Andrew Breitbart Dead At 43 (1969 – 2012)

March 1st, 2012 // 445 Comments
Andrew Breitbart


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  1. I'd_Hit_it


  2. whatevs


  3. squiren

    first…dont know who he is tho….

  4. Schlitz

    Ahh, get cancer Fish.

  5. jamie

    Good? Just guaranteed I’ll never be affected by any of you or your sister sites advertisers. Goodbye superficial.

  6. anonymous

    I expected the first gloating to come from the miscreants at the Daily Kos or something, not a cut-rate gossip blog. Liberals disgust me, you have no regard for human life.

    • Yeah, because the actions of one blogger are a perfect representation of 112 million Americans and who knows how many people the world over…

      • anon

        Yeah, pretty much.

        Especially when all of you come to his defense and say, yeah, we’re glad he’s dead and there’s no problem with a celebrity blogger celebrating that.

    • LIndsay Lohan is a worthless whore

      Of course, repugs only care about life when it’s one of their own. Otherwise it’s OK to suggest the prez’ assassination, for example. The world has lost nothing today, so let’s move on.

    • TheMonkeemobile

      Whereas the GOP just sanctions wars for no reason, and didn’t bother equipping our troops with adequate armor because the company that made the best stuff wasn’t a GOP supporting company.

      Yeah murdering people by the score shows a much better regard for human life than just saying something bad about someone who’s already dead on a COMEDY site no less.

      YOU are a perfect poster child for the GOP. An indignant hypocrite convinced that your minority viewpoints are somehow more important than those of everyone else.

      I didn’t know who he was before, but now I’m GLAD he’s dead, in fact I’m organizing an office party right now to celebrate his death and to hope all his estate issues were handled poorly so all his money goes to the government and gets handed out to poor black people.

    • anonymous

      Right. When hate-mongers die, liberals are okay with it. When Iraq civilians die, conservatives fill up their gas tanks.

      • John

        So you think the trouble in the middle east has made gas prices go down? I’m really surprised that this seems to be a common belief among Liberals, are you all actually retarded.

      • Malcom eX-lax

        I don’t get the gas tank comment but I am absolutely okay when a divisive, twisted hate-monger dies. One less rat gnawing away at the fabric of society? Good fucking riddance.

    • anon

      I agree 100%

      But, this just show how liberals think.

      Deleting bookmark now you piece of crap superficial writer.

    • Tom B

      This is lamentable. I did not agree with everything Breitbart said but he was an energetic force in the media. And he obviously upset the socialists.

      Show some class.

      • Brian R.

        Yeah, show some class, just like Breitbart did when Ted Kennedy died and he called him “villiain,” a “prick,” “a big ass mothe*******,” and a “duplicitous bastard.” Oh, and a “special pile of human excrement.”

        Such class. Have fun in Hell, asshole.

    • Nadia

      lmao you’ll be back asshole

    • Beltliner

      “Why do you grant a BULLY special status upon his death?”
      - Andrew Breitbart on Ted Kennedy, in the hours following his death. He also Tweeted “Kennedy was a special pile of human excrement.” that day.

      So, yeah, fuck this guy.

      • mapaiko

        Can’t say I agree with the Fish but all you Brietbart defenders should remember what Beltliner said…but then that would probably be okay by all you nonjudgmental types…sheesh this is a gossip blog what you looking for deep thought…and why y’all here anyway, shouldn’t you be protesting contraception or something?

      • geo

        Kennedy truly was a scum bag, unless you’ve a better description for someone who leaves a young woman to die a horrible death while he sobers and gets lawyered up.
        Evil Coward might be adequate.

      • D-chi

        To be fair, Ted Kennedy wasn’t exactly and angel.

    • Boat


    • Bonk

      Hey assholes, here is what Breitbart said just hours after Ted Kennedy died.

