And Now Chris Brown Will Solve Ebola

“For the sake of science and shit, Imma make out with my homie right here to prove to ya’ll they lyin’.”

Posted by Photo Boy

Because dumb and batshit crazy is what passes for celebrity these days, here’s Chris Brown’s tweet about Ebola, which according to these reports *rubs empty fingers together, makes paper rustling noises,* the World Health Organization has been eagerly awaiting.


Then, much to the chagrin of eager virologists, he seemed to refute his hypothesis with:



Chris, no! Please, for the love of God, if you won’t enlighten us with your vast and well-researched knowledge of the spread of highly contagious disease, could you at least tell us why the government is using jets to spray us with mind control chemicals? Where is bigfoot? Don’t let them silence you, Chris, THIS IS HOW THEY WIN!!1

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