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May 20th, 2010 // 54 Comments

Lindsay Lohan really couldn’t have fucked this thing up any harder if she tried. Apparently the judge’s husband runs a travel company which completely blew Lindsay’s stolen passport excuse out of the water the second it came out of her coke hole. Via TMZ:

Judge Marsha’s husband, Jack Revel, owned Revel Travel, based in Bev Hills. Revel sold the company (though he’s still affiliated with it) and is now President of TravCom, which works with travel agencies.
So when the judge told Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, that LiLo could have gotten a temporary passport in time to make a flight to the U.S., it’s because she knows what she’s talking about.

At this point, the only way this could get any better is if it turns out the judge’s brother is Eyjafjallajökull the Icelandic volcano. “Bitch, please. Stopping flights is sooo last month. Why do you only call me when you want something?”


  1. MisAnnThropy

    They should make her sentence longer & raise her bail amount for constantly lying to the judge…

  2. Danny

    she’ll serve a few days maximum.

  3. Irene Barcelo

    What is so special about this girl anyway?

  4. Sport

    That photos is the epitome of her legacy. Love it.
    Drunkard, freckly, sloppy skank.

  5. mer

    Dugg for Eyjafjallajökull.

  6. You forget

    Lindsay is a cult figure. She works for our Masters. She should be left alone to live her exalted existence as she damn well pleases you miserable indebted parasites.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Good effort today Fish on the sleuth reporting.

    When you want a day off, just reprogram the page to read ” GO TO TMZ”

  8. Randal

    I’m really getting sick and tired of the hate you’ve shoveled at Lindsay, FISH. Lindsay has been nothing but a supporter of this site by stopping by to post her pictures and comments to those fans who come here. Turning this around to toss in her face is not cool.

    Lindsay, know that there are people on here who adore you and wish you nothing but the best. Please don’t let the authors of such hate and rude comments keep you away. Love your posts!


  9. the truth

    I really want to have sex with her boobs

  10. pete

    The irony in all this is that when he wasn’t giving info to his wife about passports, the judge’s husband was beating off to teenage pictures of Lindsay (and obviously not thinking about his ugly manly career-first wife).

  11. Captain_Insano

    What a useless cunt.

  12. Has anyone heard of MYMAG the magazine for celebrities

  13. BOBBO

    Please add ‘Cherry Pie’ to the keywords. Clearly if you have Warrant there, You must include Cherry Pie.

  14. FrankNfrtr

    Lilo’s career has been reduced to “will work for cash, booze & blow”, just like home sex tape pros Kim K. & Paris, only much cheaper.
    She was desperate to get to France cuz she had paying party gigs lined up…..but had to put out that she was promoting a future movie (Deept Throat bio…smart choice for rehabilitating the stagnent film career).
    Sad. Put her in the cooler for a few days. Hope she gets well. Don’t die Lilo!

  15. Tek

    Randal got mad? Oh shiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeettt!

    Great pic choice, because she’s probably partying it up w/o a clue that the CIA is on the hunt, LOL. Again, all this fuss and she won’t even do time. She’ll post bail and be back to her drugged up antics like nothing ever happened. If anything this is great publicity for her.

  16. PtC

    Now she’s claiming her father had someone steal her passport

  17. Fruit Loop

    Those little lightning bolts on that guys shirt can almost be a cartoon caption right where they are of what her ass is going to feel like later.

  18. Just throw her in jail who gives a shit. Worthless POS

  19. CMANSB

    Give her more credit then your title implies. She made the right choice, she had no intention showing up in court. If she had then she would have continued under the probation system and thier rules and regulations governing her conduct. She will go to jail, serve her sentence of 180 days and then she’s done, no more probation, no more legal system. Smart choice if you ask me.

  20. herbiefrog

    fuckin’ earth say what ?

    [wha t ?

    don’t fuck with us

    …really not a cool idea ?

    over ?

  21. alex

    I was going to agree with Deacon Jones in the 8 slot.

    Enough with the, “TMZ reported…”

    And I’ve regained my faith in the hollywood rumor mill…they’ve been saying shes really got MAJOR issues but I never believed it until now. Sure she was a party-girl but I didnt think it was jail-time, banging-strangers-in-the-bathroom, snorting-coke-off-a-nasty-urinal cake, bad.

    (As for the obligatory, misguided “i’d hit that” comments….I would enjoy her. A lot. But only for about 8 seconds.)

  22. grobpilot

    Such a useless waste of twat.

  23. grobpilot

    Such a useless waste of twat.

  24. what a DUMBASS

    I see retarded gayyyboy randal is throwing a hissy fit because his idol BLOWhan is a screw up. Too bad, randal; time to find someone else to suck up to.