      Breitbart unapologetically attacked Kennedy, calling him a “villain,” “a big ass motherfucker,” a “duplicitous bastard” and a “prick.” “I’ll shut my mouth for Carter. That’s just politics. Kennedy was a special pile of human excrement,”

      Stuff your righteous indignation up your prolapsed assholes.

      • Teddy Kennedy let a young woman drowned while he hid like a coward.

        Breitbart wrote blogs you disagree with.

        Huge difference.

      • Nathan

        Ted Kennedy was a piece of shit. He killed a bitch, then tried to hide from it. He was a fall down drunk, he dealt more crrokedly in politics than most people in history, and gloated about that fact, so yeah I agree with someone saying he was a piece of shit. Just like I didn’t feel sorry for Michael Jackson’s child molesting ass when he died, or Whitney Houston’s drug addicted ass when she died. Breitbart was out exposing you worthless Liberals for the repugnant scumbags you are, and that’s what you hated about him. You know, the same reason you can’t stand Glen Beck. You hate anyone who doesn’t conform and allow your country destroying scams to quietly go on under our noses while you steal the liberties and money of the American people. To anyone happy about him dying, you’re a bigger piece of shit than you perceive him as.

      • Malcom eX-lax

        Way to miss the actual point Rich. Breitbart slags a dead man before the body is in the ground and its cool with you but we slag a turd like Breitbart and get the smelling salts, Rich is going down. Don’t come here with your ‘Liberals are so mean and incivil’ schtick and then prevaricate when it suits YOUR needs. Andy was a rancid spunk rag who worked tirelessly to promote the Republican agenda to ruin this country. Wrote blogs we disagree with? Fuck you.

    • Fishtroll

      Consider yourself trolled

      • Brian R.

        Brietbart was a liar who maliciously edited videos to show falsehoods and destroy people’s lives. Fuck him. And fuck you idiots who think he deserves anything but contempt.

    • BE

      Wake up. It’s an election year so the only public gloating WILL BE on cut-rate gossip blogs and anything that’s not mainstream.

      Seems to me he was making a great living out of being controversial:
      I’m committed to the destruction of the old media guard. And it’s a very good business model. –Andrew Breitbart

      Behind these observations, there’s only a yawn…

  7. MoJoTee

    How long until that last Weiner photo is cumming out?
    “Do your Jobs!!!”

    • MoJoTee

      MoJoTee (as instructed) here is a link to the picture of Weiners’ that Breitbart kindly spared from publication back when Rep Anthony Weiner was downtrodden. The serious hate spoken here of a man just for his youthful opinions on this site is just as predictable as the Weiner picture I’m going to have to give up here:

      Superfish let me down with that “Good” blurt.

  8. Don’t count your closeted chickens before they’re actually McNuggetted. This guy is the world’s biggest publicity whore. This is a hoax to promote his book/movie/blog/boardgame.

  9. memoo

    What a stupid post

  10. Jennie

    Good? Really? I can understand saying ugly things to be funny, but it doesn’t seem to be where you were going with this.

    • Malcom eX-lax

      Actually ‘good’ was short, pithy, and pretty much just the right level of succinct dismissiveness Andy deserved. I WISH I could have been that laconic when I heard the news. It was far more elegant than my referring to him as a rancid spunk rag (which he was by the way).

  11. You Suck

    Are you people fucking kidding me…I am all about too soon humor and everything. But just good? You can do better than that! Fucking lame and bullshit.

  12. hijkmno

    Fish is on vacation…this was Photo Boy’s brilliant move.

    • Good point. I think Photo Boy will get spanked for this one.

      Saying “good” is a matter of opinion and totally 1st Amendment (like GOPers looking to assassinate Obama, questioning his birth place, or calling him socialist), but with a huge viewership, you gotta express why, dude.

    • Fishtroll

      This is a total troll. … and just look at how successful it is.

      I think the comments were dying off on this site.
      Don’t get me wrong – I don’t agree with the post, but you have to admit that this is a whole lotta action on just one pic.

