And Taylor Momsen Keeps Trumping Miley

November 8th, 2010 // 152 Comments

No matter how many choreographed camel thrusts Miley Cyrus performs in front of a live audience, Taylor Momsen will always be two breasts steps breasts ahead of her taking it to the next level. Which is exactly what happened at the MTV EMAs Saturday night where Taylor acted like she didn’t shove her underage cleavage into a push-up bra then forgot to button her shirt. Because she’s so edgy shit like this just happens subconsciously. “Oh, what? These? Pssh. I didn’t even notice *touches elbows behind back* Using your sexuality for attention is so lame. Did I mention my vibrator yet?”

NOTE: This guy knows what’s up.

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  1. AJ

    Can you just knock it off? Seriously.

    • Randal

      Taylor continues to be a hit for her music and for her hardcore personal style. Since her first big single, she’s created a new style that many are starting to emulate. Taylor is to goth what flannel was to alternative. Finally, a refreshing and real musician who is easily on her way to the top.


      • No, she has not created a new style of anything.

        Talk about this being pop culture, I’ll fully agree, but ‘new style’..please. The early 80′s would like a word with you.

      • Randall, I respectfully submit that you have no idea what “goth” is, and are only repeating something you’ve heard someone else say, who also did not know what “goth” is.

      • Ah, sweet sarcasm

        Randal, thanks much for outing a few sad little ass hats who can’t detect sarcasm piled sky-high.

        Unless you’re serious — in which case you should seek help immediately.

      • Jillia

        I miss the real Randal. His writing was so much better…

      • Gum

        I’m pretty sure “walk of shame slut” isn’t a new style :P

      • smash

        dude seriously???? NOT EVEN CLOSE. there is nothing original about this nasty trash. she should just go away. FAST

    • stop

      lol you both fell for Randal.

  2. Puddin' Taine

    I’ve seen pornstars dress less slutty… not complaining tho

  3. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
    Jacob balls
    Commented on this photo:

    taylor momsen, inspiring baby boners since she turned 12

  4. Ryan

    Why make fun of her for doing this? If anything, you should be hoping she continues this.

    • yawn

      i’m relieved i didnt have to scroll down too far before someone reasonable appeared.. thanks ryan =)

  5. pookiewookie

    Where is this minor’s parents?

  6. jacob

    Ok I said it before but this really bears repeating,
    So I used to hate this girl, Until I saw the Movie Called the RUNAWAYS which is about the All Girl band that Joan Jett Formed with her friends back in the 80′s
    (Joan Jett sings the song ” I dont care about my reputation” in the KICK ASS Trailer)
    That movie totally made me see what a worthless moron this girl is, In the movie the Manager tells the singer Cherry Bomb to be
    Act like you have a dick

    Which is exactly what this idiot is doing, Totally unoriginal, fake, Now I dont just Hate her, I see how truly Pathetic she is how stupid and how she is just a puppet for some manager or some producer, Manipulated bitch
    Please if you hate her
    do yourself a favor and Rent The Runaways
    or look for the trailer on youtube,
    It will completely open your eyes,

    • BP

      1. You are correct in your analysis, but I’m pretty sure everyone already knew this.
      2. Total and complete FAIL in describing Joan Jett.
      – You shouldn’t have to explain who JJ is. But if you do…
      – The lyrics to the song say “I don’t give a damn about my bad reputation.”
      – The name of the song is Bad Reputation.
      – The Kick Ass trailer? Seriously? That’s your association?
      3. You just admitted to everyone that you watched The Runaways.
      4. Only capitalize “All Girl” when combined with Hot, XXX, and Action.

      That is all.