    It amazes me the BS she’s slinging. Let’s see:

    1) Someone stole her passport, which she reported – Per the embassy, she reported it today AFTER the hearing was over. She was telling everyone that she reported it yesterday or the day before, which the embassy has contradicted, as well as the french police.
    2) Her losing her passport is her dad’s fault – uh, what? He’s in America, how did this happen?
    3) She claims she applied for a new passport – The embassy has contradicted this as well.
    4) She claims she couldn’t get a new passport in time to get back – The judge’s husband (a travel expert) contradicts this, as does the embassy.
    5) She claims even if she could have gotten her passport, all the flights were booked up & she couldn’t have gotten back – Uh, no. Flights back to the US are not booked solid; there was plenty of room in 1st class.
    6) She claims it was her intention to come back in time, and she “was up all night” dealing with this – If that’s the case, why was she booked all week (through Friday) at parties? And, if she was up all night “dealing with this”, why was she photographed party hopping last night, dressed like a dayshift hooker in training?

    She didn’t even bother to think things through before she just threw a bunch of lies out there. Shows not only how stupid & coked up she is, but also how little she thinks of others (including judges). When her stupid ass is tossed in jail, she’s going to get a severe beatdown because her big mouth & lies are going to get her into a situation she can’t get out of via white “enabler” oprah stepping in. And I’m looking forward to seeing that…

  25. Tyler

    hahaha i love the guy behind her in the picture

    “gimme back my mic, drunk bitch.”

  26. Sardonic

    “Your honor, we would like to propose house arrest for the defendant to be served with Mr. Polanski in Gstaad.”

  27. Urbanspaceman

    It says here that Lindsay Lohan will not spend 15 minutes in jail. Something will happen and she will Lilo herself out of it. Just watch.

  28. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    She’ll get out of legal trouble, she always does…there are different rules for ‘celebrities’. If it were an average citizen, they would of been jailed a while back.

    Stay tuned.

  29. Beedo

    I’d fucking love to blow a load in that pussy so fucking hard, she’d taste it in the morning when she’s sobered up. Fucking skank!

  30. e

    great pic of lohan.

  31. gogo

    hahahahahaha man your commentary made me spit half-chewed waffle on my screen..

  32. PearlForrester

    Ummm here’s an interesting question, her rep or whatever said they faxed a photocopy of her stolen pasport to the embassy, how can that happen since it got stolen? Did the thief make a copy for her? Moron.

  33. Randal's Rectum

    Our princess will never be confined. She too is untameable! You little people need to take your hate elsewhere this beautiful girl works very hard to make us happy while you lazily type hatred on your keyboards.
    You should hang your collective heads in shame.
    Go Lindsay and be safe we love you!

  34. Badger Bob

    Hilarious that the judge’s husband has personal knowledge of the travel industry, enough to call BS on Lohan’s brilliant strategic plot twist.

    Ohnos! I made a choice to go out of the country right before my court date and oopsie! I can’t find my passport! Therefore it must have been stolen, It’s a plot concocted by the *man* to keep me down, no wait, everything is daddy’s fault; he must have stolen it to keep me from being happy. Gosh, what would Scooby Doo and Mystery Inc do? Maybe if i initiate a search by retracing my steps and go to all the clubs over and over I could find it! Yes, what a great plan. And when all the parties are over, and everyone leaves for home, if i still have not found my passport, I will then call the embassy to report it missing. If only the photographers could confirm my efforts to find my passport by taking pictures of me searching the clubs… The judge will surely see by my actions that I am a law-abiding citizen doing my best to comply with those unreasonable parole terms.

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  36. bitch PLEASE

    @#25 you are right on POINT with your post.

    It’s just fucking sad. EVERYTIME you see this girl someone’s pulling on her or got her ass hemmed up someplace trying to throw her out of establishments or off the premises, but just like Paris Hilton, this chic probably won’t spend more then 2 days locked up at best.

  37. Yvette

    UPDATE: she posted bail & won’t be arrested on re-entry to US. bitch!

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  39. captain america

    Pushing a microphone in your ASS can be painful, folks!!

  40. Darth

    Ofcourse she’s in Cannes now because that’s where the parties are at this time of the year.

  41. Nero

    She’d look for parties like a crackhead is looking for crack.

  42. partygoer

    Why were all the party goers not in the courtroom for endless drug abuse? All the party goers CRACK their head but the judge and lawyers specially reserved all the court dates and time for LL and Britney because they have poor idiotic parents, easy to prey and extort, using hooligans from TMZ, X17, Perez? Paris got away with BIG Hotel Dynasty backing?

  43. Mancuso

    I hate to jump on the Hate Train, but she’s really asking for it…
    I’d love to see ONE of these Hollywrecks actually thrown in the slammer for a change.

  44. Our princess will never be limited. She also is untameable! Elsewhere for the little ones you hate this beautiful girl needs to take his works us very hard on your keyboard while you type lazily hatred to please.
    You should collectively hang their heads in shame.
    Lindsay and to be safe, we love you!

  45. Lana

    i may be delirious, but i think she is going to decide she’s next Roman Polanski and stay in france FOREVER))))))))))))))) away from people who dodn’t get her style in having fun ;)

  46. Lana

    she’s gonna decide she’s next Roman Polanski and never go back to America!!!!! :) :)

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