    • Malcom eX-lax

      Nobody the Republican hate machine won’t have a replacement for before I finish typing this entry.

  13. Shane

    Good?? And I’m done with the Superficial! Stick with Hollywood entertainment and movie stars, it’s what you’re best at.

  14. I’ll totally back Fish up on this. Andrew Breitbart was a fucking scumbag. “Wah! He was a dad, a son, a brother…” so was Geghis Kahn.

    I hope Breitbart rots in hell and I hope people who make their livings spreading hate and divisiveness (like Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, etc) are close behind.

    • ShyCat32


    • Dude of Dudes

      Yes because only conservative commentators are doing things like that.

    • Vicki Weir

      You people are sick. Sadly so.

    • moderate

      I don’t feel like you can say something like that without including Rachel Maddow and Keith Olberman in the same breath

      • Olbermann and Madow don’t say things like “God hates fags” or “Hurricane Katrina is God’s revenge for gay marriage”. The Republican pundits are the worst examples of Freedom of Speech that this country has to offer. I’m just trying to live up to the standards that they set by saying that Breitbart can eat a bag of dicks in Hell.

      • Malcom eX-lax

        Oh yes Moderate (if that IS your real name) do tell us how Maddow and Olberman call for the poisoning of Supreme Court Justices, or pray for their death from cancer, or edit video clips to ruin an innocent persons career, or bug a senators offices (okay, that was Breitbarts little monkey O’Keefe), or attack the children of opposition presidents like Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton, and Sasha and Malia Obama. These maggots you think are heroes, they are pigs! There is zero equivalency and you are an ass to suggest there is.

    • I can’t wait for the utopian liberal world when everything is just rainbows and unicorns and we all just hold hands and sing kumbaya.

    • Jade

      Agreed Bowman. One of the first sensible posts here. Plus I hate the hypocrites here who only decide they have manners after someone dies.

    • D-chi

      So you hope only people who disagree with you die? Okay.

    • BE

      Interesting. The First Amendment was written to protect personal expression of political thoughts. Not so that Hugh Hefner could make his fortune plastering nude women through overpriced magazines.

      Given Fish’s daily postings of swimwear and wardrobe malfunctions – it’s just a little (!) ironic (moronic?) that he’s getting slammed for uttering his personal political position on a professional pot stirrer.

      Is that the laughter I hear filtering down from above?

  15. brother, the guy had a family. would you say that to his mom’s or wife’s face. don’t think so. when someone you don’t like dies best to say nothing…R.I.P. Andrew Breitbart THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS to his FAMILY. Respect, learn it.

    • TheMonkeemobile

      False choice fallacy,.. No reason I would ever have to. This is a discussion about his death and what a dipshit he was and how some people will think it’s good that he’s dead (ie the world is a better place w/out him)

      In a situation where I was near them and or talking to them I’d keep my opinions to myself out of respect for THEM, not HIM.
      If they come here and read the comments,..then tough shit, they get a dose of truth, if some web comments can alter their feelings then they weren’t very genuine anyway.

      Respect = Only for those who deserve it,… He did not.

      • ok fair play you have a point. and I am sorry you know respect. I choose my words poorly. great site

      • Vicki Weir

        Liberals only believe in free speech when it is liberal speech. Hatred spews from the oh-so-tolerant left.

      • False choice bullshit. You’re a leftwing douchebag who only feels leftwing douchebags deserve free speech. Leftwing douchebags are the kings of projectionism. They accuse people with whom they disagree of doing what they themselves do. If someone disagrees with you, you believe it’s okay to lie and say anything to try to silence that person, and if that person dies, you rejoice like Hitler standing in front of a can of Zyklon B.

      • John

        Typical Democrat, absolutely zero class, out of touch with any reality that was spoon fed to them by pop-culture media and inevitably going to resort back to implying all republicans are racist.

