And here’s Kirk Cameron again.

February 26th, 2010 // 138 Comments

Because Jesus wouldn’t waste free publicity, Kirk Cameron issued People the following statement regarding the suicide of his Growing Pains co-star Andrew Koenig:

“It is with great sorrow to hear about the final outcome of the search for my old friend Andrew. I hope everyone will be sensitive to the Koenigs and give the family some private time to reflect and to grieve the loss of their beloved son. At a time like this, we all are reminded of the briefness of life and the importance of being ready for our eternal destination. My prayers will continue to be with Andrew’s family.”

Listen, what happened to Andrew Koenig was, no question, tragic for his family. I couldn’t even imagine. But let’s be honest, nobody cared about Boner from Growing Pains until this week and now he’s become an excuse for a bunch of people to pretend they’re hyper-sensitive human beings with their “Oh, I’m hollow inside.”; “My heart skipped a beat” and other fake sympathies. Even worse, you’ve got Kirk Cameron capitalizing on the death of “an old friend” he apparently never talked to just to push the oldest swindle known to man: Claiming to know what happens when you die.

I’m not trying to get on a soapbox here, but what I am trying to say is Hilary Duff needs to blow someone in front of the paparazzi again. I’m not guaranteeing that will help. But, dammit, we have to try.

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  1. HAHA!

    To all the haters:

    Fish isn’t even talking about you, you egotistical fucks.

    Have you been on Twitter or any other celeb new sites? Everyone and their brother is acting like Boner was their long lost son or something.

    You people are fucking pathetic if you think Fish is concerned with a goddamn word you’re saying. That said, how about some bikinis? I didn’t come here to learn Kirk Cameron wishes he was relevant again.

  2. Mike


    You have no idea how incredibly stupid you sound. I’m surprised your computer hasn’t committed suicide yet from being abused by your retarded mind.

  3. BonerTheCoward

    Mike@52 – I sound stupid?? At least I’m voicing an opinion rather than floating personal attacks, you Coward! (Hmm, are you about to commit suicide now, too?) If so, I want credit!

  4. Jade

    Kirk Cameron needs to quit acting like God’s pimp.

    What an insensitive attention whore.

  5. Hecubus

    @Fish, I’m disgusted and appalled. This is an important issue and you do great harm by jumping to conclusions. We do NOT (repeat, NOT) need to see Hilary Duff blow anyone. She’s as interesting as half dried paint. We need to see a sex tape or at least some hard paparazzi snaps of a fine mama jamma like Scarlett Johansson.

    As Kirk Cameron knows, God only grant three wishes to each person who rubs his magic belly. Don’t waste any of those precious wishes on a boring chick like Hilary Duff when there are so many first rate boner stiffening (my condolences, incidentally) ladies out there.

  6. Grim Reaper

    Anyone else want to throw their life away?
    I’m in the neighborhood…?
    Suicide victims burn the longest.

  7. KIKI

    I love the Superficial BECAUSE this is one of the few sites that are not heavily monitored. I am sure we have all tried to express our opinions on other sites only to have comments end up in moderation. That being said, I feel like the writer also can voice his opinion even if it is unpopular. When DJ AM died, I was a little suprised by the Fish’s venom, but maybe he just gets really pissed about people throwing away their chance at life, I don’t know….

  8. Matrim

    @35/37> You’ve obviously never lived with or worked with someone with a mental illness, that or you have one yourself that keeps you from empathizing. Yes, you can look at suicide with a rational mind and say that it’s selfish, but the people who commit suicide are not rational. Keep in mind, I’m not talking about euthanasia (which is generally a rational decision), I’m talking about taking your own life in despair. When someone is in a frame of mind where they are going to commit suicide it’s not about selfishness or selflessness; people in that frame of mind are not logical, are not rational, and are not empathetic…and it’s not their fault. People in a suicidal mindset are not thinking like a normal person. You can sit in your room and anonymously pass judgment on a dead man all you want, but I seriously hope you understand that people who are sick can’t help the fact that they are sick.

    As for why you should have sympathy for someone who doesn’t care whether they live or die; it’s because these people have issues and have problems that they feel they are too weak to handle. Strong people don’t need sympathy, it’s the weak, the hopeless, and the wretched that need sympathy. It’s the people who can’t help themselves that need sympathy.

  9. Matrim

    @ 55> Oh shit! I completely missed the fact that he blew one of his wishes on that…good catch!

    For SHAME, Fish.

  10. I Should Be the Superficial Writer

    Soooo someone says “life is short, live accordingly,” and everyone (including the talentless writer of this site) screams their own anti-kirk comments because they think he’s preaching some “Jesus loves you” rhetoric??? Methinks some people around here are a bit too sensitive and defensive. Get a life!

