Andrew Breitbart Dead At 43 (1969 – 2012)

March 1st, 2012 // 445 Comments
Andrew Breitbart


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  1. Used to Love Fish

    Ouch, Fish. You can disagree with the politics but you don’t have to be an unfeeling asshole. Low blow, man.

  2. jackie katz

    Good? Nice comment. Karma’s a bitch, douchebag….

  3. Reality. Check please!

    both sides of the aisle have vindictive assholes, this guy just happens to be on the far right. I feel bad for the family but I’m glad he’s been silenced.

  4. Lucille

    A person dies and you say “good.” What kind of a piece of shit are you?

    • Eggs McBacon

      A luscious beefy brown, creamy.. delicious stool on a long Italian roll.. with silky vomit ladled on top to give it a zesty flavor. Damn, I’m hungry now.

  5. Occupyabrain

    Liberal Fucktards hate facts, ergo this little circle jerk of leftist douchebaggery.

  6. cc

    Maybe he slipped and fell in a pile of human excrement.

  7. Jim

    Wow! Stay classy, The Superficial. Nice of you to show everyone the festering diseased core that passes for your heart.

  8. Tom

    Superficial, you just jumped the shark.

    WTF is wrong with you leftist cocksuckers? I prefer a balanced system, not a fascist society. Brietbart called out the corruption and BS in American politics. Do you liberal idiots really want your tax dollars going to ACORN advising pimps and prostitutes how to avoid taxes and turn out children as sex slaves? Do you really approve of our elected officials sending cockshots to random women while they are on the clock, or even off the clock for that matter?

    After coming here for the last several years to have a laugh or two and check out the bikini pics, I am done.

    Fuck you Superficial. You can eat shit directly from my ass.

    • Eggs McBacon

      Tom, you said so many nasty things, but then right at the end, you generously offer up your creamy bowel sausage — and don’t even leave instructions on how we can get in touch with you. WTF?

  9. Beltliner

    I wonder how many of you “NEVER COMING BACK!!!!!” posters said the same thing here when Ryan Dunn died.

    • Ryan Dunn killed himself and risked the lives of everyone on the highway.

      Breitbart wrote blogs that some people don’t like.

      These are nowhere near the same thing.

      • Beltliner

        I never said they were the same thing. I was pointing out how so many people cried bloody murder over Fish’s post about what an asshole Ryan Dunn was, and said they’d never come back to the site… yet the site is still here.

        I see you haven’t said your final goodbyes yet.

      • As soon as I steer enough people to dlisted, I’m done.

      • Everybody Here

        We’re not going to dlisted. We like it here, and we’ll like it better when you leave. Fuck off! You’re a hate filled, lying, right wing, neo-con, nazi sympathizer. Yes the Nazi party was a ultra right wing conservative political party. It’s true, look it up.

      • Godwin? Seriously. Grow up. I’m only seeing hatred and bile from the left here.

  10. Really stupid, Fish. Really, really stupid.

  11. Liz

    Good? You’re happy someone is dead? Disgusting. Never reading this blog again. Good riddance.

  12. AngusParvo

    For years I’ve enjoyed sitting down after work, drink in hand, and checking out the latest celebrity hijinks on this site. No more. As of today I am done with this site and anything else connected to Buzzmedia. Have a nice life, Photo Boy.

  13. castallare

    Best fucking commentary ever, Fish.

  14. lolwut

    You’re all fucked in the head. It’s entertainment; nothing more, nothing less. You are the same idiots that torch a city because your team won/lost the big playoff. Have you nothing more important to get worked up over?

  15. boilerhorn

    I plan on sending messages to the advertisers of this site. That’s the best way to handle it.