      • Jade

        +1 @TheMonkeemobile

    • I was brought up not to rejoice at anyone’s death—okay, maybe Hitler, but that was before my time—so I can’t defend Fish here. However, I do find it interesting that every day people post comments here actively wishing for the death of Kim Kardashian/Lindsay Lohan/etc. and no one bats an eye; but when someone’s death is actually applauded, so many people get all “he had a family, you bastard!” and “what happened to peace and love, you fucking liberal?” If death is so sacrosanct, then make up your minds.

      • Sliver

        TomFrank, you just know that Kim Kardashian’s mom or Lindsay Lohan’s mom would be on tv within days if not hours to discuss THEIR grief, and not actually be grieving, but scheming to benefit from their children’s deaths. I think that might be a part of the way people respond. Either way, I don’t think this Breitbart guy was quite the villain that some people are. In fact, I have probably only heard of him once. I don’t think he’s the kind of person who earned the “glad he’s dead” type designation yet. He was definitely no Stalin.

      • Brian R.

        “Hatred spews from the oh-so-tolerant left.”

        Yeah, having been called traitors and fifth columnists and America-haters by conservatives for three decades will do that.

        I’m sorry we’re not just sitting back and taking it with a smile anymore. Conservatives want to lecture us on civility? To quote a revered Republican like Dick Cheney: Go fuck yourself.

    • El Jefe

      Just because someone has a family does not mean they love them or give a shit if they are dead.

      How many conservatives on here know that Bill O’Reilly’s wife left him months ago for a police officer friend of theirs? The world is full of pieces of shit on both sides and I guarantee their wives and kids are happy when they die and they can collect all the money and not have to deal with their bullshit anymore.

      • BE

        Brian K. Thank you ever so much for once again demonstrating that liberal lefts believe that everyone is entitled to an opinion – as long as its theirs.

        Honestly, I’ve never seen the left wing sit back and “take” anything – they’re too busy hammering on how no one can agree to disagree, no decision is a decision, etc. To the point I’ve run and hidden rather than continue the pain.

        Spoken as a moderate not a conservative.

        At least conservatives will let it (and you) go…

  16. El Jefe

    So happy this douchebag is dead, hopefully Rush is next.
    He was just a miserable, hateful human being.

    O’Reilly and Hannity might be douchebags, but they laugh and have fun and seem like they can actually function in normal society and you could actually live around them. This is the kind of guy that just brings the whole mood down in any room as soon as he walks in.

    • Dude of Dudes

      How many times have you been in a room with him? None would be my guess. STFU.

    • The tolerance of the left. Hateful POS you are.

      • Bonk

        I’m not a left winger. I hope this shitfuck suffered when he died. I hope his family suffers too. I hope his estate is poorly managed and ends up in the hands of black welfare recipients.

      • Jackson

        “The tolerance of the left.”

        Why should we be tolerant of a proven liar, a man who made his fortune doctoring videos and denouncing his political opponents as evil traitors?

        I’m tolerant of people who deserve it. This piece of garbage did not.

  17. Anonymous

    The Superficial got hacked?


  18. JT

    Go fuck yourself, you vile piece of shit. He was 43 years old with young children.

    • Nadia

      osama bin laden had young children too

      • YoMamma

        Are you seriously comparing a loud mouth with different political views to Osama bin Laden? That’s a bit of a reach even for a lib.

    • Bonk

      He was a coke addict who happened to breed. Go hang yourself in your garage. Maybe somebody will come looking for you before 2013.

      • Sliver

        Ok, enough with the suicide suggestions, already. No, I’m not new here, but suicide is a true tragedy. I know at least 3 people who did, and it left in its wake a trail of destruction that exists even now and always will. The survivors are still here. Don’t lower yourself so far. You must be better than that…right? Right? Well, whatever.

  19. Me

    Liberals are such hypocritical douchebags. Claim to love peace and harmony but offer up drivel like “good” when another human being dies. The liberal motto: Everyone should be free to speak their mind, unless they disagree with me.