  11. KIKI

    Good post @ 58. People who pass judgement about suicide probably have never lost someone due to mental illness. Their whole opinion would change if they had. Lucky them, huh?

  12. testington

    God should smite him down for that terrible shirt/tie combo

  13. BonerTheCoward

    Matrim@58 – I’m impressed. Well written response! Completely agree with your first paragraph…though I’m pretty sure I’ve worked with tons of people with mental illnesses…I mean, I HAVE to think they are mentally challenged because the alternative is that their acts are preplanned responses…and that is much more terrifying than mental illness. I didn’t know Boner, so I have no idea if he was mentally ill…but from what I’ve read about his priveledged life, I can’t help but feel he wasted it…I’m also not convinced that everyone who commits suicide is mentally imbalanced or that their weakness deserves sympathy.
    However, I’ll work on it. I certainly feel for his parents. I loved Chekov in Star Trek – and his parents’ plea for his return was touching. It just makes it that much more difficult for me to feel sorry for Boner.

  14. What the hell happened to you?

    Are you really THAT stupid? Geez, you just keep digging your damn whole deeper. Cut your losses and never mention Andrew Koenig again. I’m sure his family (and your readers) would appreciate it.

    Now, put away your crack pipe and get on with writing something a little less depressing and a little more witty.

    Fart jokes are funny. This topic isn’t. (KC is still an asshole who will burn in hell some day for being a hypocrit).

  15. Kirk Cameron's abortion doctor


    OK, listen up all you Christians, while I carefully explain this to you. Spirituality, religion, are actually viewed as extremely personal things. If your religion commands you to force your ideas on everyone else, fine, but don’t expect any sympathy or feel “wronged” when your mis-guided efforts are interpreted as insulting. Because, you see, they are.

    The reality is that Mr. Cameron should say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, because besides from being a co-worker decades ago, he has no connection to Mr. Koenig. IF he feels he must say something, he should keep it to “I have great respect for the deceased and my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.” END OF STORY.

    *Anything* beyond that, which Mr. Cameron obviously did, even a single sentence, is using his pulpit in a hypocritical & pandering fashion. It is showing disrespect, which anyone who keeps their spirituality private would understand. If you feel differently, then look at just what you are pushing on people, and do you really want to belong to a religion that is “popular” because people have been forced into joining it?

  16. Kirks earlier comments could have been helpful I guess, but these did sound inappropriate. They’re clunky and long winded if nothing else. Sounds insincere.

    I agree with 65.

  17. Also, is Kirk strung out on meth? What the hell? He looks all fucked up.

  18. “At a time like this, we all are reminded of the briefness of life and the importance of being ready for our eternal destination.” (click my name)

  19. Must be nice to sit in front of computer and spew out the nonsense that you do for persons you most likely have never met, and most of all know absolutely nothing about. What exactly has Mr. Cameron ever done to you ‘personally’? So what his Christian views may not match what you believe, grow up and get over yourself why don’t you? We all have things we disagree with, but since he’s never called you out publicly, why didn’t you just let the moment with a person he once knew, and the condolences he presented to the family alone? Life is short enough as it is for ALL of us, remember your turn is coming too, and wouldn’t you want people to remember you in a loving manner as well? Please get over your misconceptions about Kirk, Christianity, and other things and people you might not agree with, because life is over sooner than we know, and in reality it’s not ‘who’ you know “people-wise”, but the life you lived and those you helped along the way. God have mercy on us All Superficial and that includes you. Condolences to the Koenig family as well.

  20. Fro

    “the importance of being ready for our eternal destination.”

    Almost seems like he’s making a cheesy attempt at drawing a parallel between Star Trek and religion. (You probably already know Andrew Koenig’s father was on Star Trek).

  21. KC has a face for behind the camera or radio work.

  22. I’m about sick of spoiled rich kids who are children of TV and movie stars and rock stars whinging about how so very very hard and sad their life is. Suck it up you fucking losers. Quit living in daddy’s shadow and live your own life. The problem is they’ve had everything handed to them their entire life so they can’t handle the slightest little set-back. I feel zero sympathy for this waste of skin and his parents are probably to blame, so fuck them too.

  23. Ahnold

    @65: substitute “gay” for christian and you would be right…

  24. aaronzzz

    @69 Bea K

    I agree about the positive aspects of which you where trying to convey in your obviously misguided attempt at trying to defend Kirk from all us foul mouthing Hate mongers…. But Many things you said were gross misunderstandings of the reality of what we are Talking about. Kirk Cameron has chosen to be a public figure. And in choosing this position you open your self up to being criticized by everyone and anyone who so chooses. He is not in contact with the Koenig family, He chooses to state his 2 cents ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. We aren’t listening to a private conversation here, These are publicly made statements. And that my naive friend is fair game.

