Those Amy’s Baking Company Idiots Were On The Local News

May 16th, 2013 // 59 Comments
Amy's Baking Company
We Were Hacked!
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Probably my favorite part about this whole Amy’s Baking Company fiasco is that not even 10 days after the Internet saw Farrah Abraham get her butthole blown out by James Deen in a graphic, made-entirely-for-publicity porno, all it took were two idiots running a bakery into the ground in Arizona for people to move onto the next shiny object. I’m literally sitting here kissing my fingers going, “Mwah!” it’s so delicious. Anyway, Samy Mafiadonquaccio and his trophy wife Chef Identity Theftardee naturally made it onto the local news last night where she promptly told them to get the fuck out of her restaurant only to have her husband shove her out of the way and say they couldn’t talk because of their Kitchen Nightmares contract and then proceed to do nothing but talk. So that video’s under the cut as well as the press release for their grand re-opening where, if I’m reading it right, they’ll punch everyone in the face that doesn’t think the cannoli they bought from Wegman’s is the best in Scottsdale.

I had to put this down below because it wouldn’t work in our doohickey. And the fact that I just described our video module as a “doohickey” is how you should know that I have absolutely nothing to do with the technical design of the site or else it’d be an AOL Members Page with GIFs of bouncing tits.

And now for the press release because apparently they found a PR firm stupid enough to agree that, “Yes, let’s prove you idiots are smarter than a world-class, award-winning chef who runs restaurants all over the globe by taking two fucking hours to cook a pizza. How can we lose?”

Other Side of Amy’s Baking Company Controversy in Scottsdale To Soon Be Told

SCOTTSDALE, AZ. MAY 15, 2013 — Amy’s Baking Company will host a Grand Re-Opening on Tuesday night, May 21, following unflattering portrayals on national television.

Customers will be able to decide who is correct: a famous celebrity chef or the marketplace that has supported the small, locally-owned business for six years.

When re-opened, a portion of proceeds will benefit a charity organized to bring awareness to cyber bullying.

Seating is limited. Reservations may be made by emailing

Diners will also have the opportunity to meet, and judge for themselves the character of owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, who have devoted their lives to and earn their living from their small restaurant. The Bouzaglos have been married for 10 years, after Sammy emigrated from Israel.

The owners will likely be holding a press conference before the Grand Re-Opening and answer falsehoods depicted on a reality television show, including assertions that the restaurant confiscates tips from servers.

In fact, wait staff is paid $8-$14 per hour, two and half to nearly five times the standard hourly wage for servers.

Questions will also be answered about what happened to their Facebook page.

Amy’s Baking Company was recently featured on the hit PBS show “Check Please” and has received A+ reports from CBS 5 for kitchen preparedness.

“We are very upset by what has taken place, apologize about the acrimony that has ensued but now must fight back to save our business. We hope and believe much good can result from what has transpired. We ask the public to keep an open mind as we begin to tell our side of the story,” Samy Bouzaglo said.

For more details, please contact Michael Saucier.



  1. There’s only one solution: hire James Deen for an even grander re-opening.

  2. Alex

    Funny, I thought I just read a piece about this Farrah Abraham yesterday….oh yeah, on THIS site. Maybe the entire internet hasn’t moved on to its next shiny object yet…

  3. Weeblo

    There be no dubt in my mind that this chick will leak a porn video within the next 16.5 days

  4. Sandoucheky

    I never watch reality shows because they’re, you know, retarded. But that episode was a fucking tour de force in sheer crazy and that’s what reality TV needs to be every single time. This couple is so real it’s scary

    • Agreed. I hate reality TV, but that was an absolutely *captivating* episode. Whoever produced that one needs and Emmy….or whatever it is they give to the hacks that make these shows.

    • Helena Handbasket

      Agree, I hugged my TV after watching this. (It’s OK, I was wearing a full body condom at the time.)

  5. rican

    Cool, now Farrah will have to do another porn to stay in the spotlight.

  6. MD2020

    Hmmm. Chef with 15 or so Michelin stars trained in the French brigade system, or trophy wife that cooks 1 ticket at a time and can’t even get a pizza right.

    I’m on the edge of the seat for this one.

  7. Smapdi

    I’m betting the “charity organized to bring awareness to cyber bullying” is going to be waiting a very long time for their check to arrive from this benefit.

  8. In fact, wait staff is paid $8-$14 per hour, two and half to nearly five times the standard hourly wage for servers.

    Huh? The “standard” hourly wage for servers in Arizona is $3? That’s not how I’m reading this U.S. Department of Labor Minimum Wages for Tipped Employees table, which says that the minimum cash wage—that’s minimum, not “standard”—is $4.80/hr, with a “maximum tip credit against minimum wage” of $3/hr. Now, as I understand it, that means that if a server’s tips fall short of $3/hr, the business is on the hook to make up the difference so the server still makes the state’s $7.80/hr minimum wage.

    So not only is their dumbass PR firm (Rose+Moser+Allyn Public Relations) wrong, but they’re actually comparing what the Amy’s Baking Company waitstaff makes to tipped employees—and as we all know by now, the ABC waitstaff don’t get to keep their tips. Instead, they make an hourly wage that ranges from barely above minimum—not “standard”! minimum!—to a $14/hr level that is okay, but is not “nearly five times” anything.

