Anderson Cooper Punched 10 Times in the Head in Egypt

February 2nd, 2011 // 79 Comments

“And yet still as beautiful as a baby’s ass dipped in silver. *kisses fingers* C’est magnifique!”

According to CNN’s Steve Bursk’s Twitter – Welcome to the state of journalism, says the man blogging about tits. – Anderson Cooper was reportedly attacked by a mob in Egypt while covering the protests yesterday morning:

Anderson said he was punched 10 times in the head as pro-Mubarak mob surrounded him and his crew trying to cover demonstration

Cut to today, where Anderson found time to chat with CNN’s American Morning and either described the scene or his most recent date. I’m waiting for Wolf Blitzer to tweet back to me. Via Popeater:

“They at first started going for the cameras; they didn’t want any pictures taken,” Cooper said. “The crowd kept growing, kept throwing punches, kicks … suddenly a young man would look at you and punch you in the face.”

Wow. A homosexual man wasn’t given a warm reception in the Middle East? What strange and unusual times we live in…

Okay, that wasn’t a fair statement. Especially considering I just described a major American political party’s wet dream. “Aww, what? No fair. They get to punch them in the face whenever they want? Why can’t we do that? Our God’s way cooler than their God. Just listen to this P.O.D. CD and tell me I’m wrong. I dare ya.

*cocks gun*

That ain’t a request.”

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  1. As he should be. We should punch him in the head 10 time here in the US

    • Da troooooooof

      fuck yes!!!!!!! ’bout time we had some beautiful sausage on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • And yet Christiane Amanpour was standing right next to him, and got NOTHING! What do you want to bet she hired those thugs?

      • Wil

        Boy, if any two people deserved a big time beat down, they would certainly be in the running. It’s too bad we can’t send most U.S. journalists to Cairo, all wearing “I love gay Jews” t-shirts. It is a bit harder to arrogantly and pathologically lie when you are missing a few teeth.

  2. skivvy

    lol middle east smackdown!

  3. taco flavored kisses

    anderson likes the pooper

  4. Sway

    I love ya, but it’s “C’est.”

  5. Crystina

    Such a sexy silver fox. Too bad he loves the cock.

  6. Clarisse

    Rampant typos. Remove hand from penis before posting.

  7. DM

    So sad for us women, all the good looking guys are gay :(

  8. Rough City, U.S.A.

    Who determined it was 10 punches not 9 or 11 Burt Sugar?

  9. Mike Tyson

    Have y’wall pwayed PUNCHOUT! ‘cuz man no body can keep count of all dem punches.

  10. LJ

    More material for Kathy Griffin next News Years Eve.

    I wonder if we’ll see a reenactment?

  11. RoboZombie

    He actually counted how many times he was hit????

  12. Bucky Barnes

    Just wait ’til his mama Gloria Vanderbilt goes over there and starts whupping some Egyptian butt. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape and you don’t mess around with the fashion designer’s cub.
    Silly Egyptians!

  13. Anderson Cooper
    Dude of Dudes
    Commented on this photo:

    Anderson Cooper. He sees what you did there.

  14. I'm Obama and I approve

    Dirka, Dirka Jihad!!

  15. Eric

    Too bad he wasn’t protected by his bad-boy buzz cut

  16. jojo

    Anderson’s contract clearly states ” All punches shall be donkey in nature and immediately follow a left handed reach around.”

  17. GravyLeg

    Why did he get punched in the head? Was he using too much teeth?

  18. MLVC

    isn’t that gay bashing? a hate crime?? will there be a “celebrity” telethon/concert for him?? so many unanswered questions…..

  19. GravyLeg

    This had to be confusing for Anderson. He is only used to getting punched in the asshole…

  20. Thomas C Casey

    I’m still trying to get over how a muslim would do be violent. I’ve never seen that happen before. They’re so peaceful normally.

  21. GravyLeg

    “Joey, have you ever been in a… in a Turkish prison?”

  22. Ksurfiws

    did they knock any sense into him?

  23. lori

    “One political party’s wet dream…” Yep. I know that’s right. (shakes head in disgust).

  24. ketut

    Was the guy swinging a chair? and was he wearing a tight suit and a red bowtie?

  25. Lady Blah Blah

    He got 10 punches or was it 10 inches?

  26. 10 donkey punches and he’s complaining???? He hasn’t had that much action since he was host of The Mole and everyone realized “The Mole” was on his left ass cheek!!!!

  27. Anderson Cooper
    Commented on this photo:


    But next time remember to bronze the neck too

  28. Tonyboy

    That’s what happened you suck the mic instead of talking in it

  29. GravyLeg

    Is anyone surprised that Anderson Copper takes a fisting well?

  30. seth rogen's vagina

    80 million Egyptians, and they could only get 10 measly punches in? Slackers.

  31. Ale

    Egypt is in Africa, not in the “Middle East” which is anyhow only a geopolitical description

  32. …Punch like an Egyptian…

  33. Jdawg

    Well done, Egypt!!!!

  34. Cardinal Fang

    An American get beat up and everyone laughs. Hm. I guess it serves him right trying to broadcast from the shithole region. Maybe when he reCOOPERates he can come home and do live feeds from a zoo’s lion cage. Might be safer.

  35. Go Egypt

    Guess he didn’t realize most Muslims really hate homos. Too bad he wasn’t in Iran, they hang phags there.

  36. Sprechensiedouche

    An American was attacked. Tired of the BS, time for an airstrike.

  37. erinerinerin


    not the middle east.


  38. androo

    not suprising. i mean have you seen any of the footage from the protests? its like a head-punching festival over there right now – and its fuckin SOLD OUT BABY!

  39. Rough City, U.S.A.

    That’s not cool! I’m not saying its the culprit but you have to ease off on the well coiffed, well manicured, extra tight polo shirts, and poses Anderson. Those guys are not as tolerant as down town Manhattan…

  40. Anderson Cooper
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s a nice face with fab blue eyes, but I would never call him a hottie.
    Much danger for any journalist, American, or obviously gay person over there right now. The mob is loose.

  41. Mitch

    That’s what happens when you send a queer bitch into a Muslim war zone to do a mans job.

  42. Betty

    Actually, it was the finale of 10 “strawberry shortcakes”.

  43. wim

    let’s hope some army-truck or something ran over his ears.
    ……….SO HE IS DEAD NOW?

  44. Maybe they thought he was Lawrence of Arabia.

  45. President0dumb0

    Seems to be that only ignorant women and other homos think this self-absorbed wannabe-taken-seriously drama queen, is some kind of cute – *real* mean peg this ass-clown for what he really is, obnoxious.

  46. Mary

    Wait. What? Anderson Cooper is gay?

  47. CAP

    It’s a change from being punched in his colon on a daily basis.

  48. BarneyFrank

    Wow I am shocked, not one person mentioned/blamed tea baggers or Sarah Palin. What the fuck is wrong with you people. You are all off your game today and I am disappointed! Besides Islam sucks, and Cooper is making all this up for ratings.

  49. TehWinner

    Hey, Coop! Keebler called, it’s time for you to get back in the tree!!

  50. todd

    Oh, Anderson. I genuinely lol’d.

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