Andrew Breitbart Dead At 43 (1969 – 2012)

March 1st, 2012 // 445 Comments
Andrew Breitbart


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  1. Douchenbagen

    good? what a cunty thing to say, he was no monster just someone who had a different worldview, stick to crotch shots you ignorant twat, i didn’t like the guy either but jesus he wasn’t bin laden

    • your mom

      No, he was a monster. He actively worked to reduce the quality of life for millions of people in this country. Good fucking riddance!

      • Douchenbagen

        dude was he like john corzine, or bernie madoff, or people who actually are trying to reduce the quality of life like maurice strong or bill gates, the nerdy little guy who wants to reduce world population

      • Matt

        Sort of like you and the Superficial writer? Maybe it’s time to kill you.

  2. MarionDingleBarry

    I don’t agree with the things Bill Maher or Michael Moore have to say but I would never gloat over their early deaths.

    This Fish guy is typical of most hypocrite liberals. One minute screaming over the injustices in the world then turning around the next day and making offensive remarks like this. He even went out of his way to post a picture of Mr. Breitbart that showed him with with a bit of a scowl on his face. Nice try – Fish.

    Hey Fish…I love the way you pick and choose and your morality.

  3. lmbo

    I’m a conservative manly man but you have taken things TOO FAR and I am crying into my bowl of Manly-O’s

  4. BMAD

    Beyond poor taste. Don’t think I’ll bother wasting my time with this site ever again.

  5. TheMonkeemobile

    I call bullshit.
    All the people saying “I’ll never come back”
    You’re just going to create a different ID and come back later because conservatives are hypocrites stock and trade.

  6. James

    This must be the new tone & civility you leftist morons keep whining about. You stay classy assholes!

  7. Cock Dr

    Cause of death – maybe poisoned by his own hatreds?
    That shit is toxic.

  8. Michael

    Celebrating a man’s death because you do not agree with him politically is despicable. You have just lost a very longtime fan of this site and should be ashamed of yourself. Goodbye.

  9. ReliefPitcher

    I was getting into it with Huffington Post commenters on this issue as well, am I “glad” he died? No. But at the same time am I going to pretend like I miss someone who spent a good portion of their lives spreading hate and fear? No. I’m also not going to gloss over what he said and did during the time he was alive. The man had no “integrity” as some people said. GImme a break.

  10. epik


  11. Andrew Breitbart

    what a nasty person to post that.

  12. Jim

    You liberals are disgusting. Shame on all of you.

  13. MsMadDawg

    Enjoy your day of increased traffic. I only came because Bill Whittle sent me.

    I’m going to go bleach my brain now. I better not get spammed, freaks.

  14. won't be back

    Superficial is right. Disgusting.

  15. Small Dick Republican

    BOO HOO!!! The nasty blogger man said something not nice about one of my fellow conservatives. I’ll post on his message board telling him how I’ll never visit his site again! That’ll teach him but good!!!

    • Alexandra

      So if Obama dies tomorrow and someone posted a similar article, you wouldn’t get upset? Unlikley. Get some perspective, wishing for and praising the death of another is disgusting behavior, no matter which side you’re on.

      • Malcom eX-lax

        Be upset, perhaps. Be surprised? Please, if there is one thing you can count on from Republicans it is the vilest shit imaginable.

  16. dude!

    Fish: “Good” That a person died. Just because you did not agree with him, you say, good. Guess what? There is one truth–we will all die one day.

    Typical loser socialist you are, and I guess a good many of your followers for agreeing with you. Fuck you very much.

  17. Brendan

    Oh fuck off.

  18. AngelEm

    Well, fish, I knew you were a leftist, but to take joy in a man’s passing simply because he didn’t share your views is subhuman. The man has four children and a wife who loved him. God forbid anyone show a different viewpoint, lest all you “tolerant” libs wish him dead.

    I’d say “show some class” but you probably wouldn’t know class if it was presented to you on a silver platter.

    Bookmark deleted.

