On Anderson Cooper And Republican Bullshit About Orlando

The Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando has been something of a shitshow for America’s right. On the one hand, they really want it to be an opportunity to trot out their favorite bogeyman “radical Islam” thanks to Omar Mateen pledging allegiance to ISIS in the midst of gunning down a club full of gay Latinos. (In reality, Omar Mateen couldn’t tell you the difference between ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Hezbollah, and almost certainly was trying to mask his own homosexuality thanks to a strict religious upbringing. And if you don’t click that link, it’s Christian pastors celebrating the fact that gays got murdered because Islam and Christianity are two sides of the same shitty coin.) On the other hand, conservatives really hate gays and Latinos. In fact, their presumptive presidential candidate won the nomination by promising to build a wall to keep the latter out because, and I quote, “they’re rapists.” Hitting even closer to home to the Orlando shooting, Florida Governor Rick Scott refused to acknowledge the victims were even gay (a recurring Republican theme), and prior to that, Attorney General Pam Bondi actually argued in court that gay marriage would “impose significant public harm.” Which is why Anderson Cooper wasn’t having any of her shit yesterday after she tried to position herself as a champion for the LBGT community. This is a party who just spent the better part of the year ready to have a goddamn shootout in Target over transgenders with full bladders, so no, fuck you. You don’t get to suddenly act like you’re the true avengers of Orlando when you can’t even honestly acknowledge the victim’s sexuality and refuse to do a goddamn thing about what really killed them because it was two things and two things only: Homophobia and guns. And if you can’t tell if I’m talking about the Republican party or a “radical Islamic” terrorist, welcome to my point.

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Photo: CNN