    Lets not forget the person we are talking about here is also one of the head ministers of the EXTREMELY DISHONEST ministry called “Way Of The Master”. He openly opposes the advancement of the Scientific community and the further growth of humanity’s advancement and understanding of the world and the universe around us simply for his extremely selfish and ignorant self motivated desire to see the Bible hailed as the End all be all of governing rules. He and his Partner Ray Comfort deserve every single little bit of criticism aimed there way.

  25. ham

    @BonertheCoward. Actually, studies show that normal people, after losing their limbs, etc. go back to their original level of happiness or unhappiness in about half a year, same as lotto winners. The brain is plastic, and learns to cope. So if you ever get confined to a wheelchair, I don’t see you taking your own life, as you sound mentally healthy and best of all, optimistic about the future. Thanks. You’re a breath of fresh air. And I do have mentally ill close friends contemplating suicide, but I never come close to understanding it other than the mechanical aspects of it; damage to the brain or insufficient neurotransmitters. Maybe #58 can shed some light on that. The more human aspect of despair.

  26. This is my favorite post on here in a while. I love the way the hate flows for Kirk Cameron! Keep it up!!

  27. frankinfish

    Jeez… leave the guy alone. The Religion bashing around here is freakin’ ridiculous.

  28. aaronzzz

    Please watch this video if you think its Unfair for us to be Criticizing religion and our boy Kirk here.

    Watch them in there entirety and you may just start to understand the why’s.

  29. does kirk ever age? he looks the same as he did 15 years ago

  30. aaronzzz

    Why “Intelligent Design” is NOT science.

  31. If cursing is a one way ticket to hell, there are a hell of a lot of Catholics on the way down. Kirk Carmeron can just go suck it. All the people that are THAT anti gay really want to anyway. Let’s talk more about his friend “Boner”, why don’t we? HA!

  32. Having had family members and friends with serious depression illnesses, my heart goes out to the family for their loss. Often times, families try to help, but the ill stricken person refuses… and the family is left with sorrow, regrets and a void that they will never be able to fill.

  33. jose

    Usually I find the Superficial writers stuff pretty amusing and sometimes right on the money with certain stuff. But I wouldnt know Kirk Cameron wascapitalizing on ANYTHING until you told me. As far as I can see, issueing a statement on the death of someone he had ties with long ago is a staple reaction. Obviously he HAD to say something and I found the statement to be pretty generic and predictable.

    Nothing to indicate capitalizing there. He didnt push religion or anything lol. So where’re you coming from with all this ranting. Seems to me the only one being hollow here is you, MR Superficial writer. For even mentioning “no one even cared about Boner before this blah blah”. Sorry but when it comes to the departed I chose my words very carefully. As it is hollowed ground and there are most likely alot of people greiving fof their loss.

    Never speak ill about the recently decently deceased, even if its just a callous and unessicary statement like no one cared about him before yaddda yadda..

  34. jose

    honestly when it comes to the dead, I think The Superficial should just leave it alone. This isnt the first time Ive seen them fast to the inappropriateness after a celebrity dies. You can make all the silly critisisms ya want about the living, but when it comes to the recently dead just try to stay factual. Its obvious the writer lacks an empathic understanding of the circumstances surrounding death. Report the facts n move on to something else. I think the world can go on without your personal opinions on this subject.

  35. TWEAKER!!!

    HE LOOKS LIKE A TWEAKER!!!!! Like Ryan Seacrest!!!

  36. Take it easy Kirk

  37. captain america

    ………..sticking four fingers in his ass, folks!!

  38. bbw2223

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  39. lisa

    Rest In Peace-Andrew Koenig!

  40. Jethro

    The Superficial should change it’s name to The Super-Ignorant. Whoever is writing this garbage should take a good look in the mirror and reflect on how empty your life may be.

    If Kirk wants to grieve the loss of a friend by also reinforcing his belief in Christ then that is his right to do so. You guys should cut him some slack as I have never thought his comments to be ‘in your face.’

    I’m sure he has lost millions due to his beliefs and the way he wishes to live his life. At least he has proven to be a man of substance, unlike those who have posted tasteless remarks about a man’s faith.

    I’m over this site, but I’ll admit I’m gonna miss the Gadgets section.

    Peace everyone…….Jethro signing off.

  41. justifiable

    Actually, of all the comments, Fish Writer included, that are the most lame, I gotta nominate “BonerTheCoward” (#30,35,37,38 ad nauseum) – for not only NOT having the slightest concept of what mental illness could possibly be like, but continuing to delight – hell, even wallow – in his abysmal ignorance and proclaiming that by being tough and manning up one can simply shrug off depression, neurochemical imbalance and whatever else might afflict your gray matter and just get on with bootstrapping your way through life.

