And Taylor Momsen Keeps Trumping Miley

November 8th, 2010 // 152 Comments

No matter how many choreographed camel thrusts Miley Cyrus performs in front of a live audience, Taylor Momsen will always be two breasts steps breasts ahead of her taking it to the next level. Which is exactly what happened at the MTV EMAs Saturday night where Taylor acted like she didn’t shove her underage cleavage into a push-up bra then forgot to button her shirt. Because she’s so edgy shit like this just happens subconsciously. “Oh, what? These? Pssh. I didn’t even notice *touches elbows behind back* Using your sexuality for attention is so lame. Did I mention my vibrator yet?”

NOTE: This guy knows what’s up.

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  1. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    Kinda reminds me of that Metallica tune… ‘Creeping Death’.

  2. nooooooooo

    I used to photoshop these pictures back into normal appearance but seriously it’s really sad seeing how pathetic she looks with regular lips and normal makeup. Also the slightly off center eye is really unappealing in the long run.

    • yawn

      oh yeah she looks so ugly here!
      lol… i’ve never seen so many supposed men complain when a chick tries to be sexual.. fwiw she is legal in NY (17).

      then again this IS a gossip site.. prolly a ton of homos around here… no offense.

      • nooooooooo

        The poses and persona that she uses are completely worthless when you remove the makeup, it looks like she has down syndrome.

        This is a a celeb site it’s not a matchmaker site, I don’t give a crap about these people and their actions always make sure they’re open to ridicule. Momsen is just another target to take shots at like Miley or Britney.

      • ctti

        This is sarcasm, I hope. Because most of the straight guys I know find the excessive makeup & hooker gear extremely unappealing.

  3. I bet she leaves a ring around her collar.

  4. downwithmuffins

    no.. just.. no

  5. kara

    i recall that goth thing going out of style in like the late 90s. if that.

  6. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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    I know Taylor and this is who she is and it’s who she was when she lived in Maryland. She’s brutally honest and out there, but I too feel that she might be reaching with wearing this outfit. There is no place to go from here, no lines to push as you get older. Taylor has amazing talent and is an incredible vocalist, I just wish she’d let that be front and center instead of letting herself be exploited.

    • g!

      100% agree with you, she’s a talent, beautiful woman, but she just wants people to talk about her look looking like these, she should focus in her career.

  7. bu bu ga ga

    Every time I see Taylor Momsen I just want to give her a big hug and tell her that everything is going to be juuuuuuust fine.

  8. poopsmith

    someone needs to tell this ugly ass lil bitch to put some clothes on and drop the poser goth thing… what a pathetic waste of bandwidth/life

  9. jkhjkh

    she is so dark and mysterious. when i see her sad face and dark makeup, it makes me really want to know whats going on in her head, and what she plans on doing next. she is so intriguing and different. wow. so much depth, so much character. so edgy. so cool. so taylor. so lou who.

  10. The only Man with an erection

    She is a beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. The most lovely combination on Earth. She is making money acting like this. She is rich.
    You people are mindless homosexual and fat whores.


    I made it easy for you.

  11. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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    Am I the only one freaked out byt the mole that has recently appeared above her lips?

  12. Gary B

    Remind me isn’t Demi Lovato the one on rehab?

  13. anonym

    who gives a shit if she’s legal or not.

    she looks damn fuckable.
    I don’t care if she’s 15. She’s got an adult’s body.

    • Brittany

      Okay, Chester Child Molester! See you in prison. :D We’ll see how you feel about that when your daughter gets raped by a 45 year old man. WHO CARES! She’s got an adults body! SCORE!

  14. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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    OMG, hell nah. she is too young to be dressing like that. for real. button up yo’ damn shirt.

  15. salads

    She’s still hot, but she is really packing on the weight. She needs to eat less.

  16. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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    i think she’s hot. a little too much eye liner, but still hot.

  17. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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    Woah, I don’t remember her having that much tit. That must be a pretty intense push up bra.

  18. Dick Face

    Oh yea that’s what I want to see…not that fuckin moo-moo bullshit, now if you can just loose the duct tape, Mmm…

  19. Willy Wonka

    Never thought I’d be jerking off to Cindy Lou Hoo…

  20. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
    Willy Wonka
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    Fap! Fap! Fap!

  21. She was great in the Nightmare Before Christmas. Remember when she threw herself out of the tower and then stitched herself back together? Amazing!

  22. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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    I really like Taylor Momsen. It’s just weird that she was so sweet, and innocent…guess not everything is what it seems.

    I love the fact that no matter how many people keeps bashing her, she does it anyways. You gotta give her props for that.

    And she makes some great music. If you’re into that type of course.

  23. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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  24. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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    the corners of his eyes and mouth look somewhat uncomfortable.

  25. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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    that’s such a hater comment man. nothing is wrong with her breasts except for the fact that she shouldn’t be showing them – no matter how old she is. i really wish she would get a grip because she seems like a nice girl otherwise.

  26. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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    i don’t believe this is even at the same event. it’s not just the bra, her necklaces are also different. this may just be her “signature style” smfh

  27. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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    she looks like dakota fanning a la ‘Runaways’ here.

  28. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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    If you hate her so much why bother comment?

  29. Tina

    I love Taylor and all, but she needs to simmer down on her outfits sometimes.

  30. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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    Taylor Momsen? Sounds like a made up name. Is she part of the Adams Family?

  31. whateverian

    No Taylor Momsen, YOU make me wanna die.

  32. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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    jesus, that bra does look expensive. who’s the goth slut?

  33. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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    as it’s for sure her parents, so called, don’t really give a care about her or what she does let’s all hope someone taught her what condoms are….sure don’t need any more of things like her around

  34. Edgar

    So how is she not hooking up publicly with Marilyn Manson??

  35. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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    She’s awful. I love her voice and the songs of the band she’s in but she is WAY over the top. Acting like a slut or a prostitute does NOT make her look like an adult. ‘Ooh, look at me, I can go out in just a bra and take mommy’s make-up case so I look like a beatten up whore-slash-raccoon!’ She is SO immature. She’s the perfect example of an angsty teen that has no reason at all to be all bad-ass or upset but yet tries to look dark. Spoiled hollywood whore.

  36. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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    She doesn’t usually do it for me. Either she’s looking better here, or my standards are lowering. Either way, I’m going to have to milk my erection as soon as I finish typing this.

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