    I can’t wait for Photo Boy to die of natural causes so I can say “good”. What a dickbag.

    • YoMamma

      Agree 100% with the liberal motto. Hypocrites.

    • TheMonkeemobile

      Liberals = Say “Good” when some vile piece of shit dies.
      Conservatives = Enact policy that gets good people killed/murdered for no reason but say nice things about them.

      Yeah Liberals are “the bad guys”

      • YoMamma

        Whatever helps you sleep at night Monkee.

      • D-chi

        Liberals = enact policies that murder over 40 million innocent unborn children.
        Conservatives = enact policies that kill murderers in jail.

        No one’s an angel, but at least don’t be a hypocrite.

      • Sliver

        Only a fucking moron actually falls for this liberal vs. conservative trash. It was designed to conquer you. But you can’t see past your own perspective, and get fleeced every time.

    • Bonk

      Liberals are winning. Teabaggers are getting old and dying. Enjoy. XOXO

      • Me

        @Bonk reporting live from Zuccotti Park. Must break now for drum circle, group hug and hypocritical celebration of death. Now where is my iPhone so I can Tweet from Starbucks about how terrible big companies are?

    • Icon

      I don’t think the Superficial writer represents all Liberals…I don’t really think this post is appropriate or in good taste, maybe I’m a liberal, maybe a conservative, maybe I’m a racist, maybe I respect people, maybe I hide behind the internet to make inflammatory remarks. Regardless, this is in bad taste.

      • Icon

        maybe I’m gay, maybe straight, maybe shallow, maybe sincere, maybe human, maybe a dog man like John Candy in Spaceballs.

    • Malcom eX-lax

      You ARE free to speak your mind and I’m free to point out what a fucking retard you are. Ain’t America grand?

    • Jackson

      “The liberal motto: Everyone should be free to speak their mind, unless they disagree with me.”

      Breitbart was allowed to speak his mind. Now, when he spoke it was all lies and hatred, but no one stopped him.

      And now that he’s dead, we’re speaking our mind. It’s the conservatives on this thread who are saying we shouldn’t be able to express our feelings.

      Jesus, what a bunch of fucking crybabies. Breitbart shat all over Ted Kennedy when he died, but no one can say a word about him now that he’s dead without the Patriotically Correct word police here coming to tell us what we can or can’t say.

      Get fucked.

  20. FU Superficial

    You just lost a reader.

    • Bonk

      And gained 50.

      • Bonk….perfect name….bonkers. Do moronic liberals understand that the majority of celebrities you make fun of are leftest lunatics…just like yourselves……no wonder they are drugged out with mental disorders. Idiots.

      • whiskeyafternoon

        my favorite thing about conservative commentors (Q4H) is their unsupported certitude. it’s just awesome to behold.

  21. Youlostme

    You just lost a viewer. Fuck you, loser. Stay in your mom’s basement in your little home town. Brietbart made an empire of the truth. You are a lame web page that I used to view, and help your numbers. No more.

    • El Jefe

      You should do your research, this site is worth tens of millions of dollars. If you really think sites like this are run out of to quote the lamest term ever, mom’s basements, you are a delusional idiot.

  22. your mom

    Ha ha ha, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

  23. TheMonkeemobile

    Your mom only makes that much because she’s a camera stripper that’s willing to do triple anal, triple vaginal and let’s face it most other people aren’t going to want to do that. Also that web site is full of viruses.

  24. Anonymous

    BUZZMEDIA huh?

  25. Joe

    Extremely bad form. Disagreeing with someone vehemently or despising them is one thing.
    Wishing death on them or rejoicing in their death is something else entirely (unless they’re out murdering and/or committing crimes against humanity…which he most certainly did not do despite Bowman’s idiotic comparison of him to Genghis Kahn).
    Unfortunately, I’m gonna have to reconsider whether or not to remain a reader here. Disappointing.
    It’s f***ing politics, grow up.