    Join the Scientologists, asshole, where you’ll have plenty of like-minded and equally ignorant company. Then you can go on to lecture diabetics that if they just decided to whip that pancreas into shape they could stop being such pussies about being dependent on insulin. Once you have that licked, you can go on to lecture terminally ill patients who are on the brink of euthanasia because they’re in too much pain to live another day that they’re “cowards” for taking the easy way out.

    Because that’s what motivates most suicides – they honestly can’t see any other way to stop their pain other than death. Unfortunately they’re not capable of taking a measured poll to see how their death will affect others – some even feel they’re a detriment to their families and they’d be better off without them. And no, none of that is rational – which is why suicide’s a hallmark of mental illness. And you, B the C, in choosing to deny that, offer up further proof of your colossal and willfull pig-ignorance.

    When some fuckwit like you, B the C, starts strutting around declaring the person in question “never knew pain” and “just felt sorry for himself” (O rlly?) because he consider any sort of privileged background cures all problems, and that HE would never do such a thing – like you have a fucking choice to be completely rational if you have a mental illness – it’s time to tell him to shut the righteous fuck up and go home.

    And don’t let the door hit your brains on the way out.

  42. True Patriot

    This is for all the ignorant and atheist morons out there, there IS a God and there IS a heaven/hell, and it is sad that he took his own life, BUT Kirk is right and WE all should be prepared to mee our maker at ANY time, go ahead and look up stories about people dying and going to hell it should scare the hell out of you, just imagine a place that is worse than any horror movie you’ve ever seen x a trillion and NO escape NONE forever there, IT IS REAL, and the only thing you have to do to escape it is simply ask Jesus to save you, very simple, but people make it hard, if you truly ask God to show you he WILL, just be prepared to know the truth, check this out and then make your decision….

  43. tommy boy 2009

    I cannot believe how stupid all you people are, i just love your comments , like they are important, NONE of you have a brain bigger than a chicken, I read your comments and ALL of YOU talk like what you have to is a big deal, No, sorry to burst your bubble, nothing you say makes a difference, get off the high horse and stop thinking that your Somebody because in reality your a nobody,
    pur and simple get a life…………

  44. noncom

    #93 ha ha tommy, jesus says that means you’re a nobody, too. and you can’t spell for shit either.

  45. A

    BonerTheCoward, you keep coming back to see who has responded to your posts. That means that, at least in part, you’re trolling and you love to see whose feathers you have succeeded in ruffling. It’s not exactly true that you’re just here to express your opinion because if that were the case, you would have done so and left.

    Now you can read mine. You probably have friends and family in your real life, and who knows. Some of them might have mental problems or emotional pain, and you have no idea that they do. If your attitude in real life is anything like it is on this forum, I feel very sorry for them and anyone else who really knows you. Knowing you in real life would have to be a horrible experience, as you sound like a horrible person.

    Call Andrew anything you want to, but based on what I have read, he sounds like he was a much better individual than you could EVER hope to be.

  46. aaronzzz

    @93….. Listen to Noncom….. This is a message board were people are free to leave comments if they wish…… THAT’S THE FUCKING POINT OF COMMENTS…. Your argument is not nearly as clever as you think it is…… Most of us on here know this is just pissing in the wind… Its the retards like you who take it that seriously who are truly clueless. And your link classifies you under Intellectually handicapped.

  47. hite

    How can Kirk’s comments be construed as capitalizing on the death of Boner? Furthermore given the fact that Kirk is rarely in the public eye, I’d bet it is more likely that People magazine called him for a quote rather than Kirk using this as some sort of “Capitalistic” moment.

  48. Shawna

    I agree completely.

  49. the only opinion that matters

    True Patriot, you call everyone ignorant, and then proceed to state that there IS a heaven and there IS a hell and that atheists are morons. You do get that religion (in any form) is a belief, right? It is not a fact, it is not proven, it is simply a belief. If your belief gets you through this journey called life, good for you and your beliefs, but they are yours, not everyones. That is what bothers me greatly about some Christians (make note, I respect your beliefs enough to use a capital C in Christians), you make these sweeping statements which you firmly believe and get offended when others (I like to think of the others as people with higher IQ’s) do not buy into your views. Do not dare to assume that what you believe is undisputable and absolute, that is extreme arrogance. I often think religion is for simple people who are looking for easy answers, people who need someone else to set their moral compass for them. Good luck with your beliefs True Patriot , but I must say, some of the most screwed up people I know are religious. #65 is right, in one sentence he (Kirk Cameron) got on his pulpit and was selling his religion. That much is quite clear.

  50. Kirk E.

    I used to come to this site for celebrity nudity and the witty, humorous writing. Now, I guess I’ll just come for the nudity.

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