know happens to be a sharp-shooter. And there are still more of us than there are you. Want to go 2 for 2 now? And you won’t see any look on my face. -You won’t even see me coming at you. So chil-LAX. (Trying to speak your language.)

      • Not Sliver

        All of your friends are sharpshooters? Actually, I’m not even going to try picking apart your post, because I doubt much of it is truthful. You sound like an idiot when say things like, “You won’t see any look on my face. You won’t even see me coming at you.”

        So you’re getting proud and giddy about the fact that you want to kill Americans, in some crazy sniper fashion? Sniping isn’t like in the movies.

      • Not Sliver

        Reading comprehension fail. Everybody knows YOU are a sharpshooter. You wiley sharpshooter, you. I still call BS. But, from now on, I’m going to call you Sniper, instead of Sliver.

  11. Dan

    Good riddance. I don’t wish death on others, but when sacks of shit like Breitbart kick the bucket I certainly won’t miss them. One less douchebag poisoning the public discussion.

  12. Maddy

    The comment of “good” under a photo of a man whose offense was proudly defending his beliefs is disgusting. His failure is his involvement in the Shirley Sherrod video; his successes are far more numerous. (See: ACORN, Weiner scandol, Pigford, Huffington Post)

    Breitbart was a passionate man with 4 children and a loving wife. He pioneered a new age of media. RIP Andrew Breitbart, your courage will be missed.

    I’m disgusted by your glee in his passing. I will never read your site again.

  13. mollz

    “You’re a left-wing idiot”
    “No u, right-wing retard!”

    Grow the fuck up hahahahahaha saying you’re glad this guy’s dead doesn’t make you a liberal and being sad about it doesn’t make you a repub. Way to buy into the divisiveness the gov’t sells you to get ya all riled up and ready to fight. Jussayin’

  14. Jason

    He will be missed for his great contributions to journalism and to exposing the left’s massive hypocrisy.

    Also, Ted Kennedy killed a woman.

  15. Jess

    LOL this Democrat vs Republican bullshit is a hilarious read. Are you people too fucking retarded to realize that the Lib/Con dog and pony show is designed to keep you distracted while they totally fuck you all from behind? Snap out of it. It should be us against them not us against each other. Idiots.

    • Colostomy Bag

      Touche. It’s so obvious only blind retarded fucks can’t see it. Divide & conquer, the eternal blueprint that sets up the fucking over the masses. Gee, I wonder what the dividing line in the game of politicis is? IQ of anything above 10, anyone?

  16. libertarian

    You’re a fucking idiot. Stick to the chicks, you’re not smart enough to comment on AB. Hollywood liberal = hypocrite.

  17. Bell Curve

    It is time to un-book this shitty site. Scumbag.

  18. Kodos

    Fuck you, Fish.

    Seriously, fuck you.

  19. Thurston Howell III

    Snarky commentary is one thing, but the “Good” is just plain shitty. Have some class at least.

  20. Whyask


    You celebrate victory over your foes – celebrating their death is nothing but crass and speaks volumes about how truly less you are as a human. Period.

    Congrats, I think far less of you today.

  21. Colostomy Bag


  22. mike

    look at that pic of breitbart. just look at it. that is not a picture of a man with kindness in his heart, that is a picture of a man full of nothing but spite and hate. breitbart was a political psychopath, and his violent partisan hackery reduced the level of public discourse for years. i can guarantee you that if obama had died, the first word out of breitbart’s mouth would have been “good!”

  23. sorry ass country

    Sad that this is what our country has become. Snarky comments about the worthless lives of celebrities is one thing. celebrating the death of anyone, regardless of race or political background, is pathetic. People that celebrate stuff like this are pathetic pieces of shit and two fucking stupid to realize that they dont have a clue what they are talking about. I hope Karma is a bitch because if it does exist, most of you will find your brake lines failing as you speed down the PCH.

  24. Fishtroll

    “Good?” Yeesh – total self-troll

  25. Good fucking riddence to a lowlife, bloated sack of monkey jizm who actively worked to divide American’s while lining his pockets with cash and the mountains of blow that obviously led to his recent Y-incision.

    Fuck him, fuck his wife and fuck their children because this pathetic excuse for a man made his living as apthalogical liar and smear merchant.

    Oh and I know the conservitards here will clutch their pearls and say “oh, those mean Liberals and their hateful ways”. Go fuck youself you worthless cocksuckers because its us LIBS that drive society towards progress while you ignorant know nothing mongoloids, along with this dead fucking cunt, do nothing but try to drag us back into the fucking dark ages.

