And The Superficial Banner Girl is…

July 15th, 2010 // 222 Comments


After over 30,000 votes, the highest for any round, you guys chose Erin to be The Superficial Banner Girl for an entire week. (Edit: Or possibly longer. I hear your cries.) But not without stiff competition from Jillian who tore off out of the gate and held her own till the bitter end, so kudos to her. I included some more pics from both ladies who deserve recognition for putting up with all the comments and making this thing a close race.

Congratulations, again, to Erin and stop back later today for a gallery of contenders that may or may not include lots of cleavage. (It does.)

- The Superficial


  1. Richard McBeef

    why does erin’s name link to a picture of the blond?

    erin FTW!

  2. Karlbalo

    I’d vote for her”

  3. Bigtit

    This is bullshit! That was the worst pic of all. Jillians was way hotter, this shits rigged!

    • ts

      You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Shut your trap.

    • GeorgeWBush

      Jillian was a tranny….you were too busy checking out the top floor and didn’t bother to check-out the bottom floor…LOL

    • god

      That’s Jillian? Holy Shit she’s ugly, In the picture of the blue background she looks like a 12 year old Troll, Not pretty at all, her face looks like a Dwarf,
      And i see the retarted baby arm is in this picture too,

  4. cft

    Thank GOodness. First.?

  5. Duchess
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    Wooo go DC!!

  6. Mel
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    Erin is really beautiful Very beautiful eyes. Congratulations.

    • justme_aka_ImSingle_hint

      Although I’m happy to see that Erin won (and you can thank me for voting for you about a 1000 times…no…but really), I feel a little bad now about the other gal. Solution? I’m not 100% positive, but I’m pretty sure it involves my mickey mouse pool, jello, and a flip cam.

      • Sos

        Wow you’re so witty. Wamp waaamp.

      • justme_aka_ImStillSingleErin

        To Sos: Witty? My mom seems to think so…and so does yours for that matter ;) PS…try “wah wah” next time because wamp waaamp isn’t the right onomatopoeia.

        To Erin: I will be waiting at the Big Slice in Adam’s Morgan every Friday at 2am for the rest of the summer. How will you know it’s me. Couple of hints: 1) there will be no attractive women in my vicinity (please modify “no attractive women” to “no women”); 2) I will wearing my favorite WoW shirt whilst wielding my dual lightsaber for extra protection; and 3) I won’t be wearing pants. Easy enough? Okay, good. See you then!

  7. Steve

    Looking at the new pictures, especially #2 and #4, I have no doubt the correct decision was made.

    Jillian is pretty, but Erin edges her out.

  8. Jess


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  10. Failure Inc
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    Wow, even better with the eyes showing. Why only a week? Keep this up!

  11. The Superficial Banner Girl Runner Up
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    oh she’s much nicer in this one without those stupid glasses

  12. The Superficial Banner Girl Runner Up
    Failure Inc
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    See, this pic I would have voted for! Much better than the glasses pic.

  13. Deacon Jones

    Shit Fish.

    I think Jillian might’ve taken it if you used that blue, side profile pic of her..

    • dude

      agreed. and it proved what a goddess Jillian is, to the cunts who talked all that smack about what’s behind the glasses.. hope she pops up else where soon.

    • Steve

      It’s a better photo, but it wouldn’t have won against the full Erin pic, which was also better.

    • Bunny

      Jillian’s pics were also more “hollywood”. The side shot blue pic is amazing. She should have taken it. Period.

      Erin is cute, college girl cute. But not the right look. Jillian has the right look. Sorry, but that’s all there is.

      • Jillian definitely has the look! that pic with the blue background is gorgeous! shes NATURALLY beautiful! plus, she looks so pure and innocent…. i bet she’s an animal in the bedroom though! Team Jillian!

  14. GTO
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    You can put on and take off any of my dress shirts, any time

  15. ad

    What the fuck is wrong with you assholes? You voted for a picture of that chick’s NECK. Yeah, she may be hot but that is a lame as hell pic. The runner up gives you a good view of all the good parts of an even hotter woman.

  16. The Superficial Banner Girl Runner Up
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    Huh, if she’d had one of these two pictures submitted I would’ve voted for her instead of Erin. Has kind of a Portia De Rossi thing going on.

  17. nictople

    Erin is A+ hot and classy. The masses chose wisely for once.

  18. The Superficial Banner Girl Runner Up
    ad nasuem
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    Why didn’t she use this pic? She would have won.

  19. Steve
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    Even better.

  20. ad nasuem
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  21. JoeC
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    She as cute as hell. Glad she won.

    She looked nice in the photo that didn’t show her eyes, and even better in the full pic.

