Anais Zanotti & Coralie Teraiefa In Bikinis:
The Crap I Missed – 2.28.14

Welcome to Friday’s The Crap I Missed where I return you to your normally scheduled butt floss post instead of whatever kind of Rust Cohle seizure my brain just had down there. (Can you tell Fish was off today?) So here’s Anais Zanotti and Coralie Terafaffiaffala or whatever doing that thing beautiful women get to do where they walk around naked with a sheer piece of cloth over their genitals and nobody tells them to get the fuck out of the produce section and stop weighing your balls on the scale, sir! That’s for estimating only.

Don’t worry, even without the normal TCWM, you guys gave us enough cock-joke gold for The Most Important People on The Internet tomorrow. See you then,

- Photo Boy

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Photos: FameFlynet