  19. fancykat

    yeah, you suck superficial…

  20. Sean

    I have been coming here for a few years. No more page views and add clicks from me. RSS Unsubscribed too.

  21. Leon Robinson

    I’ve been reading your site for about five years. Never again.

  22. your mom

    look at all these losers who think Fish gives a fuck!

  23. Your best friend’s mom only charges me $30 an hour, but $30.01 when your mom joins in.

    • TheMonkeemobile

      Hmm that’s funny, I would expect all the festish guys would see more to witness your mom get 3 in the pink 3 in the stink and have a corpse in the bed too.

      Ah well I guess perversions aren’t what they used to be.

  24. Mike Nike

    Putting good after it is not cool.

  25. ehh

    He did almost ruin the life of Shirley Sherrod. He didn’t really care about the lives of others.

  26. JJ

    this is low. I’m all for joking about adults who are alive, but pissing on someone’s grave just because you didn’t agree with them is pretty low. Saying “I expected more from you” is kind of ridiculous because it’s the Superficial and I realize crude and crass humor is why I love this site, but for some reason I expected at least a basic level of respect for someone’s death from you. You may hate him, but he has family and they are very sad and and hurting.Have respect for his family at least.

  27. I’ve been coming to this site since around 2006. 6 years. Chatted it up to my friends. Recommended it. You just said “good” to a man dying because you disagree with him politically. I am never coming hear again. You are a disgusting human being.

  28. Izzy

    While I don’t believe in celebrating anyone’s death, liberal or conservative, I find this entire discussion about whether it’s appropriate to happy about his death somewhat ironic given his famous reaction to Ted Kennedy’s death.

    “Andrew Breitbart, Washington Times columnist and operator of, called Kennedy a “villain,” “duplicitous bastard,” and a “prick” on Twitter hours after he died.”

    Read more:

    • Kennedy let a woman drown while he did damage control and lawyered up.

      Breitbart had political beliefs the Superficial disagreed with.

      Big difference.

      • 11:52 am: Richard Meyer says “I am never coming hear [sic] again.”

        12:28 pm: Richard Meyer comes back.
        12:30 pm: Richard Meyer posts again.
        12:32 pm: And again.
        12:37 pm: And again.
        12:40 pm: And again.
        12:51 pm: And again.
        12:52 pm: And again.
        12:57 pm: And again.

      • Oh, I forgot to check page 3! There are five more there, up to 2:23 pm. Thanks for “never coming again”!

  29. Heather

    I’ve always found your site to be humorous and an entertaining 5 minute time killer. Though some things you said I’ve been mildly offended by, this is officially the worst and this will be the last time I ever visit your site. You are a heartless, liberal coward for saying “Good” about any decent American citizen dying. This man fought for what he believed in and though everyone is entitled to their opinions, how dare you rejoice in his death. You are Pathetic.

    • ehh

      He accused a government employee of being racist based on an anecdote and had her fired. I wouldn’t say “good” regarding this man’s death, but Fish is a straight shooter and I certainly wouldn’t say it’s a gross overstatement that he made.

      • Nope. read the whole story story. She admitted to be racist in the past toward white farmers that her job required her to help, but she said that she got over it. She was racist at one time, by her own words.

      • Malcom eX-lax

        I’m sure her father being murdered by a white man had NOTHING at all to do with the animosity she felt. Good thing you left THAT bit out Rich. You should note, to be honest (like you care about that), that she never actually discriminated against anyone, white or black so it really didn’t affect her job now did it?

  30. Ted Kennedy's Ghost

    You’ll have my daily hit just for this. Guy was scum.

  31. King Diamond

    I have a shoe.

  32. Bryan

    Well said!

  33. Joe W


  34. Carnie

    Superficial, you just lost a long-time reader.
    Superficial’s ADVERTISERS, you just lost my business.

  35. iggy_rock

    So this person who I don’ t even have a clue who is gets a post, but not Davy Jones of the Monkees? LAME

  36. j

    Who is this? .. probably about as important to real politics as the dbag that posted “good”. Idiots are distrated from the real issues.