  16. Here is the problem with so many commentorson this posting and even the web host. All of you are really ignorant. Andrew Breitbart was a visonary, helping launch both the Drudge Report and Huffington Post before starting Brietbart TV and Big Hollywood. The fact that Andrew believed in the truth makes him hated by the liberals – who again are either willingly stupid via the massive amount of pot inhaled or genetically ignorant by the massive amount of pot their parents inhaled. Either way is not good. Andrew was for gay rights and a supporter of gay issues, but the fact he was a conservative ofcourse makes him evil. He was a guy who exposed people ripping off the public, who had no problem what so ever if you wanted to run a child sex ring (ACORN). He offered a million dollars to anyone who had video of the Tea Party spitting or yelling “nigger” at black congressman during the Obamacare debates. Guess what no one claimed it even the aides who worked for the congressman who were videoing the crowds. Andrew had a problem and it was with people who said one thing and then blantantly did another. It just so happens that more times that happens to be a liberal. It is unfortunate that when a liberal see’s himself in a mirror he hates what he see’s. And Andrew always had a mirror. Rest in Peace Andrew. And I like Stacy, Liev and Jo will not tolerate the stupidity and hypocrisy of this website any longer. My one click on the page may not make a difference, but you’ll never get it again.

  17. FUCK YEAH!!! The best day of my life…well almost, anyway keep hell burning till I get there, you fucking cunt!!!

  18. Man, when Dubya finally bites it, this place is gonna look like a Roman orgy.

  19. Humanbeing

    Rip for entertainers and drug Users, but a good for someone with a political point of view other than your own? What the hell is wrong with all you people? I feel sorry for every family member who is left behind regardless of their politics. You people should be ashamed.

  20. Hitler

    I can’t stop cryeing about what blogger man said about dead man ah bloo bloo

  21. Tim

    LAUGHED MY ASS OFF. Nice one, Fish.

  22. Tim

    Ah, so it was Photo Boy. Again…LAUGHED MY ASS OFF. Thanks.

  23. Eggs McBacon

    I feel bad for those who loved Breitbart. But the man himself was a deceitful bottom-feeding scumbag. Other than his family, we’re all better off that he’s gone. He had a black heart full of hate and rage, and that’s why he’s dead

  24. Clam jam

    This just reinforces my belief that conservatives are huge fucking babies. “Waaaah, If this joke were made about a liberal we would laugh but the guy was conservative so we are angry. Waaah.” Get over yourselves.

  25. Canuck

    Good? That’s what you have to say when a man dies? Hmm, you are all a bunch of useless idiots. Keep following Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian…I am sure they are impacting your life greatly. Watch out for all the unicorns and pots of gold. Bunch of liberal robots!

  26. direchef

    He’s in a better place and playing with the Monkee now.

  27. Gummo

    First Whitney, then Davey, now what’s his name?
    What a whirled what a whirled what a whirled.

  28. Screw You

    Saying that it’s good that someone died is awful. I’ve been a loyal reader of this site for years now. Fuck you. And fuck your shitty site. Not coming back. And I didn’t even like Breitbart.

  29. Barney Fife

    Is Tim Tebow still gay?

  30. Moving On

    I didn’t really know who he was but he apparently did not respect other people’s death himself:

    Andrew Breitbart, a Washington Times columnist who oversees and, tapped into the anti-Kennedy vein in the hours after the senator’s death was announced, posting a series of Twitter messages in which he called Kennedy a “villain,” a “duplicitous bastard” and a “prick.”

    “I’m more than willing to go off decorum to ensure THIS MAN is not beatified,” Breitbart wrote. “Sorry, he destroyed lives. And he knew it.”


  31. TheListener

    Fish, your one word comment of “Good” is as awful as the time you made jokes about the guy who committed suicide that played Boner on Growing Pains. Please stop making such horrible comments about people who have died. If you don’t like someone, fine. But don’t say “Good” when you hear the person is dead. That’s a horrible thing to say!

  32. anon

    Gotta agree with Liev. I loved this site for a morning fix of humor. But saying “good,” for a man dying who leaves behind a wife and four children, is ridiculous. Just because you don’t agree with a persons politics, doesn’t mean you should take pleasure in his death. My Superficial bookmark is gone.

  33. Carl

    Fuck you asshole! Keep posting nipslips, upskirts, and cameltoes. Keep your politics to yourselves.

  34. bob.

    Congrats Superficial…I’ll never read you again. Good fucking riddance to you and I’ll enjoy having that part of the morning I usually read your piece of shit blog back to do something more productive.

    So in conclusion, fuck you and goodbye.