      • jacob

        at BP
        I am a fan Of Joan Jett, NOT of the Runaways but just Joan Jett, and the reason I had to put the Kick Ass comment is because whenever I talk about her, No one under 26 knows who the hell that is, Seriously, people are like Who? What? ah?
        but then once I explain the trailer song then they are like “Oh yeah”
        If I try to explain who she is by using “I love rock and roll” people think im crazy,
        OF COURSE I saw the Runaways are you kidding me, total hotness,
        and, people might already know this, but the movie just puts it better in perspective,

      • Tina

        Excuse me, Jacob. But I must correct you, “No one under 26 knows who the hell that is, Seriously, people are like Who? What? ah?” Do you know every single person who is under 26? No. Personally, I recently turned 18 years old, and have a couple of friends who are still in high school. We all are great Joan Jett fans. Sure, I wasn’t born before Joan Jett’s/Runaway’s fame, but that doesn’t mean that I do not know who she is and or the all-girl band.

    • djs

      geez relax dude

    • juggnuttz

      And that was Dakota Fanning in the Runaways…. NOT Taylor Momson… but i see the point you are trying to make about her probably being the product of a manager…..

  7. kulit


  8. cody

    I see a couple of things, first Bon Jovi looks cuter than her, second her boots look like a garbage bag, third the picture of her smiling I bet she is going to ask the geekologie to delete, goth people dont smile, fourth she has so many pimples in her forehead dear God,

  9. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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  10. Ash Bones


  11. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    All I noticed is that her shirt is ‘buttoned’ oddly. The rest was just a blur of pretension.

  12. Sharkbait

    nice boobies, I for one will not complain if she wants to slut around in these outfits all the time

  13. Vandal

    Nice knockers.

  14. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    creepy in so many ways

  15. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    Badly bleached blonde hair, racoon eyes and pimples galore. Then she smiles and looks like something created by George Lucas for a “Star Wars” bar scene.
    She has to show her boobs because otherwise no one would look at her.
    Miley Cyrus may be tramping it up lately, but and that is a very large but, she has more class in her little finger than this bleached blonde boob has in her entire body.

  16. captain america

    an explanation?

  17. wim

    an explanation?

  18. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
    Mama Pinkus
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    she looks like if she wasn’t wearing a bra, those things would be down to her belly button – how old is she again?

  19. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    She´s creepy.

  20. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    I think her PR firm has done well. Everyone has heard of her, everyone knows she dresses edgy/slutty/kinky/risqué, everyone knows the name of her band, everyone knows what show she is on, everyone will perk up and listen when her name is mentioned on a newscast, paper, blog entry.

    Again she’s far less exposed than if she were at the beach.

    • Drew

      We need less people like you in the world that justify an underage girl publicly dressing like a whore to sell records, to underage girls on a beach.

      Oh to be an ignorant kid again.

  21. Doc Schweinstrudel

    This racoon’s tits look full and loose. I say this racoon is pregnant.

  22. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    While I have no objection to a nice pair of breasts (underage or not – just not below 16 – I’m not a perv, afterall), the rest of her is a freakin’ mess.

  23. ugh so hot.. shoulda gone to spain last weekend

  24. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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    looks a lot like debby harry in the last couple

  25. Keith Olberman's Scheming Grin

    Underage = Put your damn clothes on girl!

  26. D.W.

    Someone here once said that she’s tight as a fist. If true, that would make up for a lot. Wish I could test it out.

  27. mannequin

    Well, at least Taylor has talent and doesn’t have ducklips.

  28. snapdragon

    Dear Taylor,
    No matter what you do to try and be cool and edgy, you will always be the girl with the stupid hair in “The Grinch.”

  29. What a hot goth mess. Hope to see her completely naked in a Playboy photospread soon.

  30. I’d taker her back to my cage and hit it.

  31. stucco

    Don’t compare her to Miley. This chicks music is actually decent. While Miley’s is large helping of a shit sandwich.

    • winona

      That’s not the point of comparison. They’re comparing the way they dress and quite frankly, Taylor looks like a whore.

  32. Herman Bumfudle

    fuck!!! i’ve got a serious cock ache.