    So, I’m glad he’s dead and hope that his whore and their bastard spawn are suffering but most likely they aren’t because if he was a verbally abusive lying shitstain outside I can’t imagine what he was like behind closed doors. The only downside to this is that he and Limbaugh didn’t choke to death on each others cocks.

  26. Dr. Underpants

    Republicans are missing a golden opportunity. Charge Democrats $20 each to whack off onto Breitbart’s corpse, with all the cash going to the Tea Party (Breitbart Bukkake). They’d make millions. Then you just hose him down before the funeral.

  27. Superdouche

    Why would you snub Davey Jones death, and instead post a callous and emotionally-tinged comment regarding a man who died at a young age, leaving his children fatherless? I thought this was “the superficial.” where we rip on celebrities for being superficial–and not a showcase for your political opinions. I don’t know why, as a businessman, you would alienate so much of your audience. It seems that you too, are guilty of the same thoughtless superficiality we see in the celebs we make fun of.

  28. Moses

    Why should we “grant a BULLY special status upon his death”?

    Information, pure and simple. “Thou Shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour!”

    Conservatives pride themselves on being murderous bullies. But they are also brittle, weak, screaming, cowardly, lying, ignorant bullies. Thus, Breitbart.

    To be more specific, conservatives, for all their “Judeo-Christian” posturing, are slaves to a spirit of fear that motivates their lives.

    They worship the god of money and dominance. Martin Luther said “Your god is that which you are most afraid to lose.” Republican conservatives historically, since the “gilded age” of the late 19th century, chiefly spend their time finding ways to funnel massive piles of taxpayer $$$ to themselves and their cronies, and they don’t care who they have to kill to do it.. The nasty lies from the RNC they spout on Fox News are all to that end.

    FWIW, I’m not a big fan of liberals, either, but that will be another post…

  29. sooooooosuperficial

    Breitbart thrived on responses like many have posted in this thread, it was his passion, it was his mission in life to expose the hypocrisy and ugly nature of the far left. I’m sure he’s LHAO right now. Good job.

  30. kris

    go fuck yourself. last time i visit this fucking hateful website. rot in hell.

  31. Groups

    Goodbye. The comments above say it best. There are four children without a father right now. Not “Good” as you say.

    Deleting this bookmark and never visiting your site again.

  32. He said “Good”. He didnt call for a “FUCK YOU ANDREW BREITBART” national holiday. get over it

  33. Brian R.

    Breitbart was a malicious liar who spewed bile and ruined innocent people’s lives. He injected rage and hatred and ignorance into the national debate, and nothing more. There wasn’t a single redeeming thing about him.

    So, yeah, good.

  34. Jackson

    I seem to remember something in the Bible about “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

    Good luck with the afterlife, Breitbart. You’re going to need it.

  35. gaijingal

    Gotta say, I was one of the 1% of chicks who read this site, but dancing on someone’s grave, before the body’s even cold….well, I guess I’m a little slow if I’m just figuring this out, but so not classy.

    Going to be saving a lot of time, not reading you in the future.

  36. Duke Steele

    Nathan. Wow I couldn’t have said it better. And while we’re on the Kennedy Crime Family and drunken murderer subject, don’t forget: Joe=The Crippler and son burner, Michael= The pedophile, Smith and Skakel=Not really Kennedys but sort of, and last but certainly not least, Patrick=The court jester/depressed coke freak, the one that he himself educated himself. Is Breitbart really as bad as so many of you are saying? I wouldn’t think so. Besides hes dead. You can leave him alone now. Stacy, you are right about the remark. And I wonder if I’ll bother with this site again. It was always good for a laugh.

  37. Pastafarian

    I’m deleting this site from my bookmarks.

    Yes, I know, I won’t be missed. I won’t miss being missed.

    A man with whom you disagreed politically died, and you gloat. This isn’t justified by the fact that this same man gloated over the death of the murderer of Mary Jo Kopechne. If you can’t see the difference, you’re not just an asshole, you’re a stupid asshole.

    Enjoy your diminished traffic.

  38. Pastafarian

    And should I ever see this blog on another blog’s blogroll, I’ll contact that blogger and ask them to remove it. If they don’t, and they allow comments, I’ll be sure to let their readers know what sort of grave-dancing asshole the blogger supports.

    Maybe some of your traffic sources will care a little more than you do about cutting their readership in half.

  39. I love how real conservatives (Peter Schiff, Andrew Beitbart, Ron Paul etc) all have that old school founding father look.

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