Amy Winehouse’s husband released from prison

November 5th, 2008 // 45 Comments

Amy Winehouse’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil earned an early release from prison today provided he immediately checks into rehab. Blake was serving a 27 month sentence for conspiring to fix a trial involving a bartender he assaulted at a pub. The Sun reports:

Amy was not present when her hubby was released this morning, she remained in her Camden home after recently checking out of a London clinic following treatment for a ‘chest infection’.
Blake sported a huge grin while leaving prison, wearing a striped red and white T-shirt and trademark trilby hat.
However he did show signs of his time behind bars, with red scratches down his arms and a chipped tooth.

These are shots of Amy Winehouse leaving her house to visit Blake, but instead, shoving her hands in some guy’s coat pocket. I have no clue what Amy’s trying to accomplish, but I’d bet a vital organ it ended with someone getting scurvy. Twice.


  1. ew ew ew

    ew thats fucking gross

  2. ew ew ew

    ew thats fucking gross

  3. she kinda looks like Rosie the Riveter on crack

  4. Jadedkitten


  5. CaptainMorgan

    She makes my penis invert itself. Thanks to her it looks like I have two innie belly buttons.

    I need to look at some hot chicks right now! PLEASE post some bikini shots of a babe…stat! *sniff* I’m scared!

  6. usweeteea

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  7. metalman

    any guy in that jail has got to be better lookin than that! the red scatches and broken tooth are from him fighting ……….. to stay inside!!

  8. Uawsome

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  9. Ted from LA

    #5- very well done.

  10. Horrible Thought

    Just think, later on this beast will be recieving oral sex.

  11. Stanky

    She is as nasty as Obama is socialist.

  12. Hathaway

    How does such a rich, amazing voice come from such a tired sac of addiction?

  13. Amy’s CD called Back to Black is her best work. I had a blast dressing like Amy for Halloween. I hope Blake and Amy find a way to kick their dangerous drug addiction.

  14. dork

    AHHHHHHHHHH, I’m blind.

    That snaggly ass crack and twisted t-back in pic 4 blinded me.


  15. Sport

    What is that a fucking kids bedroom window covering on her head?
    Just when you thought she couldnt be scarier than she already is…

  16. Max Planck

    What a relief for the other inmates.

  17. ugh

    What a train wreck.

  18. Stanky

    correction – She is as nasty as Obama is a socialist PRESIDENT.

  19. kelley

    Will give head for crack money LOL !!

  20. Clueless

    She’s still alive? News to me.

  21. Clueless

    She’s still alive? News to me.

  22. stormybroad

    I propose a welcome back crack party!

  23. ChuckleHead

    I will sleep better at night knowing Amy Winehouse’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil is no longer incarcerated.

    Can I get on with my life now?

  24. Gio

    She always takes the BEST pictures. I want her stylist!

    Scratch that. That would require that I had died last year. F-ing corpse.

  25. neil armstrong

    start the death countdown….

    T-minus five weeks and counting…..

    good knowing you Amy…

  26. james

    she looks less decomposed in these shots… where did she find virgins in london to bathe in their blood? and when did she learn how to bathe!?
    i’m so confused.

  27. Prince wears a do rag now? what the!!!!!!!!

  28. IND

    #5, I think I love you.

    And I love Amy. Just when you think she can’t get more tragic, SHE DOES!

  29. Pee Wee From Porky's

    She’s better than a K-9. She smelt drugs in that pocket and went for it.

  30. mimi

    Pray for Amy! So much more talent than we have seen in generations!

    Get on your knees and pray, beg and plead with God that she be redeemed! Whatever it takes!!!

  31. GOD

    Fuck you mimi

    Amy must die

  32. Gio

    Too late … she is just the dead walking among us.

  33. Boonie

    Huh, not bad for a reanimated corpse. Especially considering the pre-mortem condition.

    I heard Blake chipped his tooth in a tragic salad-tossing accident!

  34. GRS

    There is no way the Winehouse story is not going to end tragically.

  35. timmy the dying boy

    A chest infection? What kind of self-respecting bacteria would want to take up residence in that house of horrors?

  36. be sure: THE LOSER’S COUPLE IS COMPLETE AGAIN, folks!!

  37. MarianaUSA

    Even her ass is scabby, you can see it in #6. And she needs to stop picking that necrotic papule on her cheek before it perforates all the way through. I have seldom seen such a scabby, sagged out, stretch marked hag. Hell, trailer park trash looks better than this walking road kill.

  38. jack

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  39. Mbimbi`

    Ahh Amy is gonna die

  40. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Everytime I see that nasty bitch I wanna hurl…….she is a living, breathing (barely), walking infection.

  41. Bickus Dickus

    Somebody please KILL it !!!!! Step on it before it molts or reproduces….

  42. rustingrabbit

    How come Hulk Hogan’s son didn’t come out with scratches and a chipped tooth. Are American prisons not as tough as the British ones? Prison Break and Oz has seriously let me down now.

    Now where’s me tea bitch.

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