  33. She kinda looks like Madonna, actually. Though, Madonna now, not Madonna in Like a Virgin… so, not a compliment.

  34. nice person

    she is young and finding herself. Pushing limits is what its all about at her age.

  35. Alex

    Even JBJ was like, “Sheeeeeat, I got my hands behind my back, mofo. Ain’t no Roman Polanskiing going down up in here.”

  36. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    Whatever, I think she is great. Hot, tallented, and unique. Btw. she is an not just an actress but also a model and a singer. U just wish you were that talented. Lol

    • You may be young, so I’ll be nice about this..

      I have no problem with pop culture and what it puts out there for the masses to see, but this girl and her schtick grind my gears.

      its all commodity. It’s all easily replaceable. This girl has absolutely nothing to be a retarded angsty teenager about..yet here she is..and bankroll she is making.

      If you want to say it’s good from a pop culture perspective…well I’ll agree it’s pop culture..not necessarily good..but pop culture nonetheless. Don’t, however, try to sit there and give reasons about her ‘craft’ and how ‘unique’ she is. Anyone that has been around for more than a hot minute has seen it done 20 different times before…and its wearing a little thin.

    • Floyd

      Wow socialcomment just told you off in a very adult manner and I for one am proud of him/her. And him/her are right this “anger teen” has been done over and over.

      • Kate

        I didn’t ask for anyone to chime in but thank you for your words of wisdom. Maybe you should stop bashing other people. I for one think that she is just being herself and that is what I respect about her. She doesn’t care what other peole think. I also think she has a excellent sence of style. This is my opinion and I respect yours. Next time I will make sure to ask for your input when I post ;)

      • poopface

        shes a stupid bitch and so are you

      • Kate

        You are probably a fat cow who can’t get off the couch without a fork lift.

  37. freaky

    I’d make a comment but I’m afraid that Chris Hansen would step out from behind a house plant and want to talk to me about it. I’ll take a raincheck.

  38. tasteisoverrated

    Marlin Perkins: Today we have discovered a rare albine raccoon. Jim will now try to get a closer look.
    Jim: Um, Marlin, its has unusually large breasts for the species but smells skanky.

  39. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
    Tony Y
    Commented on this photo:

    LOL in photo #10 her clothes say goth slut but her pose says school marm.

  40. Nice makeup. I keep waiting for her to say “I like Turtles.”


    FVCK the Runaways comparisons………….this bitch is hotter than Georgia asphalt period and can sing. I would love to lick the makeup off her any time of the day or drink her bath water or both.

  42. Lady Blah Blah

    I hope she hasn’t started plasticizing herself. I mean, I thought she was as flat as Miley Cyrus’s face. I wondered what makes female frogs sexually attractive to male frogs, but learned this: Male frogs “attempt to mate with anything that moves, including other males and floating leaves.” At least female frogs don’t have to resort to plastic surgery in an attempt to make themselves more attractive to male frogs.

    • I respectfully disagree. Once all the swagger and BS is wiped away, I think most men are much more like male frogs and less like how women believe them to be, which is to say “I have to make myself physically perfect to get men’s attention”.

      On a side note, this frog business explains why I keep jumping into piles of leaves when it’s windy outside…

      • Lady Blah Blah

        If most men are like male frogs, then most men would masturbate to photos of anyone instead of preferring photos of women who meet a certain standard.

      • Still not sure I agree with you. I’d say there’s a whole lot of difference between flogging the bishop and actually getting one’s schwerve on. My point is essentially, that guys have much lower standards than they will actually admit to, and will in fact bang almost anything that will give them the time of day.

      • Lady Blah Blah

        I was thinking that too, Iveski, that for men there’s a whole lot of difference between bishop flogging and getting there schwerve on. It’s two different things. I think you’re right about that, and I was wrong.

      • Meh, no real case of right and wrong here – no one’s keeping score :)

  43. Edward

    She wore this same getup the day before to the Call Of Duty: Black Ops launch party too.

