Andre Birleanu wants out of his VH1 contract

Russian model and America’s Most Smartest Model contestant Andre Birleanu wants to wash his hands of VH1. He claims the network has damaged his reputation after they advised him not to respond to allegations that he molested two women at a nightclub in New York. Andre was arrested for the incident on October 25 and is now talking to the press. Page Six reports:

“VH1 has not allowed me to comment to the press or to clear my name. They tell me not to say anything, but then they don’t stand up for me.
“I had a great career before the show, and now I am losing a lot because of VH1. I made them money and they destroyed me.”

However, it also seems VH1 is distancing itself from Andre. This might be considered a spoiler, or not, so you’ve been warned:

Birleanu is also upset that VH1 asked him not to come to a wrap party for the show tomorrow in Los Angeles in light of his arrest. “It is a party for me, and they told me I can not come,” he said.
A VH1 spokesperson responded, “That’s funny. We thought the party was for Sunday’s season finale – not him.”

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