Andre Birleanu wants out of his VH1 contract

December 14th, 2007 // 72 Comments

Russian model and America’s Most Smartest Model contestant Andre Birleanu wants to wash his hands of VH1. He claims the network has damaged his reputation after they advised him not to respond to allegations that he molested two women at a nightclub in New York. Andre was arrested for the incident on October 25 and is now talking to the press. Page Six reports:

“VH1 has not allowed me to comment to the press or to clear my name. They tell me not to say anything, but then they don’t stand up for me.
“I had a great career before the show, and now I am losing a lot because of VH1. I made them money and they destroyed me.”

However, it also seems VH1 is distancing itself from Andre. This might be considered a spoiler, or not, so you’ve been warned:

Birleanu is also upset that VH1 asked him not to come to a wrap party for the show tomorrow in Los Angeles in light of his arrest. “It is a party for me, and they told me I can not come,” he said.
A VH1 spokesperson responded, “That’s funny. We thought the party was for Sunday’s season finale – not him.”

They should make Andre fight Rocky Balboa. I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but my knowledge of Russian culture starts and ends with Rocky IV. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m embarrassed for you. Maybe you should pick up a history book and learn a little bit about this country of ours. It’s called America. And Rocky didn’t fight Ivan Drago, thus ending the Cold War, just so you could grow up ignorant. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go spar an American flag inside a meat locker because I’m a motherfucking patriot.


  1. Is that even a real show??? Most Smartest Model??? Destroyed his career, eh? Well that’s whatcha get..

  2. Sophie

    He has a shitty attitude, but he’s hot. THANKS FISH

  3. inna

    ANDRE IS SO HOTTTTTTTTT i hope he wins

  4. I would have thought it was his looks that destroyed his career.

  5. veggi

    ahahahaha! Most smartest model!!! That’s fucking glorious!

    He’d be perfect if we could put a different head on him.. he looks like an unemployed wife beater..

  6. Barleanu

    Barleanu is 100% romanian name, so I think it’s a missunderstand here, he isn’t russian.

  7. Danielle

    Can it be true?? The Fish actually posts some man meat for a change?? The world must be coming to an end…

    So with that said: “Drool. Stare. Collapse.”

  8. Sophie

    Better than looking at Winehouse or Shitney on a friday tho right?

  9. Gerald_Tarrant

    He was a dickwad on the show. He blamed everything I saw on the fact that he is Russian and the others were American. They were unfairly targeting him because of that.

    Dude, grow a set, suck it up, stop crying, go let Texas Tranny give you a little of the stuff you so love.

  10. Sophie

    From the look at him in some underwear (thanks VH1) he definitely has a set…

  11. Kio

    He was said to be found at a millionaire&celebrity dating club not long before, and he is hot there.Quite a few girls and ladies write to him.OMG!

  12. beeees

    he is hot.
    the party was for him , because he wont the title of the show.

  13. justtheobvious

    Molested two women? That’s where he killed his career. He would be skyrocketing in the modeling world if it were some bathroom hankey pankey he was doing with 2 guys. Doesn’t he know, he is supposed to be gay? Don’t blame VH1 for your sexuality hurting your career – jerkoff. Now GO GAY!

  14. Eat my shorts

    WAIT, wait, wait……America’s Most Smartest…is that for real? I mean, really for real? Is that the title of the show? “most smartest?”

    I can’t get past that. Have we become THAT fucking stupid?

  15. Eat my shorts

    Oh and I forgot to say, UGLY!!!!

  16. What does it take to be the smartest model? Tying your shoes? Zipping your pants? Wiping your own ass? I am not sure what it is, can someone fill me in??

  17. rampant stupidity

    #16: yes, yes this country has become that fucking stupid.
    fantastic, educational TV america has. i wontz my childrun to lurn scchul & wurld educashun her. then theye becum talunt modulz lik britnee.
    sad, sad.

  18. Vince Lombardi

    *18, I think it requires you to know the difference between the symbols on the public restroom doors, and that the word “model” starts with “m,” like the words “me,” “my,” and “mine.”

    I knew a guy that looked like this once. We used him as the left upright on the goal post in the north endzone at Lambeau in 1961 during a game with the Eagles. I believe that started the “no shirt in 50-below weather” fad that has persisted to this day. Unfortunately, that fad never caught on with the ladies….

  19. Agendas...

    …are being fulfilled!!! God bless the USA! (Of course the globalists want us to be morons, they are converting us to a second world nation, and then labor here will be nice and cheap!!! Bring in mo’ betta Mexicans, that do not even have to speak the language, thereby proving that our nation and culture mean nothing to the banking masters that have and always will rule this world!!!
    Go back to sleep Americans. No sense trying to wake you.

