And here’s Kirk Cameron again.

Because Jesus wouldn’t waste free publicity, Kirk Cameron issued People the following statement regarding the suicide of his Growing Pains co-star Andrew Koenig:

“It is with great sorrow to hear about the final outcome of the search for my old friend Andrew. I hope everyone will be sensitive to the Koenigs and give the family some private time to reflect and to grieve the loss of their beloved son. At a time like this, we all are reminded of the briefness of life and the importance of being ready for our eternal destination. My prayers will continue to be with Andrew’s family.”

Listen, what happened to Andrew Koenig was, no question, tragic for his family. I couldn’t even imagine. But let’s be honest, nobody cared about Boner from Growing Pains until this week and now he’s become an excuse for a bunch of people to pretend they’re hyper-sensitive human beings with their “Oh, I’m hollow inside.”; “My heart skipped a beat” and other fake sympathies. Even worse, you’ve got Kirk Cameron capitalizing on the death of “an old friend” he apparently never talked to just to push the oldest swindle known to man: Claiming to know what happens when you die.

I’m not trying to get on a soapbox here, but what I am trying to say is Hilary Duff needs to blow someone in front of the paparazzi again. I’m not guaranteeing that will help. But, dammit, we have to try.

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