  37. me

    No fan of him but 43 is way too young to die.
    Unfortunately, lest we forget, hate was a big part of his legacy.
    Breitbart had a few things to say when Ted Kennedy died:

    Early this morning, news broke that Sen. Ted Kennedy had passed away after serving in the U.S. Senate for nearly 50 years. Soon after, conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart began a sustained assault on Kennedy’s memory, tweeting “Rest in Chappaquiddick.”

    Over the course of the next three hours, Breitbart unapologetically attacked Kennedy, calling him a “villain,” “a big ass motherf@#$er,” a “duplicitous bastard” and a “prick.” “I’ll shut my mouth for Carter. That’s just politics. Kennedy was a special pile of human excrement,” wrote Breitbart in one tweet.


  38. 9limp

    a true PATRIOT. HERO.

  39. Disappointed

    Liberals claim to care about diversity, unless it’s diversity of thought. Liberals claim to be tolerant, unless it requires tolerance of any idea outside of their believe system. To be happy another human being is dead? I just can’t imagine. Goodbye, Fish.

  40. wordthief

    Andrew spoke the truth, constantly putting himself on the line for it. I thank God for him. May God grant him mercy.

  41. To those looking for a better and even funnier version of The Superficial check out dlisted, great web site.

    • Your tongue, My balls.

      I thought you were leaving you idiot. “Never coming back “hear” again.” See you later professor.

      • Funny that a mis-spelling that was found in the first thing I wrote after waking up bothers you, but someone saying “good” to the early death of someone they disagree with is just fine.

        I disagree with you. I would never consider saying “good” when you died, even if you died when you were 90.

  42. Ayn Rand (sucking Satan's cock)

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  43. vekfan

    Never heard of him.

    It’s a pretty deep and sad statement of the human condition that we can come together and admire boobies but politics and religion divide us so. Are we really so different from each other?

  44. Alexandra

    Hypocritical. The left love calling out the right for not being on the right end of human rights, but in the same breath rejoice in the death of another human being. Against human rights violations, yet call out for a revolution to cause the death of those opposed to their beliefs.

    You’re a coward with a keyboard, I can see why you’re not a prestigious political blogger. Seriously, you have the same publisher as the Kardashians. Good luck with your illustrious career, sell out.

  45. I don’t care about Andrew Breitbart one way or another, but I find it funny that a site like this is basically saying that it’s great this guy died, because he was sleazy or whatever have you. Have you READ your own site? You’d be lucky to get a one word dismissal when you guys are dead.

  46. sooooooosuperficial

    This site has ceased to be funny. Ernest Hemingway was wrong, on both counts.

  47. Yep

    Really good? Well I guess that sort of childish disregard for life is what you should expect on a site called the superficial. Still, I am disappoint.

  48. Steelerchick

    For those of you saying you’re not going on to this site again……….. See you tomorrow under a different name. :P

    • instead of checking dlisted first, then tmx and then superficial, I’ll just be checking out dlisted and tmz. win-win.

      • Malcom eX-lax

        Says the guy who neglected to leave after he first threatened to hours ago. You wont be back tomorrow only because you will never have left.

  49. Your opinion matters

    I’ve been coming here for years and now–I will never be back again!
    I come here every once in a while; now, I will visit everyday!

  50. Zazggs

    I might possible understand the vitriol if he was some anti-gay bigot. But he wasn’t. He welcomed gays into the conservative mainstream. So basically all the hate is because he was the conservative version of Keith Olbermann.

    • Exactly. I tried to read his book “Righteous Indignation” but I couldn’t get through it because it was so regular. He didn’t espouse any radical beliefs. He was simply conservative and media savvy. Evidently, solely being conservative is enough to earn you a “good” after you die.

      • anonymous

        Ding ding ding! Congratulations, you’ve figured out how liberals’ minds work.

        It’s never just “I disagree with him politically”; it has to be “he’s a racist homophobic asshole who deserves to die.”

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