  20. Tapeworm

    Massengill had better be careful — apparently there’s a king-sized douche on the loose.

    Hey if he likes to suck cock, so be it, it’s his choice…. stop holding it against the little fag.

  21. proteon

    I sleep in that very position.

    All day.

  22. LL

    First, yes, thanks for the attractive male person to look at, rather than Britney’s crotch.

    I’ve seen this douchebagski on clips from that stupid show (when they make fun of it on The Soup), so I have no problem believing he “molested” women (what does that entail, exactly? Grabbing? Pinching? What?), but I also have no doubt that what he says is true: that VH1 won’t defend him then tells him not to say anything publicly to defend himself. That sounds like what corporations do to people.

    Having said that, he’d probably be far better off to just STFU. He’s one of those idiots who makes himself look worse and more guilty every time he opens his most dumbest mouth. I bet he’d be a nightmare client for an agent or a lawyer. Kinda like Britney, only good-looking. So there’s that. Just sit there and look pretty, Ivan. Leave the talking to the grownups with fully functioning brains.

  23. Ryan

    To all of those asking if the show’s name is serious, or “is Vh1 really that stupid”….

    The show is called America’s Most Smartest Model. It’s supposed to poke fun at the stereotype of models having shit for brains. Vh1 isn’t that dumb, so it’s not a “serious” show title.

    Now, whether most of the viewers have picked up on the joke, or whether or not they actually realize there’s something wrong with the show’s title…whole different story. And I probably don’ t even want to know.

  24. veggi

    Bless you Ryan..

  25. Bless you veggi..

  26. Auntie Kryst

    @20 Coach, was that the game Hornung went for the drop kick and sent the pigskin into that dude’s crotch? I think Paul then started yelling Yuri Gagarin was a pussy.

  27. tight lipped smiler

    I’d stick a bag on his head before bed. He’s got Chernobyl eyes.

  28. my comment

    He’s ugly and his chest is kind of strange.

  29. FagHag

    Looks like a fucking skin-head raciest.

  30. MICHY

    OH MY GOD!!I WANT HIM!!!!!!

  31. sk

    he can molest me


  33. D. Richards

    That dude grosses me the fuck out. End.

  34. TomCruise

    I would so do him on Oprah and make Zack watch. Zack looks good but he don’t get it yet and Oprah hasn’t had sex in 20 years. She only watches.

  35. Vince Lombardi

    Auntie, you were almost right. That’s the popular rumor, but Hornung actually yelled; “Sputnik this!”

  36. eat my shorts

    25 – yes the joke is “gotten;”the cynicism had not been lost on this one (up urs). BUT that still doesn’t excuse the fact that a piece of shit show like that is on TV. The only thing VH1 has going for it is “I Love the XX’s” and Hal Sparks. That’s it.

  37. Eat my shorts

    What’s even scarier is how many people on this post think this walking cock-head is even attractive. His top lip looks like it’s been collagen’ed.

    But on another note, I can see some dumb cunt coming on to him because he’s on TV, getting fucked by him and then when he tells her to get lost, POOF, molestation case.

  38. ROSCOE


  39. Not Your Mom

    Those are some impressive herpes on his upper lip.

  40. Ruby

    How is this guy? Never heard of him, never heard of the show and never watched VH1. He had a great career indeed.

  41. Sebastián

    “What’s even scarier is how many people on this post think this walking cock-head is even attractive. His top lip looks like it’s been collagen’ed.”

    Are you a straight woman, a gay man or a straight man? If ou’re on the first two, I sincerely don’t get you (the guy is incredibly hot, even his dumb athlete face). If the latter is the case, just shut up. We don’t say anything when you drool over that cheap-hooker-looking Kim Kardashian. Just keep a respectful and awed silence over his perfectly chiseled chest… and arms… and neck… and is that a flashlight in his pocket?

  42. havoc

    He’s fat….


  43. Annabel

    He can molest me any day of the week. And I don’t care where he comes from.

  44. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

  45. Um…he can “molest” me anytime.

  46. Reina

    I hated him at first, because he a dick (but hot!!) but now I adore him. THere are little things he does that make him attractive. He opens doors for the girls, and is very sweet at times….. You just gotta pay attention….

    Damn he’s fine. I’d do him!

  47. Kayleigh Chrzan

    You can’t rape the willing!

  48. Me

    Andre is an ok model, but his temper and arrogance is outrageous. He’s young, so hopefully he’ll outgrow it. I have to say though, he is a very good model. I will give him that. it’s too bad that some of the other models left way before their time on that show, because truly, I think brett should have one. the one I think will end up winning, vj, he gives me the creeps.

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