Ana Obregón in a bikini = David Beckham hit that

July 21st, 2008 // 54 Comments

Spanish actress Ana Obregón hit the beach in Miami and it looks like she’s joined by Jack from Will & Grace. (Okay, not really.) David Beckham allegedly tapped Ana’s 56-year-old ass which earned her the nickname “Geriatric Barbie” from Victoria Beckham. Now before you say “Awww yeah” take a closer look. Once you finish chasing your eyes around the room, keep in mind David got with Ana back in 2005, so maybe time has been really, really cruel to her. In fact, some might say time pushed Ana down an elevator shaft then tossed in a grenade. Just for kicks.

Photos: Splash News

  1. veggi

    I can easily imagine that ass grinding out greasy floaty geriatric turds.

  2. bc

    123565 first

  3. If you can find pussy cheaper! FUCK IT!!!

    Granny pussy has never been sweeter. Seriously though Beckham is married to Posh who isn’t exactly a beauty queen so I can easily imagine him after an all nighter at the pub and looking at that and saying, “Eh, why not.?”

  4. Sam

    I’d love to do a threesome with this woman and Helen Mirren. The old lady powdery smells, the collapsing skin, the desperately eager eyes…heaven.

  5. grobpilot

    She has a giant head

  6. Harry Ballzck

    Just a tad bit larger than Posh – makes me wonder if this is what drove Beckham to such a twig in the first place

  7. Crappola

    Ahhhh! My eyes!!! They’ve been tainted!

  8. hey Lamby

    …that’s a better ass than your fantasy girl Khloe Kongdashian.

  9. havoc

    I was about to say. Posh, or whatever the fuck her name is, isn’t much better looking. That being said, gray pussy hair is a deal breaker.


  10. Joe C

    Not bad for an old bag of bones, but was it really necessary to post these pics? HELL NO!!!

  11. Deacon Jones


    Man those Fritos tasted better going down

  12. @10

    perhaps she shaves it bald…

  13. BigJim

    It’s not so bad, munching the steel wool. What you regret – according to sportsdvl – is looking up and seeing your grandma’s eyes staring back at you, with a look of gratitude and intense sexual arousal. Although you do see pretty much the same thing if you burst into the bathroom without knocking and find her on the pot, having just passed her monthly bowel movement.

  14. rough daddy

    so what he hit that,,,theres all type of women youre going to come across in life, its not like he married the old broad…ill even stick it,,,if she never turn around….

  15. Look at that ass. *smack*

  16. Pat

    Imagine doing it doggie style with her…with each thrust, the “ass” would travel in a flattened wave halfway up her back, then return to jowl back against you. Delicious.

  17. The Rock Osama

    I’d hit it – with a brick

  18. Vince

    A little gin in the Metamucil and you’re in for an unforgettable evening!

  19. 13 – Big Jim (though usually it is real ‘small’ men who call themselves “big”) I’ve actually never nailed a grandmother. But, if I ever do, I’ll make sure to let you know I banged your grandma so you can write about it in your My Little Pony diary.

  20. Hmmm...

    Becks definitely has a type…

  21. Cthulha

    we should all look so good at 56. Take a picture of yourself in swimmers in 30 years and get back to me.

  22. policegirl

    She looks pretty damn good for 56….although I find it hard to believe that David Beckham would be desperate enough to bang her.

  23. Janine

    I thought Helen Mirren looked alot better imo.

  24. Geoff


  25. Tracey

    Posh looks like she has constant constipation. At least this woman smiles. For 56, she is hot. I see fat fucking twenty year olds on the beach everyday. Giver her a break. I bet she could suck the pipe off a muffler.

  26. woodhorse

    Good on her for looking great at 56 and tapping some Becks.

  27. manxego

    amazing , hehe Ana is also famous in Usa ? wow


  28. me

    I wonder if Becks came on her AARP card.

  29. Plastic Sturgeon

    Yes, she looks good for her age.


    The point is, she is just another waste of space. She is the typical South Beach type I see every day. Botox, fake tits, liposuction, and she starves herself. Wow, how unique.

    I am sure Beckham cheats on his useless, anorexic, wife every chance he gets. Few people I find more revolting than Victoria Beckham.

  30. Diamond Dave

    Nope, never heard of the cow.

    - Everywhere else but Spain

  31. Cattyluo

    She is beautiful.Of my friend told me she is very hot on the site”"”"It’s worthy to have a look.More details you can look for on the site.

  32. bonespur

    Hey, who’s to judge? Maybe she likes ass-to-mouth, then swallows…

  33. heyjeer

    She looks good for 56.

    Beckham must really like super skinny women with fake boobs though.

  34. I would imagine she must be good with the dirty talk, because otherwise beck is freakin filthy for hitting that.

  35. Danklin24

    Uh, not the slightest bit hot. why post this?

  36. One

    Are you kidding me? Her body looks great for 56; better than alot of 26 year olds in this country. Although I don’t understand the whole David Beckham thing; he cheated on his wife? I never heard about that. And with this much older lady, of all people? Geez, he’s fricken nuts; and he’s got some seriously questionable taste in women; spice girl included.

  37. Depressing. She’s like 2 years older than Christie Brinkley.
    It’s difficult for me to imagine Brinkley looking like this, but if she does I guess she has the good sense not to broadcast it on a beach. 6 years younger than Cher, but might not have millions lying around for cosmetic upgrades.

    Helen Mirren appeared to be in better shape than this.

  38. Floyd

    Her 14 minutes of fame, many, many time ago. ¿Remember de A-Team?

  39. eyepopper

    I wonder how many tight-faced Hollywood grand dames and wannabes Beckham is servicing nowadays, because let’s face it, he ain’t playing much football — sorry, soccer — and when he does, he ain’t much cop at it in his golden years. Becks is just an image, a face — a lunchbox in his tight Armani’s, swanning around Beverly Hills in his souped-up Bentley. In terms of footballing talents, well, they’re long gone.

  40. grace

    her body’s reaaaaaaally good for her age. o__o as for her face.. she shouldn’t stay out in the sun that much.

  41. milkrobot

    she is just an old version of Victoria, but probably when the Posh spice will be 56 all the silicon and plastic stuff will be already falling apart worse…..disgusting.

  42. Lisa

    I think she looks pretty darn good for her age.

  43. Maxx


  44. Lola

    i really can’t blame david beckham for cheating on victoria beckham…. i mean look at her… and this woman here, as old and disgustingly ugly as she is, is still better looking than victoria…. but DAYUM, beckham must have been completely drunk out of his mind or slipped some rape drug…. freaking gross…. he obviously has a thing for bony walking zombies

  45. Kwutee24

    Please!! not here again!!! she’s everywhere…Aghh!!!

  46. MySay

    UGH. She’s way too old to be dressed in a little bikini and trying to be acting all sexy in the water like that. I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  47. sue

    Leather sticks for legs are not attractive!

  48. robyn

    that totally does look like Jack from Will and Grace!!! that’s the first thing i thought when i saw the picture!

  49. michel

    Oh my God!!!!!!!!What is fucking doing Ana Obregon (the big lyer) in US website?????I cannot believe it….She has a big problem, she has the Peter Pan´s Syndrome…… she doesn´t want to be old……. She never has sex with Beckham, only that she was following him to all the places and tried to do an “affair” of that, but was all fake!!!! Victoria was so jealous and called her Geriatric Barbie in the gym because she was wearing a pink barbie outfit whereas she was doing jogging!!!!!!
    A spanish boy

  50. HoRnyDeViL

    I’d hit that too. Older ladies desperately trying to hang on to their youth are usually great in bed. Her body still is decent enough that I would have a one night stand

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