    I was going to add that the $14/hour is probably still less than what that server (which just has to be Miranda) would make if she were being paid minimum plus tips, but that would require that she worked in a restaurant where the food was competently prepared and customers were satisfied with the service, and we know that doesn’t apply here. But given all this exposure, I’m confident Miranda will soon enough be working someplace else where she’s paid what she’s worth. And gets to work the computer herself, too.

    • Drew

      It happens, and in a roundabout way, it’s not wrong (it’s just not very accurate) which is why they can get away with it. Such a longwinded post just to whine about sensationalism, acting as if lawyers, PR, etc don’t ever do this.

      For such a super sleuth, I’m surprised you missed the misspelling of Samy’s name.

    • Jack

      Miranda quit two days after the show left. Per the Venomous Viper that got fired\quit on the show reported on Reddit yesterday she could not handle them anymore and quit the resteraunt and is somewhere else now.

  9. Doctor_Joystick

    Wegman’s. You are soooo Pennsylvania, I love it. Thanks for representing Fish!

  10. Bill

    The sad part is that while yes, Gordon Ramsay (ey?) is doing a show and if it were boring ratings would suffer – ultimately he is still there to try and help get things under control.

    I watched the entire thing, and at first it seemed like it was gong to be one of those shows – he comes in, everything is clean, everything is in order, dated properly (and yes, I am food service certified, so I know…) clean, spotless in fact – and Ramsay was excited about that.

    The kicker comes in when you realize just how delusional the woman is. The guy would probably be ok – but the problem really is the wife. She is CONSTANTLY defensive about every. Little. Thing. Until she changes, nothing WILL change.

    • My last Exec. Chef job was taking over a place in California that had been a hobby for a bored housewife who liked to cook and thought a restaurant would be “fun”. Never before or since has a job been such an uphill battle for me.

      The first night there, I just wanted to observe the flow to see what needed fixing and what worked (I figured it can’t ALL be fucked up, right?). The first ticket rolls in and the cooks started doing all the prep for that one ticket. There was nothing set up before hand, no prep, no nothing ready to go. Every ticket took about 45 minutes to get out the door.

      Oh and I had the added bonus of a health and safety score in the 50′s. The only reason we weren’t shut down was because I had called the health inspector myself to make the owners understand that the place was a disaster. That was the first four days.

      • You gotta love how all the PR firm really has in the ammunition locker is an “A+ reports from CBS 5 in kitchen preparedness”. Hey, that almighty CBS 5 review will sure show Gordon Ramsay, with his silly little Michelin stars, a thing or two, right? Yeah, “A+ in kitchen preparedness” – underlining the fact that it’s really the chef’s incompetence that turns waiting for every [badly cooked] meal into an hour-long exercise in patience.

  11. I like how their super-top-shelf PR firm misspells one of their clients’ names in the press release.

    • I just noticed that the contact person mentioned at the bottom of the press release is named Michael Saucier. If her sous chef could only be trusted with salads, I shudder to think what Michael would be allowed to do.

  12. ….so what are those crazy Kardashians up to?

  13. She serves up a side of crazy with the overcooked salmon burger.

  14. There is a restaurant down the street from me with an owner like this! He’s constantly going crazy on customers, is at the restaurant hammered and fights back with people on Yelp. It’s hilarious. Where do I sign him up for this show. He and Amy would make a great couple.

  15. Deacon Jones

    I think she should do porn.

    I would wholeheartedly pay $100 to see her in a movie, im not even joking. Something about that bitch/psycho attitude that needs to get dealt with, ON FILM…

  16. OK, that does it. I’m gassing up my little red wagon and pointing it south east to Scottsdale. Look out, Amy…I’m on my way for a piece of that really good (or really bad) pizza. Then I’m gonna want a piece of your ass. I’d prefer that your ass be really good.

  17. Isabella

    I saw the show and Amy needs a straight jacket and a padded room..she is C R A Z Y!
    Honestly? I have no idea how they still get any customers at all.

  18. Larishka

    Seeing this show made me realize that if you want to ensure your tip goes to your server, you need to hand it to them directly (and in the show’s case, discreetly). I’ve been doing that ever since one of my friends told me her grandmother would make a habit out of stealing cash tips off the tables.

    • Unfortunately, klepto grandmas (and kids) aside, that’s still no guarantee your server will be able to keep it if the restaurant’s owner is an asshole like Samy – he just took away the tip the server collected. And no matter how discreetly you may have given it to the server, that thieving owner will know they got one and make them cough up – and most servers in that situation know they’ll be fired if they protest. The good thing is that by allowing the server to collect that tip in the first place, rather than including it in the bill, douchebag Samy may have violated AZ labor laws – in CA it’s illegal for an owner to take any portion of their servers’ or bartenders’ tips.

  19. herewego

    Yeah Fish! WEGMANS. That made me so happy.

  20. If they didn’t take their tips, the waitstaff would make this much. I’ve waited tables. These two deserve all the acrimony they get.

  21. Swami Salami

    These jackasses just won the Reality TV Sweepstakes AND the entire Internets. They will continue to win until they realize they have won at which point they will begin to lose.

  22. If I was Gordon Ramsey, I’d walk right the hell out of damned near every place he goes into. Anybody that buys a restaurant and doesn’t know to keep it clean shouldn’t be in the business at all, and no one can save them. Every episode, the morons are surrounded by filth, leaning on a counter and bitching about where have all their customers gone. I don’t care how far behind you are on the bills, how back talkey or incompetent the staff is, everyone on earth understands that no one wants to spend money in a filthy restaurant, and even the most complete idiot has the skills required to spray cleaner and wipe a rag around.

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