    PS – I love how Bowman condemns “spreading hate and divisiveness” and yet can only rattle off right wing commentators as examples (and curiously, makes a hate-filled and divisive comment/post himself). I think you need to open your eyes, and take some deep breaths. Seriously. Use a bag if you need to.

    • If he died of “natural causes”, then he’s with Jesus now, discussing how much they both hate fags. Everything dies, it’s God’s will, and we should all celebrate God’s will. It’s in Revelations, people!

      • Progressive = Fascist

        Breitbart co-hosted with GOProud a homosexual friendly party at last years CPAC convention. He supported and respected Gay people. But knowing that would require you liberal jizz jars to venture out of your echo chamber long enough to do some actual journalism.

        Can’t wait until Nov when Obama and his brownshirt thugs get sent packing, and dumb cunts like Bowman and Monkeemobile stumble around wondering “what happened?”

      • Geedog

        ‘It’s in Revelations, people’. You sir, win the internet for today.

      • With a handle like “Progressive = Fascist”, I know this will be tough for you to comprehend, so I’ll type slowly.

        Just because I think Breitbart was a piece of shit, doesn’t make me an ardent Obama supporter. IMHO ALL the politicians in this country are scumbags (alright, MOST of them) but as long as there are people like Breitbart turning American citizens against each other and distracting them from the real problems in this country( like the corruption and greed that are destroying a once-great nation) we’ll never get this country back on track.

        Read a book.

        Mein Kampf doesn’t count.

      • Joe

        I’m curious where you continue to get these anti-homosexual “quotes” from.
        He was on the advisory board for GOProud (a gay organization).
        One of the folks he had a close relationship with was none other than Ariana Huffington. I doubt seriously that she would have maintained that friendship if he had been the homophobic person you paint him to be.
        I reiterate: take some deep breaths. You seriously need it.

      • Jade

        haha Bowman you’re on a roll. Good man.

      • D-chi

        You can donate your brain to science now since clearly you’re doing just fine without it.

  26. Gone Forever

    never to return. There are plenty of other stupid sites to get the same content. You shouldn’t have let your politics and hatred offend half the people in the country. Fuck you Superficial.

  27. I don’t know what everyone’s got their knickers in a twist about…it’s not like any of you knew him and it’s not like anything Fish or Photoboy says has any bearing on Breitbart’s life or record. Was it tasteless? Yeah, but if you’re coming here for taste you probably should move along. This is where you come to hear Stephen Hawking talk about bitches and see tits, maybe catch the occasional gay joke.

    Additionally, I love how everyone is using this as an excuse to claim that liberals are vile, hate-filled people who have no respect for people, considering the number of times I’ve been told by a right-winger that I’m going to burn in hell for eternity because I have the audacity to not believe the same things they believe. For those of you who are reflexively lashing out at liberals because of this, back the fuck off. We’ve all people and we all think ill of those we don’t like. We right-wingers crowing and being just as insensitive when Ted Kennedy died.

    • Whoops, part of my last sentence got eaten somehow. Should be “We saw right-wingers crowing…”

    • Jade

      Good post. It’s in people’s nature to generalize and bash a group of people when they have nothing of real substance to offer, such as is the case here with many posters. On this site, you get what you come for and if someone is too fragile to handle bluntness, they should get out of here rather than complain or ask the site owner to change for them.

  28. I don’t revel in people dying, but this guy was a shitstain on the underwear of America. He’s gone as far as saying he hoped that we’d have open conflict with each other (e.g. another civil war) so that all the ‘real’ Americans could kill all the ‘sissy liberals’.

    That’s the type of dialogue that was going through this man’s head on a regular basis.

    Good riddance.

  29. kingofbeer

    Breitbart was a man that was filled with hate and rage, hopefully he can now find peace.

    oh and good bye to the fascist that frequent this site. you will not be missed.

  30. Hal

    I only stop by occasionally. but you just gained a daily reader.