  44. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    so what… its happened before, guess what it will happen again. The industry will always push out new hot young things that get paid way too much and get to party and do whatever the hell theyd like to. Tell me you wouldnt behave or act however you wanted if you had basically an endless cash supply. But alas we will sit here and b!tch and moan about them because you werent as lucky or talented as them to get into the spotlight. Lifes a B!tch, oh well

  45. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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    she has a different bra on in this picture…did someone get (semi) smart and make her change out of the lace?

  46. Taylor Momsen at the MTV EMAs
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  47. Chris Hansen

    Why don’t you guys have a seat right over here?

    • anonymous

      Why because it’s guys over the age of 18′s fault she wears see thru bras, talks about her favorite dildo and flashes her tits onstage as part of her act?

  48. Brittany

    Who is this sad little thing? WHY would any parent in their right mind let their underage daughter walk out of the house like this? Let’s go on ahead and set the stage for thousands of men to whack off to our daughters image and maybe someday get her raped. It sounds like a good plan and if the price is right…. so be it! This little girl AND her parents are fucking disgusting. My dad would have whooped my ass with a leather belt if I EVER flashed a crowd of people with my 17 year old boobies. She isn’t edgy, she isn’t even talented. She’s a sad little girl who clearly didn’t receive enough attention from her parents so she has to wear fishnets, and let her boobies hang out so that all the Chester’s in the world can get sticky keys while googling her name. A little MORE clothing and a little LESS child porn type persona would be good for her.

    • moon



      Guess you have quite a hissy fit at the beach too ,HUH ? LMAO !

      • The Listener

        There’s a BIG difference between a 17-year old girl wearing a bikini at the beach and wearing her bra like it’s a top. A bra is supposed to be worn UNDER your clothes not to be seen by any casual passerby. She’s overtly dressing in a sexually provocative manner instead of suggestively dressing that way.

      • Brittany

        DING DING DING! :D Well said.

      • Andriiya

        Yes, because 17 is so different from 18. Do you really think it makes a difference? People get all up in arms about her because she’s adopted the style of a depressed raccoon. You wouldn’t care if she was wearing a bikini and had a fake tan and was all happy and perky and shit. Just because she’s a little poser goth doesn’t mean she’s worse off than any of the other jailbait celebs. A bra covers just as much, if not more than a bikini top… grow up.

    • ctti

      I agree with you but surprisingly, money is a huge motivating factor behind parents pimping their kids out. In poor countries, a lot of kids are sold into prostitution. In the Hollywood, middle to upper-middle class white kids are whored out in the media so their parents can live comfortably.

      The only part of your comment I disagree with is where you say she has no talent. I know it’s subjective but I do enjoy her band’s music & think she can carry a decent tune. Too bad all of that is buried under her publicity stunts & “I’m too cool for this shit” attitude.

  49. Meh…I’m tired of this chicks shtick already, and I think I only heard her name for the first time a couple weeks ago.

    The bored, tired of sex, heroin-chic act is only cute when you’re hot jailbait ass…once she’s legal age she’s going to quickly find that she’s got nothing going on.

    Also, I’m wondering why TheSuperficial has started moderating my posts. Nothing I write gets posted until about 30 minutes later…although anonymous ones go right through. That’s right I’m on to you

  50. Bob

    Now I love boobs as much as the next guy (not under 16 of course – I’m not a perv), but WTF is up with her face? The racoon eyes and that lipstick make her look like a cheap hooker.

    • What if you lived in a state where 15 was the age of consent? Does that make you not a perve?

      what if SHE lived in a state where it was 15, since she’s legal there, is everyone ok to be sexually attracted to her everywhere, or is perve defined by the state you’re in?

      • I became a perv at the ripe age of 14, in accordance with Canadian law at the time. It’s since been raised to 16, so I live in fear that I may be charged retroactively :)

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