  22. The Superficial Banner Girl Runner Up
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    As id suspected, a backup picture of Jillian proved what an incredibly gorgeous woman she is. Good luck to you, wish i was still in NY area. Instead im in erin country…

  23. therapture
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    oh yeah. first. who gives a fuck though.

  24. therapture
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    hilarious. it was empty and before I could type….bammo.

  25. Jimmy

    She’s pretty

  26. 100 dong
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  27. The Superficial Banner Girl Runner Up
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    Agreed. She probably would have won with this pic. She looks much better without the glasses. Still, the girl that one is cute as fuck.

  28. Rush
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    photoshopped ass. badly photoshopped, at that.

    • Drew

      Of course they’re Photoshopped, they’re professional shots. 99% of pro photographers use Photoshop. But you should pay more attention to shadows and use a gamma filter to see why it looks bad. It’s simply a bad photo, not bad technique. If anything looks actually “photoshopped” it’s the portion of her dress that drapes her leg. But not her ass.

      Simply a bad photographer. But stop acting like Photoshopping models is a crime against humanity. Go back to deviantart or something.

      • Rush

        ok, if you insist it’s her ‘dress’ that’s badly photoshopped, i will concede the point. but her ass region is badly photoshopped, as everyone else commenting here is quickly pointing out. i understand photoshop is used, blah blah what you said, but rarely is it used to mutilate the subject in question.

        here, her ass looks like an 13 year old kid painted it in art class and got sent to the principal’s office to talk about his feelings – yeah, that was me.

      • LPP

        Yes, it’s true – all pro photographers use photoshop. I am one. However, the ideal usage of photoshop is to help bring the image closer to your final vision. It is a digital darkroom, not a magic wand. Photographers have used darkroom “tricks” to help bring their photographs to perfection for as long as photography has been around… but the point is not to create a completely different photo. Photoshop is no different in it’s most basic definition.

        Using photoshop to completely redraw a model’s body and make her look plastic is juvenile and unprofessional. It’s the sign of someone who has no faith in 1/ their model, and 2/ their photographing and lighting skills. The best applications of photoshop are ones that look natural… like make-up. Too much just looks tacky and fake. Much like the photos of Jillian.
        Her arm has been retouched, her ass has been retouched, her nose and hair have been retouched, the cellulite on her thigh has been very poorly retouched, there’s complete loss of definition through clipped shadows in her dress, her arm’s shadow has warped her upper body, the lighting looks bare and they’ve removed the natural-looking shadows which ends up creating a “cut and pasted” look to her arm/hand/shoulder/face area. Too bad they couldn’t photoshop out her obnoxious fish lip “pout”. This is poor photography, poor post processing and extremely poor modeling.

        At lest she’s moderately cute in the other (blue-toned) picture… but this is just awful on all counts. Same with the image that was used to try and win. The images of her should at least attempt to look normal.

      • Alli Watermelon

        GOOD professional photographers don’t use Adobe Photoshop. They use Adobe LightRoom. But yes, all professional pictures are “touched up”. My husband is a professional photographer, and believe me…you wouldn’t want to see most people without it lol.

    • Photoshop

      I am Photoshop, and I was improperly used.

  29. The Superficial Banner Girl Runner Up
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    Erin is still great, congrats to her.

  30. banana recycling
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    hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot ….. in love

  31. Blah
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  32. Rush
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  33. ItseffingME
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    This girl is STARTLINGLY beautiful. She takes your breath away.

  34. bobby

    yaaaay erin! congrats!

    sandcastle represent!

  35. buttfuck
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    huge nose

  36. buttfuck
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    its a shame about those eyebrows

  37. Lucion
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  38. Lucion
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    Damn, I’m smitten.

  39. Lucion
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    Hubba hubba hubbba!

  40. Namerequired
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    stunning girl!

  41. Rumple Fugly
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    Yes, first two pics…awesome. This pic….doesn’t even look like the same person, and makes me want to hoarf. Horrible granny bra.

  42. BeeTee
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    Her and Anne Hath in a sandwich baby. Im lovin it. but only if Ronald McDonald is the camera man. Got to have the glowing finger M after the m shot!

  43. Namerequired
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    eyebrows? really? there is nothing wrong with them. People are always nitpicking to find someone else’s flaws. I am sure you are perfect in every way?!

  44. Thumper
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  45. Lucion
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    Seriously, someone messed with this girls photos. Either she is out of proportion or we have some bad photoshop work being done. I hope it’s the latter as she is a beautiful lady otherwise.

  46. Erin and Jillian now need to compete in a KY Jelly wrestling match to see who’s.. um…to be….uhhh….they just need to do it! For humanity and possibly Jesus.

  47. nef

    Was pretty obvious, was the only decent picture that had a profile.

  48. kate
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    Horribly photoshopped at that.

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