  31. What a bunch of fucking whiners!! Buh-bye, don’t let the door hit you on your oversensitive little asses.

    SUPERFICIAL: shallow; not profound or thorough: a superficial writer.

  32. Anonymous

    The Superficial is a member of BUZZMEDIA Entertainment, a division of BUZZMEDIA

    BUZZMEDIA Publishers: AbsolutePunk I I Buzznet I Celebslam I Celebuzz I ConcreteLoop I I GoFugYourself I Idolator I JustJared I JustJaredJr. I KimKardashian I KhloeKardashian I KourtneyKardashian I NicoleRichie I KendraWilkinson I PacificCoastNewsOnline I SocialiteLife I SoundsOfBuzz I Stereogum I TheSuperficial I WWTDD I WhitneyPort I Videogum

  33. TheMonkeemobile

    Wow this is awesome,..
    The Base IQ readership of this site just went up about 100 points if all the people threatening to not come back really do so.

    Now the comments sections will just be funny and intelligent.
    Republicans are too busy spending their money on tithes and classes to “fix” their homosexuality so it’s not like they would spend money on any of the advertisers on this page anyway.

    Good riddance.
    (Oh and replying just proves you’re a hypocrite and didn’t leave, of course I expect lies from conservatives so…..)

    • i am anindependent however, nothing quite like seeing that much talked about “liberal compassion” at work. stay classy pal!

      • Malcom eX-lax

        I have compassion for a wide range of people but I don’t have to like them. I may wish for the comfort of his bereaved family and friends and celebrate that his poisonous voice has been removed from the choir. You act like we are not supposed to differentiate between the lives of good men and wicked and treat them all the same… wouldn’t that be… socialist?

    • Me

      typical liberal, another paragon of tolerance and restraint.

  34. hating u 4 your freedom since '00

    he’s with the angels now (but only with the REALLY douchey, obnoxious and racist ones…)

  35. Moving On

    Regardless of how the Superficial handled this story, doesn’t anyone else think it’s weird that he died of “natural causes” at 43? How does that happen?

  36. Rico Jones

    I am also glad he is dead. He was a scumbag regardless of his political affiliation.

  37. Ick

    Good? Ick.

  38. hating u 4 your freedom since '00

    we don’t need to wait for the coroners report. I know what the cause of death is: “loving his country too much!”.

  39. Reread Slaughterhouse-Five

    The guy was a douchebag in life but you shouldn’t enjoy his death.

    His kids are going to cry themselves to sleep for months or years over this – that should affect you even if nothing else does.

    Be nicer to each other FFS.

    • your mom

      You assume too much. Not all of us love our relatives. Often shit bags in public are even worse at home.

      • Reread Slaughterhouse-Five

        Well that logic chain works for anybody. I guess now we can say “good” anytime somebody dies because they might be horrible at home.

        A lot of you guys are blood thirsty. It’s not a good look.

  40. i wonder when keith olberbum bites it, will he get the same treatment?
    i doubt it.

    • I do not know of whom you speak.

      But when Keith Olbermann dies we will all shed a little tear – and then crack wise about his hair.

      • Everybody Here

        Yeah, and all the right wing fascists will shit themselves with joy, and celebrate in the streets. Fucking hypocrites.

      • John

        The idiot below me commenting on right wings as fascists shows how stupid the ill-informed the common democrat is. If you just take catch phrases you learn from the shit media you are brainwashed by and use them in sentences dose not make you informed on the topic. You obviously don’t understand the ideologies of fascism and if you did you would realize the democratic views are much more inline with those ideologies than any group on the right. Way to go stupid

      • Malcom eX-lax

        Yeah John. Define Socialism for us and contrast it with communism WITHOUT going to google, you fucking hump. The fact that you are trying to equate the Democrats with fascism just shows how you will swallow anything the rightwing propaganda mills wipe under your nose. Maybe you should avoid airport bathrooms.

