Amy Winehouse’s husband ODs, doesn’t die

February 17th, 2008 // 57 Comments

Amy Winehouse’s incarcerated husband Blake Fielder-Civil overdosed on heroin along with several other cellmates. After guards were somehow able to distinguish he looked sicker than usual, Blake was rushed to the jail’s hospital where he survived the ordeal. Showbiz Spy reports:

Just days before the overdose he was hauled in front of prison bosses for failing three random drug tests. He was locked in solitary as a punishment, but was soon back in search of a fix.
The source added: “He’s being very stupid. It’s only because everyone reacted so quickly that this dodgy gear didn’t do long-term harm.”

Somewhere in the afterlife Heath Ledger just went “C’mon!”

Photo: Splash News

  1. D. Richards

    God damn you, Lord! Low life.

    What’s that? You, nor Satan, want that prick Blake’s soul? Gotcha’.

  2. The Ex


  3. Auntie Kryst

    What the fuck is up with the UK prison system? Did the guards notice this “dodgy gear” was doped up when they stopped in his cell to deliver his tea and fluff his pillows? Fucking poofs.

  4. MArk GAn

    boring day..i am a homo..

  5. Jennifer

    Amy Winehouse. She is smoking hot. I am so in love with her. BTW, did you ever posted your profile to a celebrity and millioniare dating site called BillionaireCupid dot com? I just saw your profile yesterday on that site.

  6. tommy salami

    please….let them have a room full of heroin and 100 syringes to boot……… i hope they will do the right thing and overdose……..they make sid and nancy look like charles and diana

  7. Ted from LA

    He looks dead to me.

  8. justtheobvious

    he needs better friends then. Maybe some with more drugs

  9. Guy

    How did they get some heroin in there then?

  10. Anal Fistula

    weeds are always more difficult to kill than flowers

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  12. i want to stab chloe1023 in the fucking throat and play in her blood.

  13. FRT

    Too bad they “rushed” him to the hospital! The guards should have stopped for “tea & crumpets” first!

  14. deaconjones

    Shit, I probably looked this bad by senior year at college, coke was just TOO fun.

  15. mrs.t

    Sorry, Chloe1023, but I recently gave An Esteemed Comrade access to all of my financial information. When I rebuild my credit, bank accounts, and life, I would absolutely love to meet a beautiful Ottowan Policewoman for sexy times.

  16. BunnyButt

    Oh, how sad …

    … that he survived.

  17. Cap'n Pickles

    11. Maybe I want to blow my brains out?

    Seriously. I’ll get on Jennifer’s and Krity’s crappy websites if they post a video of themselves fist fucking each other. No vaseline and ALL THE WAY UP TO THE ELBOW LADIES! Should be easy for Krity. She sounds like one ugly fat bitch. Her bush is probably larger than the black forrest.

  18. Harry Ballz

    @14 – too fun ?
    I used to do a wheel barrow full and look around for the dump-truck it came out of when I was finished with it.

  19. LL

    Awesome (or as the Brits say, brilliant) security in that prison. I’m sure UK taxpayers are thrilled shitless to know that they’re paying so prisoners need not be without a fix. If he got enough drugs to OD, he’ll never want to leave. Why would he? He gets 3 squares a day, a bed, he’s away from his screeching twig of a wife… a guy could do worse.

    And how low-rent and skanky does a dating website have to be when it’s trolling for traffic in the comment section of a celebrity gossip site? Exactly how many billionaires do you people think are commenting at The Superficial?

  20. Circle of Life

    @18….. I work longer hours – so I can make more money – so I can buy more coke – so I can work longer hours – so I can make more money – so I can buy more coke – so I can work longer hours – so I can make more money ………..

  21. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    The Heath Ledger bit was pretty funny. Seriously though. We lose Heath and yet we still have to see assholes like Britney, Doherty, Paris and this guy around?

  22. D. Richards (Fluffer.)

    #11? Be real. You’re an Eskimo, right?


  23. Sunshine

    It would have been so beneficial if he died. Amy would have had a fighting chance to kick for good, and in the process write a killer album. What was needed was a prison guard with well developed musical sensibilities and a firm hand over a pillow.

  24. anita

    If first you dont succeed.then try and try again…

  25. Bunny

    I can picture this loser in jail during an heroine stuper and getting it up the ass

  26. Racer X

    28 Months Later.

  27. D. Richards

    #25? You honestly think that anybody would fuck this guy besides Amy Winehouse?

  28. sweet m ama

    jikes this guy is immuned piece of crap

  29. sweet m ama

    jikes this guy is immuned piece of crap

  30. Lowlands

    Are there still people using heroin?It’s soo twentieth century behavior.After all those decades it must be clear now what it does.There’s no explanation left anymore to hide behind.

  31. Spazz

    Let him die already.

  32. lipper

    I figured out who he looks like in that picture! In the Night of the living dead, original I believe, when the one zombie was eating that guys brains in the basement and says in the creepiest voice and facial expression that still haunts me to this day..

    “Brains!!! More brains!!!!

    *shivers and runs*

  33. D. Richards (aged Queen of Yeast and Sarcasm)

    His tiny ass would fit my needle dick nicely !!!

  34. Well the media did turn their attention away from him for a while. What’s a desperate piece of shit to do?

  35. AeroNicks

    I guess celebs like Britney, Lohan & Paris wudnt mind being in prison/solitary confinement etc after all then… the Uk prisons seem like “The” place to be!!!
    Din’t really appreciate the Heath remark in the end though. Thats a touchy subject to make fun of.!

  36. Grant

    Why is no one asking HOW in the BLUE BLAZES you get HEROIN into a prison????? Geezus!

  37. This is just beyond crazy. But it is people like this that gets talked about and media attention over and over

  38. louann

    No one has mentioned the gun necklace. Geez…….real bad sign. Amy needs to run ,not walk, away from this or her career will be over. And I agree with the Sid and Nancy comment. Get clean Amy, and stay clean.

  39. Jordan

    God this guy is a piece of shit.

  40. Arguman

    They should have used CGI’d Blakes in I Am Legend instead of the crap all CGI they actually used. Andy Serkis does the body motions and they just past Blake’s face on all the creatures.

  41. Enthused

    I think he should totally blow up the above photo to 8 feet by ten feet and bring it to use as the backdrop for his parole hearing.

  42. EuroNeckPain

    Everytime I see thi greasy zombie, I cannot help but imagine the smell of his scalp under the hat. Ugly, ugly hat covering dirty curly hair, yuk, disgusting.

  43. Merle Haggard

    Do they seriously let drugs into prison in the UK? What a bunch of “bloody wankers”.

  44. C’mon! Godammit!

  45. they two are not good balls!! they r both addicts~~~

    I saw Eva’s ugly naked pics at, but it should attract a lot of viewers!!!

  46. Eric

    Holy fuck, someone’s married to that??

  47. shanipie


    This must be a special British Brand of Ugly.

    You just can’t find special looks like that here in the USA can ya?

  48. ciak

    what the fuck?

    Blake is not certainly a good boy, but still, I don’t understand how people expect a heroin addict to get clean inside a jail!!!!!

  49. Burch

    All prisons are rife with drugs. I’d have thought even a yank would realise that.

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