And The Oscar Goes To…

March 7th, 2010 // 76 Comments

Me, for posting these pics of Argentinian model Belen Rodriguez instead of Ed Asner on the red carpet which is, literally, what I almost did. (I liked Up. Sue me.)

In the meantime, feel free to make this an Oscars open thread while I join today’s young people on Twitter even though they’re apparently all masturbating on Chat Roulette 24/7. Then again I could always write “James Cameron is a penis” on my penis. I’ll get back to you.

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Photos: Splash News

  1. You madam win the Internets. Congratulations!

  2. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  3. danr

    She is so thin (no ass) her brown eye is winking at me in pics 13 and 14. lokk close :)

  4. nanakissing

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  5. Big'n

    More please.

  6. See Alice

    Nice Bolt ons !
    She seems to have a distressed look on her face .

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  8. abby

    #13 boobs are heavy, they are easier on the neck if you carry them on the sides


    Great body, but again — fake breasts.

  10. SO RIGHT

    Great body, but again — fake breasts.

  11. Pretty face, pretty skin, sexy body, her ass is NOT flat… but not a huge fan of the boob job or tattoo. Just how long is it going to take plastic surgeons to perfect implants anyway? We can cure diseases with cord blood but we can’t keep implants from looking like ice cream scoops on a marble slab???

  12. Simo

    Belen Rodriguez: fake tits and maybe, fake ass.. not-attress, not-singer, not-host, but she’s everywhere..

  13. Italians do it better


  14. Freebie

    So tired of fake bolt-on titties. Not hot.

  15. Great body, but again — fake breasts.

  16. Keithypoo

    You sir, are my herpes. I mean hero!


  17. Why?

    Why all the hatin’ on the fake tits?
    ALL chicks should get fake tits…hell, fake everything as long as it’s a physical improvement. No one wants 30 year old titties.

  18. What the fuck is a Belen Rodriguez, and how do I get it to clean my house? Whoops, shit, that was another Mexican… I mean how do I tap that spicy burrito?

    RPG, lover of all women, even illegal aliens who will do unthinkable things to avoid being deported

  19. TheOne DownSouth

    There’s much better looking women here in Argentina.

    #5 – Vamos Argentina!

  20. Derek

    She has a great… smile.

  21. yyy

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