  41. Nicole

    Hahaha this is freaking amazing. Who knew Superficial readers were so humorless and conservative…seems ironic!

    • your mom

      I was thinking huh, people who laugh at dick & fart jokes, make fun of queers, demean women, and enjoy racist jokes, this definitely a conservative site. No wonder they are mad.

    • Matt

      Why do you assume it has to be about politics? I think it’s more of an empathy thing. People weren’t thrilled with “good” comments when Gabby Giffords was head-capped.

  42. eric

    Superficial writer, you suck. Good bye forever, you hater.

  43. Minky Wail

    If this is the Fish’s way of getting a dig in on somebody he didn’t like fine, but Davey Jones didn’t even get mentioned yesterday, Clearly the larger story got missed.

  44. Dan

    I honestly think most of these people (Rush, Hannity, Maher, Moor) are just out to make a buck. They are entertaining and say what a certain market block wants to hear… sorta like the Superficial ;)

    Anyway, I hope there are liberals in heaven/hell that Breibart can annoy… I think he’s pretty witty most of the time. Not as witty as Bill Maher, but pretty good.

    • TheMonkeemobile

      The problem is they do is straight faced and present “opinion commentary” (ie lies mainly) as “news”.
      They actually influence the ideas of people who think that what they say is factual.

      It pisses conservatives off, but there’s more truth in “The Daily Show” a COMEDY show, than there is in most of the Serious Conservative News Outlets. They see it as direct competition and completely miss the irony in how bad that means their products must be.

  45. lol @ the qq from the conservatives.

    Fish speaks his mind, and as long as he refrains from posting about Kim K, Paris and Spencer + Heidi he could run over a couple neocons on his way to the grocery store for all I care.

    • Yes, please do not post those mentioned above although Paris is tame now. Also include that bloated thing that is cast as Elizabeth Taylor.

      I am middle right. I have no party because I like parts of the platforms of both parties.

      Isn’t this guy the one who released the doctored tape of the democratic lady and caused her to lose her job? If so, then no love lost.

      Bring on the boobies!

    • Me

      lmao — exactly….and the 40 yr old minor who married that one actor….

  46. Cesare

    This was a crappy thing to say about a guy who worked hard, died young, and left behind a wife and four children. Did you know that he was the guy who worked with Arianna Huffington and came up with the design for the Huffington Post, even though he was politically conservative? You glad Davy Jones and Whitney Houston are dead, too?

    • your mom

      I always celebrate the death of people who worked actively to make my life suck.

    • Dramatic Puddle

      If he had kept it in his pants instead of breeding more conservatives then he wouldn’t have left so many kids behind. I hate conservatives and liberals equally. I want more moderates because maybe we would see the return of common sense. In the meantime I come here to be entertained, and that’s what the boys do. So suck it up and STFU.

  47. rican

    Fish, par for the course on your moronic liberal contradictory views. Not offended though, will keep visiting ’cause your funny batting average is still good.

  48. Liev

    It’s a shame. I was such a big fan of your site….until this post. I’m sure my daily hit will have little or no affect on your numbers, but you will never have it again

    • JO

      Mine either. It’s supposed to be a fun site but he’s gotten worse with having to add all the hatred toward Republicans to it. Regardless of my political affiliation I read this site for fun, not commentary. The good remark just did me in and I too am taking it out of my favorites and will find something else fun to read. What a great guy for being happy that a wife/ mom and two small innocent children will never have their husband/daddy ever again. You’re a total jerk Superficial, a total jerk.

      • Stacey

        The “Good” remark was callus and unkind. No matter what the political leanings, that was uncalled for. I didn’t see you making the same comments about Whitney Houston upon her untimely death. This is a gossip site – not some sort of political blog. Seeing the remark you made, Superficial, makes me realize that this site isn’t worth the time anymore. I’m with Liev and Jo. My one click on the page may not make a difference, but you’ll never get it again.

  49. forrest

    sorry, I don’t know the man.

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