  35. Heather


  36. Steve

    Good? This is the last time I visit the superficial. To the readers that say he ‘made up fictitious news” I say prove one time. To the editor of The Superficial I’d just like to say I don’t mind having my beliefs mocked when it is in good fun which is why I have been a loyal visitor of this site for many years, however, I am tired with your hate filled rants about people that have different opinions than you. On one hand you tell people to be ‘tolerant’ and on the other you mock and spew filth about those you disagree with. YOU are the most intolerant person ever.

  37. Eggs McBacon

    Conservatives are such losers! They worship brainless apes like this Breitbart asshole. I don’t wish death on anyone – Breitbart was way too young. But, he’s dead. I can’t bring him back, so if I could – I’d urinate on his grave.

  38. J. Knoxville

    News Flash!!! Autopsy just in…. No heart.

    Probable cause of death: silver residues in blood stream.
    Conscious and guilt has unionized and metastasized.

  39. “Good” : Fish (or maybe the other one)

    “Breitbart is survived by his wife and four children”: Reality

  40. The Everlasting Know-it-all

    Good??? That’s a pretty cold thing to say about someone just because you disagree with his viewpoints. I disagree with liberals such as yourself but I’d never wish anyone harm or celebrate their death. Think about the family and friends that he leaves behind. I hope they don’t ever stumble across this crap. You suck. See you later, asshole. I used to enjoy this site.

  41. geo

    The caption to the photo is deplorable and shameful. Wether you agreed with him or not that’s just evil.
    We lost a fearless trooper with the passing of Andrew Breitbart today. I liked his energy. He was cool. He publicly battled the absurd meme that in order to “be cool” you have to be a mindless liberal. His mission was to inform and wake up the sheeple and he was a patriot and defender of the Constitution. (a document meant to preserve Liberty and prevent Tyranny, unfortunately it’s not working because it requires the majority us to be intelligent, logical and moral – unlike the brain dead “gimmie some o’ that obama cash” leaches that our public schools are turning out in droves)
    He wasn’t afraid to go after the low-life scum bags on the left who rarely get scrutinized by the lame stream. He was dogged and instrumental in the exposure of ACORN and relentlessly pursued the story that led to the truth and the eventual resignation of the serial liar Anthony Wiener, among many things.
    Nod to nefarious sub plot:
    At the recent CPAC he had indicated that he possessed some damning video of dear leader from the the one’s mysterious college days and was going to reveal it before the election.
    just sayin’
    Tucker and Briebart had dinner with Bill Ayers two weeks ago. If Tucker drops, someone better check Bill’s ingredient list!
    My hat’s off to him. Bon Voyage Andrew.

  42. geo

    My guess is that:
    most posters here are between 17 and 29
    are educated in public schools
    have a very poor or nonexistant understanding of our history and the meaning of our founding documents
    The caption to the photo above is despicable. It is evil. It is people that can write things like this that are destroying our great country and I vow to fight it to the death.

  43. diegoga

    GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD!!! really good. the world is a better place

  44. Sara

    LOL. Best one word post ever.

  45. Anti-Obama

    Too bad it wasn’t Obama instead, then the country might stand a chance from all the shit from you CLUELESS FUCKING LIBERAL MORONS!!

    RIP Andrew you didn’t take any crap from the Liberal assholes, Thank You!!

  46. Anti-Obama

    Superficial you just proved you too are a useless fucking Liberal Asshole! Fuck You and every other Liberal fuck on this site.

  47. To write “Good” underneath anyone’s picture who died (unless of course they are evil incarnate like Hitler, Bin Laden etc) is disgusting and irresponsible.

    This is what our media has come to?
    We disagree and now we’re happy that a father, husband
    is dead?!

    • So, where precisely does one draw the line on “evil incarnate”? I’m not claiming Breitbart is evil or anything, I’m just curious as to what your criteria is. Do they have to be a mass murderer? Or will a single murder put you in the evil incarnate category? Is a rapist evil incarnate? How about a burglar? At what precise point is it ok to write “good” under a dead person’s picture?

      And, in an unrelated note, just because someone is a husband or father has no bearing on whether or not they were a decent human being.

  48. Wow

    Stay classy, Superficial

  49. Tara

    Too partisan and nasty, you just lost a reader!

  50. Anonymous


    Really? Wow…that is class.

    Deleting bookmark now.

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