And Andy Dick Keeps On Truckin’

January 27th, 2011 // 27 Comments

“This one’s for you, Chahlee. We’re the dreamers! We’re the.. fuckin’.. dream- Ohmygod there’s a hobo down here. Well, you’re welcome. Some people pay extra for that. $300 extra to be exact, the thievin’ floozies. It’s urine!”

Photos: Bauer-Griffin


  1. …in his Dickmobile, presumably.

  2. Come on Andy! I think your a funny mother fucker so clean your shit up so you can do some work, besides showing up on Adam Carolla’s pod cast from time to time and dye that fucking Woody Allen hair-do!

    • elbruce

      He doesn’t owe you more laughs. If you enjoyed what he’s done, then enjoy it. That doesn’t mean he has an obligation to stay funny just for you.

      Jeez people, let the guy piss in an alley already.

  3. Andy Dick Drunk Fight
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    andy is a gay and he just tryin to get the guy to go into the ally so he can blow him.

  4. Andy Dick Drunk Fight
    Cock Dr
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    I wonder who took who’s wallet after the failed attempt at buttseks.

  5. IttyBittyTittyCommittee

    where’s the penis for the ladies Fishy?

  6. wim

    I wonder: a “Mack” or a “Peterbilt”?

  7. Andy Dick Drunk Fight
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    Man, that guy is soooo lucky Andy Dick didn’t butt-rape him against his will, I mean….wait, what’s with those faces? And that chick posting pictures to Facebook? And why is it suddenly 5am? Oh. Oh no. Feeling…flashback…coming…on….No. No!I don’t want the Courage and Silence Merit Badge, Scoutmaster! I don’t want it! Oh God. Oh God no!

  8. Oh Andy, you stay classy…don’t ever change.

    Don’t fucking touch me, but don’t ever change.

  9. SlapKatyPerry

    Keep on truckin? I think you mean keep on suckin cock in a truck stop men’s room for crack

  10. Andy Dick Drunk Fight
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    Who says it failed? Looks like Andy Dick is telling him he’s doing it wrong by not offering him candy from his van. You know they’re both eager to get down to business though.

  11. Tilbert

    Everyone is just jealous of Andy’s hotness..

  12. Andy Dick Drunk Fight
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    Something about this reminds me of a scene from “Less Than Zero”. “Ok Andy, I’ve got some guys I want you to meet and then I’ll get you whatever you want”. I just don’t see the need to get him drunk.

  13. wow, a new twist on celebrity stalker.

  14. Eric

    Who’s Andy Dick? No, really – what has he ever done that was worthwhile?

  15. mupps

    Pic # 4 looks like he is about to be bent over a car bonnet for some ass action…..*shudder*

  16. HC

    I live in Huntington, WV and Andy did a comedy show here a while back and eventually had to go to court for sexually assaulting 2 guys. He’s stellar, let me tell you!

  17. Pissing in an alley is a step up for Andy Dick, Most of the time he just pisses on himself..

  18. Mortimer Duke

    Please yall playing. He still has cash for his Supercuts hairstyle.

  19. Deacon Jones

    I’m shocked, i thought that stint on Celebrity Rehab wouldve cured him for sure.

    You guys want to see something messed up, go to youtube and search “Andy Dick kicked out party”. You won’t know whether to laugh or cry

  20. Andy Dick Drunk Fight
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    That’s how things turn in Hollywood, from unfunny star to working the streets to turn tricks, dick in hand.

  21. Andy Dick Drunk Fight
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    “Andy dick is trying to hit on me, this sucks”

    my friend’s facebook status last night, lol

    oh, and my friend is a dude, of course

  22. Andy Dick Drunk Fight
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    Who? Don’t care.

  23. Nup

    Doncha mean Andy Truck just keeps on Dickin?

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